September 2010

There is a song that Carol King and James Taylor both did in the 70s. Yes folks, I said the 70s, back before our kids were born, and gee they now have kids of their own..

It is a song that I sing at Karaoke, it is a song I have on my MP3, it is a song I turn the radio up for.

It is titled   "You’ve Got A Friend"   It is really a cool song, and if you are a friend like the one described..or if you have just one friend that is like the one described—than you are a wealthy person. More wealthy than gold or silver can be worth. A friend is a creation of God, a blessing in our lives, a lifetime treasure.

As I was listening it on the way home I was thinking about the song and wondering if I am a good friend. And than thinking about who would be like the person described in this song. How about you?  Are you a good friend? Are there times when no matter when you got a call that you would stop what you are doing and go to them?

Is there one person in your life who you know if you called them and truly needed them…that they  would  drop everything and come to you.

100_4533_edited My golly I hope so. Thoughts were spiraling in my head as I listened to this song on a local radio station. I thought of our friends and we do have some who would be there for us, and have been. Mark and I are friends, our kids are friends and our kids too. Than I was thinking about calling out their name and they would come running to be by my ( our) side – and immediately I thought of Indi too.

No matter how tired he is, if you call out his name he comes running to us. Tail wagging, and even with entertainment if we choose to be distracted. I am not lessening our people friends, but I am thankful for our doggie friends too.

This little guy will cuddle if you are ill, will go for a walk with you no 100_3779 matter what the time, will ride in the car- leaning on your leg, will welcome you home with a howl that sounds like he is saying “HELLLLOOOO” in a deep voice. When you walk in , he is so glad to see you- yet gives you your space to get settled in. In the morning when the alarm clock goes off, if you tell him “15 more minutes” he will climb on the bed and try to lay next to you.

100_2616 Yes I you have a dog… you have got a friend too….

with a kiss just a lick away, a tail that makes you feel special, warmth to comfort, and loyalty that is unbelievable.

They accept us for our good and bad, and if we say something off color, or out of frustration, they seem to let it roll off their backs.

They do not hold grudges, and never tell secrets.

Ahh. I love that song. I love my friends, and I love the pets who have been true friends too.

Love to all,

Treasure those who mean something to you….and those you mean something to.

Mrs Justa  alias Cindy

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Can ya tell they are brothers? Oh my goodness, they have such similarities, yet a very small difference in their features. It was interesting last Sunday. We had finished dinner and Brandon had been wandering around a bit, “Uncle” Gary had taken Preston and was holding him in the crook of his arm, rocking in one of the recliners. Brandon all of the sudden started to generally look like he was searching for something in particular. He walked down the hall and back to the living room, mumbling something but I was not sure what he was so concerned over, than Amanda realized he was looking for Preston.

100_6202_edited It was really surprising to me to see him so concerned about his baby brother, he could not find him and was truly looking for him. As soon as he found out Preston was with Uncle Gary- than life was okay.

Preston is at an age where when you can get a moment of cuddling ( like in this photo) you have to take the time to enjoy it. The cuddling times become less frequent quickly.

Oh sure there are the times when the child is not feeling well and just wants to cuddle and have their back tickled, or maybe a “boo-boo” that needs comforting from mom or dad. But the older they get, the more they like living independent of others holding onto them

Everything changes, everything goes so quickly, and I really hate the distance between Adrianne, Josh and Mackenzie and us. I know it is just an hour and a half away, but it seems like it is 1000 miles away at times. We can not believe how much Mackenzie changes between visits. We have been talking about heading out that way again soon. Life just has a tendency to go…and go.. and go.. And before you know it a year has passed by. It is not because we were lazy, more because we were really busy trying to fill in days with stuff. Weekends fly by. We all seem to be busy with life.

We were talking about that the other day at work, trying to figure out how long ago certain things were, and it is hard to put exact years on events. The older we get, the shorter the years seem. I can remember being a munchkin and the summer went on forever… And now I am thinking- whoa- where did 2/3rds of the summer go? So as the years fly by, we all age, and the grandkids will be heading to kindergarten before we know it, than their school plays, or sports activities, or maybe music performances.. ya just never know.

