January 2010

On VacationVacation—what does it mean to you? To some it means going broke, charging huge amounts of money to leave your home and go to some part of the USA or around the world somewhere, to live out of a suitcase, and be dependant on others for your time planning activities. For some, they have vacation savings accounts- so you save up this amount of money to go away somewhere and spend the money you saved. Well that is better than charging it I guess.

For some it may just mean taking time off from where ever you work. To me, I have a really hard time with going away on a vacation- just to spend money. I do not know why, maybe because it is winter right now, and I just want to be home. If it was Spring time, I would like to travel somewhere, but not spend thousands of dollars to get there. Some things I think would be fun would be to see Alaska, to see the Grand Canyon, to spend time on a Florida beach, to go to the Carolina shores…but I would want to be in on some good travel deals and not just pay the high prices for stuff. But in winter—- it would be just my luck to plan this vacation in January or February and get stuck in ice and snow in areas that are supposed to be warm.

Heck look at Roanoke Va – no this would be just like something I would be dealing with. Finally take a weeks vacation and than have to drive through Roanoke to get to my destination. Heck I can have white knuckle driving up here, and at least up here we have the equipment to care for the roads.

No… I am doing a vacation here with Mark— maybe take in a movie, and putter around the house, Make some beef stew one day, maybe home made bread, taco soup maybe Monday afternoon, catch up on a good book or two, sew maybe,put a few photos in the album, and good will some stuff. I am looking forward to it actually.

I looked up the origin of the word vacation and here is what I found. “The roots of the word vacation are older than Chaucer and lead via Old French back to Latin to a root vacare meaning “to be empty.” The American Heritage Dictionary links this back to an Indo-European root eu meaning to “leave” or “abandon.So the Latin “empty” represents your office when you are on vacation.We vacate our place of business, but more so we mentally move out of the mindset of our regular occupation, and that’s what’s at the heart of the word, a mental removal from work.”

So according to the above info- I am doing what was intended by VACATION> spending time with Brandon tonight for a while, being home…. going to the gym… vegging, ahhh. oh and blogging. Love to all, Mrs. Justa on a vacation.


There is a peaceful time

in my 24 hr day- a time of comfort , a time of ahhh,that time is sleep time. Yeah I really give my all at work, whether it be work at home or work at work.  And 99.5% of the time, I sleep thru the night, maybe my old bladder will awaken me about 3:30 , but I shuffle in the bathroom, try to keep my eyes open only enough so I don’t fall into the toilet, and than I jump back into bed and return to wherever the dreams take me.

But this morning, this very early hr in the morning, I am here, thinking about the SOUNDS  of snoring.

There is a peaceful almost comforting snore. A snore where you can almost see the floating “zzz”s flying in the room, a snore that says all is okay and the person is comfortable, almost being cuddled by tranquility.


I do not know if you have ever experienced this, and I do not know if you can sleep through it… but on the January 29th 2010 there is a INCREDIBLE earth shaking noise in our bed. It looks like Mark.. it moves like Mark… but it is not the peaceful sleeping husband of mine.


why I am sitting here posting. AS I was thinking about this incredibly loud noise in the bed I tried a few things. First I asked him to roll on his side… as that seems to lessen the noise a bit… nope not working..

so than I was amusing my warped mind picturing a huge vacuum cleaner- and any cob web or spider in the whole house hanging onto the walls  and corners for their dear life as they are getting about to get sucked in. I found that humorous in my sleepy mind… and at the decibels of the inhale- I am not joking- I think that may be why we do not have cob webs!I am going to see if he needs a drink as soon as he wakes up.

I remember one time many many years ago- Jeff and I made a cassette tape of  him in a serenade of DEEP snoring- he did not believe it was him… another time I tried to pinch his nose—that was funny- he woke up and wanted to know why I was trying to suffocate him.. I told him he could still breath through his mouth… but he was annoyed.

I was listening to see if maybe he stops breathing at times- ( that happens with obstructive sleep apnea) but no I do not hear any lapse in breathing- nope it is pretty steady- inhale deep and long- sounding like it almost hurts – and than a peaceful forceful exhale.I think it is like the old cartoon of Popeye snoring… remember that load snore he did in the cartoons???? –

So here I am , I will surf the web… check out my e mail… and give him about 30 minutes to get out of his sleep pattern he is in now… he does quiet down eventually… this morning though- this full moon, first day of my vacation, bitterly cold wind beating against the world morning… I will be up for a bit. Glad I am not working in a few hrs, and in a little while I will be nestling back into bed once the lion turns into a kitten. Maybe I will go an take a nice warm shower, pretend it is the Jamaican sun beating on me…

Have a great day… Love, Cindy.. alias Mrs justa


I love this photo. It represents WISDOM. It is like this dude has it all figured out, he is all together… as he sits up high and watches the world. Majestic almost, radiating his wisdom to everyone who takes the time to stop and absorb it. .

