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I can not believe how silly and foolish the GOP candidates are being. I am not sure who is funding whose attacks against the candidates. It is rather odd that anytime someone other than Romney is in the possible lead—than that person is personally attacked. We have some STRONG candidates, yet this petty bull crap is a total waste of time and money.

My goodness guys…Sept sky fog 011 stand tall and let the American people know what you want to do to turn this incredible frightening situation  we are in, and try to get us on track again.

I salute people who put everything aside and try to become president. Especially in this time, with the media so much  on the left- that they hide the problems of today. The attacks , the vendettas, the misdirection, the blah blah blahs…. .

I believe as a united country, if we stop all this momentum before it spins out of control, that we can work to stabilize us. But it will take compromise, determination, and staying away from the money printing and China’s money. We need a president who will wear his BIG BOY pants and be a president , a leader…. and not continually—( all thru the presidency_  be acting like he is still campaigning.

All the petty stuff, does not matterSept sky fog 002 – let’s rally together and let the potential voters of America clearly see what is being proposed by the GOPs. Don’t the GOPs see that No-bama and his cronies are sitting there just watching the GOPS spend money hand over fist- to mud sling.

Focus guys, show why YOU would be a great president….

Because there are a few of you who would !. Make US proud…. there are plenty of people in the country looking for something better….looking for the USA to stand for a united country….

Love to all… be strong. Mrs Justa alias Cindy


The government is in our affairs—in places it has no business being…

Now the government is Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 008proposing that anyone who wants contraception- should receive it FREE of charge from their insurance company. Why.. cuz NO_BAMA said so.

My goodness people—how much more of this bull crap are we going to be subjected to?

And where –where is this cost going to come from—OH wise one?

And do share— does the government than chose which type of contraception they are including—or is it any type? And than—what if it is contraindicated for a person? Or what if they have complications because of this “free service”?

And does this new rule state the premiums are not going to be affected by this ruling? Or did you think that the insurance company can print money—like you have for the past 3 years—in the TRILLIONS??

Or was that not thought of.. So any woman can get it for free—but everyone will be paying higher premiums because of this?


Lego Clip ArtI am amazed at the way that some people just go along with all the rules. Like buoys in the water—bobbing up and down- getting whacked by waves— la la –can’t do nothing but bob…

Look at this… from before its news..

“Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas, states on his website:

"Buried deep within the over 1,000 pages of the massive US Health Care Bill (PDF) in a “non-discussed” section titled: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry, and which states its purpose as…….. He quotes that part of the law and then goes on to say: "In “real world speak”, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country".

I just think every single one of us, need to not be so darn wimpy— we are going to have an election this year— are you okay with  the government getting into your beliefs, your pockets, and now under your skin??

We are NOT better than we were 3 years, ago… we can look in history of multiple times when people have gotten in trouble for bringing religion into schools- in public places—students suspended—ten commandments forced to be removed… yet the government can intrude peoples religious beliefs and mandate something many feel is morally wrong.

sept 2011 stuff 033Please just look at ALL the facts— and let’s all work together to make a change that will attempt to help our incredibly fantastic country.

I do love the USA- and am proud to be an American—but I am disappointed in the mandates- and the “Healthcare Reform” that was sneakily crammed down the throats of America—we need to STOP and THINK…and not just let things HAPPEN>

Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy… ( climbing off the podium)

So now… oh talking heads… 100_6269_editedwe are going to be blessed with 2 years of talking, talking , talking about  the 2012 fricken presidential race talk.. yackidy yack.. blah blah blah….. Uggg.

I can not believe that        no-bama has signed for a 2nd term, and that he wants to raise over 1 BILLION dollars for his campaign.

If you look on line it says the average cost for a presidential campaign can go as high as 100 million. So here I am, thinking about all the sleazy moves, digs, harassment our beloved president can do for over 1 BILLION dollars. 10 times the predicted costs…

Hmm, I wonder, if he wins, will he still blame Bush for the next term too?

I wonder if he wins if we will be in debt a Quadrillion $$$$?  In school I do not think we ever got beyond billions… not anymore… now the history books have trillions to write about.

I have a hard time dealing with the very long  year  leading to a major election—but this is 2 years.

