January 2012

Ok…can you say IDIOT??

I ask this with the utmost disbelief in the stupidity of some people. And it really frosts my butt when they have no disregard for the people in their car with them or the folks driving 68 mph around them

This evening after a rather amazingly crazy day…( a few people on the phones were really annoyed with life today..and well I guess they needed to release their stress with moi !)  Oh I listened, I let them go on about whatever, and than when I could identify why they were calling..well I took care of it the best I could.
I am on my way home tonight- I took the expressway—(I do not like the expressway—I nick name it in my mind— “fools rush way”… so here I am, driving along..reflecting on the very very busy day….. and this person in the right lane-a couple cars ahead, all of the sudden is steering for the guardrail/shoulder area- dang she went in a 45 degree angle instantly…— she caught herself and jerked her wheel- her vehicle started to rock and sway-like it was going to turn over or around.. YIKES_—I hoped she was not passing out or something… she got it straightened—and as I went by her- I glanced over—

Her eyes were looking towards her steering wheel—she was TEXTING at 65 mph !! And her little whip-it back onto the highway –did not scare her straight! She was probably mad it caused her to misspell something ! texting and driving....

Oh I was angry- I was  ( still am) shocked that people are so stupid to think they can drive a car and not look at where it is going ! It is pathetic that states have to make a law that it is illegal to text and drive— and what is more pathetic is some people still do not care…

I am so thankful testing and drivingI did not end up like these folks…. 

People… please… if any of you text and drive—STOP IT before you end up killing yourself or others.

There are so many thousands of images on line of accidents in papers from a driver texting and driving. (photos from photobucket..) texting ....My goodness—there was one really graphic one of a car that drove totally into a truck—and when they pulled the driver out of the car—his bottom half was no longer connected to his top half.

There was another and another—all because someone thought they could beat the odds- or they somehow had a magic spell where their eyes could watch the road and read words on a text … does not work folks…. eyes can only see one thing at a time… and NEWS FLASH— if you are driving—those eyes should be looking at where you are going.

I am so thankful she got control, and so thankful I was not affected more by her… but more so disappointed that after almost losing control… seconds later…she was still texting.

Unbelievable… Love to all, be safe…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy



Okay, remember yesterday..and my looking at the fine lines in life… WELL

seems we got on the other Slideshowside of the fine line last night.

This morning at about 6 we had maybe 6-8 inches of snow. Mark drove me in , he had an MD appnt not far from my work. Well let me tell ya!! from the time we left –till he got back around 11-ish—there was 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow that appeared!

The fine line between rain and snow HAS BEEN CROSSED.This photo was on one of the internet sites for a local TV station.

We have had a season of rain—little bits of snow—but nothing like what we get every year for 3-4 months. Well today… this is a good old lake effect snow storm. There was a fine band of snow, and our house and Fulton NY seemed to be in the firing range.

But it is 1-20-2012..and I thin this will make our season snow fall at least double. I find it amusing when ,at work, people look at me like I have 3 heads, when I say how much snow we got..and they got maybe a couple inches. And we are not the heaviest area-..sometime the Tug Hill Plateau and Pulaski get nailed. All depends if the wind is blowing south east off the lake ( than we get hammered)..or directly east… than they get nailed.

And just a few feet difference—snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 010you can be getting nailed..or have the sun out..       Totally weird..

This was not today..but this is a lake effect storm.. just.. and I mean just north of us…

Weather is always fascinating..it puts me in my place. It makes me see how I have absolutely no control, I am a dot in the scope of the Universe.

Now I have to ponder about the storm rolling in tonight, wonder if the storm will bring us the predicted 4 inches tonight.. or if the lake will change the outcome. Today’s was supposed to be 6-8 inches… yeah that was the intro to it !!.

So I am off…. be safe… if you are in an area of heavy snow..drive carefully… pay attention to the road, and hopefully we will meet again.. Love to all, Mrs. Justa..alias Cindy

Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 042

We were talking today, my husband and I, and in the background there were 2 people conversing. One was saying that she had been a waitress for 42 years, and some people love her, others hate her.

