September 2009

I am frantically trying to post and my computer is acting up ! Whenever I try to copy a photo , it only copies the center of the photos, so unless the subject is far away, it is like trying to guess what the photo is of. I can notbrandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 100understand it. If I did not know better , I would say this guy is the culprit! Yep, the ol full moon is coming this weekend, and my computer is acting weird. Today was weird at work too. Things are just strange. There was a time today I just started snickering, squeaking kinda, and the person standing next to me started, cuz I was snickering, we kept feeding the others snicker. it was quite unusual, usually I am in control. So beware all… I hope this post is somewhat visible, I am writing it right off the actual wordpress site, … and I chose a photo where the moon was further away. I will have to do a google search and see if there are any computer folks who might know why when I copy an image, it is only copying a portion of the image. Ahhh.. I hate … yes I hate … computer problems. Love to all Cindy


Hang on to your keesters! Hang on to your flags, hope you have the windows closed in your car and no weak trees in the vicinity of your houses!

Yesterday I was up at the gym, feeling pretty proud of myself, treking at a 6.5 degree incline at 3 miles per hr, huffing and sweating, I was on a mission to nowhere fast. Then all of the sudden a red radar screen flashed up, with a warning that there was a severe thunderstorm ready to hit our area in about 20 minutes. So I scooted the incline up another degree or so and then slowed the treadmill down , I knew it was garbage day, and did not want it to take a new meaning of garbage day spewed  throughout our yard.   So I got home before it hit. lickety split. Just in time to come in , let Indi out for a quick pee and baton down the hatches. It was like a hurricane! Look at the rain whipping off that roof.

The watery was gushing off the roof, and I began to wonder  about folks who do not have homes to live in.   How frightening it must be. I was nervous standing in a sealed home, but what it you have no home? What about the animals and birds that live outdoors, how utterly frightening it must be. And at that moment, I took a moment to pray, to thanks God for everything I have, for my health, for the blessings of these 4 walls, with windows snug. We truly are blessed people. Love to all, Cindy.. Mrs justa


What makes us do what we do ? What makes us be who we have become?

Do we each like what we do in life?  100_4189

I was watching a reality show about people who go out to sea and catch lobsters, or other forms of sea food. This job requires  folks who do not mind getting wet, cold, bone chilled and folks who like adrenaline rushes. All of which I am not fitting any of those categories. But there are folks who love to do this, at least that is what they say on the TV show.

Me.. not so much ( as my niece Courtney says) – I like to be warm, dry, and am kinda a wimp with adventure stuff. I do like waitressing I have done that, that was fun. I love watching kids, I like driving, I love taking care of people , I like nursing, I like working in the administrative side of health care, I loved being a mom, I love being a wife, I love cleaning the house, vacuuming, mowing grass and shoveling snow. I LOVE figuring out how things happen.. kinda a detective role. 100_4202I did enjoy gardening this year, absolutely love taking walks and taking pictures, singing, reading a good book, jig saw and cross word puzzles, camping, the ocean, the mountains. Basically nature.

But no thanks to deep sea fishing, no thanks to hand gliding, not even flying in small planes, nope to fishing, nope to going on a boat smaller then this one in the picture here.

Call me boring, call me strange, but I just freak out with adventure!

I do thank all those brave, thrill seeking individuals who risk their lives doing things to help us live… ( policemen, firemen, ambulance crews) –just not anything I can see myself do… I wonder what makes us tick???? Love to all, I am off to get my thought on what to make for dinner… did I say I love cooking?  Then I will iron… oh yeah , I love that too… Mrs Justa…  


Hello, and hello:) We have returned, today was an incredibly long day as we came back in one day. It was a lot of driving, and we did need to stop 5 times for stretching and resetting our bones and muscles!

But one could not have ordered better weather then what we had. Days clear and in the 60-70s and nights high 30s to 50s.  We went to Bar Harbor Maine,Acadia National Park and drove on Mount Desert Island too.  We saw ALOT of ocean and mountains and nature.

