I find that everywhere I turn there is someone or a bunch of someones with an attitude that the world is here because of them, for them. It is sad really because it is a whole lot easier to be raised knowing you are one of many, and not the chosen one. There is nothing quite as frightening as a crowd of people, each one acting like it is all about them.

people on a rally

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We are doing a huge injustice ( in my humble opinion) if we support that behavior.  I feel that the media has come out to not provide the true depth of any story. So buttons are pushed and it seems that the intent is to keep people unsettled. No matter what the issues, comments on social media are either trying to make a common sense type side to it, but hang on because others are coming back full strength with comments about it being all about them. I am totally blown away with comments like “I have the right to do what I want” – making it seem like if you get in their way they will stomp their feet and demand to be seen or heard.

The accidents caused by people texting-

road people street smartphone

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do these individuals think they have a superpower and they can drive a car and not look at the road and those around them? Seriously… we were driving the other day and the vehicle in front of us was checking out the entire width of the road, back and forth, almost to the shoulder, and back to the middle line. When we went by them, guess what, the persons’ head is looking down, one hand on the wheel, the other on a cell phone. Now, mind you this was at 65 mph !!! It matters not though how fast one is going, it is a huge responsibility and privilege earned to be able to drive.

I can not even begin to understand some of the things people have said during a job interview. One person came into the interview, dressed very casually, and when asked what she was looking for, she said a job where she can put her feet on the desk and relax! Another wanted to know what percentage of each day are they allowed to pop onto facebook.

I think we need to step back, we need to remember we are equal,

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we need to respect each other, we need to accept the fact that we are not all alike, and no one is more special than another. We also need to remember that life is not fair, and there is no guarantee that we will not have problems to conquer.

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AS I get ready to settle down for the night, I just pray that people can all get along,  that there is less hate, less anger. Life is too short to waste minutes on ugliness.

Until later, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


News should be news. That is it. The news is not the opinion section of the paper, a good reporter should be nonbiased presiden kennedys assasinationin their writings and give the fact- just the facts. In the 1950 and 1960s there were news anchormen who did just that. It was a goal of Walter Cronkite to leave his personal opinions out of the news stories. How nice it would be if that were the way now. It was a time when if there was a BREAKING NEWS story it was just that. I remember a few of the real BREAKING NEWS / Like this one: This was when President Kennedy was assassinated. Stories that affected us. It would come out of the radio or TV rather sternly- so we would listen. I remember a sense of fear, or tension because 9 out of 10 times it was not good.

Now BREAKING NEWS can flash up and it is the same BREAKING News that flashed up on the previous 5  one hour news shows. The BREAKING NEws is now outdated. It almost becomes just words said with a tone a drama instructor would probably say was a little over the top.

Back when the newspaper was the form of information,

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the paper was thicker. There was a rather think opinion section where people could write in their personal thoughts. On TV or the radio, and if you wanted the news, there were certain times to do so, you watched it at the scheduled time, or you waited until the next scheduled time. We would hunger for updates, now- we can repeat the updates because we have heard them so much. Sadly- the updates, and the news, well it is slanted in all sorts of directions, which is a shame because the good reporters ( and there are good reporters) are tarnished by the reporters who have taken the role and tarnished it with sensationalism.

I have to admit I am beyond shock at the destruction of human interactions that the media tries to show us on a daily basis, minute by minute. Social media is a blessing when used correctly, however, to use it to try to mud sling at one another, or to create false reality- it is like a time bomb of humanity. There are bullet point blurbs that are designed to bring a shock value to the person who is too busy to research the issue.

News sources used to be credible. Now they are more like talent shows to see who can get the greatest public reaction.

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Hate and evil are accentuated, and the good news is ignored. Personally, it has gotten to the point that our news exposure is a quick look at local news and the weather.

HA–and even the weather now -with weather folk going to where they predict the worse of worse will be… looking for sensationalism there. There are times the weather should be a great cause for concern of power outages, however- there are so many times when the drama becomes more like watching a movie production, and not the reality of what is happening.

So we don’t watch much news, we look out the IMG_3624window for weather changes and pop onto a station with a local weather person, and we try to avoid the internet newsflashes that are designed to shock, surprise, anger, and numb us. So as I close down … be safe, and don’t believe everything you see or hear. Check it out.

Until later-  Mrs Justa alias Cindy




Today is a day to not do much outside, img_3666it is freezing cold, lots of snow and winds will be blowing and drifting snow making driving treacherous. We have the snow cleared but know it will blow back in. Yesterday we had a crock pot meal – beef fajitas, which were nice in the middle of the day, today we will have the mixture used in a different recipe.

Yesterday I was able to do some chores, and stop and reflect.

So here we are, safe in the house, hoping the winds do not take power out, and a time to slow down. I was going through some things on the shelf and ran across a few pictures that took me into thought mode.

