July 2012

Whoa, we had a great weekend. But I gotta admit I started it out definitely in the spirit of the Olympics. LMAO.

Ok.. I am not the most svelte person on earth.. Actually I am probably the furthest from it. Saturday morning EARLY we needed to walk Riley. So I got my shower at about 6:15 and had Riley hooked up and ready for the early morning, dew on the grass walk..the one where I tell her a zillion times to go potty.. ( like she is going to go on command) ..as we were heading to Cracker Barrel for our traditional Saturday morning breakfast with our friends.

Well… I stepped down off our front steps..looking at the leash and totally ignoring the new asphalt sidewalk.and the ground next to it that was dug out and now created a “V” shape… and I stepped in the V and somehow became an Olympic Gymnast wanna be in a split second.

Oh yeah…. kinda like the feeling when you are doing gym class and having to do those run and leap stunts on the mat…but I had no mat… I am not fit and trim…and I have not been in a gym class like that for 43 years ….. One second I am walking..the next I am flying in the air.. Somehow Riley comes home 6-29-2012 009I was able to float a bit… twist to the left ( as to avoid the asphalt) ….landing on my left side..dew splashing up in the air.. leash TIGHT in hand…as I hit the grass I did a roll to the left…ending up on my back..staring at what would have been the early morning sky..had it not been for Riley licking my face and staring at me…

I remember that first moment of realizing I was lying in the grass… it was one of those moments when ya slowly move this and that making sure everything is still attached to where it needed to be…. once that is assured..than wondering who the heck just saw this very athletic maneuver…and than having the realization that I had to get up off the ground… I did get up..brushed myself off..walked the dog..she did both—– I think I scared the poop out of her…

I felt lucky… UNTIL SUNDAY MORNING>>>>when I came to realize the 24 hrs after an accident pain… Oh yeah…. the mid Right back area…on the right…oooo hurts to twist…. hurts to bend… dang hurts to lift my leg too high… GRRRRR> So I told the boys they had to help me… for Preston if a diaper needed changing it was being done on the higher bed in the house…. no lifting the boys… but I could sit with them .

Today..at work the pain was around an 8..in the kidney area..so I went to the docs. Wanted to make sure it was not a coincidence and the pain was not from my Olympic moves..but kidney related… So I was sent in to leave a urine sample… Now 2 hrs prior to this appnt—I had taken B6 and Magnesium..so I pee in the sterile cup..put the cap on it..set it on the table in the bathroom..and realize my pee is dayglow lime green yellow !!!! All the other folks urine was darkish yellow..not mine—it looked like it was some sort of glow in the dark liquid.. CAN YOU SAY EMBARRASSED !!!!. No one said anything to me… but I was chuckling to myself at the difference between mine and the other 3 …. bet they wear protective gear when they culture mine..like it is a nuclear substance or something.

So heat, try some stuff at the gym tomorrow, Motrin, and time…. THANK GOD my kidneys are looking okay!.

I am off to take a hot shower and put some of that romantic smelling Ben Gay LMAO…. on my soft tissue area that hurts… and head off to bed….

Tomorrow is going to be here before I know it…… I need to get in there early… Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 010OK..now Riley has a little condo. I am not kidding. The blue crate totally freaked her out..I mean we had to lift her to get into it, and when we came home she was panting, had diarrhea and was pretty distressed…. SOOO we folded that up and it currently is in storage …

Today we had some stuff going on and she needed to be left behind…so we left her at the kennel not far from here. The kennel owner has some of those BIG ASS cages for her FULL GROWN poodles… ( you know the big ones!!) and so they tried Riley in one of them. They are open on all 4 sides and pretty airey..Riley did not seem to protest..so off we went tonight to buy one of these cages. We have to do something, she freaks out when left alone. We brought the BIG ASS cage home, and than I took her out and walked her back and forth trying to encourage the poop to happen before we left and not while we were gone. Well..she did not go on the very long walk I took her on..so  we left with Riley in the new condo.. ( Not without a shove of the butt and lifting the hind legs up.

