May 2010

The sounds of summer, the sounds of comfort. 100_2627 Like hearing the kitchen faucet running and dishes clanging as I played outside, knowing my mom was there watching over her children. Giving us the freedom to go out and play, but close enough to help if needed.

The sound of rain tapping on the roof, peaceful sounding taps without the threatening wild winds of a thunder storm.

Listening as you drift off to sleep to the chirping of crickets, some say they chirp the temperature. I personally have never counted it, but some have told me if it is colder they chirp slower, and the hotter it is the fast they chirp.

We used to put sheets and blankets on out square clothes rack to make a make shift tent.

It was weird because the width from side to side became too narrow as we got older so our feet would stick out, and it was hard to cram 5 kids in this square- but we did it. As we stared up through the top we could see the sky flickering, and is obviously was not bug proof, so all night we would get mosquitoes buzzing in our ear canals… but if we were tough enough to make it through the night it was neat to hear the sounds of the birds as they woke each other up.

The sounds of the mosquitoes… not so much comfort… but they were sounds of summer.

The sounds of the ice cream man… that was a fun sound of summer. we did not get to buy from him a lot, but when we did it was always on a really hot day and the popsicle or cream bar would melt down our hands as we slurped to capture all the frozen treat we could.

The sounds of moms

ringing the cow bells for kids to come running home, and the sounds of various kids voices and laughter as we all romped around outside.

We got up and we were out for the day, running, chasing, setting up Kool-Aid stands , playing tag, kick ball, riding bikes, playing hopscotch, hide and go seek, Frisbee, bopping a tennis ball back against the school wall as the school was resting for the summer, swinging on the school swings, and sitting on the main street sidewalk waving at all who drove by. We sat and played jacks- did that for hours… I remember the warmth of the cement on my legs and butt… we would find a shade tree and read a book, we would go in the field and lay down – looking up at the clouds… 100_5206

seeing all the shapes that flew overhead.

Do you ever remember the welcome feeling of a breeze on a very hot humid day, It was a whisper of a breeze, way too short lived and making anticipation for another one seem almost a desperate need.

I remember the feeling of the wind blowing on my face as  I peddled with vigor thru the suburban streets. The area we grew up in was all streets that looped together, so one could ride around and around the same loop.

The communities pool, as we approached it , we could hear the inviting sounds of splashing and the rebound spring sound of the diving board, with the ear piercing whistle from the life guards. And I can’t forget the sounds of a mower in the distance, almost a humming sound , every once in a while accented by the sound of a stick or rock having a duel with the blades of the mower.

And growing up in a suburban area, as the darkness fell , and our windows were open, we could hear the sounds of the neighbors – laughing, or fighting… it seemed always like they were in our house.

Ahh the sounds of summer..enjoy them… treasure your own… Love to all. Mrs Justa .. alias Cindy

100_4259 Well. my day has come and gone and to my dismay I was not able to do everything I wanted to do.

We did our Saturday morning breakfast with Shawn and Pat – this week was at Stellas in the city. We live about 30 miles from there, but the guys like the Athens Omelet. Thank we left there and headed for the gym. I beat my butt there for 45 minutes on the machines and another 1/2 hr on the elliptical. Mark was able to work on upper body stuff, did some biking and a little rowing and spent a good amount of time in the pool.

My car was dirty- so we went and got it spiffed up… than my car was really hungry for fuel so we went to BJS – fuel was only 2.70 there. 

Last evening I gave my mouse to Mark- as his quit clicking ( I wonder what wore it out !!?? ) so I have one from a lap top Jeff gave us- so we went in to BJS to look for another mouse. They only had fancy dancy ones that have no wire- but this computer has no memory- I can not load another program on it, so I still have the lap top mouse. We were able to get some good buys there are frozen stuff we needed, so it was not a trip wasted. Than off

to Wegmans- got some wheat hot dog rolls and all grain hamb rolls for tomorrow..

than home- where I was able to get the sheets changed, have done all the laundry and spent 3 1/2 hrs sitting Indian Style on the beds in the camper stitching around the edges of the patches. More still to go, but my hip was beginning to feel like it was going to pop out of joint- so I stopped finally at about 7:30 . Still to do… my routine cleaning, a few windows need attention, ( looks like a bird was coming straight towards the house and did a quick put on of the brakes, and when he turned about face .. he crapped on the window. ( that would be kinda humorous to see a bird put its brakes on in mid air and do an about face. ) , enter the check nook stuff on quicken, I also want to get the seeds in and thin the forest of greenery form the flower garden- because those annuals are taking over the joint. Somehow I thought I could get this all done today… But day is done, … and I am not..

