June 2011

100_6666Sure is kinda quiet around here…second night.. Last night Indi was just lying around… tonight he is in the doggie hospital. So he is lying around still… just about 15 miles from here. Dang… it sucks having a pet get sick !!!! Mark was just automatically being careful not to drop his foot anywhere near Indi..force of habit… and than reality hits…. He is not here.

We called the vets this morning and ended up bringing him there around 7:20 AM. The vet called us around 9:20 telling us he is very sick….. they are waiting for blood work to come back on Thursday, they know his white blood cell count is really really high- which means a pretty significant infection, he is in so much pain that they can not touch his belly, finally this afternoon he had enough IV pain meds that they were able to get an x ray of his abdomen- it is showing swelling behind the stomach,that could be the pancreas, the liver.. both or either..inflamed. He is on IV fluids, IV antibiotics, IV pain meds, and will be in-patient through tomorrow at least.

He has had pancreatitis once before, and after about 30 hrs of IV fluids, antibiotics and pain meds.. he was able to come home. If it is the same thing again, than he may be coming home tomorrow or Friday. But he would be on probably LOTS of meds and special prescription foods. 

So tomorrow we will find Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 274out more. I miss the little guy already… he has such a love for people and is so affectionate.. It was so hard to see home so sick that he cared about nothing. And it is weird how quickly he went from being okay to being lethargic.

So prayers and candles for the wisdom of his care givers and the strength of Indi to get through whatever happens, with less pain, and with comfort.

Love to all… I am off to call it a night.. I think we got up at 3:AM , spent lots of time petting him and waiting for 7AM to come so we could call the vet…..and have not gone back to bed. Until later… Mrs Justa.. alias CIndy


Pets are dependent on their owners. It is a bummer when pets do not feel well.

camping and fathers day weekend 2011 017Our little Indi is really under the weather today. He has been not the ol’ active dog he normally is.  The power had gone off yesterday after a big storm…., it was super hot and humid day, with NO wind.. so we were not sure if he was just super warm.

The electric came back on after a few hrs… but Indi still was not acting any better.

Maybe after a good nights sleep he will be better…. But alas… at 3:05 this morning , when Mark and I blame Indi for waking us up to pee… we got up to pee..but Indi just lay there in the bed.  ( Ha now we know it is not Indi’s fault we get up at 3:30 each morning !… It is just aging process….       Kinda like when someone farts and blames the dog … LMAO)

So here I am at 4::43 this morning… waiting for 7:am so we can call the vet and get Indi into be seen.

Poor little guy… dang I hate when he feels sick. He is prone to pancreatitis, he has epilepsy, and is the cutest little guy- so good with kids and full of vip and vinegar most of the time. Here is lies- next to my office chair… tail not wagging… uggg… I am leery to pet his side or abdomen because if it is a flare up of his pancreatitis and we touch the sore area, he think we are hurting him intentionally, like he is being punished or green house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 009something. His head drops, he yelps in pain… So we are not palpating his abdomen.

We can tell he is not himself and have gone through a battery of questions in our minds… did he eat anything he should not have??? Not that we can think of… Was he anywhere where there could have been chemicals…? Nope… When was the last time he wanted to ply ball.. ( He lives for ball) About 2 days ago…. Is he eating drinking.. yes somewhat….Are his eyes “happy puppy eyes” … nope….. Does he come when you call his name??? .Nope- just maybe will raise his head, but needs major persuasion to move….

UGGG<<camping and fathers day weekend 2011 023 pets bring such joy…

pets are so unconditional in their affection….. and it is so tough when they are not okay….SO we will see what the vet says…. more to follow… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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The drive is worth it.. it really is.

Oh some folks say we live far far away, and some folks live a lot closer to the city, but it takes them longer than it does me to get to work because of the traffic in the suburbs and outskirts of the city.

This weekend I came to rooster and flag 001realize that roosters NEVER stop cockle doodle doodling! Man…

This little guy has a lot to say. He has a buddy that walks around with him , across the way from us, and dang if all day was not cockle doodle doo as I was working on the stuff out front.

We learned too that you can not shoo a rooster out of your yard !. Mark had gone kinda toward the rooster a few weeks back, saying shoo and go on home.. and the rooster kept coming towards him… as if to say.. “ I rule where ever I can be heard”
At lunch today and one day last week I heard some really nasty hollering from a duplex next to work. Last week I thought they were just having a bad day.. today… I am thinking more a bad life !

So it got me to thinking about June 2011 house, garden, sunset 009living in the various places I lived and people arguing from different homes or apartments…and it made me really really appreciate living in the country. I love being able to sit still and hear nothing ! Silence.. and the sounds of a battery operated clock ticking….

Sure it is a trek to work.. but at least I am moving as I am taking the time to get there, and not in stop and go traffic.

And yes we have a big yard, but we have a rider and Mark is able to mow it during the week. He says it really wipes him out… but I can assure you, if I was pushing it every week- I would be beyond wiped out ! That flower garden in the front would probably be my grave !.

jANUARY 22,2011 037And we didMonday 2-8-2011 006 move to the SNOW BELT !!

