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Well another year has past for our family reunion. I am from a family of 9 brothers and sisters, one sister has died and our parents are both deceased. We live in various parts of the country and we try really hard to get together. This year there were some of us, not all of us. This year we went back to the State Park my mom had chosen so many years ago. It was really not bad, we got heavy rain one evening, but the base of the fire was strong enough to withstand the rain and light up some more logs. It was neat to see the cousins spend time together. family reunion 2013 077 (15)Wish my brothers who could not make it had… it was strange not to have them and their families there. We were missing some nieces and nephews and their kids….

We had no cell phone coverage, we had electric on the sites and public bathrooms. Some people tented, some had trailers, some hoteled it….  all seemed to have a good time.

As we entered the weekend and started to observe things, we came to realize there was a passing of the baton so to speak. When we started to go to this part- we were in our 30s and our kids were 7 . Now we are some  of the elders and our kids have kids of their own. Jeff and Amanda became the dinner site- we all gather together for dinner, a dish to pass and eat our family reunion 2013 077 (21)meals, talk, laugh and end it with a nice campfire and s’mores and memories being created.

Adrianne has not been to a reunion for years- but I bet she would like to sometime in the future.. she had mentioned tenting it at some point with her family… and heck if they are more on the line of hotel people, there are some people who do stay in hotels. One year we rented a cabin off site and one year we rented a cabin in a town near by….—that is an option too,.….their kids will be a better age next year… hmmm….maybe they will come too.

The transition was subtle at first, but became more apparent as the clock ticked to 10 PM and Mark and I were headed to the camper to call it a night… leaving behind the 30 something year olds and the younger cousins. Yikes.. we were the “older relatives” who went to bed early…

The kids seemed to totally love the camping experience, and I have to admit I soaked in watching their smiles, there sense of adventure, and looking at how totally exhausted they got from being outdoors, faamily reunion 2013 (89)from going “creeking” and from building sand castles.

I thought about all the electronic devices and the automation we have in our homes- and even though they are nice… … (as Mark says to the boys… _)

“this is living… it doesn’t get any better than this !”

And ya know what he is right!. Regardless of our various challenges in life,

regardless of our stressors our hectic sometimes lives… when we got here—the waters smoothed, the days were peaceful, the experience was something I am so glad we got to share…the only regrets are the people who could not be there…. but than again –we do have next year !!.

So I am off…. kinda chilling tonight…. reminiscing …feeling blessed. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy,



Whoa, what a way to start our day at work. Somehow before we officially started our grueling day we got on the subject of REGRETS. I am 56 years old and some of the people I work with are older than I am, and some are close behind me in years.

One of the woman, who is also maybe 4 –5 years older than I am, started to say that she has many regrets. We were talking about not focusing on the what ifs, because it is wasting those precious few minutes, hours, days, months and years we have left on this earthly life.

Not one of us regretted having our children, we all cherish our children, and love who they have grown up to be. And I think all of us realize we were destined to have our kids.

But this can be very depressing, in fact one of the women said something to that effect- about boy this is not an uplifting conversation.But it was things each had something to say something about.

I think about the what ifs from time to time, just because the turn we take on each step on our road of our life- it can be life changing.

It is more like looking in a mirror , and looking behind you, as you look you see the winding road you have traveled. 

The what if I had strayed off the beaten path, where would I be now?

What if I had gone to school for teaching , or what if I chose to join the service … there are infinite ‘what ifs” Me my regrets are inner self type regrets. Deep inner soul issues that I can not let go of, but really did not change decisions I made on my journey. I truly feel I was destined to have the joys and the heartaches… and it is those heartaches that made me able to feel deeper joy. So all those times of woe—they created the ability to cherish those I love. To find a deep love and commitment to my husband, my son, my step daughter, and their families, to totally love my family, to love the people I work with and to love what I do.

My regrets are too deep to touch at times, they are my own , not able to be shared… they are hidden inside- if I look I can see them through the see- though top in my subconscious….- but they are covered tightly, sealed, and when I look for them, I see them. I don’t look too long, for I can not analyze them- no I have to look at the good in my life and let the regrets rest in peace. I will take them to my grave in hopefully many years to come… and when I do leave this world—the regrets will stay – not to stay with my soul.

So if you have regrets, things that you wish you had done many years ago— try to pigeon hole them- not focus on them… let them be… and love your life, look forward to every day… enjoy those you have surrounded your life with, and instead use the energy to find happiness. Love to all Mrs Justa… alias Cindy

Life is full of blessings, I think that often we miss some of the blessings because we are too busy focusing on things that are not really mattering. 020

This is one of those blessings. A gift on a hill side, a present from God. Did you see this today? Wherever you were. I bet there are many of these scenes and how many of us missed them .

