A Sunday morning ride,

a search for something different,

a seeking to find a hidden gem for

breakfast in Oswego.

As we were driving north into the city of Oswego, out of the corner of my eye I saw a place that looked like it might have been a small quaint place.

We headed north thinking we would go to the restaurant that is off the side of a hotel and over looks the Oswego River. But alas.. it does not open for breakfast, so we headed back down south a bit and I asked Mark to drive past this place I saw.

We found it… and yes it was a small Mom and POP restaurant… We went inside , there were maybe a total of 5 booths…. a counter that was like the old ice cream parlors…. memorabilia hanging on the walls.. We thought we had found the perfect spot.

We got to sit in a booth after they cleaned it up from the last people. They had fairly full  menus, and coffee,  and prices not bad.

We each ordered an omelet… Marks vegetable, mine bacon and cheddar( well done). I ordered Italian bread and if they did not have any—than wheat would do. Mark went for a biscuit. It took quite a long time to get our order… and as we sat there sipping our coffee and observing our surroundings… we both silently were thinking this was going from good not so good. There was a 6.99 breakfast buffet ( that is what they called it ) which consisted of 4 different  aluminum banquet pans with just one burner under them ( it could have had 2-3. 0 In the hour plus we had sat there NO ONE had done anything with the food in these containers… no stirring, no replacing, no checking for if it needed replacing or stirring.

Finally our meal came out andimagesCAFNID1Y I poked my omelet ( I always check my eggs to make sure they are well done… and white goop came out… uuuck !!! In times like this…..I always have to find my inner self control button.. because I felt like throwing up!. The toast was buttered when the toast was already was cold, the food was not really warm. And I got Italian and wheat toast. In my mind I am thinking … “GO the eggs… do not complain…. … just grow up!!” and than there is another part stating “ Do not get sick, have it cooked thoroughly” Mark flagged down the rather stressed out waitress and asked if they could cook the eggs more—I requested  it well done. They took it back, flipped it on the grill for a mega second..and brought it back…. and from then on—she was not smiling at us any more… it was like we were the enemy.The omelet  was not really much better…so I left it and wolfed down the toast..and the spare toast… and to top it off… we had to rush home after because it gave us both the “I GOTTA GO NOWS”

I gotta tell ya…. it is 9 hrs later now..and I am still kinda queasy… What is so darn hard about cooking eggs totally? Needless to say.. the “gem” we thought we found was not!!!.

100_0379Than this afternoon I was thrilled that the weather held up, sunny, warm… got to work on the area under the sign for our development we live in…


All in all… even with the yucky omelet… this weekend was ducky… Smile Hope you had a good weekend too… Love to all Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

100_0544In the past 2 week we have gone to 2 weddings. This is a lot for us… we do not usually have weddings to go to. As I watched the workings of each wedding,  I was amazed at how the brides special day is so long worked up to.

Dawn and Evans first danceEach of these couples did outdoor weddings. Each planned the whole ceremony and reception after…and even though each was outside weddings… the weddings were unique to the individuals.

When all is said and done… it is the day for the bride and the groom..and everyone else is there to witness them promising before all present and God that they will remain true to reach other till death . That is probably the BIGGEST promise a person can make. Think about it… TILL death you are promising to stay with your new spouse.

At each wedding we knew the people in the wedding pretty darn well, and it was strange to see these woman ( one our niece..the other a close friends daughter) … who so clearly in my mind were just little girls not so long ago…. to see them beautiful, standing before a man they have committed the rest of their life to.

I want to say to the man— “take care of her” she is precious to me… but I did not… because obviously the man will—that is why they chose each other. And the ceremonies and receptions were THEIR ceremonies and receptions… it was their day.. their dreams….both special to them…and we felt blessed to have been asked to come to them.

