A Sunday morning ride,

a search for something different,

a seeking to find a hidden gem for

breakfast in Oswego.

As we were driving north into the city of Oswego, out of the corner of my eye I saw a place that looked like it might have been a small quaint place.

We headed north thinking we would go to the restaurant that is off the side of a hotel and over looks the Oswego River. But alas.. it does not open for breakfast, so we headed back down south a bit and I asked Mark to drive past this place I saw.

We found it… and yes it was a small Mom and POP restaurant… We went inside , there were maybe a total of 5 booths…. a counter that was like the old ice cream parlors…. memorabilia hanging on the walls.. We thought we had found the perfect spot.

We got to sit in a booth after they cleaned it up from the last people. They had fairly full  menus, and coffee,  and prices not bad.

We each ordered an omelet… Marks vegetable, mine bacon and cheddar( well done). I ordered Italian bread and if they did not have any—than wheat would do. Mark went for a biscuit. It took quite a long time to get our order… and as we sat there sipping our coffee and observing our surroundings… we both silently were thinking this was going from good ..to not so good. There was a 6.99 breakfast buffet ( that is what they called it ) which consisted of 4 different  aluminum banquet pans with just one burner under them ( it could have had 2-3. 0 In the hour plus we had sat there NO ONE had done anything with the food in these containers… no stirring, no replacing, no checking for if it needed replacing or stirring.

Finally our meal came out andimagesCAFNID1Y I poked my omelet ( I always check my eggs to make sure they are well done… and white goop came out… uuuck !!! In times like this…..I always have to find my inner self control button.. because I felt like throwing up!. The toast was buttered when the toast was already was cold, the food was not really warm. And I got Italian and wheat toast. In my mind I am thinking … “GO ahead..eat the eggs… do not complain…. … just grow up!!” and than there is another part stating “ Do not get sick, have it cooked thoroughly” Mark flagged down the rather stressed out waitress and asked if they could cook the eggs more—I requested  it well done. They took it back, flipped it on the grill for a mega second..and brought it back…. and from then on—she was not smiling at us any more… it was like we were the enemy.The omelet  was not really much better…so I left it and wolfed down the toast..and the spare toast… and to top it off… we had to rush home after because it gave us both the “I GOTTA GO NOWS”

I gotta tell ya…. it is 9 hrs later now..and I am still kinda queasy… What is so darn hard about cooking eggs totally? Needless to say.. the “gem” we thought we found was not!!!.

100_0379Than this afternoon I was thrilled that the weather held up, sunny, warm… got to work on the area under the sign for our development we live in…


All in all… even with the yucky omelet… this weekend was ducky… Smile Hope you had a good weekend too… Love to all Mrs. Justa alias Cindy


Okay..the farmers market is sounding better than the “we can sustain life” theory. Dang it all…how do farmers do it?

The news has been full of stories of the drought, the HIGH temperatures… yesterday in Syracuse NY we hit 101 degrees…now I know folks closer to the equator are probably thinking that is NO BIG DEAL…but for us northerners—it IS a big deal. This has been an incredibly warm year—2012 has hit some highs..a lot of them.. I drive into work past many farmer fields and there are spraying irrigation devices trying to preserve their crops.

We have been babying our crops.. ( HA the garden is maybe 15 x 25 feet) and in it –I went conservative… 6 corn stalks., 4 squash plants, lettuce, radishes and tomatoes plus a couple of wanna be  egg plant and peppers..and a couple of sunflowers…)) –we have been watering them. I have been weeding them…than tonight I noticed the zucchini plants were looking a little sad… the squash bores have come back to haunt me AGAIN!!!

SOOOO now we have 2 plants and not 4…

GRRRR… I am really annoyed !

Our daughter in law was posting about the farmers market..and I wonder how the heck do the farmers get past the squash bores—we just lost 1/2 our crop—can you imagine if a farmer lost half their crops. It would make my 2 plants out of 4 look like nothing.  So I have to find optimism… we have had 8-10 zucchinis before the invasion…and we have a nice sunflower, lots of wanna be tomatoes…and I just got another yellow squash … We have had radishes and Italian lettuce… and it looks like we might get corn on the cob in another few weeks…. so..was it a success…. in a way… Is it worth it if the bores and blithe are going to invade the garden… NO!!!!

We will have to see how the rest of the season goes… right now… I am on the discourage teeter totter.

