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So now… oh talking heads… 100_6269_editedwe are going to be blessed with 2 years of talking, talking , talking about  the 2012 fricken presidential race talk.. yackidy yack.. blah blah blah….. Uggg.

I can not believe that        no-bama has signed for a 2nd term, and that he wants to raise over 1 BILLION dollars for his campaign.

If you look on line it says the average cost for a presidential campaign can go as high as 100 million. So here I am, thinking about all the sleazy moves, digs, harassment our beloved president can do for over 1 BILLION dollars. 10 times the predicted costs…

Hmm, I wonder, if he wins, will he still blame Bush for the next term too?

I wonder if he wins if we will be in debt a Quadrillion $$$$?  In school I do not think we ever got beyond billions… not anymore… now the history books have trillions to write about.

I have a hard time dealing with the very long  year  leading to a major election—but this is 2 years.

It makes the world seem so ugly, so hateful, as the politicians try to see who can sling the most mud. It is kinda funny in a way—these high ranked people in the world turn their campaigns into gutter talk… and make the supermarket tabloids look like the best news source in the world.

Now this could be a good move on the Dems part for the Republicans.. Because by the time 2012 arrives… the Pres will have stepped on his royal appendage about a trillion more times.

100_6245We need a strong person in the White House. We need someone who does not take the appointment as a green light to read teleprompters on a daily basis, and fly here and there, and fly some more, acting like he is still campaigning.

We need someone who will respect our future, our money. We need someone who shows strength, sincerity and respect for what our forefathers fought for. We need someone who knows what this flag stands for. Someone who feels pride when they see if wave in the breeze. We need someone with brass balls… with a strong moral backbone, without secrets and smirks…

What will the future bring??? We will have to ride the wave and see…. but I really hope that people look at the candidates… look for a person who has clearly shown they love this country, they respect the foundation of this country… UGGG>.. a billion plus dollars in campaign funds… …how many commercials is that????

I am off for tonight… I will start praying for a  back boned,  brass kahunas candidate to step up to the plate… think we will have one??? Mrs Justa alias Cindy

An auditorium full of accomplishments, full of energy, full of fear, full of debt , full of dreams. 042A large group of people, mostly young adults, but some middle age folks too, all who have stories of the paper that was almost late, the courses and professors that were hard to understand, the long nights of studying and wondering if you will make the grade, and the realization that 4-6 years have past and you have made it, you have proven you could get through it all.

As I look down at these folks I realize they are way ahead of the times from me, they know the new business trends, the new ways of finance, and I am in the background. I am trying my hardest to be the best I can be, yet I know that there are younger folks with more knowledge and more risk taking than I.

I do not mean to sound like I believe I am a wash up. I think I know my job very well, and managing people has its good parts. There is a part of me that would love to come to work and know that I have a task to do, just do it and go home. To be able to go into my cubicle, focus on my work and have no interruptions, just do the best I can. But I am not there, I am here, and I do love my job, just sometimes think a little less responsibility might be nice.

Today I started a new project at work, training 2 nurses to the same job. It is fun, they are both very enthusiastic, and willing to learn, and they already know the basics and the software we use, so it was fun. I am working with these 2 nurses through Thursday, and I truly believe that on Friday they can share the assignment and do just fine. ( I am off for the long awaited move )

I love to teach and problem solve, and that makes management fun. I love people and I think that I am compassionate and yet they know what we need to achieve, and I fortunately work with a great team of people. Work is nice, however as I looked amongst these people at this graduation with their Bachelors and Masters in business, I wondered if their new way would shun my way.

I believe that to manage people, one has to be able to do what the people do, to walk the walk. I also believe that I would never ask anyone to do something that they knew I would not do too. I hope that these new grads are not the opposite of that thought process. To me it is hard work, but it is worth it when we can all pull together through the hard times. So hats off to all the grads of 2008, and please do not stomp me on your way to the top. Love and best wishes to all, Cindy

This brave little soul found a way to escape the jaws of life and hide from a fate worse then death. He did not go without being unscathed though, if you look at the bend on this stem, the little guy did get a nick. But look at the fate of all his neighbors, lives cut short, into millions of little pieces. That is kinda how it feels right now, as we struggle through the uncertainty, we are 100_1335_edited looking at the park in which we live and it is out of control in a way. Kids riding bikes till late at night, people with outdoor HUGE bon fires, people abusing the privilege of the dumpster by throwing away items that are not meant for a dumpster for residential trash, people not mowing their yards, riding 4 wheelers like this is a race track, and having bags of garbage at their front doors.

Here we are, trying to hide from the problems outside, packing like crazy and feeling like we have so much more to do, and some of our neighbors, who have chosen to stay here, they are getting inundated with rules and new management that is going to be punishing those who care, along with those who do not care.

I am all for rules, and this place is suffering from 3 years of no one here to enforce them, so it is almost like an anarchy, so people are either going to try to ignore the rules, or they will rebel them, and the good folks are going to feel the struggle.

