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100_4593 Whoa, okay, I am not a teenager, and I guess my body is telling me that right now. Whoa, it sucks feeling sore. I feel like Courtney did in this photo….

Hmmm, is it the 100 crunches , the jogging in place and standing crunches and the 4 machines I did for my abdomen and upper body…  I did after being on a rest since 8/25/2010, or maybe it is the stationary bike I was sure I was going to ride around the track at the gym, I was trying to pedal so far and fast, or maybe it was the elliptical – where every other minute I was doing 146 strides a minute- I am not sure which it was..but I think last night on the way home, I just worked really hard… an hr and a half…. and my body is telling me that today. See yesterday morning my doc told me I could start lifting again and could be a little tougher on myself , I had been in the healing stage since having my eye surgery on the 25th of August. Up till yesterday, I was allowed to bike, tread mill or elliptical- but no pushing it hard.

Today started early , up by 6:15 , off to breakfast with Mark- to meet up with Shawn and Pat at a different place- about 25 miles from here, it was okay… but it is not a place I am dying to get back to. Than we went off  got a few groceries,  came home, got all the laundry done, towels and sheets changed, went out to the shed and emptied it, and rearranged it for winter, I picked up my lawn ornaments, the wind chimes and my wind mill that is living a 9th life…tended to the garden and push mowed the ditches, around the live of cedar bushes and the neighbors ditch, came in cooked dinner… and I gotta tell you, I am exhausted and sore.

Tomorrow is a special day… it is MARKs birthday… the ol fart is 57 . He wants nothing special done, ( it is however a special 100_4857day… for he was born on it !!) but we did come to a determination  what he would like for dinner, crock pot thick chuck steak, simmering all day, so it will just melt in our mouths, potato wedges baked with mild seasoning and acorn squash..plus he wants a chocolate cake, so I will bake it tomorrow so it is as fresh as it can get. We will have the blessings of Jeff, Amanda, Brandon and Preston over for dinner, and we are taking out a hamb patty and hot dog , in case Brandon would prefer that. So I’m  kinda embarrassed to say I am hitting the shower and going to bed… pathetic!!! and 9:PM..

Have a great evening, Love to all, Mrs Justa. alias Cindy


I guess I just do not understand some people. There was a call in show this morning where the subject was what people thought about the Census. And there were people who called in and really felt it was simple to fill out and to just do it. Than there were these folks calling in screaming about the government being in their business, and their rights are being taken away from them, oh they ranted and raved for what seemed like an eternity.

I was amazed. The Census is the way for the government to see what needs have changed all across this country. Do you live in an area where there has been growth of homes being built, or maybe many homes foreclosed on and people have left. With the information from the Census it gives a birds eye view of the people and children in any area, of the average gross income, of the number of people living in a home.

It is because we live in America that these people have the freedom to call in and openly speak their minds. It is because we live in this country that we have roads that are safe, and public assistance , and opportunities that people in other countries may only dream of.

People will complain if when the numbers are tallied, and because of people not submitting the information, there is less then what there should be coming in to assist in aid to the schools, hence forth your school taxes would have to go up. Or less money going to your counties… so your property taxes will go up.

The government has many ways to find out about you, the census is not to spy on you… it is a fact finding way. And if you want to save money, fill out the damn form and don’t make the government pay someone to find you. My goodness, I am amazed at the self centeredness , victimism of some people.

To them I say, if you don’t like it, you can leave the USA and miss what you had. But for those who like being in this country, really, just take your blue or black ink pen and answer the much simplified form. Heck they even pay your postage!!. I for one am glad I live in the USA… Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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Fun fact from the Justakrusen.blogspot.com website you can find it on the right side bar all the way down near the bottom:

Money Fun Fact
There are currently (2002) 4 U.S. supermarkets where shoppers can pay using fingerprint readers and over 6,000 fingerprints on file. Source: The Kroger Company /Indivos Corporation
Save Money at SavingAdvice.com


I’ve done a little homework on Indivos  and since the Money Fun Fact above was posted they’ve been bought out by Solidus Networks who must of since bought out Shopzilla an online merchandiser of all kinds of different products.This is just all very interesting to me. We are getting closer to the days of big brother knowing our every move. We’re very close. I think I can still use the bathroom at home without them knowing where I am. You know what? No I can’t. They even know what room in the house your in.

