July 2011

A Happy Weekend , july 2011  mackenzie 2 yr old party [pictures around home 012with a Happy 2nd Birthday party for Mackenzie.

She has come a long way in her 2 short years of life and she is so full of energy that it is unbelievable to think she was born a 2 pound little girl . She spends a lot of energy from the time she opens her eyes in the morning until nap time. Adrianne being pregnant, she must get exhausted at times. It is a good exhaustion though… for Mackenzie appears to be very healthy.

We went out to Rochester for the party, Jeff and Amanda and the 2 boys drove in their van- we had a little convoy. Walkie talkies and laughter along the way.

It was a perfect weather day, Mackenzie was enjoying the sun and the sprinkler and the small pool. She seemed to enjoy her yard, the water and to variety of things to do.

Brandon found a lawn mower july 2011  mackenzie 2 yr old party [pictures around home 009that blows bubbles out of the chute, so he was busy mowing the yard here and there…he was having a great time between the mower, the swing set , the sprinkler with Mackenzie and the pool….



july 2011  mackenzie 2 yr old party [pictures around home 003

and little Preston was day one after having a precancerous lesion removed from the back of his head, so we had to be careful he did not fall backwards, or get water in it.

He was able to have the pain masked with some Tylenol and codeine that the surgeon had prescribed. As I watched him, I was impressed at the resilience of a child. Heck if an adult had just had scalp surgery, with 13 stiches from the top of the head to the nape of the neck… well I think they would have been home moping… but not this little trooper… he was going strong.

When we got home, it was: we were busy…. getting groceries,  mowing the yard, weeding the garden, weeding the flower area in front, planting some annuals along the front of the house, and we went to B-Ville to take some sunset pictures… ended up and Shawn and Pat’s , on their front porch…. drinking some coffee…and being Hors d’œuvres for the mosquito family. Man I was miserable…. they were chomping on my legs, face, arms, scalp…. I was trying to be polite, but I was squirming and really getting annoyed with the vampires. Lessons  numero uno… Citronella candles do not scare away mosquitos…in fact… I think they like the citronella.  Can someone tell me what good mosquitos are… please… I need to find a reason to appreciate them !!. Dang they are bad this year….

Today was a church, gym, Delta Sonic, get my roll of 35mm film developed and work around the house day.. and tonight I am pretty worn out . 16600007I got the 35mm camera out because I wanted a hummingbird picture… ta—dah….. I got one…

See my digital has a delay- so when I snap the picture , the camera thinks..and than all I get is a bird feeder..with the bird already gone.

Now I just need to get a lesser speed film to cut out the grain … but I am a happy camper…. I got my picture… I hope your weekend was great… mine was busy and felt like a good weekend. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy


As I was thinking about things in life, which I tend to do often, I was thinking about how much many of us think a lot about what to do and how to do it.

sunset and finished shed 017An example this evening was we were talking at Jeff’s about many angles of life.So in my trails of thinking came potty training… yes potty training….  This evening this was brought about by taking Brandon in for hopefully a successful journey down the road to being potty trained. Thinking about my mom as we were in the bathroom…. My mom was a believer that the kids needed to take their mind off what they were there to do. So she would bring in books to read with us. She patiently would read a part of the book and than remind us in her ever soothing voice why we were sitting on the potty chair. It is funny, I remember for years following, that to go into the bathroom to perform the needed task, I read the inside of shampoo labels, a label off soap, a magazine that may have been read over and over again, I have to do something to relax my mind, and poof… the task is completed almost effortlessly…

Than I was going over the discussion on how we each think the direction the  country is going in , the financial pitfall that is being projected, how main stream media tells us what they want to tell us, and how we do not get a real picture. I do not for the life of me, understand how some of the people in the legislature, the senate and even the president..can accept money for arguing with one another, for trying to gain political standing.. and forget they are in their rather well paying positions because the majority of people who voted.. voted for them . I think when they are arguing their pay should be held…. no pay unless you are thinking… planning….  I can not believe any of them run their personal finances as they are running the government. And the government needs to get their fingers out of our wallets, and look at the whole picture. IF there are close to 50 % of the people not paying taxes….maybe there should be ways to change that… If there are big corporations who have so many loop holes, that they do not pay taxes… maybe we need to look at that. Heck, if someone would just give the president a tour of the White House and tell him this is where he lives… I think the country would save a lot in travel costs and security.