100_4393Our wedding anniversary was this past Friday… we have been together for 27 years… married for 16 of them. As I watched these 2 separate couples exchange their vows… I was wondering what it will be like for them in 27 more years? Living a life with someone..means they see you in your best and worse times. To have that person be there, unconditionally through the laughter and the tears… that is priceless. I wish the best for both of them…

Today was a catch up day.. I have been feeling pretty disjointed with how busy we have been… I think I am a country girl.. a person who loves being home… I love the Saturday morning cleaning and making the house feel fresh… ( something I have not had time to devote to at the level I like to do it , in the past few weeks) I ended up working some on it yesterday..and most today…

Mark was not feeling too his leg and hip are really bothering him… This morning  I went off to church , came home and finished all the stuff I love doing around the house… Than tonight I went out to the garden…this has been a tough year on my aspirations to garden…and I am really glad there is not a farmers market depending on my produce… But tonight… I tied up some pretty heavy tomato plants, picked 6 ears of corn and broke off about 3 cups of Italian lettuce… I have home made tomato sauce with slightly seasoned chick breasts simmering in it in the crock pot..made a salad.and little brown rice….3 of the 6 corn on the cobs…. ummm….. it felt good to eat from the garden.

AS I was out there.. the humidity feeling like 120%..air thick…temp stifling…. I realized this is August.. Fall is next month…soooo I am not going to complain about the humidity..the RIley 7-19-2012 003sweat that I am still not used to having it run down my face, back, legs, and that makes my clothes stick to me… nope… cuz my body would rather be warm than cold.

Our little girl Riley is still at the kennel ( grr can not pick up on Sundays)…. but Mark will get her in the AM> She is such a sweetie…. we miss her when she is not here…

We are looking towards  the future… and things seem to be settling down after the next 2 weeks… Phew… I am kinda looking forward to getting back into some routines!.

Love to all.. hope your summer has been as blessed as ours has been.

Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

100_4274_editedI was reminded of a rather embarrassing time a few years back , when I chose this photo to be my desk top on my home computer.

It is funny how various life events are lodged in our emotions somewhere… snuggled up in cob webs of yester-year..and than poof. something wipes the webs away..and the emotion wakes up..BOOM!

This is in Bar Harbor Maine. We had walked out on this dock and we were admiring this restaurant.The windows were all along a section with table that looked out on the pier.

It was quite quaint..quite in we went for dinner. We get in there, they asked how many.. ( I love that—there are 2 of you standing there and they ask how many…) We said 2. So they brought us back to the area that looked over the pier.. See the tables were meant for 2…and do not order much food!..There was not much room on the table.

So we ordered drinks… they came..the waiter asked what we would like… I asked if the salad or pasta dishes were prepared separate from the seafood… he looked at me and said”Why do you ask?” My response was I am pretty allergic to fish… and can not eat anything with fish on it. ( He acted like I was the only person in the world with a fish allergy..) Now perhaps Bar Harbor Maine—at a restaurant on a not the place for a fish allergy person to go…. Off he went…. he was gone for what seemed like an eternity… than he comes back and said the chef has asked us to leave. That they do not want to serve us.

First I thought he was joking.. I am like Ha Ha Ha..waiting for a smirk….…. but he was not smiling… he was kind of looking uncomfortable but standing firm on his words… so what we had sipped from our soda was the extent of the meal… They told us we could go without paying…

So with my head down.. 100_4146feeling really embarrassed, I walked out with Mark… Now there is not a lot of hopping places in Bar Harbor at we headed back to the hotel and 1/2 way there we  found a pizza shop…. It was the best pizza and they kept fish separate from the other stuff!!!!!!

And as I look back..if they could not promise they did not mix fish with all their other foods… well it was better to be told that than to stop breathing there… Yeah I am sure Mark would rather look at this picture and remember us being asked to leave… than remember them removing my body from there..

After all these years though.I am still feeling a little embarrassed….Time to tuck those emotions back… stretch out the cob webs and move on… Life… unpredictable..but worth every darn minute of it. Love Mrs justa alias Cindy

Did you ever feel like you are not sure what the right answer is about.ANYTHING!!!

Like—do we live like we are broke every day, save like crazy, and than in the future find our money is worth nothing..and we missed opportunities to go places, see the world, have HBO on the cable, have an IPOD, I phone and “I” anything else?

Do we pay off our mortgage as fast as possible..only to find out we can not afford to live in the boonies…and no one else would want to either?

