chase corp challenge 6-19-2012 001

My dear friend Stephany..I would have made you proud.

I did it again this year. Each year as I have said many times before—you come to mind as I start to take each step.

Life is full of mediocre, life is full of opportunities to either take the bull by the horns, or run like Hell from the bull and get the horns up your buttinsky…. . Tonight was a bull by the horns night. It was a rather busy day at work and I needed to meet Mark at lunchtime to give him something, so we said we could meet and go to lunch. Well don’t cha know it… as I am walking into the booth, my right great toe kicks the base of the booth..and the toe nail pops up… well rips up… dang that hurt.. So as we are eating lunch I am thinking about the Corporate Challenge this evening –the 3.5 mile walk… in 90 % heat with 70 % humidity at least..on asphalt they figure is going to be 120 degrees… and I am now with a toe nail that is throbbing and not all attached.. When I got back to work, I washed it off, had a bandaid in my drawer, taped the nail down and thought – I will take the bull by the horns and go for it.

The closer it got to being the time to start the walk, the stronger my prayers got… ( I hate to admit it..but maybe I was running from the bull!) Oh I was praying for that slight chance of a thunder storm..( lightening might cancel the race..) but NO… so I prayed harder..thinking God tried to get me out of the race by moving that booth in my path… so in my mind I am whirling all sorts of thoughts… than out of sky— a voice came…. it was the announcer stating that since the heat and humidity were so oppresive—they are changing it from a 3.5 mile challenge—a competition ..to a 2 mile “fun run”( ..I am so stupid at times..) I am sitting there and asking –gee so do the runners compete for 1.5 miles and than have a fun run for the next 2??Or do the runners have a fun run for 2 and than compete for the last 1.5??? and  what do we do after the 2 mile fun run..?? People are looking at me like I am having a major “blonde moment”  as I was totally not realizing what they were saying was they were cutting the 3.5 miles down to 2 miles..and there would not corporations competing for the best time.  Once I figured out the 3.5 mile was not an issue in this heat… I  did a foot ball or base ball player move when they make a great play..I looked to the heavens and said

Thank you God… AMEN!. This is still a lot..and there were 8000 people there.. it would still be kinda uncomfortable..but we save 1.5 miles. I did not want to be that person on a golf cart turned mini ambulance somewhere along the way…. none of us did.. a bunch were thinking the same thing… So the announcer tells all to line up in the street…This is looking forwardchase corp challenge 6-19-2012 005 from where I was standing while we waited for the group to start… behind me was a group the same size or bigger.

People –a sea of people… all bunched together on a 4 lane highway.. waiting for the go… no air moving..lots of sweat pouring off many…

My boss said she wanted to walk with me..I warned her that my step would be a little slower because of this new look to my r toe..but she said she wanted to walk with me..So I said Okay……

Our good friend gave me a couple of these bandanna looking things that when you soak them for 1/2 hr before using them, they stay cool for up to 2 days… you wrap it around your neck..and it keeps you cooler than without.. Well at first I was self conscious… but than I was pretty hot—so being one of the only people there with this thing around my neck was a bonus and not a obstacle. I brought the second one and that way I would not be alone..if I could find someone as hot as me… ( which did not take too long) she thanked me over and over for the bandana after the stroll. 

It was a kind of miserable night to take a stroll at 6 30 pm..but the neat thing is knowing I am doing it… and  seeing the half way point..and than seeing the finish line… and knowing I had the bull’s horns in my hands and not up my butt!. Yep..I did it… and I feel great that I did…

Love to all and thanks to Stephany for your inspiration…

Mrs Justa… alias Cindy


100_0408The stay-ca-tion has dwindled down to just a few hours left. We decided  to end it with where we started—kind of…

Off to Oswego we went tonight. The sun set was masked by the clouds….but it was nice all the same.

The water was still, the clouds were asking as a cover for the sun, and amazingly no one was in Oswego… ( well there were some people but not a lot)

We went to the opposite side of the river and caught a shot of the restaurant where it all began… 100_0404

Did not even look like many people were up there…

See a “stay-ca-tion” means you avoid the trying to get all the stuff put away, laundry done and grocery shopping before the next next of work stops… (yeah baby that is VERY nice) and…

you never really get super tired….cuz you are not out there fighting the vacationers for the spot on the highway…

5-27-12 003I do not feel we were cheated a 3 day weekend… not at all. Yesterday we went to Skanealeles NY- sat by the lake there …

We were entertained by a variety of Duck families.

It really was funny to watch the different families float by.


An as we sat there, we had brought some pepperoni, cheese and crackers, some apples and Ice Tea… and we left any worries, cares of challenges at home.

100_0396Hmm..one would think..what kind of challenges could there be..well anyone who has followed us for a while must have a hint that there are challenges at times.