Did you Guys see the Bourne Identity? See the way they track Jason just about everywhere he went. You’ve heard the saying “that life imitates Art?” Well the things in that movie are here now.Just think about it. You go buy gas at the store and you use your credit or debit card. Instantly they know where you are, what you bought,your car make and model, your license plate number virtually everything about you with a flick of a finger on a keyboard.

Our friends at Google are just helping to speed up the process. Heck they’ll map out the directions to our house and pin point it on a map for them. Them being big brother. I know this officer of the law in Manlius that told me that some of the police agencies in the area, have installed on the cars a computer driven camera that scans all the license plates on all the cars in a 360 degree circle,while the cruiser is moving down the road. Why do they have that? Well while the officer is driving down the road the computer will scan the license plate of the cars and spit out any violations be it,speeding, parking tickets or any thing related to police information needed. How much of a stretch would it be to add in Child Support payments, Late payments on Credit Cards and such.

Nothing to worry about folks. It’s already to late. There is nothing we can do. It’s here to stay. We love our modern convinces. Super fast computers, instant messaging, text messaging. Heck the speed of Search engine Google. As you type in what your looking for. Google knows your IP address, what your looking for,what your income is, and where your going to be today (if you use the Google calender)

Now stay with me I’m almost done.Mark what about the title of the post? How did you call out Bill? We’ll I’ve taken up too much time in this post you have to go here to read it, sorry. I’m justa saying!

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Here is some interesting information about about our fair city Syracuse Ny.Some of the numbers are pretty telling.The median household income is $25,000. The national average income is $41,994 that’s a stark difference and reflects the lack of good paying Manufacturing jobs,and a lack of high tech jobs,as these two are usually the ones that pay those National type numbers. The early economy of Syracuse was salt based, Where it picked up the nickname “Salt City”. I believe many truckers still call it that. A Syracuse shoe company patented the world’s first loafer in 1933.(And momma thought I was the first loafer, go figure)

For those of us that live here and don’t get out of town for much more than a week or 2 at the most every year,it’s hard to really put into perspective just how underdeveloped our fair city is.We have more Cemeteries (25) than we do libraries (18),we have more Communities in the area (20) than we do Attractions (1). I don’t know what they called an attraction, I was afraid to look.

Some more interesting information from 2000 census,It gives guesstimates of what it will be in 2005:

  • Population back then was 132,495
  • The Metro area of the City was 25.09 miles
  • There were 63,587 men,and 68,908 women(Even I could have gotten a date)
  • The average combined age was 36.40 with women averaging slightly higher than men at 37.22 years old.
  • Population that was older than 25 was 86,084, with 29% of those High school graduates,and almost 24% having some college or Associates degrees, and 12.3% having a Bachelor’s degree.

So You can just imagine where the bulk of the higher paying jobs were with 53% of the population having a high school education or higher.

To further breakdown the numbers:

Population 3 years and over enrolled in school was 50,445.

    • Preschool and kindergarten was 4,742 equaling 11.9% of the children.
    • Grades 1-12 was 24,863 equaling 65.3% of the children.
    • College was20,840 equaling 22.8 %.

With the numbers we rank 144thin population in the country for sizes of city. So that makes us a pretty good sized city to live in. Rochester Ny Just to the west of us is 79th with a population 219,766. As I was digging into the numbers further I also came across this site which I think is well worth clicking on. It breaks the numbers way down, further than you and I have time for in this post,but are well worth looking into.

I’ve lived in both Cities, although it’s been 20+ years since I lived in Rochester. I must say, when I drove out to Adrianne’s house for her Birthday bash(Me and her,that’s a bash isn’t it) Rochester had invested much more in their infrastructure and business have definitely poured into the area. There are new buildings and construction everywhere. Heck just about a mile from where Josh and Adrianne live within a 1/4 mile area there are two brand new Tim Horton’s.

So Mark, what’s the point of this post you ask? We, You and I need to expand our minds,stretch our imaginations. We need to work for ourselves in our own businesses. How Mark? Just do it. If you have an idea run with it. Start small dream big and thrive. I went to The soon to be DestinyUSA I don’t know if you have been there lately(I hadn’t been) It will amaze you,first of all,for what they have done Since the start from early Carousel Mall to present day beginning of DestinyUSA . If you get a chance take the elevator up to the 6th floor. The information on that floor will knock your socks off. Just think on the way out you can buy a new pair. I’m Justa saying.

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