Do we pay off any loan quickly..only to find we did not save enough by doing so?

Do we tell people WHAT WE REALLY THINK??? Or do we take the passive role and keep the REAL thoughts way deep inside?

Do we live on eggs, pasta, tomato sauce, sandwiches and cheap frozen veggies ,so that we can put money away to pay everything off?

Do we take out “food insurance” and buy months of food that has a 25 year shelf life—for lots of $$$$..and than God forbid we need it—if the world was ending..why would we want to be sitting there chomping on dry old food..and watching as others suffer? We would share..and than all the preparations for months would end in days or weeks..and in the would still be the end. Just a bunch of us got to eat and watch the world go through what terrible thing was happening, only to have it happen to us too.. None of us are better than the other..however how many of us are treated like they are less than another? 

What do we do with the little bit that is in a 401 K?

The list goes on and on..and ya know what..I do not think any of us knows the real answers. Some will choose a pathway that will not work for another.

Me… and Mark—we are trying to pay off things as soon as possible, but we are not rolling in the dough… … we are trying to save where we can, we have few vises, but are we doing right by what we are doing?

October 2011 012I just do not know. So as I ponder these thoughts of life, I am off to pay bills, make a grocery list and continue on with a weekend of sunshine and temps in the 50-60 range, being THANKFUL for no snow yet, and for the clean water from the faucet and the life that we have.

To all those out there, I send my love, my wishes for you to have answers that I can not seem to find…and enjoy what ever the weekend is bringing to you. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

camping 8-19  -8-21-11 040

Well, night number two was not as bad. We got back up to camp with Indi around 12:30 or 1 PM. And he got walked and played with , he met people , he introduced himself to dogs, got to go into the woods and detect with his nose every animal that had been there in the past few days, and in the end, I think he peed on every spot imaginable- so I guess that means he is partial owner of the camping resort now ! Than we brought his bed up from home, I lower the table and made the benches and table as a bed level, cranked on the Air Conditioning ( it was blowing right on his area… ) and he slept more. Still some pacing and whimpering at times, but all in all a better night was had by all. Sometime during the night, Mark got up, grabbed a blanket and actually laid down next to Indi to give him a little comfort.

We are home, laundry done, scary storms came through a few hrs ago just south of us ( thank God), house cleaned, ironing done, made spaghetti sauce—mmm that was good…. has 2 oz wheat pasta cooked up, fresh salad.. ahh it is nice to be back home.

8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 007Tomorrow is going to come quickly, and I will be thinking about the next time we will be able to go to East Coast again. We are proud of Indi, he proved this weekend he is a camping dog, he did not bark at everyone who walked by, he was comfortable enough to lie between our chairs as we watched the evening fire, and he seemed to adapt more to the environment. However, his meds are making him really jittery at times, but it is the meds, and hopefully he will adjust to them soon.

It is really hard to believe the summer season is coming to an end. It has been a very good summer all in all.. A tad too humid for me, but not a bad summer. I hope it was good for you too.

Lessons of summer…. appreciate every moment, take time to take time, we deserve a break, do what you want to do as life is too precious to be doing things you do not want to do..( work is important but do not let work consume you 24/7),

Take time to : enjoy others : have an iced tea : eat some watermelon:camping 8-19  -8-21-11 001 watching sunsets: watching sun rises:walking in the sun: being lazy for a little bit:watching birds:watching children: sitting around  a campfire: checking out all the flowers:taking a chair and reading a book as the breeze gently keeps you comfortable:….. the list goes on and on…

Peace to all,Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

June 2011 house, garden, sunset 021There are times in our lives when we have needed to find the light. The darkness is overbearing and our eyes can see no shadows or glimpses of light. If you have never had a time like that in your life, I am glad for you.

Me, Personally ..I have probably hit bottom and started over again 4 or 5 times. I hope to never ever have to be there again, but you just never know.

I was thinking about this because on a personal level and on a society level there are a lot of people hitting the bottom. Dang , when it happens it hurts, it is scary and it seems almost insurmountable to recover.