This pooped lady is gonna roll up the carpets.. and go to bed.. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

This week has been kind of wacky.. we still are battling the smell of the dead something in the floor of our bathroom… it is getting better. Chipmunk, mouse..who knows what… we never see anything—but some sort of thing decided their last few moments would be spent under the vanity-which is bolted in the wall..and in there good…

Than Preston was up at the Children’s Hospital for 2 1/2 days… that too was a trying time for his parents, and all who were worried about him.

The Childrens Hospital is really amazing—sad—but amazing. We entered from the “tree 6-6-2012 day 2 Preston in hospital 033house side… which was cool.. it is a glass walled tree house that looks over the city. The hospital spans from the bottom to the top of a hill.

The tree house is the part on the top of the hill. It is maybe 6 floors from ground level – So when you get off at ground level on the tree house side—it is really the 6th floor on the part at the bottom of the hill. So if you entered on the lower part of 6-6-2012 day 2 Preston in hospital 036the hospital—and took the elevator to the 6th floor and walked to the tree house—you would be at that ground level.

The floor Preston was on was a nice floor- the nurses and doctors were wonderful with kids and it was neat to see how they related with the kids.

He fortunately was discharged today and is most likely sound asleep in his bed right now. He is a kid who loves to go to bed at 7:30 or 8..and he has been known to sleep thru 8 in the morning.

At the hospital he was not to leave the room. They were not sure what type of infection he had- so while they were testing him..he remained in the room..right when we got there to visit yesterday,he looked 6-6-2012 day 2 Preston in hospital 014at grandpa and said “gummy bears”  Jeff began to say there were not gummy bears there..and than grandpa pulled a bag out of his pocket…well you would not believe his little smile when he realized his grandpa brought him these as a treat…



it was cute in a sad 6-6-2012 day 2 Preston in hospital 030sort of way… Jeff and Amanda had gone over for a quick bite to eat and Mark and I stayed with Preston. I was wracking my brain trying to think of a way to help him get some energy used— and asked him if he wanted to march. He said yes and we started to march- knees high around his room. To make it more interesting we moved the chair and the bed side stand in unique places- as if to have an endurance marching field. Every time we marched by the door he would stop and look out to see if mom , dad or the nurses were coming..than he would start marching with me again. Kids are resilient… they adapt to things adults would be whining and whimpering about. I think all in all he did pretty good….he is a good boy…

Brandon was missing6-6-2012 day 2 Preston in hospital 004 his brother and parent ..but he was super fun to be with… He was telling stories and blowing bubbles and making a card for his brother. He and grandpa went out for lunch and to the park.. It was a good day…yesterday..but I am sure he is glad his family is all back home today…

I am also thinking that his mom and dad are really glad they are home tonight too. Hospital events are exhausting… They have to keep an eye on Preston..but at least they can do it on their own floors—in their own rooms…

Thanks everyone for your prayers… Love to all. Mrs Justa alais Cindy

100_0408The stay-ca-tion has dwindled down to just a few hours left. We decided  to end it with where we started—kind of…

Off to Oswego we went tonight. The sun set was masked by the clouds….but it was nice all the same.

The water was still, the clouds were asking as a cover for the sun, and amazingly no one was in Oswego… ( well there were some people but not a lot)

We went to the opposite side of the river and caught a shot of the restaurant where it all began… 100_0404

Did not even look like many people were up there…

See a “stay-ca-tion” means you avoid the trying to get all the stuff put away, laundry done and grocery shopping before the next next of work stops… (yeah baby that is VERY nice) and…

you never really get super tired….cuz you are not out there fighting the vacationers for the spot on the highway…

5-27-12 003I do not feel we were cheated a 3 day weekend… not at all. Yesterday we went to Skanealeles NY- sat by the lake there …

We were entertained by a variety of Duck families.

It really was funny to watch the different families float by.


An as we sat there, we had brought some pepperoni, cheese and crackers, some apples and Ice Tea… and we left any worries, cares of challenges at home.

100_0396Hmm..one would think..what kind of challenges could there be..well anyone who has followed us for a while must have a hint that there are challenges at times.

Our latest…. and this one is GROSS>>>

something has died in our floor….have no idea what it was..but I can assure you what ever it was—it is not with us any longer… Nope only it’s stench lives now…

What we do know..is the passing took place under our bathroom sink area…. and after CAREFULLY emptying the bathroom vanity………. I went in there—with the grubbiest clothes I could find…( these are the sweats I have worn to paint, to caulk, to garden, to weed, to great stuff, to apply adhesives..I wash them and save them for grubby times…) see I was half expecting to find the remains of a chipmunk, or mouse, or something….I had a bucket with chlorine and water, a garbage bag, paper towels and rags…and a bunch of prayers that if I did find something that I would be able to handle it and not be so skeeved out that I would take off in the opposite direction. As I slowly lowered my body to the floor..I was thinking about my post the other night about the “Road kill Collector” and thinking that God has a sense of humor—I make a comment about a profession—and the next day our house smells like road kill.

