March 2008


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I am back to survive another night at the JustaKrusen household. Justa making a small Joke!! I don’t think anybody should be treated special because of their skin color or what rank they are. Like for example if you are a king, queen, president, poor, rich, ec terra. I believe that no matter what color you are you should be treated equally.

I have many mottos one is “I am who I am. ” What people think I am may not necessarily be who I am. So in other words I am my own person and I don’t feel I have to change who I am to impress people.

(warning content for girls if you aren’t a girl then you are in for a treat, here is some inside information for you guys)

I am not even in my teens yet but I know what some girls my age are going through. The big word now is change and through the next couple of years you will see a lot of it. For me I already have what is the start of acne and puberty. Most girls my age don’t like to talk about what is going on with their bodies to their parents but they would rather talk to friends’ moms or even just adults that they know. For me I talk to my doctor or some of my aunts. I feel really embarrassed to talk to my dad about it, but I mean who wouldn’t. Girls are always wondering what is going on in their body.

If some girls ask am I normal? Then just say what you are going through is completely normal and many other girls their age are going through the same thing. Always remember “The most constant thing is change.”
If any girls need any advice or just want to comment there will be a thing at the end of the post that says leave a comment click on that and feel free to write anything. I will try my best to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability.


This is the hour of the day 11:00 am to Noon that most people seem to check in on the site. Don’t let your boss catch you! Oh well, if they do, tell him or her to sit down and read. Maybe we can get them to think in a different way about some things too. Now get back to work before you get caught. 🙂

As many of you know I’ve been on a frugal kick lately. We’ll actually it’s been more than a kick it’s been more like a rumble. Get Rich Slowly is one of my favorite sites to go on.J.D. the author of the blog has an excellent take on Personal finances. I highly recommend clicking on the link and checking it out. Part of the money saving practices that Cindy and I have instituted lately are:

  • We have really started watching where we buy and how much we spend at the Grocery store. We have proven to ourselves time and time again, that if we shop at Save A Lot (or Aldi’s) for our groceries that we will save at least 40% over what we were spending at Wegman’s and P&C. Nothing is wrong with these stores at all. It’s just that for a saving like that it’s well worth making the trip up to Fulton, Ny for us. With over 1150+ stores and the Super Valu name behind them. This is well worth the trip.

  • We have started watching our gas purchases. We’re a little more careful about just jumping in the car and going somewhere. I’ve been studying this site as many of you know that have been following along on this journey with us.

  • We have cut back on our eating out. We still go out every Saturday morning to breakfast.This is the one vice we have allowed each other for now. This is also down quite a bit from going out to eat Dinner once or even twice a week.

  • We were paying $30.00 for trash pickup here in the park. Even after they brought Trash dumpster’s in for everyone to use. We had’nt had any offical word on if we could use them or not. Now that we have the word we can save that $30.00.

  • We cut out paying for my share of the Medical insurance at my job. My share since I’ve been out on Workman’s Compensation has been $210.00 per month. I’m now on Cindy’s insurance at work. This should save us on the Different Medications I’m on, because now I can get the 90 day supplies,which saves money in the long run.    

As you can see we have made some pretty good strides. We still have a long way to go and some of the things I would like to implement or element, which Momma in her Conservative nature is having difficulty seeing the benefit clearly are. 

  1. Get rid of our land lines and just keep the Cellular phones. This would result in a savings of another $44.00 per month. Adrianne & Josh out in Rochester only have cell phones and it seems to be working very well for them. Having a cell phone becomes a personal communication device. The person is calling your number wanting to talk to you. Chances of you getting the call or the message are way better than with a landline. You would always have it on you where ever you went.

  2. Get a Nitrogen Generator fuel thing a ma jig. I was talking to a gentleman in the Jacuzzi at the Gym last night. I have been investigating them on my own some but had never run into anyone that has been using it yet. He says he has had it installed in his car (can’t remember what kind) for 4 years now and is averaging 50+ mpg. It think it’s at least worth looking into. What do you think?

  3. Sell each of our first born kids.  ooooppps. they already moved out. Darn!!!

  4. This is the hardest sell yet. Get rid of our cable T.V. (Sorry Collen) I’m not sure I would be able to get high speed Internet so this might have to sit on the table for a while. Not only that more importantly Momma said no. Click on this video it will tell you exactly goes on at our house. I’m justa saying!


100_0584 Hey, if Badger thinks the joke below is funny, why don’t you:)?


After dying in a car crash, three friends go to Heaven for orientation. They are all asked the same question, “When you’re lying in your casket, and friends and family are mourning over you, what would you like to hear them say about you?”

The first guy immediately responds, “I would like to hear them say that I was one of the great doctors of my time, and a great family man.”

The second guy says, “I would like to hear that I was a wonderful husband and school teacher who made a huge difference in the children of tomorrow.”

The last guy thinks for a moment, and then replies, “I guess I’d like to hear them say, ‘ Look, he’s moving!'” Thanks for the joke Arcamax publishing.