Wouldn’t that be great to feel the wisdom of life? To know the right thing to do. There are quandaries that hit every day, how to be a good mom, how to be a good wife, how to be a good Christian, which way to go, what bills to pay, how much to invest, where to invest it, what car to buy, paying off the car early, paying off the mortgage early, do we try to do a 401K or a Roth IRA, what to do for dinner, when to go to the store, … decisions constantly, every day… and yet here this image of having it all together has no worries that are apparent,,, no he looks so proud, so noble.

I wish I was wiser, I wish I was better at doing many things, I wish I knew the answers to life, don’t you.  

Being a child- we grow up in different lifestyles, different parenting styles- for me all of the sudden I was grown and had no idea how I was supposed to parent, how to pay bills, how to save. 100_2799My life with my mom was how to survive for many years. There was no dad for all but 10 yrs of my life…and when he was alive he was not home- he was traveling selling products in regions that were many miles from our home.

So I personally was not given the example of a  regular stereotypical family life. I was never taught how to be real dainty, real in love with tons of makeup- no we were brought up being more simple folk. We had no extra money- so saving and investing were not really things taught either.

I did learn how to cook from my mom, and I learned about doing laundry, shoveling and mowing, and working hard even when it feels like there is no end, I learned to care for children… but not how to be married, or how to be a wife,

..and being a mom… I wanted to be all for my child that I loved about my mom and that the things that I wished I had experienced being a child. The to have the  knowing that all I did was good, the wisdom that I had control… I do not remember ever feeling that way.. .

…but this guy-this horned wonder of Gods creation- he too portraits he does know it and has a handle on it.. and for that- I respect this guy. Look at his face- his eyes, doesn’t he look like he is contemplating life? Love to all… peace on the journey of life… Love Cindy.. alias Mrs justa…


I can not explain it, it is kinda neat, but EVERY morning for the past 2 weeks, there are these 2 deer that cross the road in front of me in the same area. Always going from the left to the right.

This morning I felt bad for them, I began to think about life, and wilderness, and survival of the fittest.

Just before they crossed a dog appearing animal ( perhaps a wolf- kinda looked like one) ran across the road. as I got a little closer the deer came out and stood on the yellow line , ducking down and bouncing their heads to the sides as they peered at the field across the str5eet where the dog/wolf went. I did not want to honk my horn and make the deer run in fear into the path of the dog/wolf/ So I just sat there and watched. I wished I had more time, I would have pulled over and climbed up the embankment and watched as they went on their way.

But as I drove away, I was thinking about how life is tough for animals in the wild. Where can a deer hide from a hungry dog/wolf. They chase the deer to exhaustion, it is hard for the deer with their long skinny legs to run in deep snow. I was thinking about what if I could have a shelter for the deer, and whenever they felt danger, they would know of this safe haven they could come to until the danger left. I would have meals for them water, and cut up old blankets to rest on. Wouldn’t that be neat. Like having a cat door… but making it a deer door. and it only opened for the deer- so no wolves could sneak in.

Yes, I wish I could have comforted that deer, made sure it was okay, but that would not be possible. So as I drove to work, I felt small, powerless, almost like a coward, because I worried that on the other side of the hedgerow..danger was lurking, and there was not a damn thing I could do about it !. I am glad I do not live in the wild, running from evil and fighting to survive. Peace to all, have a good night. love Cindy.. Mrs Justa…

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This is Mackenzie at 6 months old.  We just got back from Rochester and had a very nice visit with Miss Mackenzie and her parents, dog and 2 cats. Josh prepared an awesome meal, Josh and Adrianne really love this little girl, yes it was a nice visit.

I personally can not imagine living in a different state from our grandchildren. Like the people who are grandparents and live in Florida or the Carolinas while their grandchildren are in NY. But there is always a chance the parents could move and we would end up being in a different state that way.

Grandchildren are neat, we can hold them , protect them, share time with them, and than we can look forward to the next time we get to repeat this process again.

Mackenzie will smile at us and her parents, but once a camera is on, she gets this serious look and the smiles are gone. She likes to keep her legs straight, so when you hold her , she is like standing on your leg. She weighs about 11 and 1/2 pounds now and loves her thumb! It was great to see her today.