So as I go to sign off tonight, I hope you do not let life get away from you.. like it seems to be getting away from me. And I send out my love to my family, to our kids and their families, to our grandchildren, to the folks who take a piece of their fast pace life to stop by, …………………and to those who are troubled in the world and needing direction- I send them hope- for life goes too fast to not know where you are going or where you have been. Love mrs justa.. alias. Cindy

100_4918 New days, new challenges, we never know what the sunrise is leading us into.

We can be going along and everything is fine and in the blink of an eye , life changes. I talk about that often, probably just because I find every day I plan the day, but as the sun creeps up, sometimes all my plans get faded in the light and the day goes in it’s own direction.

I recall around 12 today I was telling Mark was a good Monday it was, and in less that 1/2 hr later- poof, an employee issue surfaced and my afternoon was put on hold , and I was figuring out how to work with the new situation. Yep, in a blink of an eye.

I did not arrive at the gym till 5:40ishand I ended up doing more than I had originally intended. I was going in thinking an hr, and I left after about 1 hr and 45 minutes. On the way home I ended up going a little slower due to the rain coming down hard- so I did not get home till 8:00 tonight. I can honestly say I did not even do half of what was on the sunrise for me this morning. 

It was funny tonight, The MP3 player is really awesome.  I just beat butt—( mine) ,  so here I am – a 56 yr old granny on the exercise bike, I am pedaling to some cool tunes, and this tall dude in maybe his late 20s comes to the bike next to me. I always feel like people are in my space when they get on the bike right next to me, kinda crowds in the area. So I try to nod acknowledgement- no talking, just a nod. ( Like the guy nod, you know the one, when guys walk by one another there is a slight nod) My nod is different though, I do a slight smile nod.

So I do this “nod / smile” and he looks back but no nod.. Preload 13 more just a quick look- like he thinking “ Yeah you got hope granny that this gym can help you” So with cool tunes and the will to give it my all for long periods of time, I was intermittently pedaling as fast as possible on "#7 tension” – I was keeping up with the young whipper snapper—and … AND !!! he quit before me… HA!! Give me the pathetic granny look. The funny thing is I probably totally imagined the look… but in the moment, it gave me more determination to keep up with his pedaling… I do not think he was aware my motive… to go longer the folks around me.

So after the 1/2 hr on the bike, I proceeded to the Elliptical. Again on a mission. And again- I felt the need for speed.. Yeah, I am talking max heart rate 144 and max 165, sweating like a stuffed pig, and determined to make 1/2 hr out of it. Felt good, but tomorrow, I will have to remind myself how good it felt .

It does make for a very late night… so I am going to close…. so I can rest and keep up with some more young-uns tomorrow.

Love to all, Mrs Justa, alias Cindy

As I was working my ever loving butt off at the gym and absorbing the songs on my MP3 player, in front of me , on the wall, are 8 large screen TVs, all with different shows going, sounds off on all of them- just available if you plug your headset into a box and chose the TV number you want to hear.

100_2371 It hit me that we all sit on our ever loving butts at home and stare at this box in our living rooms or maybe our dens, we are watching other  people move, watching other people race cars, kick balls, hit balls, sigh, pump their fists or look frustrated, we watch people live, try to sell things to us, pretend to be in situations they are not, the TV has helped to pass time.

I find personally that if I am exercising the distractions help me to make it through the various work outs. But in a much bigger picture ( no play on words) we have the TVs in most of our homes, which actually can take us around the world without a passport. We can get TVs as big as a wall mural if we choose to spend our money on it, and it can seem like we are the baseball flying towards the hitter, the technology is amazing. How the heck they can zoom in on the pitcher so close you can tell he did not shave, or a scenery shot that makes us feel the water splashing from a waterfall.

