This is Mackenzie at 6 months old.  We just got back from Rochester and had a very nice visit with Miss Mackenzie and her parents, dog and 2 cats. Josh prepared an awesome meal, Josh and Adrianne really love this little girl, yes it was a nice visit.

I personally can not imagine living in a different state from our grandchildren. Like the people who are grandparents and live in Florida or the Carolinas while their grandchildren are in NY. But there is always a chance the parents could move and we would end up being in a different state that way.

Grandchildren are neat, we can hold them , protect them, share time with them, and than we can look forward to the next time we get to repeat this process again.

Mackenzie will smile at us and her parents, but once a camera is on, she gets this serious look and the smiles are gone. She likes to keep her legs straight, so when you hold her , she is like standing on your leg. She weighs about 11 and 1/2 pounds now and loves her thumb! It was great to see her today.

Last night we got to spend time with Brandon. 100_4787_editedHe was not feeling well but still had a smile to share and

a few times of cuddling. So this weekend was a definite grandparent weekend. We started out with Courtney here Friday night till mid morning Saturday, ran and did a few errands, cleaned and did the laundry and than it was grandparent time .

To think that just 6 mos ago Mackenzie was born at 30 weeks, weighed 2 + pounds. And Brandon too was a premie, born at 34 weeks weighing 4 +  pounds. The miracles of God and the blessings of God’s gifts…

I look at the future and wonder where everything will end up, wonder how the kids will be , wonder how the grand kids will be. There are things Mark and I want to do to secure our future, and it will take commitment and devotion. But we do not need or want extravagant things…

and the love from the grandkids.. I think that will help us meet our goals.

How neat would it be in another 7 years to be able to really retire and be more available for the grandchildren..

Now that would be great !

Hope you had a great weekend, Love always, Mrs justa.