Life seems to go right by, there was a person’s facebook post and he was talking about how fast the past year flew by. As I thought about that, I was in total agreement. Look back at your 2018 days. We all had 365 days last year, but what did we do with them? 365 days… 8760 hours.IMG_20190120_162553 And they are gone in and an instant, or so it seems now.

Minutes like seeds in a milkweed plant scattered throughout the tapestry if our life.

There are challenges for each seed of our lives, challenges that we can learn from, moments we can look back on later and see we made it through them.

Today is Martin Luther King Day- a man in my opinion that was wise and genuine. He died at a young age, a life taken by hate. In his time on earth, he taught many life lessons. Lessons that were not politically done, nor were they directed at only some people. His wisdom he shared for everyone. His life lessons live on long after his life was taken.

He spoke of faith and that faith was taking that first step- even when the whole stairway is not visible.

I was thinking back to the “first” times, new chapters in the book of life. We all have them. Places where the bits of our life take us to. Times and situations that are welcome and at the same time they change our day to day activities.

I ran across this picture and was thinking about the first child. We have really no idea what the step of becoming a parent is going to lead to. It definitely changes our lives in a second.  We plan for it, we have nine months ( sometimes a bit less) to get ready. And when we bring our baby home, IMG_20190120_162806I remember for me, it was facing the unknown. It was an instant change that 24/7— we now have a new dimension in our life. I think for many of us, we realize sleep is precious,( both trying to get our own sleep and helping to make sure the baby sleeps).

This picture is Brandon and Jeff. Brandon had some GI issues when he was a newborn and he needed the head elevated due to reflux. This picture is priceless to me because Jeff got Brandon and himself to sleep. Sometimes calming down the newborn baby is not easy… the moment our baby falls to sleep we want to freezeframe everything else. We do not want this little bundle of joy with lungs stronger than an opera singer, to wake up. And we are exhausted.

New parenthood- it is one of those steps- where we can not see the whole staircase, but we take the first step and the one after that in faith as we learn about Parenting, and do our best to be the best.

I hope you have a good day, Until later, Mrs. Justa … alias Cindy



We had the fortune of having the 3 grandchildren for the weekend last week. It always brings life into the house, not that we do not live every day, it is a different life feeling.

The 3 are different in many ways, and yet the same. When around them I know they truly love us. It is the way they chuckle when we do something funny, the way they give their goodnight hug, their apparently unending desires to help and their actions of respect and appreciation for every moment.

Mark had the boys for a good part of Saturday, 20190112_083810as there were karate obligations the boys had. That meant Briella and I also had a good part of Saturday here.

As each child can testify, I mix a chore with a fun time. I by far have them work all day, instead, we share chores. This weekend I listed some chores and made them rather simple- cut up the individual tasks and folded each slip in a bowl. We pulled out a slip and did it.

Then we had a fun bowl- same thing, fun things we like to do. Maybe a puzzle, or cooking something ( Briella LOVES helping in the kitchen !), or to learn something. We alternated fun and chore stuff, 20190112_085259and at the end of the time we did this, we worked together to play together.

Briella is very interested in so many things. She asked about the moon and space. So we went on an astronaut journey and learned so much on how astronauts do things in space, like brush their teeth, eat, what it is like to take off, and we learned about gravity.

The guys came home, and there were games galore. They helped with getting ready for and clearing the table after. No matter if it was fun or just something we needed to do, we did things together.

We played chess, and chutes and ladders, 20190111_195617-1kerplunk and the guys played Sorry and Trouble. I taught Brandon solitaire with real cards in your hand, and Briella and I did a card concentration game.   We all totally love doing stuff together.

Briella and I had gotten everything ready for dinner Sunday night, so once we knew the time Jeff and Amanda would be here, we could just plop things in the oven. And at the end of each day, with kids in their beds and ready to drift off to sleep, each one of them sincerely says goodnight, wants a hug, and thanks us for the day we had.

When they went home Sunday after dinner, the house silence becomes ever more present. I think about the energy and love for life each child has, and I stop and thank God for the time we had.

There are so many moments, so many memories in life, no matter where we go, what we do, time spent with a loved one, with friends, with strangers, in a certain place, I do not take any one of them for granted. For in a blink of an eye, that last moment may just be that last moment. So I am off for more moments in life.

Until later, I am saying ta ta… Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

Proud, yep I have a sense of pride, as I was among a group of people invited to share in the moment as our son was being promoted to Captain, at the agency he works at. IMG_20190115_061720As I sat in that room, I absorbed all the people around us, and every person on the force who could be there, it was a moment of realizing that little boy from years ago, the one who LOVED emergency vehicle FB_IMG_1547509434845-1matchboxes, he has touched so many lives. His passion as a child is now alive, it is a part of his real-life experiences.

Here I sat, with my husband next to me, the room had Jeffs father who drove 2 hours to be there, Jeff and Amanda’s children,  Jeff’s in-laws, Jeff and Amanda’s good friends who took on challenges to be there,  officers in the department, I am humbled by the moment.

