AS the days head to the end of 2012, the media and government are creating , for me at least, a vision of insecurity for the country.

The phrase “Fiscal Cliff” is the catchy phrase of the month..the past few months.

And yet as I am shaking in my boots over what this really means for us..the citizens of the USA… the President takes a vacation, congress goes home to their families, and I feel the countries future is placed on the back burner while people have down time.

Well I do not know about you…but I really want these people that have been elected BY THE PEOPLE to be doing their damn job, and work for the PEOPLE!!.

Oh I have read this and that…Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 003and really it seems like once again we get it up the whazoo!. So the average family is looking at over 2000.00 dollars in increased taxes…and that good ol’ Health Care Reform..well let’s see—I bet your premiums have increased… how about money out of your pocket for medical expenses—did that go up??? Or maybe you work for one of the businesses who are forced to cut your hours so they do not get fined for their inability to provide health care. And you might be in a situation where now you are one of  those  who have to now face a HIGH DEDUCTABLE plan— things are changing. I have no idea what our taxes will be on our property or school going forward.

As we slide over the “CLIFF” and we see our personal taxes go up..we also see many things in the government be taken away. I read milk could double in price, because as the cliff appears- so does aid to farmers disappear..and cuts in military, cuts in cost of living for our seniors, seems like we are just always expected to keep on giving…

Than there is the weather dramatics…..

The weather people have won the award for DRAMA QUEEN in my book. Now they are naming winter storms, and this past one we got this week—well one would have thought we were going to be buried alive by mounds of snow…. yet the storm totals were 1-2 feet…Yeah it was nasty, and visability was down..and I am glad I did nto have to drive in it…but I remember once MArk and I were in the city and were advised to head home than or wait out a storm that dumped  3-4 feet of snow on our roof!….

Heck..I remember not so many years ago when I looked out the window and saw just an antenna on my car…. So between us falling off the proverbial fiscal cliff, us losing more money due to Health Care Reform, and the treacherous winter storms with names now… well I think we are all going to end up with major anxiety disorder….

The sad thing is we can not do a darn thing about the sensationalism….except try really hard not to let it consume us.

Off to watch the news … LOL…. Have a great night., Love to all,. Mrs. Justa.. alias Cindy


The government is in our affairs—in places it has no business being…

Now the government is Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 008proposing that anyone who wants contraception- should receive it FREE of charge from their insurance company. Why.. cuz NO_BAMA said so.

My goodness people—how much more of this bull crap are we going to be subjected to?

And where –where is this cost going to come from—OH wise one?

And do share— does the government than chose which type of contraception they are including—or is it any type? And than—what if it is contraindicated for a person? Or what if they have complications because of this “free service”?

And does this new rule state the premiums are not going to be affected by this ruling? Or did you think that the insurance company can print money—like you have for the past 3 years—in the TRILLIONS??

Or was that not thought of.. So any woman can get it for free—but everyone will be paying higher premiums because of this?


Lego Clip ArtI am amazed at the way that some people just go along with all the rules. Like buoys in the water—bobbing up and down- getting whacked by waves— la la –can’t do nothing but bob…

Look at this… from before its news..

“Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas, states on his website:

"Buried deep within the over 1,000 pages of the massive US Health Care Bill (PDF) in a “non-discussed” section titled: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry, and which states its purpose as…….. He quotes that part of the law and then goes on to say: "In “real world speak”, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country".

I just think every single one of us, need to not be so darn wimpy— we are going to have an election this year— are you okay with  the government getting into your beliefs, your pockets, and now under your skin??

We are NOT better than we were 3 years, ago… we can look in history of multiple times when people have gotten in trouble for bringing religion into schools- in public places—students suspended—ten commandments forced to be removed… yet the government can intrude peoples religious beliefs and mandate something many feel is morally wrong.

sept 2011 stuff 033Please just look at ALL the facts— and let’s all work together to make a change that will attempt to help our incredibly fantastic country.

I do love the USA- and am proud to be an American—but I am disappointed in the mandates- and the “Healthcare Reform” that was sneakily crammed down the throats of America—we need to STOP and THINK…and not just let things HAPPEN>

Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy… ( climbing off the podium)

What would happensept 2011 stuff 033 if we all decided to only

buy "MADE IN AMERICA"   Hmmm… would

we be searching high and low for clothing….

we would need to be really diligent on this mission. I say this as I hear a very old china clock – MADE IN AMERICA MANY years it chimes the 1/2 hr and hr… and it made me think about how hard it is to find American made….

It would mean no more stuff from the Dollar Store… and few things from Walmart….and fewer choices in automobiles.. WE—the USA folks- would need to take some compromises I think. We would need to maybe cut our wages just a bit, so our employers would focus on us and not the folks willing to work for nothing, who make things that are intentionally made to break and be replaced.

sept 2011 stuff 026My goodness, I drive by places where the American Pride stood tall… and now it is vacant buildings, empty parking lots and foreclosure signs. How could we let this happen?