I think it is awesome. It would be easy to have too much exposure to TV, but I do not think it is a bad thing. It helps me take off the butt that the TV actually contributed to me growing it!. As parents, we have  huge responsibility to not have things on the TV that are not appropriate for our children, we also need to limit the TV time- so it is special and not becoming a necessity. TVs should not be with dinner time…

100_5282 As adults- we need to not have it replace our relationships- we need to always share time together with each other, talk to each other, and share each other.For in years down the road- the memories will not be of what shows you watched together- but more of the moments you spoke, or shared life with another.

It is okay to share time watching the same TV show too. Take it in moderation. In general I think we need to avoid TV shows that are evil, or terribly violent. We want to see violence- read the news!!

If we are adults, alone, I think we have to be careful not to let the TV live our lives for us. We need to get off the couch and see life as it is, walk at a park, sit at a mall, walk down a street, watch a little league game or a Pop Warner football game, maybe sit by a playground and watch the innocence of youth. Or read a book, send someone you are thinking of a REAL letter.

Enjoy your day, enjoy your weekend, and try to make each moment special.

Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa…

How many times in life have you encountered a mountain that you have to climb? Well you do not have to, but if you do not climb over it- you have few options- try to walk through it or walk around it- if you want to change the way things are.

Preload 15 Now I do not know about you, but walking through a mountain … not so much. That would be a task that I could not perceive, kinda reminds me of the movie Shaw Shank Redemption- ( where Timothy Hutton picked the wall apart one crumble at a time for years so he could escape…) .

Walking around it… hmmm.. I think not also- how many mountains have you run across that are by themselves. So I guess the only  thing to decide it, are you going to try to conquer it?? Or are you going to just walk away? Or are you going to stay right where you are? I think you have to believe, you have to have faith in the unknown, not be afraid to pray, trust in God, never lose focus.

At work we are facing mountains to climb frequently, and right now there are maybe 3 “Pikes Peaks”. A part of me , I have to admit , would love to put a huge tapestry in front of them and pretend they are not there. But a major part of me knows we need to get our climbing gear on and go one step at a time.

Life is like that too. Golly gee, weight loss is definitely like that. It is really easy to say Mount Obesity is just an illusion, but Mark and I have been climbing that proverbial mountain with a passion and  commitment. His climbing gear must have come from Gander Mountain- I shopped at Rescue Mission, so mine is not as comfortable and the boots are a little worn as I fight the incline, but I can see him in the distance.

Guys are like that- they lose weight thinking about it. Heck I bet as I have been struggling up some of the cliffs, he probably got a nap or 2 in, and enjoyed the scenery. But I am determined to meet him at the top, I had a few spells of backing off the gym this summer because of my eye surgery and than this week I have been sick.

I did go tonight- and beat up the Elliptical machine. I had ( now do not laugh all at once) my walkman CD player with me- I hung it from the holder for an MP3 player- but it would not let me adjust the volume. So I had to deal with mid loud. Guess my walkman CD player is like staying on the one side of the mountain and not moving anywhere… Tonight I really got whipping on the Elliptical though- yep ( at least for me) averaging 152 strides a minute. Heart rate staying in the 140-150 range. Yeah- I was listening to Mary Chapin Carpenters CD “Come On Come On” and I was trying to follow as quickly as possible.

I am going to start downloading some CDs to my computer… as tonight Mark got me an MP3 player like the one he got for his birthday. I have to admit- it is more sensible to have one— just a lot of work to get it going. That is my mountain tonight.  One step at a time.. Wish me luck,,, see you at the next ledge ( hopefully not a cliff LOL) . Love to all, Mrs justa.. alias Cindy

100_3440 TGIF almost. Yep this week has been a week I really am looking forward to putting in the history books. The Harvest Full Moon , man did you see it this morning as it was saying goodbye for the day- it was huge, like about 6 times it’s normal size. An in it’s memory , today followed suit of many full moon weeks- it was freaky, weird, strange.

