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Frozen precipitation, all shapes , size, blown here and there , often impossible to see more than a few feet in front of your face…


We are tough in this neck of the woods- people in this area put up with all kinds of weather. Thank God we do not WInter 2013 005have tornados or hurricanes often!! I do not mind snow when it is gently falling. But the zero visibility, the snow blowing and drifting…the ice roadways… ummm not crazy about that.

For the life of me I can not understand how ANYONE could live in this area and not have  4 snow tires on their cars. It is the difference between night and day. Oh sure you can trek through is it with all season radials—if you do not mind that ass end of your car swaying some, or wheels spinning… but really folks… SNOW tires are for SNOW… which we have plenty of !!.

This is a snow tread….

see how it has tread that will grip the snow and give you traction.

This is really really helpful when you are driving on snowy roads.

It is worth the $$$$ believe me/

If you go on all seasons ..well you will find this …


I got this off of google images…

See the difference in your safety ..It is more than stopping. When you are trying to drive – you feel a whole lot more in control with good winter treads.

We were driving the other day in white out conditions. There were times when we could see, and we really could have done 35-40 mph..but instead we get behind people with regular tread..going 25 mph—flashers on..scared to death. They could not speed up because their car started swaying.

I can not believe how great it felt to me when I initially felt the difference between snows and summers or all seasons.

So spend the extra money..and relax a little on those yucky days… you will be GLAD YOU DID…

Hang on too…. tonight thru Tuesday—LAKE EFFECT SNOW Again!!!.

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

“Anyone who angers you,

Conquers you” Jane Addams….

This free clip art Face Clip Artfrom “clker.com” says it all…

UGGG I totally dislike days when I feel attacked. Whether it is real or just in my head..if I feel it..well it is real to me.

Today seemed to be “deal with type A personality day”. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Type A personality …these folks are extremely forceful. They want things done yesterday. They want it short, (leave out the the sweet) , they tend to come across intolerant of others, impatient with detail, demanding, competitive, have an exaggerated sense of urgency,can be referred to as a bulldozer…..and for me a Type C/D person..well I like to get the facts, I play by the rules, I want to know the rules, I am a calmer force.
So after a day of feel like I was in a personality tug of war… I am relived to be sitting here, unwinding for a bit.

There are times when people who are much more aggressive, well they make me feel really angry inside. But somehow I normally have a some sort of insulation-which keep the anger deep inside me. So they come close to conquering me… but not quite !.

I have run across Type A personalities everywhere. It is hard to avoid them, although if I could I would.

On the highways both to and from work..they are the ones that instead making a smooth move from lane to lane..they see brakes lights ahead and jerk the wheel –as if no one else matters. I bet they are in more accidents.

In a store..they are the ones running to get in first, pulling into that parking lot that you have your sights on,  impatient with the cashiers, and almost ramming their cart up your butt if you do not get out of the line quick enough.

In the restaurants, the waiters and waitresses are never good enough.

They are the people I want to just say “REALLY ???!!” to. But I do not… I just think about how glad I am to be away from them, once I am…

Oh I am so thankful my parents were not Type A people.Me I sip my coffee… I bet they chug a lug theirs. Heck I bet they are dressed before they get out of bed!.

UGGG,,,, I can not let 100_4119them conquer me… I am deep breathing… I am ok…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ( that is meditating sounds) hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yep I am going to a happy place in my brain, poof—away with the aggressive people …. it is time to relax…

I am better now.. Thanks…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy  



100_2158Okay..we escaped the heavy heavy snow, but got some. And the wind was really whipping around, cold..really really cold. Mark drove me in ( THANKS MARK) and today was flurries..sometimes squalls..but not much accumulation. I am wondering where the wind stopped…cuz wherever it stopped—there has to be a lot of snow.

Mark had asked if I minded driving home, which I did not. I was driving along 55 mph, on a 2 lane road, quite a few people behind and in front of me, and out of nowhere..this jerk gets in the passing lane ( in a NO PASSING AREA) and passes about 6 of us. Cutting sharply in and out of traffic.. all the way up the road this person continued to do the same thing. Oncoming traffic did not matter to this creep. Man he (or she) really frosted my butt. I began to think that people like that not only take their own life in their hands but everyone around them .

Here we are..all keeping our space, 100_4299driving to wherever we belong, and in a blink of an eye..some inconsiderate moron could end it for us. Man… life is so unpredictable.

I wonder what would make people be so “It’s all about me” ish.  What makes a person decide that what they have to do is more important than anyone else? There was a movie on the other day and there was this scene where a guy was at the check out, asking questions to the clerk..this chick comes in-impatient as all get out..and interrupts and kind of pushes her way to the cashier… The guy steps back and says something like “After you..obviously you are more important than I am..” I loved it!!! Haven’t you ever been in that situation? Where you are taking your turn and some bulldozer winch comes and tries to ( or successfully ) cuts you off at the pass.