Mark said—there is a fine line between love and hate.

Well that got me thinking…(I know it is hard to believe ..but it did)

So life…. fine lines…. wow..there are many fine lines in life.

Think about it…this has been a topic of many of my conversations to people around here.. “Thank God it is 34 degrees and not 32 degrees—-I say..as I am driving in the rain and thinking in January this year we have had 13 days of rain… 2.96 inches. Now had it crossed the fine line of between snow temp and rain temps—well that would be another 3 feet of snow! That, my friend, is a fine line I have appreciated being on the higher side of.  There is fine line between life and death. The only thing that differs- it one more heart beat ..one more breath.

How about the fine line between driving by the person holding a cardboard sign-begging for help…. and being that person holding that sign praying for humanity? Or on a lighter note-between cooked and burned… between med well and raw. Or between passing or failing… ( heck that is one point. ) …( I had a teacher say just 66 and you will be okay) …. And in nursing school—it was please let me get a C at least…. one point would have been the difference between  D and a C… THAT IS a fine line..!!!

There is a fine line between joking..and hurting 100_6235_editedones feelings. Between toleration and too much to tolerate. Between shorts-or wearing jeans…. between sharing or keeping to yourself… between talking and silence…. between laughing and crying..between believing in God or not…between a smile or a frown….. between thanking—or taking….

How about between speeding and driving within the limit…between stopping or coasting thru a stop sign….  between having enough money for something or being a penny short… that fine line between if the jeans will zip or they won’t…and how about that fine line of  one more pound and than I will diet… between awake and asleep…singing on key or being off key….

The list goes on and on…. here is my final one…. between continuing to write..or sign off…BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!  watch those fine lines in life….

Love to all Mrs Justa… alias Cindy

“You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world.”

                                                 Author Unknown

I ran across this this quote, I have no one to credit for it, it is written as being from an unknown author. Seems kind of strange that this quote is from an unknown author… being what the quote says.

As I read this and reflected to people in my life who have meant so much to me, it made me realize many of the 100_6760_editedpeople do not know that.

People who mean a lot to me, people who are an inspiration..I tend to watch them from a far. I have often felt that I was not  even noticed by them, so I did not get too close and appear to be an intrusion. Often in my life I think I have robbed myself of opportunities because of being shy, maybe afraid of what someone might think, not wanting to get hurt. I do not think they knew that they meant so much to me….

100_6493There have been times in my past, when there was a special person, and when I spoke, ..they would either ignore me..or look at me as if I was the plague. So at an early age, I learned to keep more to myself.

This quote though is an eye-opener in another way.. because what if there are people who consider me important to them…. who in their mind look at something about me and feel the same way I did about others. Have I ever snubbed anyone accidentally… I do not think so…. but I think we all need to be aware of every interaction we have.

Today, we popped in at Jeff and 100_6145_editedAmanda’s for a short visits. As soon… and I mean as soon as we walked in the doorway, our  2 grand sons immediately started talking to us. Preston can not talk as clearly as Brandon ( as he is only one) but he said over and over “Pa-pa’…”Pa-pa” Mark acknowledged him and he continued to speak in his language… but to have the attention given back in exchange of the joy he has with his grandpa- it was priceless. Brandon speaks pretty clearly most of the time, and he turned around in his chair and said “Hi grandpa, we are eating” with so much joy in his voice… it was one of those moments that had they been totally ignored… it would be like a building block to becoming a sense of less self worth.

100_6539_editedLittle bits and pieces of interactions, they create our self confidence in a way. We need to acknowledge those who speak to us, we need to remember that we are not the most important thing at that moment…. we need to treasure the children. Even pets need positive interactions…. when I think of this.. living is a BIG responsibility.

My closing thought tonight is to make a promise to myself to throw away any blinders, and try to be as aware as possible. Life is a BIG challenge if we take it seriously.

Love to all, Mrs. Justa… alias Cindy

I know I have mentioned before Africam. Well for those of you who did not remember, or those of you who never heard of it, this is my relief after a long day. I get in my jammies, sit back with a cool drink of water or a hot tea, and for a while I go to the jungles of Africa.

