November 2009

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What are we becoming? There is this show ( advertisement retrieved from Google images) of these thugs who “STAR??” in Operation Repo.

First, I wonder how far they had to go to find these characters.

Second, I wonder what the parents were like of some of these characters?

Third, if you saw these dudes coming up to your car, would you go out and start shouting at them? Crap, people push these thugs around, scream at them, chase them with bats. Hint… they win.

There is nothing on TV so we had this show on. The one chick, she is really huge ! And not really charming. I am surprised she is not cracking her knuckles and farting as she goes after cars. She has make-up on, but I think she used a paint brush, and she had this dress on, full length, top was stretchy type material and the waist down looked like frilly nylon net. I am wondering if they have a makeup and wardrobe crew that assists, or if this is what they think looks good.

I bet they do not need silverware at dinner, I think they probably eat with their hands. It does not do anything to glamorize repo business. These broads.. ( and I use the term loosely) waving pepper spray, and the guys shoving, pushing, screaming, waving a clip board around to folks saying they pay their bills.

Hee Hee, can you imagine your parents face if you brought one of them home to meet your parents?

Or what their Thanksgiving Meal was like? What do they do for fun?

What has this world come to. Where are re runs of Father knows Best, The Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, My Favorite Martian, My Mother the Car,  or Mr Ed… how about Lucy, the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie, Lassie, even Bonanza. They were much better then Operation Repo!.

I can assure you, if one of these folks ever looked at me, I would run in the other direction…. Watch out for them…. you never know where they will be!.

Cuz we pay our bills, and so do all the people they go after… ( or so they say… )

Yikes… Mrs Justa..



I look at this barn and I think about our lives. Isn’t that just like me to do that ???

How are our lives really when we look at them totally? I believe that often when people hear about others lives from afar some may think how marvelous it must be to live a certain lifestyle. It is easy to  visualize the lifestyle of never having to worry about if you have enough money for anything, you know you do, so if you want something you just buy it.  And the houses in our minds are mansions, with super shiny hard woods floors, patios, pools, game rooms and media rooms, many cars to choose from. We end up visualizing material things, and a lifestyle with no worries. But if you were to get real close to that life… would there be holes in the images? Would there be things lacking that you never imagined could be? Kinda like when someone says they have a barn on their property, I think for many of us, instead of this dilapidated barn we would envision one like this.

I have come to realize that the world seems to idolize the things money can buy more  then the people in the world. We see a good life as being one where everything is as perfect as this barn.

But life is not like that. We need to focus on the people, on what we can do for others, on how we can help,others out.

I do not think I have ever had a perfect life but I have not been ashamed of any part of my life either. I am more like the first barn. There are boards missing, but a strong foundation. I have a silo full of dreams and memories. I have floors that creak but stand firm.

I believe that I have lived a life of what you see is what you get. I do not pretend to be anything I am not, and I do not impose on other people. I try to be fair but there are times I have imperfections, such as my less then perfect barn picture.

100_4405 How about you? Do you pretend to have the perfect life, every line straight, every window painted white, and all the boards neatly next to one another? Or do you realize what imperfections you have? Are you ashamed to show folks your inadequacies? Are you willing to find ways to get better? Do you have some “missing boards?” Are you giving the impression of a perfect life? And if you are, who are you really fooling?

Do you have a strong foundation in your life? One that can hold up your sometimes rickety self? How about a strong roof over you? One that will keep you in check. Keep you from going way materialistic, way phony, one to keep you focused on a purpose in life, and will keep you grounded?

If you do, you can always fix the missing boards in your life, you can fill in the cracks. For just as this barn stay strong and steady no matter what the weather,  you can stay strong and steady on your journey through life. Have a good day, a good night…

Love always, Mrs justa….


I am using this photos to share the joy that we have at Grandchild number 3 getting ready to bless us in this crazy world we live in 🙂 Yep we are going to have 3 grandchildren in less then 6 months from now. It is very exciting.

Life always gives us the unexpected and sometimes it takes us for journeys we had never envisioned ourselves going on. Life can be fun, life can be challenging.

I look at this photo and I see the fireplace that my mom had been so proud of having put in. She had he one living room wall ripped apart and it was on Thanksgiving that it had been under construction. With Tony the contractor assuring her everything would be done.