GRRR>that is when I take a super deep breath and think..forgive them—for they know no better..they are butt-holes… Than my mind goes to left field and I think about how their spouse must feel..or their children..their bosses.. or their poor parents. I am comforted by the fact that in a moment –they will be gone—and I am the fortunate 100_2863one..for I am not related to them… I place them in scenarios… like making them wait at a ticket line FOREVER>.. or making them sit there after their hair is half way through.. kind of take a phone call and make them sit there… I bet they would finish their hair on their own !.

The world is turning into an instant demand place..we need to slow down.. we need to stop and remember that we all have the same right to be where we are…and we all need to be respected for being there..

Peace, patience, love, life…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Ya know it is so strange when life feels like it is ripping you off. But we need to be not so quick to make that assumption. there are situations when it is easy to assume ripping off and than make them prove they are not. (Kinda like the being guilty and proving your innocence)

We have had 2 episodes with a tire retailer in the past year when we felt we needed to buy 2 snow tires and both times they said NOPE you Must but 4. Now the ripped off mentality thinks… “AHH HAAA yeah..cuz you get more money if I buy 4!!! RIP OFF”>>> but in reality— there are a number of law suits across the country where a tire service center was sued when a person was injured in an accident after getting 2 instead of 4 new tires. And dang 4 tires is a choice that is EXPENSIVE!!

Last year we tried to sell 4 mounted snow tires- with hub caps, with the tire sensors for low air pressure. People came out—and left because they were not the same brand for all 4. Here we thought your cheep sons of guns—you bastards… and really in looking back now—these people were being smart… But I was thinking then they were trying to rip us off… this one guy came out and offered us $$ for 2 but said he would take 4… ( because 2 of the tires were older)… another dude—we drove the tires to his home 28 miles away , only to have him look, and in a rich, stuck on himself tone..he said..”Oh man Cin… why didn’t you tell me they weren’t the same… I do not want them” Again ..in my mind I was being ripped off…. and now foolishly—I realize we should only get 4 tires at once, and not 2 at a time.

I have had the ripped off experience in other situations too.. How about when you go car shopping… there are some sleazy sales people out there…or camper shopping… or electronics shopping… basically shopping in general!. Where the sales people try to make you believe the item was made 033JUST FOR YOU… or they have you sit in it and say you look good in it…. or when we were looking for this house we bought… the sale person had us check it out and than conveniently came in and had us discuss our potential sale while sitting in the living room… so it felt like we were in our home. Dude!! the camper guy did the same thing!!! Over many years , as I look back… yikess… We bought the house, we bought the camper, we bought into the camp site membership and we bought the car… and in the end it was good choices… but there was a time when the sales people opened their mouths—I was already thinking RIP OFF ARTISTS>> So be careful  out there- do not get suckered into the first deal ( like we have LOL) and remember—it is okay to say “let us take the night and think about it” Sales people HATE that… Love to all, Mrs Justa, alias sucker for a deal… Cindy…

Do you remember ever doing a MAZE puzzle. The ones where you start in a certain spot and the goal is to get to the finish spot without crossing a line.

Like this one..titlesd “an October Maze.. “

At this time of year… in the country… there are farmers who take their corn fields and make them a maze… Seen the signs… not done one… GULP!

See that would creep me out… have you ever walked into a corn field? Sure they have maze rows to follow- but if I made a wrong turn and found myself feeling surrounded  by corn- I would probably freak out.

Here is what one looks like from up above it, now picture this being 7 foot high corn stalks, brushing against you, hovering over you…. eeeekkkkee ……yep… people would hear me screaming on the west coast if I felt trapped in a Corn Maze! Did you ever see that movie “Children of The Corn” ? Well,, That movie and the movie “The Exorcist” made my heart beat so fast, I made a promise to NEVER go to or do FREAKY things.

Okay… back to the maze …. today I felt like I was living in a maze type game, like in a brain teaser puzzle. We live about 27 miles from the dealer where we bought the car I drive. And last night as I was making a left turn out of the final store I was going to for the weekly groceries and stuff… I turned on my directional and it blinked quite fast. BUMMER>>> I knew that meant I had a blown directional, and a left one is not cool—( unless you live in England and drive on the opposite side of the street. LOL . So this morning we popped the trunk and checked out the back taillight area. You had to untuck parts of the trunk and when you get in there… well it is not as simple as it was last time I changed a taillight bulb.. ( probably 15 years ago !!)… So in we came , onto Google… and searched changing the taillight bulb on a Ford Fusion. Much to my despair… all the tales of woe we found were discouraging… some folks stating it is impossible, others that it is the worse part of this incredibly dependable car… so off I went to the dealer to get it changed. Now to do that, and not chance getting rear ended, I chose that I was going to make the trip on all right hand turns, I made it a game.. like doing a maze, figuring how far I had to go past a destination to make a right and another 2 rights to get to where I needed to go.

