PHEW…. I made a purchase a while back… it was chap – like maybe at the dollar store.


YES it was an EASY crossword puzzle book. I mean this baby was CHEAP…

So I set it in the basket with my puzzle books which is next to the toilet in my bathroom….

and one day thought –“Oh I think I want to do a crossword puzzle..” I saw this EASY book- and figured I could whip is through before I was done going to the bathroom…

So I put on a pair of glasses, grabbed a pen and book, sat down on the “throne” and tried to do one puzzle.

Well I gotta tell you .. DID I FEEL STUPID!!None of the clues even made sense, I did not know what the words even meant- let alone what they wanted me to put in the boxes… Now I am no whiz kid—but this was pathetic!

I thought—“Oh maybe this is just a bad one” … so I went to the next…again….  I might have known ONE clue…

It was asking for characters in books I never heard of, asking for things I thought someone made up. Finally I got to the point of tossing the book out and admitting to myself that I have totally lost it. Gone… my crossword days are over… woe is me….

I resorted for months to either the FIND THE WORD or the FILL IN books— until a couple week ago. End of December—stocking stuffers… a DELL Easy crossword book— Santa could bring me that !

As I carefully opened it last night—as I read the first clue—I was ecstatic!. I knew the word and what they wanted me to fill in… Oh this was good… yes… so I looked at the next clue—AGAIN I KNEW THE WORD !!!.

So the moral to my story—a lesson in life… is NEVER BUY A CHEAP crossword puzzle book—if it is not DELL- it may be one that was made elsewhere and the attempted to interpret it to English….

I am glad to say—I CAN DO EASY CROSSWORDS>>> you have no idea how relieved I was to learn – I HAVE NOT LOST IT. 

Now with a new found confidence- I am going to proceed to sorting the 2013 receipts for taxes—and maybe doing another puzzle…

Love to all, Mrs Justa Alias Cindy.


I have been known to do some pretty unusual stuff, often it leads to me laughing at myself.

Like tonight…..

I was at the fitness room at work. I went to listen to my MP3 player but the battery was low…

but  ah-ha I thought… I have a smart phone and Pandora on it… I will just plug the ear buds into that and work out. AH HA came the second thought….I do not have a holder for the phone and the MP3 holder is too small…. hmmm what to do?

I figure out a plan… I will carefully pass the phone down under my shirt / ear buds in my ears… and than put the phone in the cup holder on the elliptical…that way the wires won’t be dangling  over my shirt-chancing my phone to go flying and possibly break. Now mind you.. cell phone photos 414I thought I was alone in the gym..

The gym is a nice size- and I like going down at the end of the day. SO I am on the elliptical on the back row


I am slower moving the pedals, and maneuvering the phone down my shirt- kinda half lifting up my shirt and grabbing the phone with my left hand –when all of the sudden I hear a bathroom door open …The bathroom doors are down at the end of this room—in that alcove like area. So I panic…I move quickly to  get my shirt down and act like I am just working out. Well. as this guy walks by, I smile kinda… but I can hear the camera on my phone going off with each move..the phone got caught in my bra strap… so as I am leisurely smiling as I am  pumping the pedals.under my shirt I am taking pictures of my breast….as soon as the guy got out of the room- I finished the process of  situating my phone in the real cup holder…(instead of the cup of my bra)….and I deleted a lot of photos of my boob.!!…AS I did that I can not help but wonder if each photo had a flash going off under my shirt. HA HA…. I can not ask the guy if I ever see him there again—but if there was—- I wonder what he was thinking.

I am still laughing… how “so CINDY”  this was…. I get myself in the strangest situations.

Hope you have a great night….. and a lesson to be learned…. do not try to put your phone down your shirt. HA HA>>>>> Love ya. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

One of the things that the boys faamily reunion 2013 (2)did was come over to our site and use sidewalk chalk and draw on our driveway. We moved our truck down to give them room and kind of create a boundary line form the park road.

They decided to draw emergency vehicles… the top big one is a police car, the middle was an ambulance and the bottom one became a fire truck.

a little later on I needed to move the truck back up in the driveway about 5 feet. Then I was going to go in the camper and get stuff ready for dinner . The boys wanted to join me. Being the truck is pretty high up in the air, I told the boys they had to get in the truck and I would move it. ( That way I did not have to worry they were in the driveway as I moved it.)