Most of the time it is noisy, crickets in the background, birds cackling, maybe an occasional elephant, rhino, or creature I am unsure of. But the other night it was TOTALLY cool. I am here, africam 1-24-2012 010on my office chair, watching giraffes in the wild.

I mean this was totally making my day ,taking me away from the  jungles of ugliness ( my day that had just been!!) and let me  drift away. Mark thinks it is funny how I get mesmerized in the safari from my office chair!

How cool are these photos!

I took videos, man you would think I was there. I was laughing and loving it…I was like a tourist in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.

There were mama and papa giraffes and baby ones.

Slurping water, and eating trees. They have to bend their nimble appearing legs in half almost to get a drink.

africam 1-24-2012 018



And here…

I felt like they were watching me watch them…and I got the bonus of Zebras coming in for a viewing.

Now tell me this is not totally cool

africam 1-24-2012 008

Okay… so some may think I am simple minded… but I am thinking I am being frugal.I went on one site and a safari can run $500 to $10,000+ (excluding airfare). Now for  me ( and Mark when he dares to join in the fun) —it costs nothing more than an extra cup of coffee or tea.

HA—I am thinking if I was going to go on a safari—I would not want to go with the cheaper one. That is quite a difference between the low and the high price! I can assure you I would not be going for the 500.00 one.
This is a photo of the sleeping arrangements on the LOW budget one…(They supply the tent but YOU supply your own sleeping bag..)

500.00 safari

Are You Kidding ME!!!!

Man can you imagine having some big ass elephant come and check you out… or a lion..



Nope… this does not sound appealing! In the one ad it said the lower cost was for the daring… adventure goers. It describes the sleeping as your tent “in the bush”… and you have “bucket showers and long drop latrines”…drop latrine HA HA… it is more than daring! You gotta be nuts… that does not even sound like something I would go on for free!! and the transportation for “game viewing”  is in 6 passenger mini vans.

I went on line to see what the heck a “drop latrine” is… here ya go… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>             HA  HA… could you imagine thinking you found a great deal on a Safari,picturing at least a moderate accommodating tour and get off the plane to find you have a 2 man tent, a mini van..and a “drop latrine” .

I wonder how they named that,. and who the heck hangs onto you as you try to hang your butt over the edge…

Damaraland_003Now the mid expensive ones have a little more… land rovers transportation, and you stay in a “lodge”

Now this looks a little more appealing…I do not think I would be as nervous of becoming a bedtime snack in this.

I got these last 3 photos from a web wite for reserving a African Safari…

SOOO.. back to this warm home, ice storm outside, jammies on… electric mattress pad warming up my side of the bed… and with a click of the button..I will get my jungle fix from New York… If it gets boring..or some of the beasts decide to go after other beasts… I can click off the screen—instead of try to run thru the bush with my tent and sleeping bag in hand—looking for the drop latrine… HEE HEE… I could see me now….

I hope you have a peaceful night.. Love to all Mrs  Justa alias Cindy

GRR the TYPE A’s were hovering today..100_2555 and came out in full force this afternoon. GRRR> On my way home tonight, it was light snowing, the road looked like someone sprinkled confectioners sugar all over it, I was taking my winter slower route… ( as I save the interstates for the buttheads) …and low and behold.. a butthead must have gotten lost… cuz he was on my back bumper –so close I could not see his headlights. GRRR>.. if I was younger I would have put my flashers on and off-to make him think they were brake lights… but I just pulled way over as soon as I could. The butt head reved his accelerator as he zoomed by me… I wanted to tell him the expressway was the other way..but he was gone in an instant. But for today—the TYPE Aers are not going to get the best of me.. nope… I have the art of dying on my mind…