Now as to the title of this post. Everybody that is complaining about the deaths in Iraq. Let’s have a discussion on that, if you would like? I’m not going to go into the history of wars and how God has used wars throughout time to shift power one way or the other. This isn’t the time or place for that discussion. What I would like to say about this is. We have an all volunteer force. The Men and Women that are over there are in the position they’re in,  because  they chose a  Military career.

Granted many of them are questioning the career decision they have made aren’t they? Some people went in because of the Recruiting bonus, some went in to get the GI bill and the educational benefits that that includes, Some went in to qualify for a VA home loan, Some felt the patriotic call to fight for their country. I’m sure everyone that joined had their reasons. Please don’t belittle the service these Men and Women are providing, they are helping keep terror off our door step.(Did you forget 9/11 already ?) It wasn’t that long ago. Maybe you’d rather fight the battle in our Malls, at our Restaurants, in our church’s? Yes, I agree Iraq didn’t attack us. Maybe we shouldn’t have gone to Iraq. We can debate that later. Right now lets support the Men and Women that are fighting for Iraqi freedom and our way of live back home.

As Earl pitts would say “wake up America”

Don’t bring politics into the war! If your afraid to go fight or to send your sons and daughters, don’t criticize those that have and do!! ! PS. Over 4600 souls die on our highways every year from drunk driving. Get on T.V. Or write to your Congress person about that. If you won’t do that either. At least Pretty please. Just stop your WHINNING! I’m justa saying    PS. Bill O’rielly if you read this. Give me a call on the phone. I left you my number remember?

100_0929 Photo courtesy of Momma.

We had a busy weekend. I bet Cindy’s going to be glad to get back to work. I won’t bore you with all the details.We went grocery shopping at Save A Lot friday. We only spent $38.82 for 32 items. Not to shabby huh? You can see a list of the things we bought here. We actually got some food this time. We spent just about $50.00 for two of us for the week. That’s down from the $80.00 we had been spending for just the two of us before we really started paying attention to what we were buying and how much we were spending. Toss in the $300.00 we spent eating out last month, and we could have bought a small country in South America. We have budgeted ourselves to just $30.00 a week for eating out and entertainment. If we can stick to that for a while we should be able to save quite a bit.

Tom & Sherri had Easter Brunch this year at their house. This is only a small fraction of the stuff we had to eat. We also had eggs, bacon, sausage.It was quite a feast. I think they’re were 23 of us total.All kinds of left overs afterwards. We got 3 dozen bagels with cream cheese from Bagelious in Bayberry Plaza. We got way too many and will have bagels for months to come. Oh well. I won’t have to buy them at Save A Lot on Tues now. The best way to go to a function at the Gaines household is with earplugs in. Even those just make it so the hearing loss only last for 3 hrs instead of the normal 6.

A good time seemed to be had by almost all.I know I ate too much. I’m doing pretty good with my weight loss though. I’m down 20lbs in this last month and a half or so. Long way to go. But it’s worth the effort. I’m not going to mention any names or anything like that (but I will use her initials) Sherri, has lost 91/2 lbs.Momma continues to melt away. If were not careful here we may actually get healthy and live longer. Go figure! I’m justa saying!

image Photo courtesy of Diane over at her blog

Did you see the article on this report You’ve got to be kidding me? Can our Uncle find anymore ways to waste money? What’s the matter Is the supplier of $200.00 hammers out of stock right now? And as for our Fearless leaders in Congress. When they were all trying to be reached on a Friday, where were they? Was Elliot Spitzer showing them around town? Come on folks not around on a Friday. Are we working you too hard? Was the Golf course to crowded to get back to the office in time.What’s next? Just stay home we’ll mail you a check! Oops, I hope I didn’t give them any ideas. My bad!

I could go on and on, but why beat a dead horse. After awhile the horse might start liking it. It is time to vote them all out, as in everyone of them, as in leave none behind, OUT. Let’s start over from scratch. It couldn’t be any worse than this Congress has been. Heck while were at it. Let’s fire the IRS too. Might as well let them get an early start at being broke. The way they’re spending money. It won’t take us long to run out. We’ll have to fire them later anyway.This is the Sunday edition of Justakrusen, I better calm down a little. Momma and I are going to attend the Church of our choice this morning. Check the news later to see if there was a Church building that collapsed in Baldwinsville today.

If your driving today to be with friends or relatives, or relatives who are friends (What?) be careful out there. We need all the readers we can get. I’m justa saying!

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I was reading in The New York Times an article about conditions in China.Way down at the bottom of the article it state that China too is being affected by inflation. In a country where families spend half their income on food and prices for that food have gone up 23.3 percent in the last year. (Our’s has gone up about 35%.)However it’s no where near half of our budget. At least I hope not. Our’s runs about 12% if my math is right. Why do I care about what goes on in China you ask? Well that’s where alot of our goods come from. Be it shoes, or tires,or just about anything that you buy at Wally World.