What if we could become a nation of independence to middle east oil..and what if we could get electronics back here? Oh I remember driving by GE and the parking lots were overcrowded, housing area built just for people who worked there, or Kodak, Xerox, Carrier, the list goes on and on.

When I buy groceries, I do try to stay with American made… and veggies not from Mexico, …clothes and shoes are hard to find..but I will try to do better…. If we wait for the government to help—sept 2011 stuff 038 we will be waiting a long time. We need to push for fair taxes… listen to the politicians… We need to write our congress men and women… we need to be heard. I am sure there are things that are next to impossible to find American made… but if we try… maybe by the time the next generation is adults-there will be a revived  American pride.

Do you remember ever having a relative say…. I may have made that..or I may have been the one who packaged that…. I do… My brother worked at Ford, another worked at Chrysler…. my previous and current husband worked at Kodak…. I worked at a photo lab where other countries mailed their film to us to process!!…. I knew people who worked for Martin Marietta, for GE, for Sylvania,  ….. and there was such a neat feeling to know people who might have been a part of the creation.

Now, for made in America—we have to have a garden!. Oh it is not quite that bad really… but let’s just try to be more conscientious… support local… go to a farmer’s market… buy from the Mennonites or Amish… take advantage of craft fairs….If we work together, and inspire others to work on this… it could be contagious.

I hope you have a great night…. Love to all… Mrs Justa..alias Cindy…(I was made in America !)

As I was thinking about things in life, which I tend to do often, I was thinking about how much many of us think a lot about what to do and how to do it.

sunset and finished shed 017An example this evening was we were talking at Jeff’s about many angles of life.So in my trails of thinking came potty training… yes potty training….  This evening this was brought about by taking Brandon in for hopefully a successful journey down the road to being potty trained. Thinking about my mom as we were in the bathroom…. My mom was a believer that the kids needed to take their mind off what they were there to do. So she would bring in books to read with us. She patiently would read a part of the book and than remind us in her ever soothing voice why we were sitting on the potty chair. It is funny, I remember for years following, that to go into the bathroom to perform the needed task, I read the inside of shampoo labels, a label off soap, a magazine that may have been read over and over again, I have to do something to relax my mind, and poof… the task is completed almost effortlessly…

Than I was going over the discussion on how we each think the direction the  country is going in , the financial pitfall that is being projected, how main stream media tells us what they want to tell us, and how we do not get a real picture. I do not for the life of me, understand how some of the people in the legislature, the senate and even the president..can accept money for arguing with one another, for trying to gain political standing.. and forget they are in their rather well paying positions because the majority of people who voted.. voted for them . I think when they are arguing their pay should be held…. no pay unless you are thinking… planning….  I can not believe any of them run their personal finances as they are running the government. And the government needs to get their fingers out of our wallets, and look at the whole picture. IF there are close to 50 % of the people not paying taxes….maybe there should be ways to change that… If there are big corporations who have so many loop holes, that they do not pay taxes… maybe we need to look at that. Heck, if someone would just give the president a tour of the White House and tell him this is where he lives… I think the country would save a lot in travel costs and security.

In one article it stated “Air Force One cost $214,768 and the cargo plane cost $32,140. For a grand total of $246,908 for Mr. Obama’s two round trips to Chicago.”It has got to be that this guy does not know yet that his office is in Washington DC… so the way I figure it.. if on their morning100_6820 break the legislatures and senators could work together… maybe put paper feet prints on the floor guiding him through the place… he might like it and stay put. He could actually speak to the public from the White House… Thinking thinking thinking….. that is what many of us do….

We were talking about all the thinking about what car to buy , what amount do we need to invest now so we can maybe survive for a few years in the future retirement days of our lives, what will become of the government if this spending does not stop, thinking about those who have been totally 100_6264devastated by the loss of jobs in the US, about how we as a country have let our pride in “ American made”  things be bought out by greed. We choose to import cheaply made products, sell them with an incredible mark up and watch our own neighbor look for work… or totally give up.

Thinking thinking thinking… we need to act… we need to write our elected officials, we need to be a voice. Thinking may work in the bathroom… but actions work in every other room in the house…. Let’s rally around, work together…to make this the country we are proud to live in. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

This week has been kinda trying, we had training for all the clinical staff and have been keeping work flowing basically half staffed. A bunch of us are putting in extra time, I am so glad I work with the people I do.

I do not know what I did at the gym on Saturday and Sunday, but I had a back ache for the past few days. I did go tonight and am feeling a little worn out this evening.  I avoided the gym for a couple of days and tonight I just did a 45 minute work out.

This weekend the team I work with is coming in on Saturday, just to catch up from the week of half staff and vacations. I love my weekends, I think everyone does, but we all gather together and bust butt for 4-6 hrs, and it makes a HUGE difference.