One rule that is being introduced is that if you have a dog more then 16 inches tall, or more then 25 pounds ( regardless of if you keep it inside or not)- you either get rid of the dog, or leave and take your home with you. Now there are people in here that have larger dogs that are inside dogs, well behaved. What are they to do?  And then there are some with small yippeee dogs that are left tied out, and the dogs bark all day. ( They no longer can leave a dog tied out) There is one person with a beautiful German Shepard, and it is tied to their porch ALL THE time, the dog is thin, I feel bad for it, but this is private property, so the dog warden prefers not to get involved.

So I hope our packing is not for naught, and that we are able to proceed with the move to Hoffman Heights, but if something happens tomorrow, and it is another announcement that we have to shell out more money, well  I think we will back out, and just sell our existing home to Earl, and find a town house or duplex to live in.

We will see, I think we are well over 1/2 packed, we still have our clothes and the shed, there is stuff not packed that we may need in the next 4-5 weeks, but we are getting there. It is hard though, depressing in a way, because we were so excited, then G&I dropped the “There is a problem” so we had to come up with the additional $3677.00, then we are back on again after I withdrew the money as a loan from my 401 K, so tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow night I should have a good idea if it is a go or not,  and if it is a not, then I think we will reassess the situation. SO until tomorrow, we will be bending down, avoiding the blades of destruction, and knowing  ( As reminded to us tonight by our daughter-in-law Amanda 🙂  )if it was meant to be, then it will be. Love to all, Cindy

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Hoffman Heights, our almost new domain, and a sign in our almost new yard. This is the entrance to the housing community we are about to relocate to.

The owner, Earl, had asked us a couple of weeks ago if we would take care of the sign, this is what he was referring to.

And , as I mentioned in yesterdays post, we attacked the sign, I think we won.

Mark and I are feeling a little weary from the battle, but with the help of some of our allies, ( Jeff and Amanda and a big truck) we were able to add the finishing touches this evening.


This morning we started the second part of our assault on the enemy. Yesterday we removed the weeds, that was quite a task, about 5 minutes into it we were questioning if we were nuts or not, and also thinking that ( as my husband was saying ) we are too old for this ! I knew we could succeed and felt we would be grateful at the other side of the project.

This morning we went to Wally World and purchased about $22.00 for petunias and some green perennials. Then we drove to the garden store and got another $24.00 of red mulch. We were armed and ready for our mission. We got to the site and Earl was across the street working on a vacant site. He came over and chatted and seemed pretty impressed with just the weed removal.

He went his way, and Mark and I trudged forward. This is what we we ended up with after chapter 2 of our 3 part adventure.

I wanted to show Jeff and Amanda the difference we made with the sign. I wanted them to see that the 2 old fogies were pretty darn good at our attempt at landscaping. I mentioned when we were showing our digital photos, that we were thinking of bringing up all the white rocks from our current place and doing a border around the sign. Jeff volunteered his truck and services to assist, and I was really thinking that would be easier then hauling them up in the Nissan or Intrepid. So thanks to Jeff and Amanda, we scooted back up there with one trip and poof.  100_1313

This is the finished product, our landscaping project done , on property that is not quite ours, but hopefully will be soon. If for some unknown reason this all falls apart in the next 2 weeks, well Earl, you got an early Christmas gift!

It definitely changed the way the entrance looks, So for now, lets call it our contribution to making a corner of the world a little nicer:)

So I am off to take a warm shower, turn on my heating mattress cover and avoid any stiff muscles in the morning. We are only as old as we feel, and I personally refuse to feel old! So heat, Ibuprofen and a little bit of luck and I will run circles around 54 yrs old. Here is wishing you young thoughts, young bodies , even if the frame is getting old . Love, Cindy


Momma and I had a “discussion” this morning at breakfast.


It was a heated “discussion”. We might be having another one after this post but oh well. The “discussion” centered around portion control for foods that we eat. Now I have heard and so has Momma I believe, that if you use your fist as a guide for a portion of food that this would be pretty much be a good guide for how big a portion you could have of that Item. Does this make sense reading it? It seems meandering writing it. In other words in stead of counting calories you could use this method for your meal and it would pretty much control how many calories you would consume that meal. Does any one else recall an article they read alluding to this method?


Any way, it seems to work for me

I have found that by doing this I can lose weight. This mixed with at least 3 times going to the gym and biking for at least 20 min or walking for 20 min has helped me to lose about 25 lbs. The only thing stopping me from losing more has been when I didn’t pay attention to my portions(reads cheated sometimes) and or didn’t go to the gym enough.

Now I’ve worked pretty hard to get down to 270 lbs from the 314lbs that I was a while ago and I don’t intend to gain it all back. It fact my Dr. Dr. Raphel of my knee surgery fame. Doesn’t think I could get down to my goal weight of 170 lbs.He might be right. 170 seems rather aggressive so I’m going to aim for 190lbs and reassess from there. My whole goal in having the “discussion” with Momma was to have her rejoin me on the journey.

I need an accountability partner on this and up till lately she’s been a pretty good one. I just want us both to get back on track and do the things we need to do. To try to stay healthy enough to grow together to the ripe ole age of oh I don’t know 90.We both need to stop making excuses for not going to the gym and eating right, How’s that sound Cindy? I love ya. And as always I’m justa saying!