But winter seems far away right now… and it is a challenge to get in and out of here in the winter… but I still think we like it here! And how I look at it, ya have to have really snowy winters to appreciate spring summer and fall.

It is so nice to not have street lights, to know if we hear a siren something must be really wrong somewhere. That an unusual sound is a plane, and if we hear a helicopter—it is probably “AirOne” and there must be a pretty serious medical reason for them to be hovering .

Yep , I will take this over the alternative of a walk to work and living in the hustle and bustle of the city life…. it is just me…. I am a country girl… playing in dirt, picking weeds, country music, sipping ice tea, …. guess I am a RedNeck !! Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

I feel like I had a Torture specialist hang me up by my legs- pulled way far apart. Dang!. This weekend was pull the sneaky grass and greenery that popped up through the weed barrier under the mulch sidewalk  we have.

See, I kinda let it grow through for the past 4 weeks because we were thinking of having it ripped up and a new one put in by a professional. We had a price we would be able to afford, and let’s just say the $4100.00 quote was steeper than our price we had planned.

So it was pull 4 weeks of sneaky weeds and stuff, lift the cement blocks, I moved the weed barrier under the mulch and returned the mulch to its place when done.

Than today.. oh my goodness… I paintedJune 2011 house, garden, sunset 003 with redwood stain, the beams that outline the mulch, Again I was on my knees, crawling, sitting sideways, reaching, pushing myself up, crawling further… and tonight the twisting, turning, legs straight, legs bent, sitting sideways, sitting legs spread… well that is why I am aching!

But dang.. it looks okay … And yesterday was weed the garden, replant more lettuce and radishes, re- tie the tomato plants, say some soft encouraging words to the plants ..and when I was done I picked the lettuce we had for salad tonight. MM MMMM .. I think it is promising. It is our little small garden with hopes for a plentiful harvest. The back row is tomatoes,( remember them from the green house??May 2011 005  the next row in on the left is 4 or 5 egg plant and on the right variety of peppers.

The next row is just starting squash and pumpkin, the string is radishes just planted, than lettuce, than cukes, squash,. cantaloupe and pumpkin. 

June 2011 house, garden, sunset 004

Time will tell….

I really hope it does okay.

So once again, I am sore and going to go soak my body in some HOT water and be thankful we live in a country where water is there to do that.

Dang… I would be a hurting unit in an under-privileged country, without hot water tanks, or Dunkin DonutsJune 2011 house, garden, sunset 017 for a weekend closer cup of coffee as the sun set…  or heated mattress pad, or a bottle of 500 Generic Motrin waiting to help me out !. We are a spoiled people…. are we not?

And as we sat at the Lake in Fulton and watched as the sun kissed the world goodbye for today, a sea gull appeared, sat right on the sign by us and sat there,

As many know I swear my mom comes down to say HI via sea gulls… and here she was, watching the world with us.   Life is stressful at times… but God is good all the time. I thank God for the seagulls to send my mom on for brief “ hellos”  and “It will be okays” and  and “ I love yous “ >>> Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy 

A Hot Humid Friday night, thunder storms rolling past us, and I just finished a lime freeze pop. I did have 2 lime ones, but shared with my honey.

So here I sit, for a moment or two, thankful the weekend is here. This week was a little hectic at times, I worked a lot on reading legal documents and trying to simplify them into lay person’s terms, so that I could do a power point.

I got it done, I warned the group it was a rather DRY subject and hoped they had had some caffeine. It did go well….

Now the weekend is among us, A graduation party tomorrow afternoon, and some stuff I want to do around the house. We did just go get our groceries, so that is out of the way.

Graduation from high school.. ahhh.. that was 40 scary years ago for me. It was a bitter sweet moment in my life. I had many people in my class, and to me, they were people I called friends. But as I look back ,years since high school, there were not the friends I imagined.

There is a person from high school that I stay in touch with, but we were not friends in high school..we knew of each other….she and I consider each others to be good friends now.

But all those people I shared 8 years of my life with, I do not think I meant anything to them. I remember that I idolized many, going through yearbooks and looking a their different photos, wishing I had relationships like they did..but my life was different. I had a lot of family responsibilities, being a child in a family of 7, with a my mom widowed for all these 8m years, there were things to help with, kids to watch.

Our niece on the other hand has some really good friends. She and her friends are who we shared driving to the outer banks in April. I truly can see them staying in touch through their adult years, through college, marriage, childrearing, empty nest syndromes and all in between. I wonder if graduation will be hard for her and her friends?

I think maybe it was hard for me, because on my heart I knew that my “friends” were really not… and when I took off that robe and cap.. I was taking off life as I knew it.

This year is a 40th class reunion, I am not going to go, because I do not really have anyone that would be looking to see me… and I can not think of anyone I would be looking.

It will be neat to see Morgan after she has graduated,   she seems to have good friends and a level head on her shoulders.
How neat to see good kids grow up !

Peace to all, be careful out there.  Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Last weekend was camping and fathers day weekend 2011 001weekend number 2 of camping. It really went well all in all. This time we had a woods site , and it was not as level (as seen by the height of the stabilizing bars !) as it appeared as we drove by weeks prior, eyeballing sites. Lesson numero ( who knows..) really check the level of a site….