Our latest…. and this one is GROSS>>>

something has died in our floor….have no idea what it was..but I can assure you what ever it was—it is not with us any longer… Nope only it’s stench lives now…

What we do know..is the passing took place under our bathroom sink area…. and after CAREFULLY emptying the bathroom vanity………. I went in there—with the grubbiest clothes I could find…( these are the sweats I have worn to paint, to caulk, to garden, to weed, to great stuff, to apply adhesives..I wash them and save them for grubby times…) see I was half expecting to find the remains of a chipmunk, or mouse, or something….I had a bucket with chlorine and water, a garbage bag, paper towels and rags…and a bunch of prayers that if I did find something that I would be able to handle it and not be so skeeved out that I would take off in the opposite direction. As I slowly lowered my body to the floor..I was thinking about my post the other night about the “Road kill Collector” and thinking that God has a sense of humor—I make a comment about a profession—and the next day our house smells like road kill.

Well… the odor is under the sink..yes siree—that is where it is coming from… but fortunately in an unfortunate way—I found nothing that is responsible for the odor…

I looked in the crawl space under the house…. nothing… so whatever it was—- it was between the crawl space and out floor….

We really can not have our whole house ripped apart to find some dead whatever…. so I went on line and ask my new best intelligent friend ( Google) –what to do if your have dead animal smell in your house…. Do you know there are thousands of articles on this subject !!!. Basically— give it 7-10 weeks…I am hoping this whatever is under our floor- but above our crawl space… was small—like a mole, or a field mouse, the articles  I read said the smaller—the less time of stench.. It is not too bad to night.. the rags seemed to help keep the air out of the house…

100_0403So that is our stay-ca-tion…We had a nice time together—I enjoyed church Sunday, we had fun with our friends Sat Am…. we got to visit with Jeff and Amanda and the kids, we got to spend peaceful time in areas around us…and I do not think we ever felt rushed.. and to wrap it all up…




We broke all rules, we got a really rich ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery…

Now it is times to focus on work, focus on life and come back to the reality world…

No sleeping in… nope time to start being responsible again.

I hope you had a nice weekend, and I hope you are home—safe and sound…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


No one guarantees that life will be perfect. And because of our freedom to make choices, we tend to make choices that do not always end up with  good endings for us. By poor choices, sometimes choices of entitlement..life ends up far from perfect.

The non perfect lives that many of us live, they can be like  rain storms. Dark and dreary, and it is  easy to hide behind the darkness.We kid ourselves, we say it is not so bad, we say there is no problem and we continue to make bad choices.

I got on this thought process as I worked my less than thin body at the gym this afternoon. I try to really get lost in the music, but at times I can not help but focus on how unbelievably  easy it is to lose control of our selves. People overeat, people over drink, people use all kinds of drugs… and all with a deaf ear for the voice telling them to stop.

Oh that one doughnut, that one pizza, that one pitcher of beer, that bottle of wine, that joint, ..whatever that one thing is… it is followed by other one things and before we know it..we have stopped making decisions based on knowledge..but on emotions.

Speaking from experience… it is a lot easier to eat the doughnut..than to work it off.

As a child, we were rewarded for good behavior, for special events ( concerts we were in, little league games we played, A+ on our report cards..) yep we were rewarded with food. Heck a winning or losing game of little league and the whole family went out for an ice cream sundae at Friendlies. An A+ and we got to go out for a dinner…(usually at Carols Restaurant..( a hamburger joint). For our birthdays we got to chose our favorite food and got cake and ice cream. We had chocolate chip cookies for cleaning our room.

The commercials when we were growing up advertised a cool cigarette for cool woman, I think they were called Virginia Slims. The tough guys were in cowboy outfits with chaps on..and they were smoking on Marlboros or Camels.

Than every ball game on TV had to be watched slugging down beers.

It is no wonder we now have generations of alcoholics, morbidly obese, nicotine addicted or drug addicted individuals. I feel fortunate I did not go the whole gamut and get involved in drugs and alcohol too. Being obese an entire life is not easy either.

The rains storms in our lives are the addictions, the bad behaviors… and the shining through..the rainbows in our lives has to be the inner self coming through and shining over the weaker side. On the Biggest Loser this weak one of the trainers kept screaming at the contestants. NO MORE EXCUSES! Over and over… and it hit home…in more ways than one.  I want to set goals in my life and not let anything get in their way. Keep my knowings and feelings in check. 100_4420_editedIf we all do that… well in the end..we will be like this rainbow..we will be shining past the darkness we have set in our lives.

And maybe just maybe.. with conscious effort..the bad habits can be gone, and for each one a rainbow shines through instead.

How many rainbows do you hope to have glow in your life, demonstrating that you have overcome the darkness, the bad choices………?

Me I am looking to be  starting with 2….Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy..

I am not sure who did this survey, but I heard it on the news this past week.

Over 50% of grads surveyed stated they would refuse employment if the potential future employer banned facebook at work!

I almost drove off the road when I heard this. It started my mind reeling in multiple directions, I was blown away.

So here I am . a manager of quite a few people, and we all have PLEANTY of work to do, and not ONCE have we been bored at work. We do not allow Facebook chatting at work ! Nor do we allow surfing the internet for personal use at work.

Sorry—but believe it or not, when our employer hired us each, it was not contingent that we could talk with our friends while the employer is paying us to work. This would be like in the pre-facebook days, coming to work with a car load of your friends, bringing them to your work area and talking to them for a portion of the day..while you are collecting a pay from your employer for work  they need done!