In one article it stated “Air Force One cost $214,768 and the cargo plane cost $32,140. For a grand total of $246,908 for Mr. Obama’s two round trips to Chicago.”It has got to be that this guy does not know yet that his office is in Washington DC… so the way I figure it.. if on their morning100_6820 break the legislatures and senators could work together… maybe put paper feet prints on the floor guiding him through the place… he might like it and stay put. He could actually speak to the public from the White House… Thinking thinking thinking….. that is what many of us do….

We were talking about all the thinking about what car to buy , what amount do we need to invest now so we can maybe survive for a few years in the future retirement days of our lives, what will become of the government if this spending does not stop, thinking about those who have been totally 100_6264devastated by the loss of jobs in the US, about how we as a country have let our pride in “ American made”  things be bought out by greed. We choose to import cheaply made products, sell them with an incredible mark up and watch our own neighbor look for work… or totally give up.

Thinking thinking thinking… we need to act… we need to write our elected officials, we need to be a voice. Thinking may work in the bathroom… but actions work in every other room in the house…. Let’s rally around, work together…to make this the country we are proud to live in. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Life… it is really a mystery in a way. We are here and than we are not. For some it may be only a breath and they are no longer here..for others over 100 years on earth.

My brother did a mind boggling blog one day

on the end..http://jackofall58.wordpress.com/sunset and finished shed 014

and it has come back through my mind for this past month.

I look at the different scenarios in this world—people here—people gone.

The tragedy of us each being given the freedom of choice—only to make choices that end another’s life.

IN nursing school we worked and trained ion all areas of the hospital. When the training and working was  in peds or NICU- it made it tough to comprehend life and death. My training in Labor and Delivery was for the most part a feel good place to be… oh there were times when people may have not been so pleasant, or peoples lifestyles or lack of respect for life and prenatal care were very hard to comprehend- but in general that was the good side of the circle of life.

NICU could be good—sometimes hard to comprehend—why an infant is born to die moments or weeks later. There must be some good from it… I truly believe we are all on this earth for a purpose—now we may ignore the purpose set forth-and unfortunately other peoples choices may affect our purpose. In NICU I felt it was always special as there people are trained in caring for the tiniest of people. Peds..that rotation was tough for me…as the kids there are not visiting for a play date—they have something that needs acute care. I had a son and step daughter who were both 6 at the time , and it was too hard to separate them from the kids I was caring for. Now though—I think peds or NICU might be a good place to work, if I had to change jobs ever.sunset and finished shed 022

Than there was med surg. That floor was a passion of mine, a 50 yr old on the floor was the “kid” age ones- most pts were 60 and above. I made a pack with myself to never let a pt die alone. And to die with dignity..as much as possible.  So at times there were tricky moments to be with the dying pt and care for all the others too. No patient I had ever went without, and I can remember a Christmas Eve where I stayed late to sit by the bedside and hum Christmas songs to a dying pt. I punched out on time..and than I became her visitor of sorts….. It was not the pay—it was the feeling like nursing was helping people in their most vulnerable times. When all their life is stripped from them and no matter if a person was a dignitary, a lawyer, or a street person—everyone had the same gown, the same nurses, and the same treatment  So nursing to me was a way to provide the care needed-but also appreciate the stressors of being out of their elements. Trying to make it the best experience for the situation at hand, And in the end,,,, when a pt died… I hope they went in peace .
Life is in our control yet out of our control.. we live here..than I truly believe we move onto a better place… eternal peace. We must always look for things to be thankful for—they are there—we need to take time to appreciate them. We need to appreciate life..for it is not around forever. We need to stop procrastinating and just do it..whatever it is….

A motto my mom taught us… along with  the golden rule…. is to treat each person as if this is your last encounter with them.. how do YOU want to be remembered when ( as my brother put it) The lights go out.  Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa…


Well it seems like it has been forever—but really just about 2 months. We needed to either replace the shed or repair it… so we ended up repairing it. About 2 months ago Mark got in touch with a door place and ordered an overhead type door to replace these doors, which were trashed when “Mr Wonderful” moved the shed  from our old place to here 3 1/2 yrs ago.