It makes the world seem so ugly, so hateful, as the politicians try to see who can sling the most mud. It is kinda funny in a way—these high ranked people in the world turn their campaigns into gutter talk… and make the supermarket tabloids look like the best news source in the world.

Now this could be a good move on the Dems part for the Republicans.. Because by the time 2012 arrives… the Pres will have stepped on his royal appendage about a trillion more times.

100_6245We need a strong person in the White House. We need someone who does not take the appointment as a green light to read teleprompters on a daily basis, and fly here and there, and fly some more, acting like he is still campaigning.

We need someone who will respect our future, our money. We need someone who shows strength, sincerity and respect for what our forefathers fought for. We need someone who knows what this flag stands for. Someone who feels pride when they see if wave in the breeze. We need someone with brass balls… with a strong moral backbone, without secrets and smirks…

What will the future bring??? We will have to ride the wave and see…. but I really hope that people look at the candidates… look for a person who has clearly shown they love this country, they respect the foundation of this country… UGGG>.. a billion plus dollars in campaign funds… …how many commercials is that????

I am off for tonight… I will start praying for a  back boned,  brass kahunas candidate to step up to the plate… think we will have one??? Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Have you ever had a pen pal? A real pen pal? I have a few times. In French class ( back when we walked to school up hill both ways LOL) I had a pen pal in France. Once the class was over, so was the pen pal.

My mom somehow joined a program where she had pen pals who were incarcerated. My mom was a pacifist, hopelessly forgiving and always looking for the good in each person she encountered. She was an amazing women. She spent hours on end taking on different missions.

In fact when she was 13 yrs old she got a pen pal in Germany. They wrote for their entire lives , and when my mom was in her 70s, she actually went to Germany and met her pen pal. This woman wrote us after my mom had died, she said she felt like she was a mom to all of us, as she knew us from afar.

Well I have a new pen pal. We will meet one another  in the middle of June at a picnic at the school he goes to.  There are about 15 of us at work on the pen pal program and it is only 2 letters into it, and I can not wait for the next. My little pen pal is seven. his birthday is March 10th and he says he wants jewelry for his birthday, he says a cross or dollar bill sign necklace.

We are not allowed to give the kids gifts, so I make stationery with photos of stuff around here. Well today was my receipt of my second letter. And with it was this gift…

bird feeder fell, Indi. 2-28-2011 022


Toaster tongs. Are they not the cutest toaster tongs you ever saw? And they work better than the real ones I have! All the kids made a set for their pen pal. A note came with it saying if they fall apart- just re-glue them! it is decorated tongue-depressors glued on a clothes pin. And he drew me  a picture.

I made him stationery with photos of the toaster tongs on my toast , a picture of the squirrel rubbing his belly , and a picture of  the snow banks here. I wish I could give him a birthday gift, but that is not allowed. It feels neat to do this. I was not sure how I would feel about it, but I am so glad I did it.

I am not quite sure I will take it to the level my mom did. But through her pen relationships, she met prisoners and saw their good side. Some had incredible life stories, some were poets, some were just at the wrong place , at the wrong time, with people they wished they had not known.

She also had a life long friend from miles and oceans away….

There is a saying I heard once…. “I want to be the end of  your rainbow…” well I truly believe volunteer work gives the opportunity to ride on rainbows, share something special with someone you do not know, and give a little of your inner self to someone else.

Peace to all, Love , Mrs Justa alias Cindy.. gotta go write to my little pen pal….

What a wonderful evening at the Slater house. We watched the boys while Jeff and Amanda had a date night. Oh what a great evening it was. Amanda had made a batch of spaghetti that was yummy, and Brandon gobbled it up like he could not get enough.

The boys were full of smiles and laughter and really no problems at all.

We got to do play time, dinner time, bath time and bed time and I just needed to finish an oh so crazy week this way.

When it got to feeding time, Mark fed him quite a bit of the bottle, than I took over…

I ended up with a helper at the last ounce. Brandon wanted to sit on my lap,and my lap was in use, so we compromised.100_6533_edited

He was pretty darn proud of himself helping to hold the bottle, he was very careful and knew he needed to be with me. It was neat to watch his smile as he watched his baby brother finish his bottle.

