October 2008

A new beginning, a new life, a new start.

How many chances in life have you had to start over again? How many times have you taken advantage of that chance. I thin about all sorts of things and this is one I am kinda thinking about. Changed jobs, changed places to live, changed cities to live in, change in career moves, change in relationships. 100_1097_edited 

Different pets, different friends, different choices.

This tulip was just beginning in a change in its life. It went from a bulb in the ground, huddled in the earth, to pushing itself out thru the earth in which it was protected, to become a stem, them a stem with a blossom about to form, and now it is ready to unfold its beauty as it is moistened with the morning dew.

Soon it will be a stem again, and the petals gone, and the seeds spread. Life is funny, it gives us chances.

I think I should have just stayed longer in one place,

should have stayed at the hospital , but they asked me to leave cuz I had hurt my knee. So once that happened , I had to find other work. Office nursing is nice, but the pay is not, and benefits at the offices I worked at were pathetic. Administration nursing, I like that, it is rewarding to help the people with their health care needs, but I terribly miss the hands on care. Changes, I have had insurance companies merger, and then downsize, so a change again, and then there was a  national company I worked for – they wooed you with benefits but had lost the people compassion for each other. Where I am now, I do love it, but I miss the hospital. Change, I am in need of staying put.

Change in churches, change in attitudes, change in emotions, change in outlooks. It never stops.

God watches over the changes, he does not make them happen, yet I wonder if there is some destination from the time we are born, that we will have all these changes? Questions, life, change.

Life, moving ,

we were indifferent towns, different occupations, even different spouses long ago, and within the last 20 yrs.we were in an apartment, it was nice, but only a 2 bedroom, so we moved to a double wide in a park 15 miles north from the apartment. We had lived there since 1991, but we had to get that feather tickling us to change , to move, and now we are 11 miles further north– now 26 miles from our old apartment which was nice, further from work, from family, from friends, miles from neighbors we liked, from the malls, … change. Do you ever think “what if I had not done this ?” I do all the time. I can not change the change. It is here. So all I can do is change again. But we are here, we like our home, but at 55 we have once again started over, a 30 yr mortgaged, that is totally INSANE!! We will need to working till it is paid, and Mark is yet to know what he will be able to do. Change. We need to stay put, to just enjoy what we have and settle in to build financially for the future. Before our petals fall off, and our stem becomes weak, but our bills remain strong. Stay focused, stay healthy and lets become thankful for what we have. Mrs Justa


Please vote next Tuesday. And do not vote because of what any of the polls say. They are reflective of what ever part of the population they claim to represent. image

Vote with pride, vote with an educated vote. Go on line and check out each of the candidates. Not their political ads, but who they are, what have they done in their past, what do they believe in, 

please do not get swayed by the media. Get swayed by your heart and mind. Make sure they agree , your knowings and your feelings need to be sure that when you go to that polling booth, you are voting from knowledge, not just because you think so and so will win.

Your vote does count, do not let anyone make you think any different.

I heard someone say to vote for a certain candidate is like throwing away your vote!! That is total nonsense. It is each of our votes,tallied together , that reflect the was we feel about each candidate.

The presidential election is only part of this next Tuesday election day, we are voting for other folks too.

So research, go to non bias sites and learn as much as you can, and PROUDLY go on Tuesday and show this country you want to be heard. And for those who believe in God, say prayers for election day and that people will be guided to make the best decision for the USA. Love, Cindy

Are these not the cutest little devils you have ever seen. I went on line looking for a pet theme cookie for Halloween and came across this recipe. I made them last night, left 4 out for “Mr Justa” and froze the rest for work . On Friday we are having a Halloween party while we work.

These are so darn cute, I just had to share them . The recipe was pretty simple.

100_1910 1 cup crunchy peanut butter

2 eggs

1 cup oil     mix all together well

add 1 devil food cake mix

mix well, and make 1 inch balls, place on ungreased cookie sheet.

Flatten with bottom of a glass dipped in sugar.

Use m&ms for the eyes, cinnamon rounds for the nose and mark in the whiskers with the tines of a fork.

Bake at 375 for 10-13 minutes,

Happy Halloween!!! Cindy

image “People, who need people are the luckiest people in the world. “

I am on this thankful path, and I was thinking about people as my dog was jumping at the edge of the bed letting me know he needed me to let him out. My mind begins to elaborate on ideas and before I know it, I sometimes can’t get back to what made my mind start reeling.

But this I remember. The dog was bouncing up and down, getting a lick on my face every so often on his rebound. He was hyperventilating as he enthusiastically was telling me he was in a situation where my services were needed.

People, think about where we would be without people doing things for others. In life, we all do something for someone. Even if we live alone, if we are employed, we are doing something for others. And if there were not people willing to do everything that requires a person to do it, well we would be screwed.

There are many someones willing to leave their homes and go into work in essence to service others, to help others, to fulfill a need of others. This can be a nurse, a police officer, an engineer, an auto mechanic, a garbage man, the person at the ticket booth for the parking lots or garages, the street cleaners, the cashiers at the stores, those who deliver the goods, those who design them, those who manufacture them , those who write the articles in papers, magazines, those who write books, those who manage, those who clean up after us, those who stand on their feet for hours serving food to others, those who chose to spread the word of their religion, those who design, those who create, those who parent, those who keep our highways smooth, those who plow the snow, run the electric, oh the list goes on and on . We are all over, doing everything to make IT happen. Whatever “IT” is.