Tomorrow is day 2 of a three day weekend… So I am still okay… just wish those dang patches hadn’t consumed so much time this weekend and last. It is nice though and looks alot better than Mr Mouses design signature. Next weekend is possibly camping . Got some more to do with the patches..but we are getting there. I did bring out the sheets and towels today.. need to go thru the pantry and see what is there. Hope all is well in your area. Have a safe weekend… until later…Mrs Justa alias CIndy


Okay, so anyone who read my blog last night doesn’t end up thinking I am a total LOSER.. I thought I would share my tulips that are just now retiring for the season. But they were very vibrant and pretty. I planted the bulbs last year and they did come up with a vengeance this Spring.

I was just checking out the flower area under the sign as we went up to do the weekly shopping and I noticed the annuals are taking over the place. So this weekend— well tomorrow- I need to get some discipline on the plants before they take over the place in an anarchy. 100_5056





Gotta leave some room for my pathetic wanna be marigolds and petunias.

Tonight is the first real sign of hotter days to come.. fireworks… we hear them in the distance. Indi thinks he is getting shot at.. but that is cool.. fireworks at the lake. We, unfortunately are not actually at “the lake” but when we drove by “the lake” there were lots of folks there in anticipation of the fireworks. ( I LOVE FIREWORKS)

SO a long weekend is about to happen. We were thinking about camping… maybe next weekend. This weekend I think we may be blessed with a dinner visit from our two little grand baby boys and their parents!! Maybe if the health of the children stays on a positive side… than there is a chance we will share a few hrs with them on Sunday Evening.. Mark and I are thinking an all American cookout.. Salt potatoes, hamburgers, hotdogs and a yummy salad. Some cottage cheese for Brandon too ( he LOVES cottage cheese!) , and a less annoying veggie for Amanda-

Tomorrow… NOW DON’T  SNICKER… I am planting our vegetable garden. ( NO not the pathetic plants I am praying will stop being whimps) but the seeds that I plant directly in the garden. Zucchini, summer squash, cantaloupe,  snap peas, lettuce, radishes… mmmm I can already imagine how great they will be. I am not bringing the pathetic ones out yet, don’t want to make the new seeds think that is all they have to do.

Stephanie – a very neat blogging friend of ours – suggested putting the pathetic plants I debuted on the blog last night – in a “hot house” type I am going to water them again tonight and cover them with the lids that came with their planter starter kits.. ( heck I can not do any more damage to them) – I will speak kindly to them, tell them I love them, hum them a lullaby, and cover them with plastic.

I want to stitch around the edges of the patches 100_5260 I put all over the tent camper before we crank it down . We ahve had it up all week to see if it leaks in the rain… but it won’t rain. So I figure if we put it down, it will rain, and at least we can see if the trunk area that we fixed..( or tried to fix) last week is no longer leaking.

I also realized I have let 6 weeks pass without entering the expenses in the check book on Quicken—so i will be doing that… I always love cleaning the house on the weekend.. so I will do that.

We will go to the gym all 3 days.. do what our bodies let us do.. Mark has a real good handle on what he can do without aggravating his leg or back, and he does the best he can.  He has found he can get a really good workout in the pool- as the weight bearing is not an issue in the water. plus the exercise bike and rower do not  injure his leg any more than it already is… and the trainer has showed him machines that help the upper body.

Me.. well I have a few ailments and Greg the trainer has found things that will help me too. We are both working hard to be better to ourselves…something that is easy to forget to do in this world of fast foods and quick fixes.