But I see my own dream …. come true…. our own special daughter-in-law, who happens to be pregnant and is such a blessing to us. I think every parent of a son wants their child to marry someone that would be like a daughter and would treat you like a parent. From the in law jokes that I heard growing up and stereo typing that goes around, I wondered if I would be an in-law joke too. But I think I am not one of the typical “In Laws”… at least I hope I am not LOL  Amanda  is a really good person, and a great mom, she loves Jeff and seems proud of him, and she is nice to me and Mark to boot. Hey who could ask for anything more.

I see Brandon Jeff and Amanda’s precious little boy , and Marks and My grandson. Grandpa holding him and loving him and Brandon taking in all that is around him, knowing he is in safe caring arms.

I see Mark, a man who has put up with me for 24 years, through different phases in my life, he really lets me do whatever I want and he loves me.

Ya know…. I remember when Jeff was little and I wanted to make sure before I moved on to my reward that he would find someone , have a family of his own and a loving wife , who would have a family that loved him as much as I do. I felt bad when ever Jeff would ask me why he never had a brother….

Well he does, Amanda’s brother and Jeff are like true brothers. They have known each other for 17 years now and being Jeff was always wanting a brother, a best friend becoming a brother-in-law is a dream come true. … well it seems like his life has come to be better then I had envisioned it to be. A son and wife he cherishes, a family of his own so he is not ever going to be alone, a job he loves, a good head on his shoulders, and Me and Mark who love him too.

This is Thanksgiving weekend… and I continue to be thankful for all we have. Love always, Mrs Justa.


My bro and his wife changed things around this year and they had the table across the living room and the couch moved into the dining room area. This was nice , as it gave more people ability to get in and out from the table without too much hassle.

They have a coal stove in their opening for their fireplace and that made it really warm in there, but I think it went pretty well. Heck we could sweat off the calories we were consuming while we were consuming them .

It was nice to gather around the table and share one another’s company. It was nice to share the meal with family and friends. We change each year, as we age it seems there is change in even the adults. It is kinda neat to see that, as one always expects a year to change a child, but adults are often thought to never change to be in a mold.  I found that not the case.

Watching every interact and seeing twinkles or lack of twinkles in peoples eyes, it was telling to me about who has a lot weighing heavy on their minds and who does not.

I found myself feeling sorry for my sister in law, as she was using her camera on her lap top computer to share the living room  with her mom, dad and relatives across the country in Washington. Her oldest son and my brothers youngest daughter were in Washington State with her parents. They all talked and twisted the computers around to share each others environments.

I often say I do not want to move away from here, because of the family I have here, and I tend to forget she has left many she loves on the West coast. Life is strange, we have pulling at heart strings, joys and sadness, yet we all seem to find a few hours to gather together and be thankful. I am going to do a turkey dinner here tomorrow. But for today, I am off to run a few errands, balance the check book and work on a few projects.

My love to all,,,, Mrs Justa.

Do you remember ever seeing this print in school when you were younger, or maybe in a history book.

Well here is a little history for you who may have forgotten. Originally Thanksgiving was a day that President George Washington had set as a day for public Thanksgiving and prayer. The initial Thanksgiving was set for October 3 1789 .

It was not until October 3 1963 that President Abe Lincoln made a proclamation to change Thanksgiving to November 26, 1863 and from then on it would now be the last Thursday in November. This was then passed by an Act of Congress.

Thanksgiving was a way that the people celebrated the fall harvest, and there were years when there was no Thanksgiving prior to President Lincoln proclaiming it a national holiday.

I look at Thanksgiving now and I wonder how many people look at it as just another day off of work, out of school. That instead of stopping and really being thankful for the year that has past and for what ever you have, that instead people are calculating what time they have to go to bed to hit the stores the next morning on the now proclaimed “Black Friday”.

Each year we gather together for a Thanksgiving feast. 100_2447_edited What ever family is around and usually 2 special friends arrive at one of our homes for the meal, laughter and stories. Oh some of the stories are the same each year, others change. As we grow older, we may not even realize what we are repeating, yet the younger ones I am sure are thinking ( like I did when I was younger) “ How many times do I have to hear this story?”