We have nursed these doors since than, thank God for my brother and his father-in-law- who came over after “Mr Wonderful” literally ripped the doors off it when he was unloading it from his truck.

I kindly refer to him as Mr Wonderful… because he basically told me he was MR WONDERFUL in no uncertain terms. shed doors torn off 001When he came to move the shed he told me “ This is your lucky day, you met me today… and I will get this shed moved for you..” He neglected to add that he might move it..but he was going to leave in a hurry—sliding the shed off with no concern of the end result.

Well he was the most arrogant , in love with himself.. jerk I have ever met…. I bet his mirrors have lip prints on them from when he kisses himself good morning and good night.

Anyhow    Mark had ordered the door to go with the shutters on our house. So we re-painted the shed to be on the same color scheme as our house, and for about 4 weeks we had the shed painted but the doors were still gray and white. Marks new car7-5-11 006…I am sure that made people wonder if we ran out of paint…. LOL

Finally … we got the over head door this past week, the guy who installed it did take away our old beat up doors, and installed the new one set in about 5 inches- so we were faced with an really unfinished frame look on the outside of the shed.  We had gone to Home Dept and Lowes looking for ideas,….  and than we mentioned something to Jeff too. He has tools and more carpentry talent than Mark and I do… plus he had offered if we ever did get a door he would help up finish up the area…

So Jeff came over Saturday and helped frame around the opening for the door. He brought his saws and ingenuity- and he and Mark got the new wood all up. Than tonight was final work—painting the new wood frame, and caulking some and we ended up using a porch paint on the floor of the shed that is now exposed to the weather.

and VOILA>>>>
Here is our 18 year old shed…

sunset and finished shed 001

We are pretty proud of this !!

THANKS to Jeff for helping with the framing… and thanks for no rain… and thank God for the health and determination so we were able to finish it this weekend.

Ta Dah….

It feels really good to have it done…Hope you had a great weekend… Love,,, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Okay.. so some of you mightTOMOATOS just be wondering how our garden is growing. WE have retied the tomato plants- which are getting pretty heavy with all the tomatoes that are trying to grow.

I pulled one plant totally out of the ground- thinking it had that dang tomato blith again.. but after researching on line, it appears there may need to be calcium added to the soil. Or it could have been cuz it has been so darn hot… So one plant gone… and 8 left…


our first cantaloupe. Isn’t it cute??? Let’s see if it will continue to grow. I am a optimistic person… but growing  things can be kinda of nerve racking…

Man I was out there tonight retying the tomato plants and pulling weeds and supporting the bases of the plants- and I was sweating so much.. I bet I lost 2 pounds in the garden for almost 2 hrs.

Not complaining…justa stating a fact….


Than we have zucchini and summer squash beginning to show…


In the next aisle we have gourmet lettuce and blossoms for egg plant


and than pumpkins and a cucumber


and green peppers are on their way too…. GR PEPPERS NUMBER 2

so all in all- we have somethings coming..AND hopefully we will reap the benefits of nurturing these things since February. If you remember I started many of these from seeds I have dried from last years veggies. So this is a complete recycling program going on here.

I am hoping the pumpkins take time to mature and be ready in the fall… and I am really hoping we grow enough that we can share with family and friends.

We will just have to see. As I was finishing up the garden stuff I was blessed with a golden sunset. SUNSET

It reminded me of how lucky we are to be able to see the sun, to feel life happen, to be healthy enough to play in the garden, to be lucky enough to have a job to go to .. and one I love, to be able to say I have a husband who loves me…and children and grandchildren…. to have family and a few good friends… fresh water, and clean clothes, food in the fridge and a car in the drive… yep..the sunset made me stop, and say Thanks to God for all we are blessed with.

Hope you had a good week. Good weeks can be  good times with some bummer times too… that is life…. but at least we have life…

Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Welcome to a “shut –up” day , heat-injuryas I so fondly referred to them SILENTLY ..in my mind… as I was growing up.

Notice I stated SILENTLY and IN MY MIND!!! That is because my mom… ( May she rest in peace) transformed into a not so timid , not so tolerant person when it was this hot and humid.