But it was not real bad. We had A tie out for Indi and he did do fairly well, and thankfully when we came home he did not have seizures.

We learned a few things this trip… like there is something really wrong with the ball and hitch. They really really like each other, and do not want to come apart once they are hooked up.

It was funny, as one drives into a campsite, with an obviously new camper, people are watching. Thinking things like “Get the popcorn and a beer..rookies have arrived! Let’s watch them try to back that trailer in…Or maybe people start betting _ like in poker- to see how many back and forths happen before the camper goes in.”

Well, Mark had driven truck for 27 years before he got hurt, so he puts that camper in it’s place really smoothly and fast. DISAPPOINTMENT for the poker people or the popcorn eater… BUT Wait… than it takes over an hour to unhook it from the trailer hitch !!! Oh we jiggle the truck back and forth, crank a little, jiggle more… the dog is barking because we have put him in the camper.. we are getting frustrated… and poker bets are probably flying now.

Monday the trailer goes back to the camping store and they are going to look at the set up and fix whatever is wrong.. Talk about looking like ROOKIES!!!

THAN we also learned….camping and fathers day weekend 2011 003 confusious says .. do NOT plug a 30 amp camper into a heavy duty extension cord….

Yep we melted that sucker so bad .. it had become one with the reel…

Thank God we were at the site when it decided to meet it’s maker…. or who know what would have happened.

It sucks too… this was an rather costly extension cord…. … but we learned we need 30 amp extension cord for the camper…

It would have sucked more if the thing had caught on-fire…

No harm to the camper or the outlet it was plugged into… just the wire got a little—shall we say— warm …

camping and fathers day weekend 2011 032

Here is the cord in the trash.. we also learned that the sea gulls like to poke holes in the garbage bags,,,

so until the garbage pick up at 7 Saturday evening- we were chasing this sea gull…

I laughed because since my mom died- seagulls appear at different times—different places…like she visits by way of a sea gull…this one kept coming back, looking at the bag, pecking by the cord..than we shooed it away from the garbage…  so either mom was letting us know she was watching over us.. or she was looking at our garbage bag and shaking her head over our mistake number ( who knows what number)

This weekend we are home… it is nice to be home too. We have a graduation party to go to for a niece… and stuff on my list of to dos for the weekend.

Hope all is well with all… I am off to the washer to get the clothes out..and than this ol’ lady is heading for some shut eye… Work is rather mind stressing right now Smile Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy


That is me….

Yep.. I did it… (Stephany I was thinking about you as I walked , how you go for goals and achieve them)

This is the annual  Chase Corporate Challenge. They have these signs on the start line for people to go to. The signs indicate the speed each person figures they do a mile in. I figured 15-20 minutes, so I am walking through a crowd of thousands, going to the back of the line… I get towards the back with 6500 of the 7000 people in front of me.. and find the longest time for a mile is 12 minutes. Bummer… my 20 minutes a mile I was proud of just fizzled into a “BIG DEAL” thought in my mind.
So here I stood , amidst a total mob of people , wondering if the heat and humidity escalated by being crunched in around a sea of not so fit bodies, was going to make me sick before I started. Than I am wondering if because I am at the 12 minute a mile mark, if I was going to be in a stampede when the gun gets shot off… needless to say… there was no trampling..and the top picture shows me off and getting ready for the jaunt…

This is my third year. It is a 3.5 mile run or walk ( I am the walk part) and let’s see… the first year..( I was about 55 pounds heavier)  I got 1/2 mile at the most, huffing and puffing all the way…..….

last year about 2 3/4 miles….huffing a little but I did okay….  this year BABY I did it all !! Me and my MP3 player. So I counted songs- and tried to focus on the music and not the walk.

At the gym I have been doing a 20 minute mile, at the corporate challenge I did 3.5 miles in 56 minutes.

I had signed up to walk with a friend..but she ended up canceling her enrollment because of a personal issue. So I was buddiless… but really enjoyed having the music playing.. it kept my mind in happy places instead of thinking about the 85 degree, humid walk down asphalt. I had a cross necklace on, and I kid you not !!!____ there were times I held the cross and prayed for a breeze… and instantly this calming breeze came over us.

They close the Onondaga Lake Parkway and this year 210 companies had employees partake in this corporate challenge. The money earned goes to a local charity. It is really a challenge as each step pounds the hot pavement, but I had new jogging shoes… ( HA don’t cha worry they did not jog !!!) but I guess their support and weight is supposed to be favorable..and My feet did not hurt !!.

SO here I sit… proud of myself really… ( it was funny the winner ran this in 16 minutes…) He was floating through the air as he passed me, and I had not hit the first mile mark yet. I think he was probably home, showered, shaved and snoozing before I got back to the finish line ! But for me.. the ol lady that I am… I feel good.

Next year watch out 16 minute runner… you won’t know what flew by ya !!! ( yeah right !!)

Love to all.. I am off to take a well deserved HOT shower… ( Thank God for hot water heaters, for freedom to run a shower when you want to and for opportunities like tonight. ) Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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