For now… I am off to watch some fo the news… and fix a protein smoothie… and  a little later… cover myself with fresh sheets and have my fan wisp air in my face as I drift off to sleep.. … Love to all…. mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

Last evening after coming home from work and the gym we had a (surprise !!chicken dinner) and than I went to work on the seedlings I have been patiently waiting to grow. There are about 50 little seedling pots that I have carefully ( and lovingly I might add) planted with tomatoes, peppers, marigolds, variety pack wild flowers and pansies.

They have been spoken to softly , sang to, watered and kept under a plastic cover till they sprouted thru the dirt. I have rotated them around so they do not reach towards the sun in one direction. Someone said to place them outside to “harden them” before I plant them in the ground. I did that yesterday… I attempted to “harden “ my little darlings… and to my dismay  I ended up with  maybe 8 empty little containers, and the rest of the group looks like long human hair thickness with a few leaves on them, trying to stand up, pathetic looking things, not nearly ready to face the cruel outside world… grrr. I planted these the third week in April.

This weekend is Memorial Day , planting weekend… and these tiny weanie little bits of life… well they are staying inside this weekend. I will plant my seeds this weekend though.

I added dirt, thinned out extra seedlings, watered them and made sure the tiny little pathetic stems are supported as best as possible. I am kinda afraid to go in and see the little guys tonight… 100_5266 … but I just did, and it is really SAD…

this is after 3-4 weeks of nurturing these guys…

ugggg. green thumb… well not in this household. So what to do???

I do not dare expose them back outside again… the critters would think this is was a snack tray leading up to a substantial meal.

I am thinking the farm market might be where I end up getting the tomatoes, flowers and peppers. But I will water them again tonight, give them a pep talk, and see what tomorrow brings.

For all of you who can look at an envelope of seeds and they grow … well God Bless you. But for meeeee. I am thinking I might be better with a rock garden… I am not giving up though… just may need some help form a farmer’s stand… Love to all.. mrs Justa… alias Cindy

100_3082 What do you say to a mom who has lost her youngest child in a car accident?

What do you say to his older sister?

And what to his dad?

What do you say to that child’s high school friends as they stand in the church looking lost, hollow , confused ?

I felt like my words were insignificant at a time like this. It matters not what caused the accident… that is a separate issue. What matters is these people , who are hurting so deeply, what can you say?

I went to a church this afternoon, I went to support a friend of mine. She is a neat person, she is smart at what she does, and she is always willing to help if I have a question. I know her from work, I have worked there for 8+ years, and she has never shunned me or treated me with anything but with respect. She has a great sense of humor, a smile that makes others smile right next to her and she loves her family.

And there she stood today, next to her daughter who is in her mid to late 20s, and her husband on the other side of their daughter. A casket lay on their right, and draped over it was a senior 2010 tee shirt with his name on it and the school name he went to. There were flowers, not overwhelming- because her families wishes were in lieu of flowers please send donations to the church. There was a continuous run on a TV screen  of digital shots of this young mans life filling the screen and taking us to private times in his life we would not have gone to with out this death.

Photos of him with his friends, learning as a toddler, from birth to now… Every segment of his life, some with his mom and that contagious smile of hers. And past the screen , a little way down into the church were poses for his senior picture on the casket. She has faith and realizes that it was not God that caused the accident, but her faith in God will get her through this.

I looked to my right, in the pews of the church and it was peppered with young adults, probably his age, all looking in disbelief, many reddened swollen eyes, all acting with the utmost respect for the church, for the family, for their friend who lay in that closed casket, all of them brought there by tragedy. I am sure it taught some a lesson about the dangers of cars- and the respect they deserve. One can only hope that when a tragedy is this  senseless that at least  someone learned something from it.