We went to the grocery store and we were gone probably 45 minutes. We came home and we could hear her calling our names… No accident in the cage/condo..so quickly we let her out…. she did both..after doing a happy dance going up and down the stairs…wiggling her butt because we came home.

So now we have this dog condo… it is big enough that  an adult could climb in there with her. Hopefully this will be a safe haven for her,,and keep our house safe from her curiosity..without the drama..trauma leaving her alone causes.

Mark teases me because he says I have made up quite a novel about her past in my mind, just because of her behavior… to me it makes perfect sense why she is crouching down when she is called…why she fears the crate…why she knows how to be a food scavenger..(she eats before the food hits her bowl!!) …Yeah I could write a real tear jerker on Rileys life before us.

Riley in the crib 004We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us…and to start it out we had to put up 2 sets of blinds that keeps the sun out… Mark and I wondered if our marriage would survive this little event.. ( It did)..he gets frustrated because he has limitations ….I get frustrated because he gets impatient…. BUT the good news is we have the blinds up… I took over when he needed to take a break..and the ol farts got it done!. Another victory for the two of us.

I have to go grab the laundry, make up the crib, do a few things around the house and get some sleep.

Love to all.. envy of those who are mechanically inclined handy people…. and pride in the challenged who get-er-done !!. Mrs Justa..alias Cindy

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 048We have just returned from a 2 day camping trip at a KOA about 1 hr from here. It was fun, it was pretty hot weather.. and  it is always nice to get home. I get to go to work tomorrow, and I am looking forward to the 2 days of work, than the weekend.

The washer has just finished the last load of clothes, we have finished dinner, and I feel kind whipped from the day. We got up at 7..and left by about 9, than dropped the camper off at the camping store again—had a few issues that need looking at… and came home.

We unpacked..and as I went to make lunch—I realized the turkey lunch meat was no where to be found. Knowing the camper was sitting for a few days..in the beating down sun…..needing repair—we figured we better go down there and get the turkey out of there.Can you imagine what the camper would have smelled like! I bet they would have fixed the problems quickly and gotten it back to the FAR AWAY lot lickety split!!LOL>>>>

So I finished unpacking the rest of the stuff..packed the left overs in the fridge or freezer, did some stuff around here, and off we went to the camp place to check out the probability that there was turkey left behind.

AND THERE IT WAS… under a grocery bag that was laying in the fridge from me packing the fridge up.

We left Riley at home… she is having trouble with adjusting to us being gone… well.. I left the cooler next to the counter..not thinking this long legged baboon would think the cooler was a step to the counter. She got on the counter..found 2 sub rolls, and took them on the floor and ate them..than proceeded to have diarrhea in the dining room… GRRRR!… I know they said she was a stray—so she probably climbed in all sorts of places for food…. she IS earning confinement in a kennel when we take off places…

She was great at the camping trip. camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 006they had a Kamp K-9… which she had more to herself than with others. So I became her play mate…. camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 009

She does not like to chase balls, was not real keen on the agility stuff… she just had time to be off the leash in a safe area.

We had initially planned this trip with Jeff and Amanda and their 2 kids…. we let Josh and Adrianne know –they and their 2 kids came..and than we mentioned to Emily about it. It was going to be like a mini family reunion for a few days…

BUT.. Jeff and Amanda’s boys were sick..so they were not able to attend. We have a nice time…but we definitely camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 055did miss them…

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 034







camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 062

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 067

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 072

The pool water was cool, the dinner came out very good, the campfire was good for s’mores….and we enjoyed the time spent with everyone there.

camping KOA Canandaigua 7-23 - 25 041





AS the day becomes closer to being a yesterday..I have thought about how neat it is to get together with family.

We are going to maybe try again in August and see if we can get the whole group together… if not camping.. maybe a summer meal here….. we will have to see… I am closing for now.. gotta finish a few things before ending the day…

Love to all , Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Oswego NY  6-11-12 012We are going to be camping in a KOA in the very near future. We camped there once before MANY years ago. We went to check it out and it seemed more crammed together this time. I think it was probably 20 ish yrs ago – and I remember it being clean—but not crammed.

