September 2011

Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 015

A proud big sister with her new little brother… and grandpa.

Meet Caleb, and see Mackenzie as she grows up to a very smiling little girl.

She was really cute today, showing us things and always wanting to see the back of the camera to look at the picture just taken. “Me see!” she would say with a huge smile.

Caleb… he mostly slept… Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 005

We did try to capture a yawn, which he did a few times… but by the time the camera finished its little delay thing, the yawn was gone!

We surprised Adrianne and the kids with a visit. We were not totally sure we would make it all the way out there, as Mark has been having some incredibly tough times with dizziness and nausea.

But we did make it, and we actually were able to enjoy them for an hour or so, than Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 036headed home via the Charlotte Pier. It is a very long pier where Mark and Adrianne spent a lot of hours at when she was much younger, before Mark and I were together. Mark introduced me to the pier and I found comfort at it on the weekends when Jeff went to stay with his dad. After Mark and I were together, it was a family place where we brought the kids.

It is different now, more developed with walking paths, and a road that used to be there is now  a cement walkway that is fairly wide.  If you really want to pretend you are Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 041at the ocean… you can kinda…

The waves were slapping… a much lighter slap than the ocean waves… but it was the same noise.

There were not too many people up there, it was not a too hot or too cold day, there was a slight breeze… I felt bad though because Mark was not able to walk too far, but we did get to experience the setting for a little bit. We headed back  to the car as the sprinkle of rain started to  coat the area.

Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 051I found this little guy amazing, this duck was acting like the greeter as we entered the area, he was in the same spot as we entered the pier and when we came back. He bowed as we walked by, as if to say… “Have a good day…How do you do ?”

look at the blue on his body, it was almost glowing.

So today was a nice day. A day different than we had initially intended a few weeks ago… we had been toying with maybe camping… but it is not fun camping when the world is spinning and the trailer feels like it is tipping…

So we are here now …. and we were able to spend some time with Adrianne and the kids… I went and got the groceries already for the week, and now we have the weekend!. Peace to all, Love and prayers… Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

So here I am pathetically watching an African Cam , listening to the crickets cricketing, and waiting for the great elephant to appear. Earlier there were 3 lions drinking from the river and I watched like it was a 5 star movie.

I am not quite sure what it is that intrigues me, maybe that I can be in the jungle in my office chair.

Because I can assure you… not for a zillion bucks would I be sitting by that river in real life. So this takes me places where I would never be, from a camera in a tree… ooooo there are 2 animals walking in darkness… ( oh I am pathetic!)

The other day I say lions looking like they were pulling apart an animal…that was kinda gross!!!!!!

Today was my last day of work100_4382 this week. I had initially taken today, Fri and mon off – asked for it back in March- just in case we ended up heading to New England for the fall foliage. But as the days came closer and we now have the camper , we were planning on camping… but now— well Mark has not been feeling very good for the past few weeks, and so camping we will hold off on too. We may go fall foliage looking if the rain lets up, I plan to winterize the inside— ( take the food out, package the linens and such…. )of the  camper, as our weeks are getting down to the time for storage, and we really want to have it mouse proofed. We have it scheduled for the 15th of Oct for the real winterization. I guess they will make sure the water areas are treated for winter.

It was a nice summer, 100_4366a really hot summer… I hope the heat stays close enough in my memory to remind me of it when the north winds howl.

( Oh there is a thunder storm in Africa!!.. How cool is that !!) I hope everyone is doing okay… life has been full of challenges for many people I know… and for every one of them… I send prayers for you. Often it is so hard to find strength to take one step in front of the other when  the world feels like it is lying on your shoulders.

Love to all, mrs Justa alias Cindy

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sept 2011 stuff 006

Way back when I started the garden I thought how neat it would be to grow a couple pumpkins, for the grandkids. And last Sunday the 2 boys were able to come out and pick a pumpkin. It felt good. I was not wantingsept 2011 stuff 010 to grow a huge pumpkin, ones that would win a prize at the fair… nope, I really wanted to grow special pumpkins for the kids, I hoped for perfect shaped ones, not too big.. and somehow it happened.

It was so neat to see the boys choose the ones they wanted.

sept 2011 stuff 013


Their smiles were worth every pulled weed, every bead of sweat, every prayer over the garden as we went though heat spells, every pondering if they would come out okay.

We were  not as lucky with the Cantaloupe…the vines deteriorated and the cantaloupes just stopped growing, so next year is another time to try.

The only thing left growing in the garden now are green peppers and a few more tomatoes.