Than was time to burp his brother, and again he was excited to help grandma out.








Preston seemed to be loving the attention.

We were 100_6540 blessed  with a crackling fire in the fireplace, and Brandon made sure we knew it was HOT every time he looked at it, he reminded us.

Yes a lovely night, the kids nestled into their beds and off to sleep they went.

I am glad today was Friday, the week was filled with difficult issues, but we made it through.

I hope you had something special to end your week too. I am going to do a few chores and head to bed at a decent hour, Ready to tackle the morning, for whatever it may bring. Sleep tight, good night and my love goes out to all. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy

I know I do not know much about this proposed new Health Care Reform Bill, but I know that in listening to the president and the parties speaking about it, I have not really heard anyone speak of things that actually do need reform. And I  do not see in the bullet points that are flying around today, that issues that need to be addressed have been.

Things like putting a cap on what a hospital can charge for a day in their facility. There can be 2 hospitals within a mile radius of one another, and you can have one charge 1100.00 a day and the next one charges 4-5,000.00 a day.


Or maybe a cap on what a physician can charge for coming into a room for 3 minutes and determining what is wrong with you. When we go to the doctors, we are not paying for the service rendered, we are paying for a lot of plush things that are not necessary to deliver appropriate health care. Heck there is one office in this area where you go in and there is a fountain in the center, and a refrigerator where you can get a beverage.

Or maybe stopping doctors from having people come back every 6 months whether they need to or not. Stopping the incredible cost of medications, the pharmaceutical companies charge exorbitant amounts for medications- more than they need to. Check out this article…   

Limiting how much a doctor can be sued for malpractice. Having drug reps drive their own cars, and get rid of the plush SUVs that the drug reps are given. How about stopping the wooing of doctors by bringing their whole staff lunches, dinners. Stop the cruises and bonus pay backs when doctors write the script for the expensive drug a drug company wants to have pushed.

How about doing actual serving sizes at restaurants, and maybe having a limit to how big clothing gets. These would improve health care costs in the long run.

Lets push less sodium in foods, and lets encourage a mid day break in the work day. Lets have water free and accessible to people. I heard someone in a drug store the other day and they wanted a cold drink. So they went to the drink cooler and saw the water and the diet soda were each $1.59 a bottle. So the person mumbled, if I am going to pay "$1.59, I am going to pay for more than water in the bottle. Yes we need reform… but I do not see these topics being touched, and without control of the incredible prices, well the costs are not going to go down.. Love to all Mrs Justa… alias Cindy


What the heck is this, some may think. Well it is a symbol of me STRETCHING out of a shell. Tonight was the Chase Corporate Challenge. This was my racing number that was pinned to MY shirt. It is an event that I believe stretches beyond Syracuse NY, but I will have tunnel vision for Syracuse. It was held on the lake parkway- which as it sounds runs next to the lake. It was 80 degrees out, a soft breeze, a beautiful night really.

I think there were 6200 or 6400 people registered to do it from various corporations in the area, and some areas far away. My employer participates in it every year, but me… not so much. This year I bit the bullet and signed up- that in itself is a huge step for me. I have never considered myself a jock. I have been walking at lunch, or at the gym or on the street we live, but this past week, well between the antibiotics, the possible tick bite and strept throat, I knew I would have trouble finishing the 3.5 mile trek. But I went, and I walked about 2 miles on the shoulder next to the course, and to and from the shuttle, and back around the many tents. I did not do the actual race- for it was a no turning back situation, and I knew I would not be able to do it. If you got caught crossing to the return side and not walking the full 3.5 you could jeopardize your company’s ability to participate in the future and disqualify them for tonight’s event. I did not want the owner or my co workers remembering me for THAT!

I stood on the side lines too and cheered my co workers as they came in. It was a nice time. I feel good , I tried hard, and I stepped out of the comfort zone, worked all day and then joined 88 of my co workers for this event at 6:00 this evening, I left around 8:15. I will sign up again next year, and hopefully stay healthy for it, and hopefully be in great shape to do it.  I may be 55, overweight, but I tried, and no one can take that away.

Stephany if you are out there, thanks for your inspiration. Love to all, Mrs Justa 

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