We have many blessings this weekend, really we do. Today we get to share our life for a bit with both of our grandchildren and our son and daughter and their spouses. And also my brother and his wife are coming over . Last night we had our niece here for the night. This morning we shared breakfast with a special friend, a true friend. All these people are special to us, to others who do not know them, well they are just a person in a crowd, but to us they are special, they are all unique in their own way, and to be blessed with them in our lives , I feel we are lucky.

We walk by people in a mall or on a crowded street and we do not really see them, just like this plant, I do stop and wonder who these people that I do not know are special too? Some seem angry, some seem shy, some look down, some hold their head high, I love to watch people, but who are they special to. Can you remember faces of people you saw today that you did not know? Or did they pass you but they were like a puff of fog…here one second and gone another.

We miss so much, I know we do. 012 When I drive and have my camera in the car it takes me 1/3 to 1/2 again the time to get where I need to go, because it makes me look, it makes me see, it makes me feel blessed by what is out there in this world.

So I ask again, what did you miss today? this question does not apply just to the outside, but also within your home. Who was with you today? what were they wearing today? What did you do with your day? What did you talk about? If there is someone you love, have you told them that lately? Did you stop and thank them for something they may have done for you?

And have you taken the time to do a good deed for someone you do not know? Let them ahead in line, open a door for them, smile and say hi to them….

What have you missed today?? Love to all, I am going to get ready to enjoy every minute with the special people in my life. Mrs Justa alias Cindy


This is the Birthday Card I got Mark this year. Each year we are together it is tougher to figure out what to do for birthdays. neither of us like the pressure of trying to figure out what to get each other. Most of the time, if we need something we go and get it, not wait for a birthday or holiday. So our lives have changed from searching for that perfect gift , to this year taking a trip to Maine, after Marks Birthday and before mine. This is a perfect gift, but in a different way.

We have gone out for a special dinner before, or gone to a movie . So for today, his 56 th birthday, I got this card. Inside it says “Be careful what you wish for” I thought it was funny. As we age, life needs to be funny. Humor keeps us young, some wise old person said.

YA get a mushy card, and the other person can’t read it till they find their magnifying glasses, then they read it and may forget what it started to say in the beginning, cuz our memories are old… ahhh. laughter… much better.

This morning we went to breakfast with Shawn and Pat, Courtney was with us last night and came along for breakfast before we brought her home.  It was a nice time, true friends are so important. God has blessed us with a few good friends and a special family.

Tonight Amanda, Brandon and Jeff are coming over and we are having Lasagna. It will be a nice evening, they will need to scoot outta here for bathtime and bedtime, so we will eat at 4:30ish to give us time to just enjoy each others company. To have them over, is better then that special dinner out.

If Josh and Adrianne were closer, maybe they could have come over too with Mackenzie. We each cherish our kids, and now our grandchildren! When we spend time with them it is priceless, and it always ends too soon. But it does bring comfort to our aging hearts and souls to see they each have good lives. Busy lives, but good lives. And we know , that we had some impact of the footprints in their lives that they are leaving in the sand of time.

So happy birthday Markie… I love you very much, and I hope this year is good to you.

Love to all, Cindy( Card made by American Greetings”)

If you see a dog with a collar that looks like this, the hope is you see him from afar- in his own yard.

Now if he is in your yard and he has a collar like this, and he is not your dog, then something with his invisible  fence is not working.

The Invisible Fence  is a theory that is good, you have an electrical wire underground around the area you want the dog to stay in, then you put this big ass collar on the dog, and every time they come within a certain footage they start to get shocked- lightly at first, stronger the closer they get. IN THEORY your dog can go out, be free, but within a parameter.

Now if there is a power outage- well, not so much !. And their collars are run on batteries- and the batteries need to be changed before they run low or out.

We have 4 dogs across the street from us  and another 2 dogs to the right of our house, across a busy road. Both have the invisible fence.

The 2 to the right of us, they are black labs. One of them must either have gotten really used to getting zapped by the invisible  fence, or his batteries in his collar are weak. One of them has a tendency to be in our‘s or the neighbor’s yard. It sucks when they go in the neighbors, cuz their dogs go to chase them and get zapped and bounce back from the shock.

These 2 black labs are not stupid dogs. When their owner comes home they stay in their yard acting like the electricity is keeping them in their own place, but when the owner is gone, they wander.