We actually had some sautéed green peppers with our dinner tonight and there are about 8 more growing.


sept 2011 stuff 012

I think this year was a better year in general for the non green thumb that I have.

We have some stuff in the freezer, and I am wondering if during the colder months if it is possible to still garden? How well does a green house work? I would think everything would freeze really quickly the first time it is overcast for a day. So I personally do not want to feel defeated in the season I am not crazy about.

I guess if we ever  had enough $$ to put up a 4 season room of glass… and a hot tub… ( YEAH RIGHT !!!>>>) but if that ever happened..( it would be cuz we won the lottery) … than maybe I would try to grow stuff year round… But I know my 38.00 wobbly indoor green house was not weather worthy..

Yep, perfect pumpkins, made perfect smiles, for a couple of precious kids.

If we get out to Rochester soon,we  will probably still be able to bring a pumpkin for Mackenzie and Caleb too. I hope the pumpkins stay strong !.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


The farmers are cutting down their fields, the hummingbirds have left town, the squirrels ( GRRRGRR) are gathering food for the cold winter months, the garden is almost all weeded and ready for Spring and on my way home tonight is the familiar sign at the baseball field… the one I watched through blowing snow and ice storms…it read today 192 days left to opening day 2012.

That sign gave me encouragement as the grips of winter held tight on this area. So in 192 days we will have made it past Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Ground Hogs Day and be seeing snow disappearing. Somehow in a warped sort of way, I feel like part of the journey through the snow is gone. 100_6680

The skies are beginning to have the lower clouds as cold fronts tease us with their presence.

We took out the air conditioners this past weekend, and Thursday the summer statues and blinking solar lights will be safely tucked away , for 192 days. Windchimes come into cover, the grill back to the shed, and in 2 weeks the camper will be winterized and the snow tires will be put on the car.

100_2158Even though the snow is pretty, and when it gets here, it becomes a part of life… the anticipation of it gives me nervous stomach. Than once it is here… it is just another day in CNY.

This winter we are equipped with a 4 wheel drive vehicle—something we have talked about often, but never had.. supposedly if you drive them carefully , they can bring you comfort on lousy days. ..So off I go tonight,,,, feeling a displaced comfort by the baseball sign… tired from a weekend with not enough sleep… I am off for the night.. rest… Yankees, freeze pop and bed time. Peace to all, and thanks for stopping by. Mrs Justa  alias Cindy

20010110Today is a special day for me. Jeff, Amanda and the 2 boys are coming over in a little bit for dinner. Life has been really kinda crazy lately and we have not spent as much time with them , so this is really special for me.

Mark has been having some pretty intense health issues and mental health issues, so it has been a tough couple months . I can not believe how we, as a people, tend to take our bodies for granted. Not everyone,,, but many of us…and when something gets out of the can really be unsettling.

Last week we were camping on the weekend and could not come home Sunday because Mark got hit with a spell of vertigo that literally made it impossible for him to walk, sit or stand for 8 hrs. He ha continued with the dizziness, but not as mad as last weekend!He is just today feeling ok enough to drive.  We never left camp till Monday mid morning, and I was unsure if we would or not, so I extended our reservation thru Thurs.

Today I was blessed with an awesome church service, I just love going there…. Pastor Carl is truly a spiritual man and so compassionate…church brings me to a place where other people come to hear the same thing I come there for. The people there are so nice, so real…there is not competition or jealousy…people who seem to really care about one another.

Than the weather cleared up nicely so the garden is almost ready for winter, I was able to go into the camper and wash the counters and floor and make the bed with fresh clean sheets, and we are ready to venture out on the next nice weekend.

Lasagna is baking, Mark is napping, the dog is watching him, laundry is just finishing up, just got out of a really hot shower… and soon the house will be filled with grandchildren and adult children. We have a new grandson Caleb… we hope to go meet him this week.sept 2011 stuff 004 Gotta see how we can coordinate that with Adrianne and whatever we have on the calendar for this week.

The fall colors are coming out, I really want to get some on film… and share them with you. Here is an incredible sunset from last week… it was truly dramatic… So in this often stressful, sometimes unbelievable life… I wanted to drop by and wish a great week for all. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

The SAGA is in full force….

Us against the squirrel(??s)… one of the battle. None to be seen, none heard…. hmmm. I wonder if everything we did last night gave them a message to GET OUTTA TOWN!!. It would be really nice if we won already…..

IU know I went on about this last night, but it is weighing HEAVY on my mind….

I am kinda glad nothing  has ventured into the have a heart trap. I re-read the instructions for releasing them… ya gotta love it !…. It says first to quietly approach the cage as not to scare them…. ( now that has me really confused… ! because once you get to the cage with them in it… you are going to take the little guy for a ride far away….after getting picked up and going in the trunk of the car for a few miles… how do you calmly approach the cage…??)

So here I am imagining if  I caught one and I would have to take him for a little ride … and get to a  field….

The instructions just say to gently lift the door up and stick a stick thru the cage to hold the door up…

I would think before I get the door gently lifted up and hold my hand steady enough to weave a stick thru the cage door, that the squirrel might be climbing up my arm of pants leg, and I will be screaming like a little girl on a roller coaster ride…. .

So needless to say… I am really glad today there was no squirrels in sight and no sounds of them down below or in the walls. We have probably scattered 3 bottles of cinnamon power in the heat vents and around the house…. and we have a sonic thing in the crawl space…. and cayenne  pepper mixture squirrel repellent all over… and today I took the bird feeder down and cloroxed it, dried it and it is going in the shed… I need to put a sign up… squirrels not welcome here….

Today was a nice day really, not too hot, not too humid, nice breeze and nothing horrible happened… I went to the docs with Mark this afternoon,,, they are going to order some tests for him to see what is going on… now it is a wait for the insurance approval or denial before the tests are done. And he is going to go see a specialist too. Gotta make that appointment.sept 2011 stuff 003 This weekend I hope to get some nice photos of Fall as it starts to paint the world different colors, and maybe even a few good sunsets. I do not know what exactly it is about sunsets and sunrises that consumes me, maybe the majesty of them, the awe, the knowing that no one can ruin them, no one can make them man made…. they are a gift we are all blessed with… we just have to look at them.

It is really neat how many gifts we are given every day… if we just look … Love to all…. more to follow on the saga of us against the squirrel(??s)…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Okay… it is war… And I really hope we win!

232323232fp43435_nu=325;_645_;48_WSNRCG=34_3;73253324nu0mrj[1]This little varmint has decided to come under our house. It sounds like he may have brought a few friends too. Can you say creeping me out !

So about a week and 1/2 ago I was mowing the yard and I mowed next to the house and 3 red baby squirrels came dashing out. It was a rather amusing moment, as my feet wanted to take me in a totally different direction than the one I was headed in. They all took off in different directions, but the runt was a bold little guy, I thought he was gonna run up my pant legs.( had he done that I would probably still be running!!) So I stomped my foot towards him, he turned around, stuck his tail in the air… so I persuaded him with the lawn mower to head to the hedge row.

I was hoping my scaring them with the mower got rid of them… but alas… Mark has heard some activity under the floor today…this is not cool… as our home is a double wide, with insulation and a huge black vapor barrier that covers the entire bottom of the house. The house sits on 4 rows of cinder blocks all the way around, and there appears to be space between the house and the cinder blocks… well these guys musta climbed up the cinder block wall and entered on top of the vapor barrier material.

The pets are sniffing by the heat vents….  grrr… so once again we are looking at the dilemma. We went on line and found they HATE cinnamon… so we now have cinnamon in all our heat vents…( now when the furnace comes on this place will fill with cinnamon dust…but we gotta get rid of these guys…  and we got a have a heart trap… ( although I really am not feeling loving towards these invaders.)  and we sprinkled squirrel repellent around, and we put a sonic noise thing in the crawl space under the house.

Now here is my really freaky situation. It is okay when the trap is empty… but when you get it full… how can you carefully lift the door so they can exit… while you are bee- lining at about 50 mph on foot to get away from the rodent??

It has a really neat drawing in the instructions about lifting the door when you are ready to release the precious critter  and holding it open with a stick… but what if this little bugger decides to dart out while we are carefully opening the door…

I am having a really hard time with that part. IF we do not capture any.. we will have to get a critter ridder type person…but we need to see if this experiment is going to work.

So no more bird feeder…232323232fp43372_nu=325;_645_;48_WSNRCG=34_3;73258324nu0mrj[1] sorry feathered dudes… but you throw the food on the ground and feed the squirrels… so go elsewhere for munchies.. the Krusen restaurant is CLOSED>>>No more Mrs and Mr Nice Guy…. you no longer are CUTE!!!

I wish I had like a bullet proof body suit… that way I would not be afraid of retaliation with the furry demon on the release….. . Hopefully ( in an un hopefully way… ) tomorrow will be a follow up to the empty trap…. maybe we need to take a movie of the release … if we catch one…

Yuck… it seems like stuff just never stops… Peace to all… and more to follow. Cindy alias Mrs Justa alias…non squirrel lover….  

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