How peaceful it was today. I never left the house. With being sick again I did not want to go to church and cough or sneeze during service. We got up around 7:30 or 8 this morning, fed the pets and than I made breakfast. Than the rest of the day was working on work stuff. Fortunately I have computer access from home to my work computer. So I did not have to drive 70 miles round trip to work today. It is hard, because I get there and there is SO MUCH stuff to do, that I had some projects that I just can not do when I am there.

The peace of the day made it easier to sit back and plug away. I had put dinner in the crock pot this AM… mmm home made meatballs and cut up sausage in home made sauce simmering together for hours. Thanks to Donna and Steve who gave us the suggestion last week- I remembered I had about 17 home made meatballs in the freezer, so I took out a few and boy it was good.

Lunch time was a quick soup warm up and here I was, working away…  I am taking a management class through work, and it is a good class, but it is like a college course. The home work and projects are really hard to do with all the incredible work load we each have every day at work. So here I was on Sunday doing 2 powerpoints, 2 project planning forms, a presentation I have to do for an orientation and a draft of a letter that one of the groups I am in  are sending out to every department head introducing a project we are doing company wide. It helped to be able to look out the window 100_4753_editedand see the tranquility of the day. No major snow storms calling me out to fight them , bundled in layers, a na-nook of the north hat on , with my shovel and the snow blower.

With me feeling yucky and with all there was to do, we have not done our weekend stop over to see Brandon and his paretns. I had talked to Mark about asking them over here for dinner tonight.. but Brandon is sick too. So he and his grandma can be sick in two places. 

And this evening as the sun peaked thru the pines to say good night, I felt sad we had not seen Jeff, Amanda and Brandon , but I felt great that I got so much done.

Yesterday I was able to do the weekend cleaning and got the laundry all done, so I am feeling pretty good about heading into Monday. I still have 2 big projects left for work, but I got 3 important ones done.

Ya know, I am glad I am not one of those people with tons of friends calling and wanting to do stuff, and that my husband likes to be home and not wandering all over creation. Cuz I am a homebody, I love being home. I like cleaning my house and folding the clothes fresh out of the dryer. I like having home cooked meals and vegging with a book. Which I am going to go do now. So have a good night, stay warm, Jeff, Amanda , and Brandon we love you. Josh and Adrianne and Mackenzie- we are missing you guys and love you too! If we can stay healthy and the weather cooperate, we will head out west soon. Love to all, Mrs Justa … alias Cindy… alias grandma