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What is life without a joke or two along the way? brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 121 A time to smirk a smile, a time to sit back and not get stressed out by everything around you. I was told once that a study had been done and it was found that if we were given the opportunities to keep our own troubles and switch with someone else’s, we would probably want to keep our own.

For through all the trials we have, they are our trials.

Mark has a way to do this behind another person or pet, it is just something he does. Even though he is hurting a lot of the time, he somehow steps above it and tries to bring humor into situations. Poor Badger at this time had some abnormal blood levels and Mark was going over each day an letting him out, he was able to lie on the couch and rest his back and leg, but he was a huge help to Jeff and Amanda… and Badger! Even though Mark was hurting, I think he preferred his problem to Badger, Jeff’s and Amanda’s right then.

There are people at work who have challenges galore, they do not want Mark’s and my challenges, and I do not want theirs.

A friend of mine called me a few days back and she was telling me how she has had to relocate back home to care for her sister and daughter, to try to find work locally, and unsure when she can retire. Her life has just done an abrupt stage left. I listened to her, but I do not want her problems. We were able to joke a bit, get a quick laugh in and talk about days gone by, but when we hung up the phone, I was glad I had my life… and I think she was glad she has hers. 100_3553

I worry about things in life, things I can not change or predict where they will go. I think everyone must do that.

Working in the medical payor business, it is always the worse case scenarios we run across in our area. The tough cases, the cases where people have to face adversities, challenges, and somehow get out on the other side. The thought that there is another side has helped me in my past crisis’s to get through them . I think that is what keeps Mark going ,  knowing there is another side to this crappy thing that is going on with him.

So my thought for this evening is to not give up. Believe that what ever you are facing, that things get better. Sometimes it takes years for us to see a lesson learned thru a terrible time, but there is always a lesson, a good side and a bad side to everything. So hold those 2 fingers up behind your troubles and try to make humor out of a not so humorous time.

100_3453I am off to practice my song for Sunday… be safe, be calm, and  if anyone is having a tough time… 


watch for that sun to rise, a new day beginning. Love to all, Cindy


Where does the road lead right now, what path is the flow of life taking?A creek running through the woods. (photo is courtesy of adobe.)I don’t know about you, but I am thinking all the money scares and wall street scares and politics are not being helped by the media. Blah.. blah .. blah. Don’t worry about the politics, in my humble opinion neither party has made the best choice for candidates.

And the financial wreck this country is in, well NEWS FLASH, it did not just happen over night.

This is a nation of “I wants’ and “how can I screw the next guy” and “how come they have that, I want it too”

We are spoiled, we are pathetic as a nation. 24 hr lives, no rest, tv stations on all night, drive thru- fast food whenever you want it, obesity, crimes, grocery stores all hrs day and night. Why do we need a grocery store that is so big you have to make sure you are well rested before you tackle going grocery shopping?  Why do we need lines of plazas, and malls with golf courses and water parks in them.

Why do we need a Home Depot and Across the street a Lowes? In my opinion, we are a bunch of spoiled, wanting , and not willing to wait for business hrs , needing a 3-4 thousand square foot houses, society. And now the economy is suffering. How many credit card offers do you get in the mail a week? And how many of you can pay off the credit card potential for maxing them out?

I think we need to stop.. I MEAN STOP. And see what is important for survival instead of what we think we need.

And we have to come together. We need to say no to all the extras, tighten the belt, start making things from scratch and not buying all these already made items. I am disgusted and tired of the dems and the repubs blaming each other, and I am tired of the entitlement society, and the kids needing cell phones, and the kids getting 100.00 games for their video games. STOP… get out a deck of cards…. play a game of chutes and ladders… I know something a book. Lets let life slow down a little. And get the world back to where it should be. Sigh… CIndy