Well… the odor is under the sink..yes siree—that is where it is coming from… but fortunately in an unfortunate way—I found nothing that is responsible for the odor…

I looked in the crawl space under the house…. nothing… so whatever it was—- it was between the crawl space and out floor….

We really can not have our whole house ripped apart to find some dead whatever…. so I went on line and ask my new best intelligent friend ( Google) –what to do if your have dead animal smell in your house…. Do you know there are thousands of articles on this subject !!!. Basically— give it 7-10 weeks…I am hoping this whatever is under our floor- but above our crawl space… was small—like a mole, or a field mouse, the articles  I read said the smaller—the less time of stench.. It is not too bad to night.. the rags seemed to help keep the air out of the house…

100_0403So that is our stay-ca-tion…We had a nice time together—I enjoyed church Sunday, we had fun with our friends Sat Am…. we got to visit with Jeff and Amanda and the kids, we got to spend peaceful time in areas around us…and I do not think we ever felt rushed.. and to wrap it all up…




We broke all rules, we got a really rich ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery…

Now it is times to focus on work, focus on life and come back to the reality world…

No sleeping in… nope time to start being responsible again.

I hope you had a nice weekend, and I hope you are home—safe and sound…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Who would have thunk…. Birds in the dryer vent..Yep… we are turning into a little wildlife commune…

100_4396_editedThis morning I heard a rustle in the laundry room.. figured it was the cat messing around… than I looked down and saw the cat next to me..looking in the same direction I was… his tail was huge… my eyes were huger…

I went back… was not sure where it was coming from… sounded like rustling of foil… I went to work..Mark actually drove me in today to get out of the house for a little while…

Fortunately Mark was not visited by any creatures during the day….

and than tonight… the rustle happened again… Hmmm sounded like the metal dryer vent… hmmm did the squirrel get in there???

Solution..turn on the dryer for a moment and scare the little guy outside.

Dryer on..something left quickly… we saw nothing…

So we check the outside…3-18-2012 feels like  springtime 019 not good… bird poop on the side of the house right under the dryer vent… we start to look around… bird stuff on the steps… so my guess is birds are trying to build a nest in the dryer vent…

Oh my goodness… another Mark and Cindy’s wonderful adventures. Home Depot has dryer vent covers… so I guess Mark is going to go get one tomorrow.

Now the only way I can figure getting the stuff out of the vent is.. Step one…

turn the vent on and have whatever leave…

Step 2—really quickly—get the shop vac—stretch the hose in and start sucking out whatever is in there ( wearing gloves and maybe eye glasses or goggles…

Step 3… put up the cover so no more come in…

Hmm why did this happen… because this is the first year we have not had a dog out there a zillion times a day….

Now mind you… when Mark and I tackle things… well there should be a filming crew.. we probably would get an offer on a reality Show …. ( heck if Operation Repo can do it… we could on how not to do stuff around the house!.

100_2271A couple years ago—we found out why you do not spray the spray insulation upside down—with you directly under where you want it to go… HA HA .. we had more foam insulation on us, the grass… our hands…than we had on the crevices under the over hang of the shed we were trying to seal… Miraculously it got sealed… but I have 2 pair of sweats reminding me of the day.

More to follow on the continuing saga of life in the outskirts of Fulton!.

Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_6662Yeah, go figure…the furnace is not working, the winds are whipping..THANK GOD it is not in the zero temp range! When I came home I noticed the house was getting a little cool. I went and turned up the thermostat and it sounded like it was gonna kick on.. humming…. than silence… So we did what the furnace sign says… shut off gas, shut of electricity… wait 10 minutes and try again . Try 3 times and call for help if not working….

I looked at the thermostat during our little trials of fixing it…one time the thermostat was flashing the word “LEAVE” …now that is kinda nerve racking !!!. What the heck is that supposed to mean !…. We stayed… I looked thru the manual for the thermostat—nowhere is a section on what the messages mean… uggggg so I gave it some time to get it’s manners back and a little while later it was flashing the words “RETURN” …. so now I am thinking… if the thermostat tells you to leave… How do you know after you left that it has changed it’s ways and is now flashing “return”??? Just wondering… ????