The entire experience was surreal in a way. Realizing the “miles” I have treasured to be in that moment. The determination of this man, watching as he naturally displayed a commitment to his new role, unending love of his family, appreciation for the help and support he has received over the years and the promise to be that absolute best he can be. AS we gathered for the group picture, it was like a gathering of times past and times yet to come.

Today begins yet another new day. Chances abound to have new steps on our individual journeys of life. I know not what the next minute will bring, or the many more after that.

What I do know is that I am proud of Jeff, I am thankful for all the support he and his family give each other and so blessed to have been able to share in yesterdays ceremony.

Until later, Mrs Justa alias Cindy



It’s funny when I stop and look back at the moments I have been a part of in the various stages of life. Being a friend, having a friend; being a wife, having a husband; being a mom, having children;  being a sister, having sisters and brothers; being a grandmother, having grandchildren. The list feels infinite. I am so careful to not take one second of my life for granted.

I can’t always say that I was as aware of how precious each moment is, but the more I am… the more I am aware.

I was thinking back at different times, small segments of my life, but they had so much meaning,  and this is one of those times. As I watched Jeff grow, I tried to make times special for him. Our lives have taken twists and turns, and without each event, who knows how life would have turned out. I remember when he was turning 3, I knew I was wanting it to be special for him. 20190111_064612-1He and I had moved into an apartment 6 months before, his dad and I had separated.

He had learned that instead of waking up and being with me all day, we had places to go every morning. He met people at daycare, and I had a job.

So many changes- changes that we took with positive steps. I tried to make it an adventure. I always would assure him everything was okay.

So I came up with an idea. I wanted what gifts I had for him, to not just gift on a table. I would make it a game to find them, to open them. So I bought balloons at the dollar store. Inside each balloon, I put a clue where his gift might be. He would have to sit on the balloon and pop it. It was so funny because at first he sat lightly on the balloon and it rolled. We laughed and laughed.

He kept trying different angles, determined to get to the special piece of paper, the thrill of giving me the paper so I could read the clue.

20190111_071027-1I am sure the neighbors below were thrilled with the game too. LOL, After numerous rolls around on the carpet, he figured out what to do. It was so much fun that it became a part of birthdays for years after.

A couple birthdays later,  our family had grown from Me and Jeff to Mark, Me, Jeff and Adrianne/ Well she too got chances to roll around the floor and finally pop the balloons to find her clues.

These times are small tidbits to some but remind me of all the ways life can be memorable, moments precious, moments that bring to mind no matter what life events happen- good and bad- we can try to make the best of it.

Moments that never would have happened had I been blessed with every step in my life. AS this weekend comes to be, I am looking forward to chances for more of those moments, as we have some precious time to spend with the grandkids… hmmm… who knows what grama and grampa will come up with. 20190111_195617

Here is just the beginning of the pathway of moments yet to be.

I hope you have a great weekend,

Don’t wait for something special… make something special.

The moment that just went by- it is gone— BUT the moment yet to come, well who knows what it will be.

Until later,

Mrs Justa- alias Cindy


I was thinking about how sometimes children inhibitions and their faith in life can bring us to places we might never have gone without them. Often imaginary places- but none the same, places easily missed in our sometimes hectic, sometimes chaotic adult life.

I the memories locked in my mind, I turned back the clocks to a time when Jeff was 3 years old. I went with Jeff on a venture to the Renaissance Fair in Sterling NY. He was mesmerized by the people in their mid-evil outfits, talking loudly at times, their words were almost entrancing and they spoke with strong accents, a jolly tone.

As we were walking around Jeff started to tug my hand he wanted to check out something that he heard, he felt was off the beaten path. I could have said sternly NO, we need to stay in the area intended for the public. Instead, I noticed his curiosity, his wonder, so off we went, slowly towards whatever was his destination.

Alas, jeff at the renisance fair 2 august 1985 (2)on a far boulder in the middle of the woods was a man practicing his fiddle. All alone, I figure probably getting ready to go out in the fair and play as he walked the “street” of years ago.

I remember saying to Jeff that we mustn’t disturb him, Jeff promised.


And then, in the innocence of this little boy, jeff at the renisance fair august 1985 (2)he took a “seat” and for a few songs, Jeff stayed like this as the man played the prettiest songs. The man smiled ever so softly at this little 3 yr old, this little boy who had such wonder. It is one of those moments I will not forget.

And I have a feeling, it is probably one of that man’s moments, he would remember too.

After the man stopped practicing that third song, Jeff stood up softly, he told the man he “did a good job” and “thank you”. And as we walked away,  hand in hand, his body twisted backward as he waved at the fiddler. On the way home that evening, out of all the magic, all the skits, everything at the Renaissance Fair, his favorite part was the man on the rock.

A moment that never would have been, had he not looked beyond the staged attractions and had I not listened to the innocence of a child.

May we should all open up the door of our own innocence at times, what would we see, what would we hear?

Until later, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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