How utterly awesome. Skype. Mark got a camera for his computer for Christmas and his sister has a camera on her computer in Pennsylvania.

I love seeing them talk back and forth with each other. Relatives are all far away, and we e mail and talk to relatives on the phone, but to have them sit in their own homes and talk and watch each other… it is really neat.

My niece is in the Navy and she is way out in Washington State. She has SKYPE and she and Mark have spoken a couple times, but she and her dad talk a lot. My brother and his wife will SKYPE us.. it is neat.. like sitting at their table and chatting.

We were at my brothers house for thanksgiving and Christmas eve, and both times my brothers wife Sher ( whose family is on the West coast) got to share with time with her family via SKYPE. It made me want to cry knowing how much she and her family care for each other and miss each other.

I sit here laughing inside because I remember seeing the Jetsons… I remember thinking how cool it would be to talk on the phone and see the other person talking. And here they are… looking at each other and chatting. it is cool…. Jetsons… oh … remember the dog.. He talked in rrrs at the first of each word.. Row R Rou??? ( How are you)   I had a great friend … her name was Gwen, and we would talk for hrs on the phone like the dog. Ha ha.. … living in the world we dreamed of. Wasn’t there an instant oven in the Jetson’s kitchen ? Now we have microwaves. Don’t look now Mark but you and your sister are in the Jetson family.

Now before I zap myself into the other room…


I wanted to share some winter updates….

Here is Indi after we opened his area last night.

He was so funny staring at the snow bank. I think he was relieved that he could see grass and his little weinny wasn’t freezing LOL!

There is just so much right now, to remove it would be a task for the crew of the Biggest Loser. 

But when they get done maybe by than we will have a place for them to sit….


Rumor has it that more lake effect snow is heading this way tomorrow and will continue thru the weekend. I am really hoping it does not have the same sock this last storm gave us.

I work with someone( she is my Best friend!) who lives south west of us, she and her husband  and we live in the same band area. unfortunately for her… they have a much longer driveway and a zillion acres… we just have one acre and a short driveway. So for all of you with just a few inches of snow- here is some for ya… and for folks like my bf and I… we are glad to give it away. Love to all…. Cindy… alias Mrs Justa……..

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