I was thinking today, on my way to work , about this woman I work with. She had called me and said that she was not going to be in for the week, her mom was dying and she needed to be with her mom.100_3131 In life… we need to keep our sights on what is truly important, as this was to her. She had called me Monday morning and Monday evening, and she was telling me that her mom was alive, but digressing. . She had said most of the brothers and sisters were there, but one brother was due to be in within the hour. this morning she called me..her brother arrived and was able to talk to his mom, sit by he…and 50 minutes later she passed, with her children at her side. It reminded me of my many experiences working with dying people, and how some would wait to die until all their family had arrived. It was really beautiful to watch in a very sad way. Because a parent’s  love is sometimes so strong , that they can hang onto that last breath until they are sure they waited for all their kids, grandkids.The dying person was not normally responsive, but their sense of hearing was last to go.Some patients waited to die until the family came and left them alone for a moment. I know it was. It was as if they needed to die in privacy.

I remember long long ago, at the bedside of my mother-in-law ( she was always my mother-in law even though my husband had divorced me years before…… she did not divorce me—nor I her)  – she had been weakening and it was apparent that her days in 100_3125_editedthat hospital bed  in Rochester were numbered.  It was actually a few days before her death, and I was alone with her in her room. She asked me to sit next to her, and she started almost poetically, softly  telling me what songs she wanted to have played at her funeral. She gave me bits of information about what she wanted said. I was touched that it was I she spoke to, yet I felt kind of weird that she told me and not her son ( my x husband)..but I think that was because she wanted to protect him from hearing his mother talk about her death. 

I had everything written down, and when I met with him that evening in the lobby of the hospital, I took a deep breath, a few gulps, and told him I had something he needed to know. It was awkward in a way, but it was important to reveal this to him… so I did. And today, this moment in my past came to the surface, as I thought of this woman from work, and the moments she spent with her mom, as her mom slipped to her eternal home, and how these moments will stay in her mind forever.

  I went into nursing way back when,for many reason, one was because I never wanted people to die alone, or without dignity… and the mom who died last night—she did not die alone… nor did she die without knowing she was at peace.

Life is the gateway to death …. we have no guarantees how long we will live.. but to be able to die in peace… that is the ultimate experience.

I am just kinda melancholic tonight, as I remember the experiences in my past…and think about this woman ..hmm… life is strange  isn’t it?

Peace to all, enjoy each moment…. Love Mrs Justa alias cindy

“Anyone who angers you,

Conquers you” Jane Addams….

This free clip art Face Clip Artfrom “clker.com” says it all…

UGGG I totally dislike days when I feel attacked. Whether it is real or just in my head..if I feel it..well it is real to me.

Today seemed to be “deal with type A personality day”. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Type A personality …these folks are extremely forceful. They want things done yesterday. They want it short, (leave out the the sweet) , they tend to come across intolerant of others, impatient with detail, demanding, competitive, have an exaggerated sense of urgency,can be referred to as a bulldozer…..and for me a Type C/D person..well I like to get the facts, I play by the rules, I want to know the rules, I am a calmer force.
So after a day of feel like I was in a personality tug of war… I am relived to be sitting here, unwinding for a bit.

There are times when people who are much more aggressive, well they make me feel really angry inside. But somehow I normally have a some sort of insulation-which keep the anger deep inside me. So they come close to conquering me… but not quite !.

I have run across Type A personalities everywhere. It is hard to avoid them, although if I could I would.

On the highways both to and from work..they are the ones that instead making a smooth move from lane to lane..they see brakes lights ahead and jerk the wheel –as if no one else matters. I bet they are in more accidents.

In a store..they are the ones running to get in first, pulling into that parking lot that you have your sights on,  impatient with the cashiers, and almost ramming their cart up your butt if you do not get out of the line quick enough.

In the restaurants, the waiters and waitresses are never good enough.

They are the people I want to just say “REALLY ???!!” to. But I do not… I just think about how glad I am to be away from them, once I am…

Oh I am so thankful my parents were not Type A people.Me I sip my coffee… I bet they chug a lug theirs. Heck I bet they are dressed before they get out of bed!.

UGGG,,,, I can not let 100_4119them conquer me… I am deep breathing… I am ok…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ( that is meditating sounds) hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yep I am going to a happy place in my brain, poof—away with the aggressive people …. it is time to relax…

I am better now.. Thanks…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy  



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