I remember when my dad died and my mom was faced with a newborn, and a  2 ,5,6,10 and 11 year old to carry on with. No advanced education, a stay at home mom, we had just bought a new home , and the main income the only income for the house had died. Her lifetime partner, the father of her children, the love of her life… gone in a moment. Can you imagine how hard that was ! She was a strong woman though, and she somehow made it work.

She was a proud woman lending a handand did not want to impose on others, but fortunately for us.. there were others who lent her a hand, helped her get up to an area not quite as dark as those first few days after he died.
And you know what was neat about my mom… even with the nothing that we had at times, if anyone —stranger, friend or family…needed the shirt off her back.. she would have given it to them, and than looked for a burlap sack to replace it with. She was an amazing woman… she had goals and she set her sights on them, and she jiggled this and that and made things work out.

Not enough pasta for spaghetti… throw in left over veggies…… milk was tooo expensive… that buy 1/2 what we needed and mix it 1 part milk with 1 part dried milk mixed with water…stretch the bag of chocolate chips by making a quadruple recipe but leaving the chocolate chips to the one bag.. ( HA they became a treasure hunt to see who got a cookie with one chip in it !!)

Today we were on our way back from the gym and I saw two people at a dumpster… rummaging through looking for bottles, cans, and they were pulling out fast food bags. They were not super clean appearing, their clothes were unkempt  and  frayed. I was wondering as we passed them if they were at the bottom, in a dark place.. or was this normal for them? There is a man that every day he walks for miles and collects cans. this is his norm.. he wakes up and collects cans, his clothes are clean, it is just what he does. ..He has done it since 1991 !!

But these two people at the dumpster— I am not sure this was their daily routine. As they became a memory in my mind I wondered what got them to where they were right now. And than I thought about how we …in a blink of an eye… in an unfortunate situation…. we could be in that same spot.

June 2011 house, garden, sunset 021Our lives are fragile, we are dependent on things going right.. but what when they do not and our somethings become nothings? I, personally,  do not think I could have resurfaced the way my mom did… but I can also testify that I have come out of the darkness a few times, and I think with each time I imagined the light..before I could see it… and as it came into sight, I did not rush, I did not stop… I moved carefully… watching for the speed bumps of life to try to stop me… and I got through it.

If you are struggling with life, keep the faith, work your butt off to get towards the light, believe in yourself, and never let anyone knock you down. DO anything you can to get that one leg and move it in front of the next. And one day.. you will be like my mom.. and see darkness I the rear view mirror.. but glowing skies of sunshine in the forefront. Love to all… ( I hope those people at the dumpster are okay tonight) Mrs Justa alias Cindy

So we are getting so close to Memorial Day- that is when it is safe to plant. We will have to do the planting this weekend though, because I just found out next Thursday is the surgery on my legs…or maybe just the right leg. I think the post op instructions of no strenuous exercise for a week after surg-green house 2.5  weeks 001 probably includes running a tiller andgreen house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 003 squatting and weeding. So rain or shine.. I am playing in the garden this weekend.

I am proud of my little plant munchkins.. they are doing okay. Not as hardy as the plants my best buddy broughtMay 2011 005 into work today… but I think they are okay. May 2011 004








I have to put them outside a few more times before they go out to live there, but I think they will be okay.

It has been kinda fun watching them grow from seeds I saved from plants last year, and now have recycled the plants in a way.

The green house was effective, but bogus in it’s own way, as the plants grew bigger, I had to replant them in bigger containers, that meant more weight..and the rack got a sway thing going. I was thinking about this whole planting thing, and it is fun, a lot of work, and just seems to take so long. But in the end… there is nothing neater than picking a tomato and bringing it in to cut up with lunch or dinner. That makes it worth while. I am trying to get the freezer emptier, so we have room for our harvest this fall.

Harvesting fruits and veggies, harvesting life, harvesting relationships. We need to do that with every aspect of our life. Treasure that you are familiar with, look for new things to do, till and weed you life…keep things fresh and never dormant…. know that the second foot can not get moved unless the first one is moved initially…. become who and what you want to be…by tilling life’s soil, watering your soul and searching for the sunshine in everything you run across.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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