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As many of you can tell if your reading both of the blogs Justakrusen and this one here on WordPress,I have taken a frugal bent on my post lately. In researching gas prices in the Syracuse area the last few days I’ve come across a few stark and revealing facts.I’ll try to as clearly as I can explain what I’ve found.

To start with go to Syracuse gas prices today. Right off the bat this is a lie(mistake). If you go to the site and look at the dates for the various stations they have listed you’ll see that the prices aren’t for today. Instead they are for yesterday or the day before. So what happens, if the low station that you see seems to be quite a bit lower than everyone around them, you can assume that the “designated” sale day for the station is that day.

For example yesterday the prices at The Mobil station at County line Rte 5 in Elbridge, Ny was $3.16. The next lowest one in line is the Mini Mart at the 4 corners Rte 5 Elbridge, Ny. So this must be their “sale day” the day they lower the prices to get people in to also come in a purchase the “in between” stuff they may need. Like Milk, bread, cigarettes, and what ever little thing we need to pick up. At quite a markup of course. I’m not suggesting they take a loss on the fuel. If anything that maybe the day that they are willing to break even on the gas for the day. While raking in the extra money on the things that “We just have to have”.After all, it’s Thursday. If we went shopping at(insert your store here) Friday or Sat. Chances are that by Thursday we are going to need things like mentioned above aren’t we?

Just think about this a minute. It’s just the old bait and switch being run on a grand scale all over the country in anywhere USA. You can see how it increase everyone’s profits, from the Gas companies on down to every little Mom and Pop store pumping gas. All they need to do is take turns and EVERYONE will make money. 

Now lets go down the list just a couple more. The next one in line is Fastrac 5858 State Rte 31 &Rte 81 Jct, Cicero, Ny. The price there was $3.26 on Thurs the 20th and the next one listed is right next door to them the Kwik Fill listed as $3.27 but the date on that is Wed’s the 20th. If you haven’t clicked on this site then gone to the Syracuse Gas prices site on the same day, then of course the numbers maybe different. The prices do tend to stay pretty steady in this area as they have about 4 or 5 stations within a half mile of each other. Well within site of each other to be able to change numbers if your competitor gets a little froggy and lowers the price, if you not what I mean.

So just so I don’t belabor the point, here are some of the things I’ve found. The Nice & Easy in downtown Metropolis Phoenix, Ny’s sale day appears to be Sunday. The price is usually lower from anywhere to $.07 cents to $.09 a gal from stores even only 2 miles down the road from them. Those two stations that keep their prices pretty steady are over on Rte 31 & Lamson Rd. Jct. One’s a Sunoco and the other one is A Venezuela dictator who hates the United States supported station. VELARO. These fine folks at this corner don’t change the prices much up or down as they get all the North South Traffic on Rte 48. So they don’t need to,do they? 

Real quick now to keep this as short as I can. The Prices yesterday at the Byrne Dairy on rte 370 & 690 Jct was $3.30 per gal at about 2:00 pm. When Momma and I stopped by (Just to check the prices) they had risen $.03 cents . The time we drove by was about 7:30 pm. Hmmmm. just past time every one drove by to get to their houses as they drove west on 370 to get home. I guess all the Byrne Dairy’s that sell gas must have a sale day on thursdays. Hmmmm. I’m Justa saying!

Please check out the post on the for some more interesting information on gas pricing.


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Do you get tired while your driving to work? I know I used to when I was driving at work. Get it? I was a truck driver. Ok sorry, Larry The Cable guy doesn’t have to worry about me pushing him off the spotlight on the comedy circuit. Anywayyyyyy. I came across this site. Just think, your tooling down 690 on your way into the big city and a yawn jumps up and bites you. What were your choices before? Stop get coffee, stop and walk around the car, call some one on your cell phone, well you don’t have to do that anymore. Just find a place to pull over off the road safely, Pull your trusty bed out of the trunk, and presto.”Instant Nap”. Any one want to go in on a franchise here in the Syracuse area with me? I’ll sit by my phone waiting for your call. 🙂

It’s been a few hours since I typed in the top paragraph. No one has called. Hmmm. maybe I’ll try something else. I went to Save A Lot up in Fulton this morning. I don’t remember if I told you or not but Cindy and I do most of our shopping up there. Today’s Grocery Bill which will hold me over till our next Grocery trip which will be Saturday,was, $11.97. I won’t bore you with the breakdown. But total Items bought were 11. Some food for us. Some for the Dog and Cat.They have a tremendous amount of Stock in up at the Fulton Store and it was very clean and easy to find everything. There was a gentleman from the corporate office there helping out today I told him he had a nice clean store, he seemed to appreciate it.  Jeff I’d say it’s close to as good as you had it down in Baldwinsville when you worked there. One other thing. I didn’t check today, but they have been running a meat special of  5 items for $20.00. Like I said that may have changed,but we’ve found they tend to stick pretty close on their pricing from week to week. Time to rest up a bit. Rumor has it there maybe a JustaKrusen sighting at Golds Gym in Liverpool this evening. That’s the goal anyway. I’m Justa saying!

