Life is a vortex. That is sometimes what it feels like. What does the future hold? Where are we going from here? How do we make a successful plan for the future? How can we trust the financial world? What is the best decision to make to secure our future? What about this National health Care bull poopy? How will it affect me, Mark , our families , and my job?

What is going to happen with my 401 K in the next 20 years?

Than add to all those thoughts going round and round, and I have the everyday stuff floating around. Hoping the grand kids are okay, and hoping the winter will be gentle, and hoping that the pets are okay, and wondering about my brothers and sisters and hoping they are okay, worrying that our kids and their spouses are doing well, and wondering about our neighbors.

There is so much to worry about at times, so much to think about. I can be a major worry-wart ( as my mom so kindly referred to me quite often) and in the worry, with so much to worry about, some of the things are bound to have been worth the worry.

I worry about co workers, friends and life. I worry about things I can not change. I think we all do really. I worry on Monday about how crazy it will be going into work…. man some of those people driving in must have really missed their bosses over the weekend, cuz they drive like maniacs to get back into work to see them again. ( HEE HEE)

I worried about my garden all year long, and look .. I had something to worry about.. those dang squash bores and tomato blithe critters. Don’t you worry about others, about life? Worry about money? Worry about what the government will control? It is just a worry night I guess. So I am off because I currently am worried I will forget to write the check for the dog groomer who comes tomorrow, and forget to write a check to a medical provider for Weds, and need to write in a withdrawal from today. Have a peaceful night, and do not worry too much ! Love to all, Mrs justa