We did not do hikes, as we knew Mark’s leg could not hike, but even without venturing off the driving areas- we saw a lot. Acadia is huge, it is almost mesmerizing. I can see how someone could just sit and watch all day long.

This was our birthday gift to each other. And I think I can testify for Mark that it was a very nice birthday gift. 100_4199

In this lower photo we actually watched the water change colors just before high tide was at it’s peak.  See how it is light in the center and top but the bottom has navy blue color starting to overtake the lighter colors.

That is the only thing we could figure that might be making the difference.



I missed home, I missed my family and friends….

but I am so glad we went. It brought me time to regroup, to see beauty in nature and not be so dang focused on the day to day stuff we tend to get wrapped up in. To take a few days and put life on the back burner, and put us in a world totally out of our norm. I think we all need to do that, we need to stop, and take time to take time. Peace to all, love always, Cindy


When the roads are not icy or filled with snow, I go down a road and by this pond every day on my way to and home from work. In the morning the water is like a huge mirror. They have this bridge on the pond, and as it reflects in the pond, it reminds me of a rainbow. I have no reason why, except for the shape. Normally it is colorless, but I am intrigued by it. It goes to a small island, nothing really on the island, it is just in the pond. I never see anyone cross over the bridge, I wonder why it is there,I wonder if there is a purpose to the island?

I chose this photo because as I stare at it, I feel a bit of tranquility. Of erasing the hassles of the day and making my inner self the most important thing. I could see myself sitting on the grass and reading my book, or taking a lazy nap on a blanket sprawled on the moist dew grass blades.

I took it one morning this week it was cool, crisp and the pond and bridge helped to bring out the reminder that Fall is here, and soon will be whirling winds of winter. But this week, and this weekend , I will inhale all the fall splendor I can find, I will make mind imprints of special sites and try to capture many things on the camera. I hope to have quite a nice selection of photos for my postings for days to come.

100_3760 For those who stop by, please don’t give up on me, I will be back on Sunday night and will try to share a note with you. I am sure there will be some brilliant fall colors, as there are some iridescent reds around here already.

As we go off on our journey, I will miss my friends, I will miss my family, I will miss not seeing my co-workers, I will miss the dog and cat.. but I will totally enjoy the time, the time away from here with Mark, the time and space to re-group, rejuvenate, relax. Peace to all, have a safe few days, and stay tuned for Sunday !.. Love, Cindy … alias Mrs Justa.

There was a news event yesterday that reminded me of a time long ago. The situation was different, but the impression it seared in my memory is there forever. The fright, the feeling of being helpless, mine was followed by embarrassment and utter feelings of wanting to be swallowed up by life and never seen again.

Yesterday a kindergartner was left on a locked school bus for 4 hrs. She was picked up by a substitute driver with a few other kids, and she fell asleep on the bus before it got to school. The driver broke a State and School rule/law by not inspecting each seat at the school. The bus was driven back to the garage and the doors were locked. This poor little child woke up. terrified, and locked on a lonely bus until another driver came to go get the afternoon run and found the terrified child. Fortunately the temp  was not in the 90s. I can bet she remembers this for the rest of her life.

I say that because in 1960 my sister and I had to ride a bus from Spafford NY to Skaneatelas NY. I was going to be 7 soon. It was a long ride, I remember my mom saying we were 13 miles from school, and I think the bus ride was over an hour.  We had not lived at this house the previous school year, so it was a new long adventure. My family was not rich, we had one car and my dad used it all week for work out of town. So if we missed the bus, we missed school. Pam and I would sit by each other and the kids on the bus made fun of us for our name and our clothes. The first day we had an hour of being called “Gainesburgers” and “GraveyTrain” (because our last name was Gaines. ) kids yelling out.. “Hey do you eat dog food for dinner?” or “Does your mom cook dog food?” On the way home the bus driver had some side country roads to go on before he got to our home, and we were watching carefully, because we were not sure how long it would be before our house. It was kinda scary at the young ages we were. My mom had assured us we would be okay and the bus driver would take good care of us.