100_3787 We are given freedoms as we live on this earth, and when we take risks… well death can result. Having the knock on your door, and a couple police officers there to tell you your child is dead. It has to be the longest walk for those officers… and to be the one who answers that door… I can not fathom that pain, the what ifs, the whys and the void. And here she stood, she is a very petite woman, and she stood there with a glimpse of that smile I love to see, as she hugged people and thanked them for coming. All I could say as I hugged  her for a moment was I was so sorry for this terrible tragedy, and I just wish I could grab some of that pain and take it from her. I asked if she needed anything, her response was she could not believe everything we (our employer and individual employees) have done for her and her family. She can not wait to get back to work, and get her mind busy……

and as I left… my eyes welled with tears, as I thought that could be any of us… any of the parents in the world. Our kids just took chances and made it through. I am sure there must have been times when my own child took risks… I know as a young adult I did…

but this child… he was not so lucky.   Please, if you know any young drivers, young adults… plead that they not disrespect the power of a vehicle, the power of speed, the fragility of life. Peace to all, and prayers to my friend and her loved ones. Mrs Justa. alias Cindy


When you look down that road what do you see?

The road of life, it is never ending , no dead ends, maybe poor choices on direction, and for sure hazards along the way that you could not predict, but what lies ahead.

The road to being healthy- that stretch of road has been a good choice. Last measurements – I was down 44.5 inches and last weigh in I am 38 pounds less. So that turn in the road was a good one.

Mark is traveling that road with me. He is always incredible at melting off the pounds, which is good for him, if he was not, he would get discouraged some, as he knows he always is an easy one to shed pounds.

What is different on this road- well the speed limit is slower. No massive drastic short cuts, not this path. This is a road to focus on. We are going to take it carefully… why??Well for one reason we plan not to turn around on it this time. Nope it is a one way path. If you are on the healthy roadway too , hang on…

When you change the way you think, the way you measure food, ( I mean measuring too… count those calories, have a food diary and enter everything that passes thru your lips, ) , read food  labels !!!,  compare it to your activity- knowing how many  calories are consumed versus spent doing whatever was done for the day… well that road is one traveled carefully.

No room to nod off.. ( have an uncontrolled consumption day.. ) nope .. on this road.. stay alert. just like a deer can run across in front of you, so can a person who wants to tempt you with a road block of donuts or double cheeseburger from fast food joints. So stay alert and avoid the dangers.

The road of life, it is never guaranteed to be smooth ( heck i am the queen of potholes and rough terrain) but hold firm, steady and be in control instead of the road being in control of you.

What ever your journey, what ever is so important to you that you can feel yourself yearn for it, take that pathway. Believe in yourself like I believe in me. Have a safe journey… we may pass one another, We will wave and stay on our side of the solid line. Love mrs justa alias Cindy

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 100_5239_edited Man what a great weekend that just past. I am still feeling like I could sleep for another extra night, but it was a neat weekend. That is what weekends are for!

Did ya ever have a sucky weekend? Man that is the bottom of the barrel pit-so-rama when a weekend sucks. Ya wait all week for the weekend and boom- it is torture.

But this past weekend… not-so-much. We got to see both our grandsons- and this little guy is 3 weeks old now, pretty alert, he was pretty content. Just looking around, observing whatever his 3 week old eyes can see.

Mark held him in the crook of his arm for over 1/2 hr, and he lay there at peace, looking at whatever caught his eye.

I look at Preston and it seems like only yesterday Brandon was that size… yet Brandon is going to be 2 in August. 100_5242



Brandon LOVES being outside. And if an airplane flies over- it is the best thing in the world. He will point and say “Dat” He points at various things and says “Dat”. it is so much fun to see his fascination with life.

Brandon is becoming tall enough to open the storm doors and to let himself out, so the kids are going to put a hook lock high on the door so he can not get it opened. 

He needs to have major child psychology for getting him to come back in- I bribed him with a ride in his toy cop car he has in the house.

Preston and Brandon are lucky- they have a good strong parental unit., and grandparents, great grandparents and family that care for them.




Than last evening Mark spoke with Adrianne on the phone…

and I could hear across the room Mackenzie as she was screaming with joy as she crawled around their house. It is so neat to have our kids having their own kids. They seem to both love their children and both of them have kids with smiles that can only make you laugh.

Yes, life was good this weekend…

and today was not a bad Monday.. ( all except the part when I had to wake up by the alarm clock this morning!)

Hope your Mondays were fine too. My love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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