She became down right MISERABLE. I think if I tiptoed through the house, she would have asked why I was not making noise. If I had looked at her, she would have wanted to know what I was looking at.

She sighed a lot, she SWEATED… ( my mom did not sweat often , so when she did… I would look for a place FAR FAR away..)

She would try to get through it, and the first few hrs were not so bad.. but by high noon— ugggg… we had better have headed off to the Bayberry pool. She would have no patience for comments, talking, being… it was more like we stayed out of her way and let her have some ME time. I do not blame her.. I feel the same way when it is so dang hot and humid. I could not stand living permanently in a place with weather like this… People would remember me as days became hot and humid after I was long gone.

My mom, she had a tone, a tone of frustration or maybe totally discomfort. She would become really annoyed, and would tell us way before sunset how miserable she was. (news flash.. she did not have to tell us !!!!)

Me… I am not a fan of the humidity either. I get really sweaty, hate feeling sweat trickling down the center of my back and into my undies… or when my chest sweats, my hair, I feel all sticky… and than I get DIARRHEA. I am not sure why that happens- but it does… like my gut has to give its 2 cents worth in heat humidity or BAD snow storms. Living in the NORTHEAST- I am amazed I am not a twiggy.

SO here I sit.. fans blowing on fans, curtains trying to flail in the artificial wind, my sweater top it feeling itchy ( I have nto changed from work.. so yes—in this 100 degree house I have a fricken sweater top on!!!), my legs are sweating in my dress pants, I thin my eyeballs are sweating… yuck…. I am off to take my very hot shower- and that way the house will feel cool.

Drink water still…. dress so your body can breathe  ( I have not done that yet) and look at the days ahead… pretty pathetic I am looking forward to an 80 degree day !.I am so thankful I live in a time with electricity, with fans, and the A.C. in our bedroom…..  Until later.. I am going to get out of these winter clothes !!!> Love mrs justa alias Cindy

Oh this is HOT … summer time in the US of A has been summer alright. It brings me back to days of yesteryears….

I probably have told this story before- but it is fresh in my mind—so just incase I did not – here goes… See if many of the readers are over 50… they might not remember if I wrote this before or not… That is the nice part about aging… we can read the same books and watch the same movies and it is ALL NEW !!!

pinto 001When I was 18 I bought my first new car. It was a 1972 day-glow orange , 2 door, ford pinto. I cost me 1995.00. This car had an AM radio, bucket seats that were jet black vinyl.

I those days of yesteryear—I had some shorty short denim shorts. I think my underwear I wear today has more material than those shorts. Well I gotta tell ya, one could get some pretty serious burns on their legs , on days like today, wearing short shorts and plopping thine butt on those seats. I remember that I used to have to start to sit, than do these movements like backwards push ups , to block the sun and I guess I  kinda fanned the seats. I would probably have to take 5 minutes gradually introducing my flesh to the very hot vinyl.

Now if that was not painful enough.. I did not want people to know I had the major stripped down model. So I would drive around for as long as possibly able to withstand it… with the windows rolled up and my vents open, blowing hot air on my face and making my hair move… I pretended to be “rich” like other people and have air conditioning. I remember often sitting at a light, windows up as tight as a drum, and me nodding to the other people as if I was comfortably cool. HA HA… I thought I had fooled people… but I am sure they figured it out if they were by me for any amount of time, because there would come a point I would frantically roll the windows down ( yes with manual cranks) and rapidly breath in the air from outside…

Tonight I went on a semi frantic search for some window fans…… it is hotter than Haiti here and tomorrow has the potential to break some over 100 degree records. We have some of the tower fans..but they do not help to suck in the outdoors air…they just kinda move around the hot air in the house. We have an air conditioner- but it is in a bed room. The window fans do work really well.

So we stopped at K Mart—they only had the box fans and a couple stand up pedestal fans… but alas—back to old faithful….. the Fulton NY Super Wal-Mart and they have tons of fans… so I got 2 window fans and we are moving some air around this place.

more 2-8-2011 015Yes…. this has been a good summer for summertime stereo typical weather… but things are dry…. very hot…. and snow is looking really good right now !!!.

Stay as cool as possible…. eat some freeze pops,suck on ice cubes, drink water , gater-aid..and let things be when it is up in the 100s.

  Until later…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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