When employers try to figure out the number of employees needed to complete the tasks at hand, NEWSFLASH>>>they  are anticipating that they are going to receive 100% work time from employees, people who will be devoted to the business. I know this might be a shocker to those +50% of people..but the employers of America are not hiring you to do personal stuff on their time !

I was totally floored by this. I wonder if it is not created somewhat by various middle age adults who have their kids still living at home. The kids seem to expect it, that they are entitled to the roof over their heads, the cell phones, the internet…. and the parents always say that it is too costly for them to live on their own. But what are we teaching our kids than. That they have the luxury of living home for free ? What we have are young adults , like those in that survey, who  refuse to work unless they can spend paid time chatting with friends. I hate to sound like the old foggie that I am..but what happens to these kids when the parents are no longer able to support them, or have died?  Learning the hard knocks of life in one swoop is a lot harder than in smaller increments.

When I was a late teenager and a 20 something, I was expected to provide for myself. I was expected to get one or more jobs to do that. Once graduated from high school- if mom’s was the place of residence-we paid for our room and board. It was a way to teach independence. We did our own laundry, we shared with household expenses, and ya know what…we figured that if we were gonna be paying rent- than why not have the independence of moving out of moms home.

Cell phones should not go hand and hand with working ….mine is in my car –if it is an EMERGENCY__people can call my work. I DO NOT personally surf the internet while I am expected to be working, and every single day I come to and leave work, I am thankful that someone hired me to help out their business. When looking for a job, I always tell the prospective employer that I will give 100% of me,to them, while I am working there. It feels great to go home each day and know that my promise was upheld for another day .

We need to help the young adults of today ( those 50% in the survey) to see what work ethic is, what motivation is , what expectations are… and toughen up them so they get out of the “entitlement” syndrome which many are in. Oh I know that not all young adults fall into this category- we have MANY very dependable young adults at my work.

At work, at home, with friends… we need to give all of us to the people with us, and save time for others at another time. TURN OFF your cell phones and TURN ON Eye contact with the people around you, Turn on devotion to the job, or the situation you are in.,

There is A LOT of work to do to make this country, this time , this century heading back to a  nation of proud hard working Americans, who feel honored to be employed and blessed to be tired from a hard days work.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

I posted a video the other night of a song titled “Happiness” and that was all I posted. This is from a sound track to Broadway play “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”

Some may have wondered why I did it, well I did it because the lyrics have held a special part in my heart for years—and I guess I needed to remember them….


Happiness is finding a pencil.
Pizza with sausage.
Telling the time.
Happiness is learning to whistle.
Tying your shoe for the very first time.

Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band.
And happiness is walking hand in hand.
Happiness is two kinds of ice cream.
Knowing a secret.
Climbing a tree.
Happiness is five different crayons.
Catching a firefly.
Setting him free.

Happiness is being alone every now and then.
And happiness is coming home again.
Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and night time too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you.

Happiness is having a sister.
Sharing a sandwich.
Getting along.
Happiness is singing together when day is through,
And happiness is those who sing with you.
Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you.


It reminds me of the simple things in life and that is what happiness is really about. I guess I seem to overlook that at times. Last week I bought 2 scratch off lottery tickets for my birthday, and one was a $100.00 winner… so I went back and bought 10 more and pocketed the 80.00,,, and Mark and I scratched them… another 100.00 winner… whoa.. talk about luck.. SO off to the store… this buying 10 thing is making sense… woo hoo… humming in my mind.. “I’m in the money” when in reality we are still probably thousands   in the hole from all the looser tickets we buy. I thought I was “happy’ and than all ten- zippo—no winner…. Huge bummer… huge temptation for Satan to convince me that if I go right back in and buy another 10 or 20 that I have to have a winner… but instead I stopped, I turned a loosing ticket over and there was a thing about the gamblers hotline—I smiled in a sad sort of way realizing how very addictive this could be…..the “I feel lucky” thoughts- or “I am hot..gotta keep it going..”    but instead I stopped—I took a deep breath, I spoke with Mark..told him there were no winners…… than —   the ignition was turned on and off I drove.

As I was driving down some back village street this song again came into my mind.

“Happiness is morning and evening.. daytime and nighttime too..” yes that is happiness..not some lottery ticket.. ( however if it had been the 1,00.00 a week for life-I might change my tune LOL)….

So this weekend was a non busy weekend, spending the whole weekend with Mark–catching up on stuff around the house, breakfast out, watching the shows we had DVR’ed, sleeping in, going to the gym, cutting coupons, organizing and some thinning out of stuff, read some of a book… no real plan—no real need to be anywhere at any time… just enjoying our home—our life-  for a weekend. It was nice. This was happiness….

Now..off to make dinner… maybe shower early..nestle with the book or watch a movie..who knows…. it will be a quiet- ( and it is REALLY QUIET HERE) an old foggies night with my old foggie husband….Have a good evening, Love to all.. Mrs Justa..alias Cindy…