I remember long ago, when I was a kid, Thanksgiving was at our house always. Mom would get up way before any of us , and start clanging dishes and pans (  I kindly named this as the “Dish Symphony” ) She would do this as she scurried around her very crowded kitchen . She had aprons that she wore, and they had streaks of flour on them before the day was midway through.

She had a black roaster, and she would put the turkey in around 4 AM and simmer cook it. She would boil the neck and gizzards.. a tradition I did not continue… ( those suckers meet the glad trash bag REAL quick. ) And her voice would get a little louder as the minutes ticked on, she would get a little stressed. By the time dinner was ready we were all stressed because she was. Before the meal she would have us all hold hands as one of us would say a prayer of Thanksgiving. ( I hated being the one elected to say it, I always felt mine was so Lame) But the food was good, and I never saw where she hid those gizzards- she musta pulverized those suckers big time. She made an apple pie and a  pumpkin pie… and she did this no matter how financially strapped we were. I remember the clanging afterwards of silverware and dishes and water running, being splashed from here to there as we cleaned up the incredible mess. We had stacks of  dirty dishes and we were hoping the towers they created stayed put. ( She was not a clean as you go preparation type person ) ( Photo from google images)

Mom… I miss you today……and I miss those Thanksgiving day preparations.. Yes even the dish symphony. Happy Memories to all, and have fun creating memories for the younger people in your life. Love, Mrs Justa…..


A day that has not started, right there, ready to bring light to the world that has been sitting in darkness. We never know what the day will bring, we never know what the events of the day will be. Yet we get up and move on with determination to proceed through another day.

I found this sunrise just simply spectacular. I drive to and from work with a camera in my car and I every once in a while get a moment that just deserves pulling over and taking the photo.

This reminded me of some photos I had seen of Africa- isn’t that funny? I can almost see the zebras, elephants, rhinos and hyenas  walking across the lower part of the horizon.As if there is a lake surrounded by hills, instead of it being tree tops and sky. Ready to satisfy their thirst.

It brought me comfort that morning as I stopped and enjoyed the painting that God was creating in front of my eyes. It brought me thankfulness for the sight I have, so I could witness this birth of a new day.

And most of all, it brought me hope. For how could the day be anything but wonderful after an introduction such as this. Enjoy your day, and know I am hoping you each find beauty in the new days as they come.  Love mrs justa….

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The ultimate National Health Care Nightmare. I was thinking on the way home about all the ways the government could step into our lives and control us.

Rush was on the radio and talking about how National Health Care would be able to cancel us because of something we put on line, on a blog, or Facebook.

This got my imagination going as I was sitting in Wegmans waiting for my prescription for my sinus infection. It was a 45 minute wait, so it gave me much time to people watch.

I was envisioning scales at the prescription counter and all the cash registers. Depending on your height and weight , would depend on what you were allowed to buy.

There were MANY very heavy people with carts full of junk food, sugar sodas, candy. A very very large person getting a gallon size bag of medications. All to make it possible for maintaining the bad habits of life. Now imaging if you go up to the pharmacy, step on the scale and they determine how many months you will be able to get these meds before you are expected to be the “ideal body weight”  Then you go up to the register, you step on the cart, and the computer on the register figures your BMI ( Body Mass Index) and if it is too high…. well it refuses to scan items that would be not healthy for you.

Now lets go further, limited sized clothing, slowly being less available for "Super size" – so the government will no longer let anyone manufacture clothes that are greater then Ideal body weight size. Then my sinus filled mind swirled further to drive in restaurants weighing your car and you in it, then determining what menu you can order from.And you would be marked, so you could not go to another restaurant with paint that wears out in 24 hrs.

Each scale you stand on is like the one on Biggest Loser- and lights up your weight for all to see, to gasp at, or to applaud.

Maybe once it is started there will be a neon light programmed in your forehead which lights up your weight all the time, everyone approaching each of us sees our weights and we see theirs…. and changes each time you go to buy anything.

Health insurance, well they will determine your premium based on your health status. My mind was going through all these scenarios. Phew, my antibiotic was done, and I got in my car and played

music on the radio to take me away from the scale government program.  This is all non fiction.. FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!! So tighten your belt, and cut your portions. Ya never know what is coming from the government next. ( And maybe I should buy stock in scales!) Love to all, Mrs Justa….

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