It should be interesting to see how crammed—or uncrammed it is on a week day. We did check it out on a weekend day..and there was a lot going on in the area. So maybe when we get there it will be different.

I am bumming— Jeff and Amanda were going to spend the 3 days with us, but have had to cancel because of the kids having a viral infection that is pretty contagious. I hope we can try to schedule something later in the summer—even close by—where we can spend some quality time together. It is tough with popping in here and there..moments at a time. When we go camping—the distractions and responsibilities change some—I personally can relax and focus just on them , Mark and now the dog.

We are going to have one evening when we are there with Adrianne, Josh, Mackenzie, Caleb, Emily and Craig. That should be fun. We had seen them all this past weekend—but it was at a birthday party for Mackenzie..lots of people..lots of stuff going on…not the environment to have one on one…

When our kids were young we loved the KOA. They were clean, had a rec hall, pool, areas to walk around, and lots of people caring for the campground. Hopefully this will be the same experience we have once we have our 3 days there.

Last night we left my car off at the dealer. Occasionally we were experiencing the transmission slipping . I have a 100,000 mile warranty..and even though the car was drivable—it was telling us it was not feeling very good. So I had it in there last week for a strange noise ( vacuum sounding noise –which they could not figure out what I had heard) and I mentioned the transmission intermittent issue… they made an appointment for today. Well they just called… I need a new transmission. BOY AM I GLAD we took it in now !! I do not remember the cost with the warranty—100 or 200 dollars..but that is a heck of a lot cheaper than a transmission. Heck we want to keep this car going for a while… I put about 26,000 miles a yr on a car driving to and from work…

People say to NEVER get a warranty… well I have not had any regrets for any warranty we have ever purchased. Mark said to me today that I always get my money’s worth with my warranties… work amd Oct 2011 055

It is hot, muggy..and still no rain..the garden has been a huge disappointment this year…maybe we will get some tomatoes—but unsure right now—they all have black bottoms… Probably form the lack of rain and tons of sun. I am off to water the garden, talk to it and say a few prayers.. Have a great day, Love to all, Mrs justa…alias Cindy

Well today Riley Regan got a small introduction to her kennel. We had a birthday party to go to in Rochester, and even though Adrianne and Josh said to bring the dog..we just did feel right about adding a dog to the mix of a potential 15 kids and 40 adults. So the kennel we have used for our past 2 dogs had an opening and we dropped her off.

They said she was great there. 378360_3969024137755_792442688_n[1]That the kennel was like home to her. We were not sure if we would get back by 5 ( when the kennel closes)..but we made it with 15 minutes to spare.

She was not moping, or seeming like the change of scenery did her any harm.. She was tired, but happy.

We are thrilled, as she has been through a lot these past few weeks, and she needs to know we will be back, and that she is safe and no one is going to hurt her.

This woman who runs the kennel totally LOVES each of the dogs. She talks about the dogs like they are gifted children in a daycare center. She does not just put the dogs back in a cage and collect the money. She knows all their quirks, personalities and laughs about their antics. We are so blessed to have her right near by.

Mackenzie is going to be 3 on the 25th… how totally precious to see her at 3..she was born a very tiny little girl… 100_3672

This is Mackenzie on 8-23-2009…


and this is her today….

7-21-2012 Mackenzie's birthday party 032




a little girl filled with wonder.. trying to absorb the day, the heat, the people, the smiles and claps.

It was a nice day. We got to see Josh, Adrianne, 7-21-2012 Mackenzie's birthday party 040Mackenzie, Caleb,


7-21-2012 Mackenzie's birthday party 005


Emily and Craig, and some people we knew in passing…

Mark’s first wife was there and Josh and Adrianne’s kids are very close to her..she lives close to them.

All in all it was a nice day…Riley met new friends..we got to see some of our grandkids… Jeff and Amanda were not there—they have 2 sick boys right now… the party would not have been a great place for them.

Unfortunately they will not be camping with us this week on Mon and Tues… Sad smile (major bummer)… but we will get to spend an afternoon and evening with Emily and Craig..and an evening with Josh, Adrianne and their 2 little ones..so we are looking forward to that.