I figure I am smart to be getting my hot shower tonight… that way I can zip out of the electric heated mattress pad bed in the AM, and slither into my work clothes , heat some coffee and get to work. I hate being cold.! We are fortunate this house is sound, wind does not creep in through spaces in windows or doors… it is just the house will not stay at 65 all night…. not when it is 40 outside!.

Now if we had the camper here..we could have that furnace on..but alas it is being kept held hostage at the storage area…

So I think about things January 2009 034to be thankful for…. 1) that it is not a blizzard out and the furnace would be broken…2) That our propane service has a 24 hr /7 day a week emergency line.. and there is a repair guy who can fix it…(he would have come tonight but it really is not such a horrible night that we felt he needed to do an emergency call) .3) That Mark and I seem to thrive on our lives together filled with “Mark and Cindy’s excellent adventures”….. 4) That this did not happen when we had house guests over….5) That we have electricity , electric hot water, and a coffee maker…. at least!

I remember a long time ago, January1993 to be exact….I had just had knee surgery , it was my first night home. Jeff was young… he had gone to bed, and well I was starting to feel pain from the knee surgery. I heard the furnace come on and the flame started..but the 100_3078blower would not come on. I remember after a while…smelling the warm aluminum smell..and had no idea what to do. I am uncomfortable as all get out… Jeff was sleeping… Mark was on the road….and I just wanted to cry. I called the 24 hr propane help line  I remember trying to talk to him..my voice was quivering as he was asking me to check things… finally I said I was just fresh post op, could not walk… and was unable to bend and twist the way he needed me to to check everything….  the guy came out in the winter storm…. . Until he got there he told me to keep turning the fan on manually to circulate the heat each time the furnace recycled. This meant that each time the thermostat noted the temp was low, the burner kicked on..and if we did not click the fan on—the furnace did not force the air to warm up the house……so it kept the burner on. … I was scared, felt so darn helpless… Jeff woke up and helped me keep the fan on… It was too cold out to not have the furnace going… ugg what an awful night!

The guy arrived after what seemed like forever, he was there a good hr, but left and we had a working furnace again. I remained feeling pain, and bumming over feeling helpless… but at least I could wallow in my self pity in the recliner and not suspending on my crutches in the hallway.

SO that is our excitement for tonight.. It is chilly in here… 62ish right now…I looked over at Mark at his computer—he had these heavy ass gloves on…. he was mocking me !!But I just might take those gloves to bed !!. HA HA…So a wonderful adventure is starting tonight. Hope you have a peaceful night…. Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_6065Hi everyone… boy I am glad today is through and the weekend is here. I am stopping for a moment to share some thoughts, and Than I am going to try to tackle some work I brought home.

This past week was super busy, and —it was what I kindly refer to as a “full moon syndrome week”. I mean holy cow ! Calls were weird at times, people’s questions were unusual, life this week just seemed a little crazy. I brought home about 80 questions to work on, and I should have them done before Sun evening.

Hopefully Jeff and Amanda and the kids will be out on Sunday evening, that would be a nice way to end a rather busy weekend—I am thinking about various menus types.. we will come up with something fun.

Today I was outside..and I kid you not…I ran across not one..not two but 3 women who all did the same irritating thing.100_6117 Each of them, they are outside, and let out a chest hurting sounding deep productive cough… sounded like they were hacking up their feet through their mouths,,, not even attempting to turn away, or cover their mouths… and than ( this is how I knew the coughs were productive… ) YUCK!! Need I say more???

I could not believe it,,, by the time the 3rd lady came towards me.. well I wished I had a can of Lysol… I would have sprayed it right at her and the whatever gunk she was coughing…

stock vector : Saloon inside with cowboysOk ..so here I am … visualizing the home life for each of these 3 people. They had nothing to do with one another—it was in 3 different areas… what the heck do they do in their house? They must be a real special companion to share a meal with… I wonder if they have spittoons in their living rooms? Dang—it was gross..

(Image from shutter stock)

People need to realize how easy germs spread, and also maybe others do not want their germs. And how can they be so darned inconsiderate as to not even consider the next person who steps on their coughed up lung lining? NOW DO YOU SEE WHY I LIKE SHOES OFF before people go walking through the house!

Yucko.. I am totally grossed out… good way to change gears and get into some working by the midnight oils. Love to all… spread joy not germs… (hey that is kinda catchy… maybe it would make a good bumper sticker..!) Mrs. Justa alias Cindy.

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