The government in China has frozen gasoline and electricity prices and imposed price controls on food.Some people here in the states(Read Dumocrats) would like to do things like that here in the states. That is exactly what your doing when you raise taxes to bring more money into the Government coffers. The Dumocrats want to tax the rich.”They, the rich, have had it to good for to long.” Little do they ever see, that when you do that. The economy screeches to a halt. People with money that invest in new equipment for their factories or office buildings, Now have to go into a save rather than spend mode and this leads to lay offs and mergers and plant closings. All to rob Peter to pay Paul.(Hey Peter aren’t you tired of getting robbed?) It’s a great racket If your name happens to be Paul!

Just in case your wondering. I now consider my self an Independent. I’m not affiliated with any party as I think they are all screwed up. They get to Washington with such high hopes of making a difference. But after being there “More gets said that done” If you don’t believe me ask Billary where are the 200,000 new jobs that she promised to help get here in Ny when ,we(as in downs state) elected her to serve us in Congress. All she did was use that seat as a platform to launch her to the Presidency in 2008.

And don’t get me going on our current President Mr.”Why can’t you or someone on your staff clearly articulate your policies on anything your trying to accomplish.” Be it the war in Iraq,or the search for alternatives to high fuel prices.Or the price of tea in China. They just can’t get the message out. The war in Iraq is not going perfect by any means. But every report I can get that isn’t about “getting out tomorrow” says we are making progress. Just read the Sunday paper. It depends on who you want to believe. I used to be a “the glass is half empty” kind of guy. That didn’t work for me anymore so I along with the help of other like minded people have decided to change things.If we could all just change the way we think about some(not all) of the things in our lives. Maybe we too could believe “The glass is half full” I’m justa saying!

image Image courtesy of Google images 

As many of you can tell if your reading both of the blogs Justakrusen and this one here on WordPress,I have taken a frugal bent on my post lately. In researching gas prices in the Syracuse area the last few days I’ve come across a few stark and revealing facts.I’ll try to as clearly as I can explain what I’ve found.

To start with go to Syracuse gas prices today. Right off the bat this is a lie(mistake). If you go to the site and look at the dates for the various stations they have listed you’ll see that the prices aren’t for today. Instead they are for yesterday or the day before. So what happens, if the low station that you see seems to be quite a bit lower than everyone around them, you can assume that the “designated” sale day for the station is that day.

For example yesterday the prices at The Mobil station at County line Rte 5 in Elbridge, Ny was $3.16. The next lowest one in line is the Mini Mart at the 4 corners Rte 5 Elbridge, Ny. So this must be their “sale day” the day they lower the prices to get people in to also come in a purchase the “in between” stuff they may need. Like Milk, bread, cigarettes, and what ever little thing we need to pick up. At quite a markup of course. I’m not suggesting they take a loss on the fuel. If anything that maybe the day that they are willing to break even on the gas for the day. While raking in the extra money on the things that “We just have to have”.After all, it’s Thursday. If we went shopping at(insert your store here) Friday or Sat. Chances are that by Thursday we are going to need things like mentioned above aren’t we?

Just think about this a minute. It’s just the old bait and switch being run on a grand scale all over the country in anywhere USA. You can see how it increase everyone’s profits, from the Gas companies on down to every little Mom and Pop store pumping gas. All they need to do is take turns and EVERYONE will make money. 

Now lets go down the list just a couple more. The next one in line is Fastrac 5858 State Rte 31 &Rte 81 Jct, Cicero, Ny. The price there was $3.26 on Thurs the 20th and the next one listed is right next door to them the Kwik Fill listed as $3.27 but the date on that is Wed’s the 20th. If you haven’t clicked on this site then gone to the Syracuse Gas prices site on the same day, then of course the numbers maybe different. The prices do tend to stay pretty steady in this area as they have about 4 or 5 stations within a half mile of each other. Well within site of each other to be able to change numbers if your competitor gets a little froggy and lowers the price, if you not what I mean.

So just so I don’t belabor the point, here are some of the things I’ve found. The Nice & Easy in downtown Metropolis Phoenix, Ny’s sale day appears to be Sunday. The price is usually lower from anywhere to $.07 cents to $.09 a gal from stores even only 2 miles down the road from them. Those two stations that keep their prices pretty steady are over on Rte 31 & Lamson Rd. Jct. One’s a Sunoco and the other one is A Venezuela dictator who hates the United States supported station. VELARO. These fine folks at this corner don’t change the prices much up or down as they get all the North South Traffic on Rte 48. So they don’t need to,do they? 

Real quick now to keep this as short as I can. The Prices yesterday at the Byrne Dairy on rte 370 & 690 Jct was $3.30 per gal at about 2:00 pm. When Momma and I stopped by (Just to check the prices) they had risen $.03 cents . The time we drove by was about 7:30 pm. Hmmmm. just past time every one drove by to get to their houses as they drove west on 370 to get home. I guess all the Byrne Dairy’s that sell gas must have a sale day on thursdays. Hmmmm. I’m Justa saying!

Please check out the post on the for some more interesting information on gas pricing.

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