From LONG ago— if I had a kid in a vehicle, before I closed the door I would say—“Hands on heads” ( that way the fingers were not going to be in the door frame… ) So I had the boys pop up in the truck on the passengers side and I said “Hands on heads..” I saw they were both doing that and I closed the door. faamily reunion 2013 (55)I moved quickly to the drivers side and opened the door…I had to laugh as Brandon said “ Gamma how long do we have to hold our heads?”

After taking the photo, I released them from position !!

Camping is a time to remember that you have places things go, and they need to get back in their place when you are done with them. You want to make sure what ever it is, that you have what you need and know where it is…

Like the shower stuff goes in a tote bag, you go to the shower, almost methodically take things out in a certain order, and put them back after. I was a little anal with the shower, wanting to make sure it was clean when I got in and clean for the next person. So on the tote bag, in a pocket was a spray bottle of Mr Clean and a squeegee. I really did not mind spraying it before and after, and felt that I was helping somewhat to make it more comfortable.

Now that I am on the other side of this rather weird experience… I can laugh …so here goes…..  on Weds….it was hot and humid, so I decided to wear capri pants that day. Well I  wanted to get my A.M shower and thought that I should shave my legs, so I  made sure I packed the razor—along with all the other stuff… I went over and cleaned the shower, turned on the HOT water..ahhh…. got the razor out and went about my business, when all of the sudden I felt a stinging… I cut my leg !! ( I had not done that since I was 13 !!!) So here I am… all I have is my soap, a scrunggie, shampoo, Mr Clean, clean clothes, my dirty clothes, a white towel and a squeegee. So I am frantically spraying the shower , trying to hold my leg up in mid air and press on the area, as hot water is pouring down on me, wondering how the heck I am going to get from the shower to the camper. I still had to wash my hair—so I did that on one leg- the other kinda swinging back and forth in the air, my body swaying with it…. occasionally needing to grip the wall and I am envisioning me totally loosing my balance and falling out of the shower with my less than taut wet body slapping on the floor..and who knows who would be standing there looking at me… fortunately that did not happen- . But I was still in a predicament – see if I lowered my leg it was going to bleed- so I am trying to maneuver around in this rather precarious position. I knew no one in there..and was thinking ( my mind was like a slot machine –tick tick ticking..) I am looking at my clothes, my white towel and finally came up with tying my slightly used underwear around my leg like a tourniquet and hobbling faamily reunion 2013 (16)back to the camper.  I was relieved to see I had not brought my capris there—for the underwear would have been showing as it soaked up the blood… as I walked back. It was a definite Girl Scout move !!.   I slowly dried off my body, quickly towel dried my hair, did the Mr Clean squeegee process—all as I wobbled on one leg…. then back to the camper.. Oh I can assure you that I carefully stepped ..as I did not my make shift tourniquet to fall off on the pathway… I got in the camper—and put on a rather tight band aid, shared my experience with Mark… and chuckled at the what could have beens as I rinsed out the blood…

Looking at my leg today- I am amazed my process kept it from bleeding—I did not nick it.. I skinned it about 1 1/2 inches long !!. dang !! No wonder it stung… HA.. the joys if improvising..the joys of camping…I love camping… but think my bath bag will now include band aids.. LOL.. Have a great night..more family reunion thoughts to come again soon… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Today, just now…I was reminded of things in life that just are not so much fun…and at times pretty darn embarrassing. What prompted my mind to spin on this was a cold day, a hot shower, a ceiling vent sucking out the hot moist air, wet hair, wet body and my towel still across the bathroom on the towel rack. I wonder why -in this situation , the towel rack feels like it is 50 feet away, down a blustery highway….. 100_0261See in the winter, I am one who carefully takes the towel from the outside of the sliding shower door, closes the sliding shower door and dries off in the shower. It is much warmer. But just now, it felt like I had to walk to the other end of town to get my towel…

Than…I am all dried off and dressed, I am doing my hair, and I look at my lip….I am reminded of yesterday. We were grocery shopping and I put the list between my lips for one second..and it STUCK on my lower lip. Now I am not sore lipreferring to lightly laying on it..it was like immediately they became one. I had to literally peel the list off my lip, and the list took possession of the first layer of skin.. Dang …

As I am thinking about my stinging lip, I notice yet another thing that has been rather embarrassing at times in my life.clothes on inside out…why you ask… because I am standing in the bathroom , blowing my hair dry..and realize my shirt is on inside out.. So my mind drifted to another time or two when that happened. And the other times I did not find out until I have been in a zillion places, and wondered who noticed my clothes inside out…