First, I am driving down the main road we live off of, and I have to come to a total stop for a family gathering of 12 big wild turkeys, as they slowly strutted their stuff across the road. It was kinda like watching Michael Jackson slide steps as they bopped up down and sideways, like they were all listening to tunes or something.

That just became the beginning of weird things, everywhere, strangeness. Weird calls from people, weird questions, weird stories being told, people were acting kinda like they were just coming back from a very long trip and were a little beside themselves.

One of the men at work had called an office to let them know a particular request they had submitted yesterday evening  was reviewed and approved, and the person at the office told him she loved him. He hung the phone up and said– “Well that is the first time a doctors office ever told me they loved me!”

Heck me and about 11 other people were invited for the first of many monthly meetings, it was going to be ( I guess) a meeting with exciting news about things to come and a place where perhaps as peers we could share how certain things affect each of the areas we work in. We all got to the meeting, and lunch was there too… but the person whose meeting it was, had an emergency and never made it. So we spoke among ourselves, not really sure what we were supposed to get out of the meeting..but we all contributed things that go on in our respective areas and how the different IT programs affect us, either in a positive or negative way.

I looked out the window at work, we are on the second floor, and there was this lady at the traffic light, in the drivers seat of her car, with what looked like a full 7 course meal on her lap, and she is chowing down… now that is someone I want in back of me on the road!!

I left work tonight and totally could not see my car- an SUV was parked on the side of my car closest to me, and it totally made my car disappear. So for a moment, I am standing there thinking.. “Did Mark drive me in today? Where the heck did I park?” The SUV moved, and poof , it was like my car appeared out of no where.

Yes it has been a strange week, a week I will gladly tuck away, a week that has almost passed. I hope you all stay safe tomorrow… talk about weird-0 –it is going to 90 degrees tomorrow… gee—many folks have put their ACs away, we did not yet. This weekend we probably will . I think the 90 degrees tomorrow will be the last time we see that temp for another 6 or 7 months. So hat’s off to Friday, hope it starts to normalize, and please be observant, ya just never know what it coming . Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Have you ever taken off and maybe not looked in the mirror before you left? And maybe later wished you had? I have memories of others and myself doing just that.

There was one day at work, my boss had a person coming in for an interview. My boss was notoriously late, and often came to work with deep grooves in her rather round face, from her CPAP mask she used at night for sleep apnea.

Well I am convinced this particular morning she must have awakened, mask tight on her face, about 5 minutes before the interview. She flew into work, and flew down to the interview, to me, all I saw was a blur of movement to and fro. I only knew it was her, because of the cubicle she ran to and exited from.

So about 45 minutes later she came back on the floor, at a speed that was much slower, so we could actually see the person instead of the blur. She still had the strap indentations from the mask- which is why I assumed she woke up in a real hurry, and as she is standing in the aisle outside our cubicles we all snickered at the same time as we informed her that her skirt was not only inside out…. but the back was tucked inside her panty hose.

Oh my goodness… it was one of those times when ya wish you could turn the clock back, and you quickly rewind the time from when you last pulled up your panty hose to the immediate moment, to retrace your steps and wonder who the heck saw you. I still laugh over it.

I have been guilty of wearing a shirt inside out, and not knowing it until a few hrs later, and in retracing the places I have been make a mental note not to return for ..oh.. about 5 yrs or so. I remember Mark one time had his shorts on inside out… it was funny… pockets sticking out… it happens to many of us. Ya  gotta laugh, cuz when you figure it out you have usually already gone a zillion places . I was thinking about this as I was looking at photos from years gone by, from working at the hospital. We had a night shift nurse come into work- ( thru the parking garage, thru the tunnel, on the elevator, up 6 floors, around 2 corridors) in her slip! She forgot her skirt… So today’s  thought… check yourself over before leaving, for those in skirts… make sure the hem line is all the way around and not tucked in your underwear… and remember that you have a mirror…. use it 🙂 Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( embarrassed monkey from google images )

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