Everywhere I go, there are people that make whatever I am experiencing happen. So I want to THANK YOU , each of you, for whatever it is you do? Thanks for going to work, thanks for raising the children, thanks for picking up that piece of paper from the ground. THANKS FOR YOU!!!

(photo courtesy of www.fallingpixel.com)

Holidays, they come and go so quickly throughout the year. Holidays are not only at Christmas or Hanukah, not only a US holiday. Holidays are too commercialized, too  hyped up. I think we need to slow down, to enjoy people and not things. I say this as I just heard a news story that Walmart is already putting up Christmas items. HALLOWEEN is still 1+ weeks away!image (Photo courtesy of google images www.destination360.com )

Halloween, that is definitely a major event for some. I look at yards with 50.00 to 100.00 inflatable yard ornaments all over their yards, the small treat baskets of yesteryear are replaced with tote bags and pillowcases, the costumes are incredible, the trick or treat for Unicef is a thing in the past.

We used to just go to the country fire hall, and have a party, dunk for apples, and get a few pieces of candy. Now there are kids in high school knocking on doors after 9 at night. I have had people come to the door in no costume, I have had kids reach in the candy bowl and scoop candy out. Now they need to get their goods x rayed, or examined by mom and dad.

Thanksgiving, well the commercialism of Christmas has pretty much taken the significance of that holiday and lessened it, or at least tried to . Me, my Christmas decorations do not come out of hiding until the turkey dinner is over, the family has gone home and the memories of another nice warm dinner, laughter, and love are in the minds of all. What is Christmas for, do we remember?

I refuse to let Christmas take away the significance of Thanksgiving, a time for reflection, for really being thankful for what we have, who we know, the freedom that this country gives us. So I ask you, before you go spend tons of money  on the holidays, take each one individually, and take the materialism out of it, and bring back the family, the companionship. Peace to all, Happy Holidays, Mrs Justa…. alias Cindy

It is wonderful to work in an environment where we are like family, away from our own families. 100_1531 ( this photo is some of my natural family) I work in such an environment. We are a department that has maybe 33 people in it, in a company of various departments. The core values of the company focus a lot on family, caring for one another and respecting each other. There is no back stabbing or nit picking. It is a warm place to walk into to and to spend 8-10 hours of my week days at.

I have been interviewing people for 4 open positions, it has been a hard few weeks as we interview the candidates and try to get to know them . I am looking for folks that would blend in with the team , who have the experience for a good foundation and we are willing to train for the various job openings.

What is nice is when you have an opportunity to spend an hour interview with a person that is exactly a perfect candidate. There are some people that just ask the right questions, that have an air of professionalism and confidence, that are in depth in answers to questions without bloviating, I refer to them as the WOW candidate. We have had the opportunity to meet people that fit this description, and it is tough when we just have not got enough openings to capture them all.

I find that I am reminded every day how much I like people. I like to ask them a question that requires thought, not any yes no type questions. It is nice, in this world of financial problems to be in an environment where we are a growing company, and it is a wonderful place to work. I sometimes think on Sunday about how I am looking forward to going in on Monday. Not because I do not like being home, but because I like what I do and who is there to share the hard work with me.

I love my husband, my son and his wife, my family ,my pets, but I also love my co workers, the people I manage, the managers that work there, the directors, vice presidents and CEO CFO and owner. It is just something that I look at as a gift from God, and I am thankful for the opportunity to be apart of it. I hope you too have the fortune to work in a place that you love. Until later, Mrs Justa signing off

image On the other post I saluted the truckers. But I wanted to share a moment saluting the truckers wives too. I was a truckers wife, all the 23 years I have known Mark he drove a truck. The majority of the time it was “over the road ” trucking, which meant maybe we got to spend 1/2 a Saturday and maybe all Sunday together. Some weeks we spent no time together.

Trucker’s wives are strong people, they have a devotion to their husbands like no other . They have the ability to handle what ever comes up at the home front and know how to deal with anything that can happen in life. When their husband comes home on a Saturday, they are exhausted and can’t wait to come home and give everyone a hug, to just stop, maybe watch some TV, take a warm shower without having to wait for hours and pay for it. To have some home cooked meals, maybe read a story to the kids. To climb in their own bed. To cuddle with their wife.

I used to always make sure the sheets were fresh the morning Mark would get home. I would try to have the house cleaning done for the week, so that we could spend quality time together. He would come in the door, and his laundry would get put in the washer as soon as it was in the house. We would scrub out the cooler and grocery shop for the next week out. We would prepare meals for the next week, and have them all divided up. We may go to a movie, or rent one for home, maybe go for a walk or to the dog park and watch our dog play. We would play catch with the kids, or Frisbee, or fly a kite. Maybe go camping. Or weekends were for the family. They were precious.

The week takes a toll on the trucker. And the wife can not be spending the week making a “honey do list” for the next time the guys come home. A good trucker can not make it if he does not have a good wife at home. He can not be out on the road with a person telling him on the phone how much she wants him to be home.

He is doing what he is doing for the family. He misses the kids ball games, or their parent teacher conferences, and they miss not being there, but they need to know the home is okay while they pound the miles away on the highways of the world.

So for all you ladies who know exactly what I am talking about, I salute you. I know how much it means to the husband to know you are there for them. I know how much it meant to me to know the my husband was out there and knew he did not have to worry about me or the kids being safe. Enjoy your time together, do not waste a precious moment, and when your apart, thrive on the memories or the time just spent together. Love to all, Mrs Justa

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