Tomorrow we get to spend the evening with the 2 grand-boys- they are so much fun. They cuddle, they relate with one another, love to be read to and then they have little spats. It really is fun to watch them. I love bath time… they would stay in the tub for an hour if we let them, but usually after 1/2 hr we get them out.

I am sitting here listening to an investment guy from Maryland  talking about the doom and gloom of the country and the financial situations globally  we are about to end up in. He is stating things about how this country needs to stop spending and try to attempt to handle the debt. What he says is happening really— there are no answers for a pion as me. I dunno what we could do… plant a garden, try to become more self sufficient, it seems like this world is consuming everything. The I wants, the new toys, the faster world, digital, techy…. it is kind of scary- when you think about the stories of the Great Depression ( why the heck did they call it GREAT??) , it may end up like that again. So now this guy has totally bummed me out…. I am going to take a hot shower- while we have hot water.

Brrrr,,, can you imagine if in the winter our bath water was from melted snow? Some dudes tell you to buy gold— but try to buy bread with a hunk of gold. And what if you had gold- if no one has money, what do you do?? Throw it at people?

I hate to be apathetic, but I do not know for sure if his answers are the answers. What to do? Who to listen to? The Internet can be great…. but the Internet is also not so great.

This guy states he knows everything, but he will not run for office, he will not take money from you….he is just showing a power point and in a story book tone, he is telling a non comforting prediction for the future. Supposedly at the end of his 45 minute power point he is going to share secrets to get through this doom..

Hot shower,,, heated mattress pad,  electric alarm clock—that is my path right now. Let go and Let God….. goodnight

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa.

100_6272 Tomorrow is a day for EVERYONE to reflect on the things that you like and do not like in this ever changing USA. And go and vote ! We need to have voter turnout high to show support for those you feel represent your beliefs, your desire for the direction of the country. Our flag flutters in the wind, proud of its colors,thankful of those who came before us to give us the freedom to vote, to live in this country.

I am not going to get on a imaginary podium and preach what I believe- but I am going to assure each person that I intend to go and vote my conscious, vote my beliefs, and to do that, it may not mean voting for one party.

There is too much apathy in this country- and we need to stand up and exercise our right , our duty, our privilege to vote. 100_3084

AS this day comes to an end and I sit here after just getting back from the gym, I realize the really scary thing about obesity and losing weight and gaining weight is that the losing is so hard and the gaining could happen too easily.

Mark and I had trick or treat candy that we knew had to leave here or it would be tempting, so I brought it into work. It would be too  tough not to eat a bunch of it ! Just cuz it was there. So I trucked it into work and left it for the 30 something people to have a little of instead of us having a lot of it.

Watching what we eat, and working out, and being so damned careful is a way of life. But I truly do not believe it will ever come easy, I think it will always be like a piece of thin ice, step on it wrong and you can slip or fall into the lake of regrets.

It is hard, … have you ever known someone who worked really hard at losing weight take the reverse turn and gain it back and more. I have personally had that happen in the past, and to make the commitment not to do that again, it is a commitment that needs to never become stale. It is something that each morning I think about , each day at work I focus on, and in the gym I imagine that Satan is on the axle of the stationery bike, on the track of the tread mill, on the grooves of the elliptical, and I get in a zone of squishing Satan . I do that because I have this imaginary image of Satan being temptation to do wrong, to break spirit, to tempt things that are not good for me. So the gym – that is where I can imagine I am beating the Hell out of Satan.. feels good…. HA… can’t wait till tomorrow for another round with that evil side. Hope you have success in your goals and do not let anything come in between you and your determination. Love to all. and remember

VOTE !!!! 

mrs Justa alias Cindy

I guess I just do not understand some people. There was a call in show this morning where the subject was what people thought about the Census. And there were people who called in and really felt it was simple to fill out and to just do it. Than there were these folks calling in screaming about the government being in their business, and their rights are being taken away from them, oh they ranted and raved for what seemed like an eternity.

I was amazed. The Census is the way for the government to see what needs have changed all across this country. Do you live in an area where there has been growth of homes being built, or maybe many homes foreclosed on and people have left. With the information from the Census it gives a birds eye view of the people and children in any area, of the average gross income, of the number of people living in a home.

It is because we live in America that these people have the freedom to call in and openly speak their minds. It is because we live in this country that we have roads that are safe, and public assistance , and opportunities that people in other countries may only dream of.

People will complain if when the numbers are tallied, and because of people not submitting the information, there is less then what there should be coming in to assist in aid to the schools, hence forth your school taxes would have to go up. Or less money going to your counties… so your property taxes will go up.

The government has many ways to find out about you, the census is not to spy on you… it is a fact finding way. And if you want to save money, fill out the damn form and don’t make the government pay someone to find you. My goodness, I am amazed at the self centeredness , victimism of some people.

To them I say, if you don’t like it, you can leave the USA and miss what you had. But for those who like being in this country, really, just take your blue or black ink pen and answer the much simplified form. Heck they even pay your postage!!. I for one am glad I live in the USA… Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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