Whew.. I am feeling a little tired from the day…. I have a solo to do tomorrow… probably would not be good to yawn during it..so I am off to fold laundry and get ready for bed.. Good night all… love to everyone… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Okay… so Words With Friends is something I hear and see often. I have not officially gotten sucked into the craze yet. See watching others do it.. well it is frustrating to me.

I like scrabble… and sharing a game of scrabble….well that is fun. But having to wait 14 hrs  before the next person takes a turn—well that is a little long for me…

Now with Words With friends… I watch some of these people play..and I am no whiz kid by far..and  I have played a fair number of games of scrabble with all levels of people. Heck there are a couple guys that were geniuses..and not one of these people could EVERY SINGLE word..come up with words I never heard of—words that entwine with a bunch of letters from other words..to come up with 40-100 point words EVERY TURN!!.that is telling me these people are not playing without assistance!! And I am not talking about another human being either.

There is no way… no way possible that there is not computer help in coming up with the repetitive high number words. SOOO than I start thinking… searching…. on line there are actually sites for “cheating on words with friends”.. I kid you not. One I went on said that you needed to make sure you felt okay about cheating in the game.

My thoughts are— if you want to play scrabble… than play scrabble….you and your opponent….END OF STORY….. not the cheater sites. Some of the words some of these people have come up with who “are not cheating” are words that I bet they can not define. If you have the computer figure out your next move—NEWSFLASH- you are no longer PLAYING the game!!!!… Nope !!! You have just become the middle man ( or woman)  — you have become a scribe for the computer..you are recording the computers next turn. WHAT FUN IS THAT?????

And than what floors me—- is the person cheating thinks the other person is totally unaware they are not that smart…..…. Well.. for me… one good word … maybe I could go with that… but 7 in a row !!!! Having a score 200 points over the other ones routinely….. nope ..not sounding like fun to me…

I guess if you HAVE to win all the time…. then this false sense of superiority might be a warm and fuzzy for you….. but to me…… no dictionary… my simple mind..and my small vocabulary are the only ingredients that make scrabble ( cyberly called Words with Friends) worth while.

So have fun all you CHEATERS!!!! I am not wasting my time on being a secretary to a computer.. Love to all,. Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( P.S. a real live game of scrabble—with the board, … with your opponent sitting at the same table….. …and touchable wooden tiles… a pencil and a paper score sheet….that is a great way to play Words With Friends)

Okay..the farmers market is sounding better than the “we can sustain life” theory. Dang it all…how do farmers do it?

The news has been full of stories of the drought, the HIGH temperatures… yesterday in Syracuse NY we hit 101 degrees…now I know folks closer to the equator are probably thinking that is NO BIG DEAL…but for us northerners—it IS a big deal. This has been an incredibly warm year—2012 has hit some highs..a lot of them.. I drive into work past many farmer fields and there are spraying irrigation devices trying to preserve their crops.

We have been babying our crops.. ( HA the garden is maybe 15 x 25 feet) and in it –I went conservative… 6 corn stalks., 4 squash plants, lettuce, radishes and tomatoes plus a couple of wanna be  egg plant and peppers..and a couple of sunflowers…)) –we have been watering them. I have been weeding them…than tonight I noticed the zucchini plants were looking a little sad… the squash bores have come back to haunt me AGAIN!!!

SOOOO now we have 2 plants and not 4…

GRRRR… I am really annoyed !

Our daughter in law was posting about the farmers market..and I wonder how the heck do the farmers get past the squash bores—we just lost 1/2 our crop—can you imagine if a farmer lost half their crops. It would make my 2 plants out of 4 look like nothing.  So I have to find optimism… we have had 8-10 zucchinis before the invasion…and we have a nice sunflower, lots of wanna be tomatoes…and I just got another yellow squash … We have had radishes and Italian lettuce… and it looks like we might get corn on the cob in another few weeks…. so..was it a success…. in a way… Is it worth it if the bores and blithe are going to invade the garden… NO!!!!

We will have to see how the rest of the season goes… right now… I am on the discourage teeter totter.

This pooped lady is gonna roll up the carpets.. and go to bed.. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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