That brought me into another ( of a long list of moments that I laughed about afterwards..) We ( Jeff and I were shopping at Ames ..( sniff sniff … a favorite department store that closed and I still miss it terribly) Jeff was about waist height to me… so maybe 6 or 7. We had gone on a few errands.. me and him in tow… we were at the checkout line… he behind me… All of the sudden, so innocently ..he says.. “ Mom I like your polka dot underwear.”  I thought that was a strange comment to make at that moment… and than I thought.. hmmm I think I have them on now… how would he know… So I asked him in the inquisicle way a mom would do… I said something like… “Thanks Jeff, but what made you think of that right now?” He looked up, and so sweetly Fathers Day at Toms 2021 027said, “Because I am looking at them right now, and they look nice……”  I look down..and only than realized my white sweat pants were see through !!!.  HA I could not get out of there quick enough/..and than I did the rewind life mode…thinking of all the places we had been in my see through pants…

Yeah… life is fun, and life is interesting..and it is funny that moments like these—they live in the forefront of my mind. SO the motto for today… I always have a sense of humor..cuz embarrassing things happen. so smile…. and let those moment roll off your back. Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy

Who do you trust, who do you not trust? What can you believe, what can you not believe.

I was on facebook the other day and there was a picture of a guy who was holding up a winning lottery ticket. It was the gigunda one…400 million or some unbelievable amount. Well on it he had a message saying he was going to give 1 million dollars to a random person.

People responded to him, blessed him, I too joined in with a word of support… low and behold it was a prank. I felt embarrassed, I felt naïve, I felt foolish…. but at least it was not just me who was rolled over by the guy… thousands of people liked him, commented, blessed him… and he set us up.

I want to believe people are good, I give people the benefit of the doubt, I work to find the good in people … and poof….someone let’s me down.

I remember with a job I had many many moons ago…. I totally loved the job. The manager told us what a great group we were, we were praised for our efficiency, I had part of my day when I worked on a print cutter , it cut the people’s  negatives and prints at the same time. I learned how to get it to work beyond its settings, by clicking certain switches I bypassed stops… I remember the manager telling me that Kodak was going to send a group of people there to see me run this print cutter. I totally LOVED coming to work. I trusted my boss, trusted the corporation…and than one day poof… the dreaded words… we were closing, relocating to another state.

Trusting people who make promises to you… that always hurts too. The world is filled with promise breakers. People who promise to call you when your vehicle is ready, people who promise a product is great and as you are taking it out of the package it breaks… people who promise to meet you at a certain time..and no show… people who promise to love you forever..only to one day say they never loved you…..

I have learned from these situations,6-25-2012 Syracuse and Oswego NY 011 from these people to carefully say my words… never promise something I can not provide, ..when I say I love you..I mean it…and when I promise to be there forever..I will be.

What you see is what you get..I will not pretend to be something I am not ( LIKE THE CREEP ON FACEBOOK) … We need to all work on being real,,, telling it like it is…. and not trying to bring false threats or false hopes to others.

I hope as the holiday season fills you with real things, no fake promises, no heart break, no disappointments. Love to all, Mrs Justa alais Cindy

I for one will be glad when the election is done.100_0410 I am so sick of the accusations, the blindness, the short term memory people, people who can not remember the promises made 4 yrs ago, and where we are today.

I am floored that the pollsters are saying it is a tie…. I am floored so many in my family are blind to the reality. It is like everyone is drinking koolaid. I am just in shock.

I truly believe if we continue another 4 yrs on this path..we are in deep trouble. Our children and our grandchildren need a future other than one of socialism and debt.

I do not know if Gov. Romney is the be all end all..but I believe he deserves a chance to help us. I believe he TRULY is compassionate for this country and the people in it. I believe he means well….

As  I think of these past 4 yrs, of our President apologizing more than once to the mid eastern countries for America, I am embarrassed….. I look at the recent terroristbenghazi_151807080_620x350 attack in Bengazi and our president, Secretary of State and UN rep all going on about a YouTube video was why it happened.. and apologizing for it!!! And I am amazed how left sided the media is. I am amazed that there is not more across the media of the attack in Bengazi… heck if a republican had been in ofc and that happened ( which it would not have..had a republican been in office) that president would have been smeared and probably charged with treason…impeachment…

I am totally disappointed in the whole thing. People called for help… our leaders in the  country ignored the pleas… well not all the country ignored the pleas… one brave man went and sacrificed his life for his country.

I am disappointed that people are not demanding to see what the implications of Health Care Reform has already been and will be….