Last night we got to spend time with Brandon. 100_4787_editedHe was not feeling well but still had a smile to share and

a few times of cuddling. So this weekend was a definite grandparent weekend. We started out with Courtney here Friday night till mid morning Saturday, ran and did a few errands, cleaned and did the laundry and than it was grandparent time .

To think that just 6 mos ago Mackenzie was born at 30 weeks, weighed 2 + pounds. And Brandon too was a premie, born at 34 weeks weighing 4 +  pounds. The miracles of God and the blessings of God’s gifts…

I look at the future and wonder where everything will end up, wonder how the kids will be , wonder how the grand kids will be. There are things Mark and I want to do to secure our future, and it will take commitment and devotion. But we do not need or want extravagant things…

and the love from the grandkids.. I think that will help us meet our goals.

How neat would it be in another 7 years to be able to really retire and be more available for the grandchildren..

Now that would be great !

Hope you had a great weekend, Love always, Mrs justa.

Numbers numbers everywhere. And they mean something different in different situations. Sometimes they make no real sense.

Such as in the hospital, the nurse comes in and asks you to rate your pain. Now if you are at some hospitals it is a scale of 1-5 and others a scale of 1-10. So if your pain really is BADDDDD you need to make sure you know if 5 means it is the worse pain you ever felt and not meaning it is medium.

Or doing a self performance review at work, you have to rate yourself from 0-5. Now if you go to a 3- you are stating you are fulfilling your job description, a 3.5- you are giving more than what is expected, a 4- that is commendable and a 5 means basically you walk on water.

It is hard to rate myself.

Now let’s say you are at McDonalds Drive thru and you want a cup of coffee. You can’t say extra cream or extra sugar anymore, nope you have to give them a number.  Now no one will give any hints as to what each number means or what it is equal to. One morning I asked the voice in the drive thru box.. what numbers mean regular cream and sugar?… she said I can not tell you. So than I asked ..well what is a normal persons order?… she could not tell me… ( crap I felt like pulling her teeth would have been easier) so than I asked, how high do the numbers go?… her answer- as much as you want it is up to you. Man I was ready to call Obama and see if he could help me out here, ( since he helps everyone ) and I also had a clearer picture why some folks have called 911 because their order was messed up…( I am not saying though to call 911… you get in big time trouble if you do !)  It was like a Super Secret… and she was taking her oath pretty seriously…  I had no idea is “1” was equal to 1 teaspoon.. so I just said 4 and 4. Needless to say, I have not returned. Usually I bring coffee from home, and this convinced me that is the smartest thing to do.

Our whole life is revolving around numbers, how much we weigh, how much groceries cost, how much we earn, how much we spend, how many calories we eat, how long we exercise, how strong the medication you take, how fast you can drive… … numbers numbers.. thank God I was good in math.  The times we have to use numbers is infinite… as I look at the clock… it is 8:34, I have 2 loads of wash to do, and 2 prescriptions to order on line, and 1 hr before I probably go to bed because I have to get up at 6:45 in the morning… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Have a good night… I hope you can just go to sleep and not count sheep LOL.. Mrs. Justa.. alias Cindy

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Okay, now let me get this straight. Imagine you are a Haitian, you are waiting for more than a bottle of water a day and what food supplies are being distributed, you are living in a tent made out of a sheet, and there is no running water, dead bodies all over the place, deep mass graves, you are missing loved ones, you have no place to live, do not know for sure how you will make it for another day, watching your infant starve… and oh.. what is that you see… why it is a cruise ship docked, so your country can get tourist dollars. People wining and dining, dancing, swimming on the upper deck, maybe playing golf, watching shows… as you suffer.

I am having a problem with this. I can not imagine how those people suffering must feel ? I would be looking for anyway possible to try to get to that cruise ship and see if I could find at least their trash bags.. there is probably more morsels of food then these folks have in the quake area.

So the resort that the cruise ship owns, well that did not get hit hard by the earthquake, and it does employ 250 Haitians… but I think it is too soon, too contrasting to what the people are going through. I heard someone say that the tourists were complaining because of the smell from the dead bodies… well excuse……me…. I am sure the people would have preferred to live than to lay on streets, inside crumbled buildings, displayed in their death with very little dignity.

Yeah I am having a problem with this… I just am.. Have a good night… and do not tell me if you are on a trip to Haiti on a cruise this week. … Love to all, Cindy  alias Mrs justa.

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