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Here is some interesting information about about our fair city Syracuse Ny.Some of the numbers are pretty telling.The median household income is $25,000. The national average income is $41,994 that’s a stark difference and reflects the lack of good paying Manufacturing jobs,and a lack of high tech jobs,as these two are usually the ones that pay those National type numbers. The early economy of Syracuse was salt based, Where it picked up the nickname “Salt City”. I believe many truckers still call it that. A Syracuse shoe company patented the world’s first loafer in 1933.(And momma thought I was the first loafer, go figure)

For those of us that live here and don’t get out of town for much more than a week or 2 at the most every year,it’s hard to really put into perspective just how underdeveloped our fair city is.We have more Cemeteries (25) than we do libraries (18),we have more Communities in the area (20) than we do Attractions (1). I don’t know what they called an attraction, I was afraid to look.

Some more interesting information from 2000 census,It gives guesstimates of what it will be in 2005:

  • Population back then was 132,495
  • The Metro area of the City was 25.09 miles
  • There were 63,587 men,and 68,908 women(Even I could have gotten a date)
  • The average combined age was 36.40 with women averaging slightly higher than men at 37.22 years old.
  • Population that was older than 25 was 86,084, with 29% of those High school graduates,and almost 24% having some college or Associates degrees, and 12.3% having a Bachelor’s degree.

So You can just imagine where the bulk of the higher paying jobs were with 53% of the population having a high school education or higher.

To further breakdown the numbers:

Population 3 years and over enrolled in school was 50,445.

    • Preschool and kindergarten was 4,742 equaling 11.9% of the children.
    • Grades 1-12 was 24,863 equaling 65.3% of the children.
    • College was20,840 equaling 22.8 %.

With the numbers we rank 144thin population in the country for sizes of city. So that makes us a pretty good sized city to live in. Rochester Ny Just to the west of us is 79th with a population 219,766. As I was digging into the numbers further I also came across this site which I think is well worth clicking on. It breaks the numbers way down, further than you and I have time for in this post,but are well worth looking into.

I’ve lived in both Cities, although it’s been 20+ years since I lived in Rochester. I must say, when I drove out to Adrianne’s house for her Birthday bash(Me and her,that’s a bash isn’t it) Rochester had invested much more in their infrastructure and business have definitely poured into the area. There are new buildings and construction everywhere. Heck just about a mile from where Josh and Adrianne live within a 1/4 mile area there are two brand new Tim Horton’s.

So Mark, what’s the point of this post you ask? We, You and I need to expand our minds,stretch our imaginations. We need to work for ourselves in our own businesses. How Mark? Just do it. If you have an idea run with it. Start small dream big and thrive. I went to The soon to be DestinyUSA I don’t know if you have been there lately(I hadn’t been) It will amaze you,first of all,for what they have done Since the start from early Carousel Mall to present day beginning of DestinyUSA . If you get a chance take the elevator up to the 6th floor. The information on that floor will knock your socks off. Just think on the way out you can buy a new pair. I’m Justa saying.

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I finally got Cindy’s permission to put her picture on the blog. Here she is holding Jeff. This is one from quite a few years ago so she has changed quite a bit. She doesn’t monkey around, when she picks a picture does she.I went Bananas when she said I could use it. Jeff’s going to go ape…. when he see’s I’ve put a picture of him on here. (I didn’t get his permission). Oh well, speaking of permission. I made the mistake of asking Momma her opinion of a post I was planning to put on here today. Needles to say she was less than thrilled. I was less than thrilled when she gave me her honest opinion, didn’t she know I JUSTA wanted her to rubber stamp it. Oh well I learned another valuable lesson. If you don’t want to know don’t ask!! So in the future(as in from now on) I’m taking an idea right out of the Billy Bob Clinton play book “Don’t ask Momma, Don’t tell Momma” with a slight twist on the last part to read “Don’t tell Momma till after you’ve done it.” I know, I know,These are Gorilla tactics, but when times get tough( I mean isn’t $3.35 a gal for gas tough enough?) than you dig down and you do what you have to. After all I had just spent 10 minutes away from my bon bon’s to produce in my opinion, a kick fanny post. Oh well.

Now you ask, Mark what kind of useful information did you give me today? Well besides the price of gas at the Nice and Easy in Phoenix. Not much yet. So in the interest of brevity (which this post has no way of accomplishing now) I’m going to give you a few quick references of the local Syracuse area that will help you,in no particular order:

  • One of the best places for news, information, weather or whatever online and on tv is 9 if you’ve never gone, check them out. A lot of information for sure.
  • If you want to know what traffic is looking like,and you go to work via 690 east into town, check out this neat site,with it’s group of cameras.When it starts getting lighter earlier (remember those days) it well be easier to see.
  • And just to keep this post as short as I can,(boy does he ramble on) I realize this isn’t a local what ever but who doesn’t want to keep up with The Farmers Almanac . This is a really, really neat site with lots of information.

There, that didn’t hurt to much did it? Take your seat belt off, get up out of the chair, get something to drink (Beverage of choice) and relax. Hopefully I haven’t scared you away and we’ll see ya tomorrow.