Yesterday, the owner was gone and we had just pulled up in front of our house. We had Courtney with us. We were watching a small animal of some sort walking up our yard, when out of the clear blue, one of the black labs crossed county route 8 and grabbed this animal in his mouth, dropped it, picked it up again, dropped it and went back to his yard. We did not know if it had been a rabbit or a possum- but whatever it was, it was now humped over in our yard. Mark, Courtney and I were all looking at this animal 120 feet away from us and wondering now what. Not really believing what we just saw and wondering why the dog did not take it back with him after he killed it.

Courtney got the shovel and headed down towards it, it was a brave thing for her to do, but she never got closer then 15 or 20 feet to it. I watched her as she tried to mosey on down there. She would almost tip toe down, and try to peer at it, then head back up to the house, she did it about 4 times. Mark went down with her on her fifth trip, and the report was it was a possum, it was still breathing, eyes open. Ugly or not we were bummed it happened. There was nothing we could do, it all happened so quickly!

So now, after 55 years of my life, I understand the words of my mother when I would tell her I was too sick to go to school. She would say, “I think you are playing possum.”

I found this on google images- this little bugger was probably “playing possum “ too. And the folks stuck the bottle between its legs.

The animal laid still, not moving a muscle for over an hour, looking dead. I bet we could have propped anything there too!.

About 30 minutes or so passed and I heard the 2 black labs barking and the possum had gotten up and left.

We personally are real thankful he lived and left, for what would we have done with a dead animal? Ya can’t leave it there, it would have stunk up the whole area, can’t embalm it-we don’t have the equipment or the training  ; can’t bury it- Our ground is full of rocks-;- I was thinking we could  move it closer to the road and the town might pick it up. It was weird, it was funny now that he is not dead in our yard, and it is a warning to everyone, that invisible fences are not always that dependable!  Oh yeah, and Possums like to play dead ! ( They are ugly suckers too, and LOTS of teeth!) Hope you have an adventurous weekend! Love to all, Cindy

As I got ready for bed last night I took an extra warm fleece blanket and wrapped the cage in it for warmth. And during the night, Beast passed on to a better place.

He looked so comfortable and peaceful, almost like he was sleeping in a warm winter bed. My prayers were answered, for he was taken in the arms of love to a peaceful death.

Have you every seen an animal that dies in terror, their legs frozen up in the air, their eyes wide open, well Beast was not at all like that. He looked at peace.

Web sites I had gone on said 12-14 years was life expectancy for parakeets, so I think it was just his time. I spent a bit this morning cleaning the cage with chlorine water and a scrub brush, and it is all neatly dried and away.

I am okay with it, my concern was that he went peacefully, He did drink and eat from the cut Dixie cups, so he did not have to struggle for his last meal.

I know, some of you think I am nuts, but pets become part of the family where I live.  To Mark and I he was like a kid in a way. To the cat and dog like the older brother.  This is just an end to a chapter in life.

We had Courtney with us last night. She was an artist at a Spring Art Show at the Nature Center a few miles from here. There had a reception and mostly middle school kids were selected for their art work. I think there may have been 6 or 7 schools and 5-6 students from each school. Her group was the only 3-D art work, 100_2567_edited hers was a Panda Bear done on a clay tile form. She did quite well, it really looked real. 


It was a nice reception, they had some different types of art work, all the kids did very well.

I love when kids are doing positive things as they are going through the tough years of adolescence. She does very well, her grades in school are high, and she has been selected for 2 different art projects, which I think is just grand.

So Congrats to the Lime Green Drama Queen. We love you ! Love (Aunt ) Cindy


(warning content is an opinion)

I am back to survive another night at the JustaKrusen household. Justa making a small Joke!! I don’t think anybody should be treated special because of their skin color or what rank they are. Like for example if you are a king, queen, president, poor, rich, ec terra. I believe that no matter what color you are you should be treated equally.

I have many mottos one is “I am who I am. ” What people think I am may not necessarily be who I am. So in other words I am my own person and I don’t feel I have to change who I am to impress people.

(warning content for girls if you aren’t a girl then you are in for a treat, here is some inside information for you guys)

I am not even in my teens yet but I know what some girls my age are going through. The big word now is change and through the next couple of years you will see a lot of it. For me I already have what is the start of acne and puberty. Most girls my age don’t like to talk about what is going on with their bodies to their parents but they would rather talk to friends’ moms or even just adults that they know. For me I talk to my doctor or some of my aunts. I feel really embarrassed to talk to my dad about it, but I mean who wouldn’t. Girls are always wondering what is going on in their body.

If some girls ask am I normal? Then just say what you are going through is completely normal and many other girls their age are going through the same thing. Always remember “The most constant thing is change.”
If any girls need any advice or just want to comment there will be a thing at the end of the post that says leave a comment click on that and feel free to write anything. I will try my best to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability.