November 2011

100_6640As I was driving home today, I was thinking about the day that had just come to an end. Day 2 of paperwork up the ying-yang..and hoping we are only waiting another day or 2 for the updates to be completed . It is just part of living in a world dependent on computers for everything.  Today we still tried to be as positive as possible, we know we will need to enter all our info in the system once it is ready… and I think we are all staying upbeat……

It is funny though,100_6691 “back in the good old days” people had ledgers, people hand wrote on reports, people could always pull out a report from a file or notebook. Doctors offices had scheduling books..appointment books. People would actually be able to flip through pages of paper and see a week at a time, and know how the day looked…

A friend of mine works at a rather large doctors office, and I was thinking of how awful it was for her the day she went in and the electronic records system was down. No one knew who was coming in for appointments, why they were coming in, what meds they were on, or what their history was. Can you imagine that!! Man every time a nurse opened a door to one of the waiting rooms, another surprise would be there… probably staring at the nurse , hoping to be called, to be recognized, to be seen.

We have paper back up thank God… I bet the doctors office wished they had the same thing.

So word has it for us, that tomorrow might be the last day of depending on our pens and paper.. but ya know what… all in all it has not been so bad. What an incredible group of people I work with. We rally around each other, joke a little about things we can not change, we improvise to satisfy the customer, and we get the job done.

For these people, I am truly thankful… and for the folks in IT trying to make things better… I too am thankful… and right now.. I am thankful for my bed!.

It will be another LONG day tomorrow…. I gotta be ready… Alarm going off at 5:20… and off I go… to share the day with the challenges that lie ahead. My word to the wise… have paper backup for things that you need to have access to… Love to all.. Mrs Justa..


An incredibly interesting and creative day today. We are updating our system at work, and that meant we had to go to all paper for a few days.

We fortunately have paper backup for about 1/3 of the cases we do, so it was not totally foreign to us, but it still was a challenge to create pathways that work for every situation. We have to keep the paper work with us, because in a few days we will have to enter into the system all we wrote on paper.

I gotta tell ya, there is not a better group of people to work with in times like this. We all do a proverbial bunt..and tackle the job at hand. We are not stopping production because of not having a computer, no siree… we just adapt.

I truly love the staff I work with. They are mature enough to know that sometimes no matter how good you want things to go..well sometimes it just does not work out that way. And they truly care about their work they do.

They thank each other, and care if someone is overloaded with work .

So for a crazy Monday- we made it through. We will tackle the tasks at hand again tomorrow. And in the end..the reward… an updated system.

I am exhausted… we got in a work out tonight , so dinner was quick at 945 ish. Now I am off to rest for tomorrows challenges with the mighty pen, the creative mind and paper… lots of paper.

I hope all is well with you, and always make lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Until later, Mrs Justa alias Cindy signing out.


Telephones, why do we not use them like we used to?

Some genius invented them, figured out how to have our voices travel through wires , and how to have electricity travel for thousands of miles so poof we have phones…

yet we do not call one another like we used to.

We have I phones, we have flip cell phones, we have mobile this and that..but I wonder what the percentage of them are used for accessing the internet, reading e mails, posting on face book.

I just got off the phone with my sister(Karen)  in Michigan. She and her husband were going to be here for Thanksgiving but they had conflicts in their plans and so were not able to come down.  She was calling to say she had just spoken to my sister . Melanie, in Liverpool and in their conversation it was mentioned we had to put the dog to sleep. Karen had planned to call both of us to see how Thanksgiving went, but her calling now had a new twist… condolences too. As I spoke to her, it was more of a 3 dimensional experience than face book is. I tend to use face book to communicate something and hope all receive it. That was how I spread the word about the dogs death. Unfortunately the way facebook works is that if you are not popping on every 5 minutes, things get lost in a trail of other peoples comments about their lives. Facebook is really rather silly as I look at it.

Putting the dog to sleep is not something I would have called all my relatives about… out of the clear blue at least. Had this been the early 1990s each of us would be calling one another every week or so, and within our conversations the dog would have been brought up. But to just, out of the clear blue, call my sisters and brothers to say.. “Hi, I am calling to tell you our dog is no longer..” sept 2011 stuff 002well that just would not happen… BUT I DID JUST THAT ON FACEBOOK!!

We are becoming so non social because of “social networks!” AS I spoke to  Karen..I was able to hear expressions, different tones, we laughed, we had a conversation….it was like she was here…. it was real… On face book there is no personal touch to it.. a laugh is “lol” or “lmao”… but it is not the real laughter, and a “conversation” can take a long time if the other person is doing a bunch of other stuff… the conversation becomes an afterthought.

We become like computers communicating with one another… beep beep beep…. that does not compute…. I was reading a post from one of my nieces and she had so many acronyms it was like I was reading a foreign language…

Yes, we need to STOP… pick up the phone, write real letters, send Christmas Cards, meet for coffee..we need to be real….. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


This is across the street from us. I thought it was so darn funny.Jeff took the photo with my new camera that has a 26X lens..

Black Friday comes around, the fowl has been roasted.. and so the Roosters came out to  jump for joy they made it through a day their relatives get gobbled up on.

I was afraid they had become someone’s dinner, cuz we had not heard them for a while..but they showed they proud heads as they strolled over the trampoline.

I gotta tell ya, I am really glad this is a 4 day weekend.. Man, I am still kind of whipped from the festive Thanksgiving day. Actually the whole week! It was exhausting. I am doing a load of wash now, but when it is done, I am thinking I will hit the bed.

I miss Indi terribly, and know as days go on it will be better. It is just so darn quiet here. When the kids were here, the air was filled with jibberish, and talking, and toys clanking and the Nick Jr channel at times. Today is our first non Indi weekend, and it is just weird. We went out to breakfast with our friends, and there was no need to worry what time we left..the cat would be okay.. SO after breakfast, we did the gym, than got groceries and than came home. No need to shoo him away as we lugged in the bags, nope… just the cat was around. He would bark at the roosters, he would bark if he saw a black bird flying over…both things happened—but silence…no barks.

Off I go to the laundry room, his tennis balls are in my dryer, so I hear them bounce … it is the same sound I would hear when Indi played ball with Mark.It is just strange…I hope you good Saturday… I am off till tomorrow.. Love to all, Cindy ..alias Mrs Justa


Do you remember making tents in the house out of sheets and chairs. Well this is a tent made out of a flannel sheet. It was a place where the boys could go to “take a nap” ,as Brandon stated..but not so much!

But they brought in a blanket, pillow pets and you have to have flashlights. Let’s see, there were trucks and drinks…everything a kid would need to survive in a tent.


Nov 2011 and thanksgiving on old camera 019

I can remember when Jeff and Adrianne would make a tent and bring in so many things there was not room for them .They had regular bed sized pillows, and books, and toys..  Mark and I would laugh when we would go and check on them and their backs were pushing against the walls of their tent, because they did not have any room for themselves.

Nov 2011 and thanksgiving on old camera 021


When we were kids we actually did sleep in the make shift tents too.

This was fun to see them have fun.

We made it through Thanksgiving with no leftovers…. HA HA..well no left overs here!.Nope I was working with Mark in the kitchen and we decided to send the leftovers off with the guests. That was they can have some goodies the next day or 2. There were  potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, ham, and pies that left here..which we were ever so grateful to be able to share with them . We ended up with 9 for dinner and 13 for pies. So a lower amount than last year, but it was a nice day.

I did feel bad as people were leaving because it looked like a pretty nasty fog. But no one called to say they were lost, so I think everyone made it home safely.

Now we have the weekend, a time to back off, and chill. Hopefully hit the gym tomorrow and Sunday..this last week.. with putting Indi down and working lots of hrs Mon thru Weds… I just did not get to the gym… But I am going to try to get back on course. Life is so precious, days are so limited really… so we each need to be the best we can to ourselves so that we can enjoy every single moment that we are blessed with on this earth. Love to all, Mrs Justa. alias Cindy

100_6670Today I went back in time in my mind to a time almost 30 years ago. It was like a wave of clouds were hovering over me, with memories so real that it was like I was there.

I was remembering the day Jeff was born.

He was born after 36 hrs of intense labor , caused by a doctor who chose to keep upping the strength of the Pitocin to induce delivery. He was not due till 3-13 but the doctor wanted me to deliver on 3-8.. SO he had me admitted, started the IV medication , broke my water manually and anticipated a quick delivery.

Well, so much for his plans. It was not until much later that I found out he did it because he was scheduled to go on a cruise on the 11th and he did not want my pregnancy in his way.

Well Jeff was determined to stay put, and so even with mega doses of meds, and the water broke, Jeff chose to not make the journey.

Finally 36 hrs later, he started to have a slow heart all bets off and he came to the world by way of an emergency c section. Now I do not know why, but one breath and he stopped breathing. There was a lot of MDs doing some really quick procedures , to have him breath again, and that little guy fought for his life. There was a reason it was not his time to leave me than… So as I think about Thanksgiving, I am feeling very thankful for the doctors who did the right thing at the right time…and for the years of life he has blessed me with already, and for the strength and power in prayers..which were coming strong through the ordeal..and for all the people who have come into my life since than, people in person… people via cyber space….Had I not had him, I do not think I would be who I am today. He kept me grounded, he made me mature, he made me a mom, he brought out my insight, he caused me to find answers to questions I never really thought about… like why does it rain? Why do people die? why is there bad things? why do we smile? What makes us laugh? Whys and what of life that we take for granted…  yes I am truly thankful for much…. and as I sign off, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Whether it is with one person, two or many… it is a day we should stop…and say thanks…. give thanks…. share a moment of quiet time….. no matter if it is a turkey, or a turkey pot pie… I appreciate the reminder of the meaning of the day.. not the food on the table… Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy….


Okay.I am going to try to get out of the blues and move on. One step at a time, one moment follows another.

Today I went back to work and it was so weird. Every morning I would get up and Indi would push me out so I could get up and get moving. He stayed put till I came out of the shower and made enough noise that Mark was up too. This morning it was quiet, I got up and all I could hear was Marks calming inspiration and expiration as he dosed. So I quietly got a cup of coffee, took a protein bar and packed a smart one, a Yoplait light and  1/2 cup of melon, and I quietly opened the door and left.

The silence is piercing, which seems totally weird. Silence is not heard in many homes, but here…no real traffic noise, no sirens, no trains, no planes, and no dog licenses clinking together.

We are trying to convince ourselves that this is it for dog owning. We are getting older and we may want to do things that would be tough to do with a dog at home. WE believe  right now that this is where we are and will be at..I think we both agree this euthanizing a beloved pet sucks THE BIG ONE!!!..

We have 9 or 10 people coming over in a couple days, so tomorrow after work will be preparing the foods for the next morning of cooking, baking and hoping all comes out okay.

Thanksgiving …there is always things to be thankful for.. we must never forget that…..I can be thankful that Indi will not be seizing during the meal… and I can be thankful for those people in our lives that mean so much to us. Not to sound corny… but people do need people…. so we are lucky to have people….

I am off…I hope you  enjoy the sunrise…it was awesome… Peace and prayers for those with pain, Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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