Well all of the sudden the driver stopped, and looked at me and my sister and said, “Here is your home, this is where you get off.”

It was a creepy abandoned home, the kind you would see in a horror movie. There was shutters that were falling off the house, weeds and over grown grass, ..we told the driver it was not our house, but he told us it was and had us get off. he told us we had to in a firm voice. Then he closed the doors and started to drive away. Pam and I stood there, I started to cry, sob, I felt like I was going to fall, I was beyond terrified… all of the sudden the bus stopped and the driver backed up, the few kids left on the bus and the driver were laughing at us. he told us to get back on and said he was just “having fun” with us.

We were glad to get home, and we dreaded the bus ride the next day, we told our mom what happened, but she did not do anything we were aware of. He was still our driver. My mom did not like to make waves, she avoided confrontation and sometimes it felt like we were helpless, like she did not believe us.

It is 49 years later, and do you know I can still hear the shutter creaking, still feel the fear, still remember the sick feeling in my stomach and the shakiness of my hands and legs, still feel the embarrassment and wanting to disappear as the kids and the driver were pointing at us and laughing. And I still remember how every day after that, how I hated riding his bus. We only lived there for 2 years, but that 2 years, I never trusted him again. And the kids kept teasing us, and no matter what we did, we never made it past the ridicule.

Please… Be kind to children, for every moment is a chance to create a memory… make it a good one. Love to all, ( except that creepy bus driver) Cindy

100_3452 Today was a different day, a nice day both weather and day activity wise. Let’s see I got to sleep in ….ahhhhhhhh…on my electric mattress pad set on 4 ( double ahhhhhhh)then I got up and took a leisurely warm shower…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh and at 10:00 made a quick breakfast for Mark and I .

I went to church, ( I love going to church ! ) it makes me feel complete, I can not explain it, one would have to feel it to know, but when I am there, I feel I am safe, the interruptions of life are outside the door, and there are words of wisdom, good tidings from many, a feeling of comfort , a feeling of peace.

I came home , changed my clothes , fixed dinner in the crock pot, and read a book for 45 minutes or so. Then off to Amanda and Jeffs home, for a Lia Sophia Party. It was a fun time. The people there seemed to all enjoy themselves, there was all kinds of neat jewelry, and I did not mind helping to make Amanda”s party successful. I am not really a shopper per-say. I need something , I do a quick run to the Salvation Army or Rescue mission first, if nothing there then I go to a discount store. My jewelry that I have personally bought is what some folks call "costume jewelry" which I think is funny, because I get a lot of complements on my "costume jewelry"

Today I bought some stuff, I tried to be careful with what I chose, it would be really easy to spend a few hundred bucks. There were games to be played, and laughter from the games and what people said, there was time to just relax and observe. I went in knowing I was not going to get talked into booking a party, and I also did not want to spend more then 40 bucks- but I went over that . ( So one outta two isn’t bad) . This necklace I have displayed ( photo from google images) was the necklace Amanda received as a gift for hosting a party. It is really quite nice, and it looked great on her.

I think in my whole life I have gone to a couple of Tupperware parties, maybe a candle party, a chef something party, and a basket party. I do not go to many, I just don’t. It really is nothing against the people or the products, but I often feel like I have to buy stuff, and some of the parties are stuff I would not buy.

but today.. I am glad I went. The jewelry on display was really nice to look at, and I think the things I ordered will go well with various outfits I have. To end my perfect day, I am going to settle down, maybe read  little more of this book, and get ready for work in the morning. Thanks to all who helped make this a wonderful day. ( Yes you too Mark ! Even though you are older !)   Love, Cindy

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