I am flabbergasted that no one is bringing up all the wasted government spending..the printing of $$….having the president and his family take separate jets to the same destination for vacation hours apart… how the president chose to go to the NJ shore for Hurricane Sandy because of the political implications from h m doing it…. –but was not as eager to appear in the other natural disaster areas… How it seems that people’s suffering will be addressed IF there is political gain from it.

Or how there is booing of God… taking God out of the pledge…


We …as a country ..gave this man a chance… and he has proven he knows how to campaign—as he has been going going going since his last election— campaigning… but not being presidential. Oh he is a smooth talker..( as long as he has a tele-prompter) ….  but he has not led the country. People are suffering and he is on Jay Leno… the View….insulting peoples intelligence with tactics….

I am so disappointed in the people who are turning the other cheek multiple times, those ignoring the fact that the president has been a divider more than a person bringing the country together. HIs comment the other day ( yesterday maybe) about “don’t boo…. Vote…voting is the best revenge” Are ya kidding me??? REVENGE>>>> No damn it… the reason to vote is for the best chance as a country we have to move forward..not because you wanna act revengefully. AHHH>>>>> HE had his chance..he failed….

9-2012 017I hope that people stop… look… listen…and not get sucked up to the few hours the president actually paid attention to the country and joined hands with the governor of NJ>>>>   please vote for the future… PLEASE>>>> thanks Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Whoa, we had a great weekend. But I gotta admit I started it out definitely in the spirit of the Olympics. LMAO.

Ok.. I am not the most svelte person on earth.. Actually I am probably the furthest from it. Saturday morning EARLY we needed to walk Riley. So I got my shower at about 6:15 and had Riley hooked up and ready for the early morning, dew on the grass walk..the one where I tell her a zillion times to go potty.. ( like she is going to go on command) ..as we were heading to Cracker Barrel for our traditional Saturday morning breakfast with our friends.

Well… I stepped down off our front steps..looking at the leash and totally ignoring the new asphalt sidewalk.and the ground next to it that was dug out and now created a “V” shape… and I stepped in the V and somehow became an Olympic Gymnast wanna be in a split second.

Oh yeah…. kinda like the feeling when you are doing gym class and having to do those run and leap stunts on the mat…but I had no mat… I am not fit and trim…and I have not been in a gym class like that for 43 years ….. One second I am walking..the next I am flying in the air.. Somehow Riley comes home 6-29-2012 009I was able to float a bit… twist to the left ( as to avoid the asphalt) ….landing on my left side..dew splashing up in the air.. leash TIGHT in hand…as I hit the grass I did a roll to the left…ending up on my back..staring at what would have been the early morning sky..had it not been for Riley licking my face and staring at me…

I remember that first moment of realizing I was lying in the grass… it was one of those moments when ya slowly move this and that making sure everything is still attached to where it needed to be…. once that is assured..than wondering who the heck just saw this very athletic maneuver…and than having the realization that I had to get up off the ground… I did get up..brushed myself off..walked the dog..she did both—– I think I scared the poop out of her…

I felt lucky… UNTIL SUNDAY MORNING>>>>when I came to realize the 24 hrs after an accident pain… Oh yeah…. the mid Right back area…on the right…oooo hurts to twist…. hurts to bend… dang hurts to lift my leg too high… GRRRRR> So I told the boys they had to help me… for Preston if a diaper needed changing it was being done on the higher bed in the house…. no lifting the boys… but I could sit with them .

Today..at work the pain was around an 8..in the kidney area..so I went to the docs. Wanted to make sure it was not a coincidence and the pain was not from my Olympic moves..but kidney related… So I was sent in to leave a urine sample… Now 2 hrs prior to this appnt—I had taken B6 and Magnesium..so I pee in the sterile cup..put the cap on it..set it on the table in the bathroom..and realize my pee is dayglow lime green yellow !!!! All the other folks urine was darkish yellow..not mine—it looked like it was some sort of glow in the dark liquid.. CAN YOU SAY EMBARRASSED !!!!. No one said anything to me… but I was chuckling to myself at the difference between mine and the other 3 …. bet they wear protective gear when they culture mine..like it is a nuclear substance or something.

So heat, try some stuff at the gym tomorrow, Motrin, and time…. THANK GOD my kidneys are looking okay!.

I am off to take a hot shower and put some of that romantic smelling Ben Gay LMAO…. on my soft tissue area that hurts… and head off to bed….

Tomorrow is going to be here before I know it…… I need to get in there early… Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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