The dealer got me right in,and in probably 20 minutes or so , I was on my way… the left clicker  now mimicking the right directional as they were clicking at their slow speed… They could have charged a lot more for labor- but they charged 10.00 Not bad , I thought. So I am a happy camper… car fixed, got to the gym.. ( I love going to the gym !) , got the cleaning done, Washed laundry…. did some paperwork, and still had enough umph to share a moment with you ! BUt now I am dragging my butt to bed…. . Love to all, good night….. enjoy the rest of the weekend, Tomorrow is coming quickly !. Mrs Justa alias Cindy.


The farmers are cutting down their fields, the hummingbirds have left town, the squirrels ( GRRRGRR) are gathering food for the cold winter months, the garden is almost all weeded and ready for Spring and on my way home tonight is the familiar sign at the baseball field… the one I watched through blowing snow and ice storms…it read today 192 days left to opening day 2012.

That sign gave me encouragement as the grips of winter held tight on this area. So in 192 days we will have made it past Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Ground Hogs Day and be seeing snow disappearing. Somehow in a warped sort of way, I feel like part of the journey through the snow is gone. 100_6680

The skies are beginning to have the lower clouds as cold fronts tease us with their presence.

We took out the air conditioners this past weekend, and Thursday the summer statues and blinking solar lights will be safely tucked away , for 192 days. Windchimes come into cover, the grill back to the shed, and in 2 weeks the camper will be winterized and the snow tires will be put on the car.

100_2158Even though the snow is pretty, and when it gets here, it becomes a part of life… the anticipation of it gives me nervous stomach. Than once it is here… it is just another day in CNY.

This winter we are equipped with a 4 wheel drive vehicle—something we have talked about often, but never had.. supposedly if you drive them carefully , they can bring you comfort on lousy days. ..So off I go tonight,,,, feeling a displaced comfort by the baseball sign… tired from a weekend with not enough sleep… I am off for the night.. rest… Yankees, freeze pop and bed time. Peace to all, and thanks for stopping by. Mrs Justa  alias Cindy

Okay, I gotta tell ya, there is nothing more disconcerting than to be driving along , minding your own business and all of the sudden have your car start setting off an alarm and flashing “power steering failure..warning warning”

A couple of weeks it happened when Mark was driving, so as he was holding tight to the wheel as it went from power to manual , I read the book. Sounded pretty simple, pull over at the next safe area, shut the car off, restart and it will be okay. Damn..I wish all car repairs were that easy. So we did that, and poof.. fixed.

The next week mark had taken the car for an oil change and asked the service guys about it……but  because it happened once and was “ fixed” , there was really nothing showing as the problem… so off he went to drive home.

WELLLL… this car has a weird power steering set up.. not like the old cars I have had… there is not power steering fluid- it is an electric power steering. I guess, no fluid, … electric. So by shutting it off, it resets. In the past 6 days..it has failed 6 times. The latest this morning. It was a FULL MOON morning!

Going back to the beginning of my morning..sigh……………..First I hooked Indi up to his Indi and his new hair cut 5-31-2011 00130 foot lead which is screwed into the ground on one of those anchors type lead holders… , and let him out at about 5:45. As I was getting the cat and dogs food ready, I glimpsed out the back door and saw Indi- hooked to his lead..sniffing around the back steps frantically- like he picked up the scent of a squirrel. It hits me that he is about 50 feet away from the post in the ground…on a 30 foot lead.. So in my oversized tee shirt I peek out the side door. and low and behold the 30 foot end of his lead was laying in the ground..about 20 feet from where it is supposed to be hooked to. So—NO TIME FOR PANTS!!!- out I go barefoot, calmly…in the wet cool grass, barelegged in a miniskirt height tee shirt… Indi oblivious to the fact HE IS FREE ..still sniffing back and forth around those stairs. I bend down , grab his broken off lead and than talk to the dog like I would if he was hooked up..telling him to come on in for dinner… All I can say is “Thanks God!” for Indi could have disappeared with his 30 foot lead following. ( Yes we replaced his lead with a more durable sturdier one !)

Than I am off to work, traveling down a country main road- poor shoulders , practicing songs for soloing in church, and this one song had extra bells in it… WRONG !!! It was the warning chimes telling me the idiot light was on and the steering was becoming very stiff. I did pull over in a mile or so, when it was safe.. turned the car off and counted to 20. Poof- working again. I called the dealer and asked how frequent was frequent enough to diagnose—they said bring it over. So there it is..I got to and from work via their shuttle service… that is always a different experience Smile and after work the car was still being worked on- so they gave me a work order for Enterprise Rental- for a car. Well Enterprise said they had ONE car left….  I have this wanna be car for a loaner- it is a Chevy Aveo. I am not complaining- they did not have to give me a car… but they did. It feels like I am driving a soup can, crank windows, manual push each button down locks the lug nuts look like cheap plastic covers- less quality than tupperware!

I am going to be glad to get back into my car- hopefully tomorrow.  They said they found error messages after working with a Ford Tech representative for the region.  So fingers crossed…. I am going to carefully drive the soup can on wheels tomorrow and graciously return it to the rental car agency. Be careful out the.. FULL MOON at its best !.

Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy.

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