The war

I for one will be glad when the election is done.100_0410 I am so sick of the accusations, the blindness, the short term memory people, people who can not remember the promises made 4 yrs ago, and where we are today.

I am floored that the pollsters are saying it is a tie…. I am floored so many in my family are blind to the reality. It is like everyone is drinking koolaid. I am just in shock.

I truly believe if we continue another 4 yrs on this path..we are in deep trouble. Our children and our grandchildren need a future other than one of socialism and debt.

I do not know if Gov. Romney is the be all end all..but I believe he deserves a chance to help us. I believe he TRULY is compassionate for this country and the people in it. I believe he means well….

As  I think of these past 4 yrs, of our President apologizing more than once to the mid eastern countries for America, I am embarrassed….. I look at the recent terroristbenghazi_151807080_620x350 attack in Bengazi and our president, Secretary of State and UN rep all going on about a YouTube video was why it happened.. and apologizing for it!!! And I am amazed how left sided the media is. I am amazed that there is not more across the media of the attack in Bengazi… heck if a republican had been in ofc and that happened ( which it would not have..had a republican been in office) that president would have been smeared and probably charged with treason…impeachment…

I am totally disappointed in the whole thing. People called for help… our leaders in the  country ignored the pleas… well not all the country ignored the pleas… one brave man went and sacrificed his life for his country.

I am disappointed that people are not demanding to see what the implications of Health Care Reform has already been and will be….

I am flabbergasted that no one is bringing up all the wasted government spending..the printing of $$….having the president and his family take separate jets to the same destination for vacation hours apart… how the president chose to go to the NJ shore for Hurricane Sandy because of the political implications from h m doing it…. –but was not as eager to appear in the other natural disaster areas… How it seems that people’s suffering will be addressed IF there is political gain from it.

Or how there is booing of God… taking God out of the pledge…


We …as a country ..gave this man a chance… and he has proven he knows how to campaign—as he has been going going going since his last election— campaigning… but not being presidential. Oh he is a smooth talker..( as long as he has a tele-prompter) ….  but he has not led the country. People are suffering and he is on Jay Leno… the View….insulting peoples intelligence with tactics….

I am so disappointed in the people who are turning the other cheek multiple times, those ignoring the fact that the president has been a divider more than a person bringing the country together. HIs comment the other day ( yesterday maybe) about “don’t boo…. Vote…voting is the best revenge” Are ya kidding me??? REVENGE>>>> No damn it… the reason to vote is for the best chance as a country we have to move forward..not because you wanna act revengefully. AHHH>>>>> HE had his chance..he failed….

9-2012 017I hope that people stop… look… listen…and not get sucked up to the few hours the president actually paid attention to the country and joined hands with the governor of NJ>>>>   please vote for the future… PLEASE>>>> thanks Mrs Justa alias Cindy


Okay..this squirrel has really frosted my every loving butt!

The other day Mark came home nut left on step by squirrel 001from getting fuel and on our front steps was this …







Yeah this little smart critter is trying to have us twist  our ankle while walking into the house.maybe envisioning us falling off the stairs…. .he had actually put 2 of these on the steps…and when Mark went to show me later in the day..well the little critter had removed one..leaving this one.HMNMMMM I wonder where he has the other one…..It was  like a business card, or a pamphlet. it is like he is telling us we have blocked his entry—so he is leaving his nuts on the steps for us to carry in…

Oh, I will be SOOO glad when the squirrel stops HARASSING us.. This tiny little creature… can not weigh more than 3 pounds… harassing 2 old folks. I feel like we are a part of the taping of  a Squirrel version of “Home Alone”..and we are the enemy..

Oh I can see it now.. a squirrel movie theater..filled with Squirrels watching me and Mark getting tricked and tripped by the “Home Alone” Squirrel…

I am sooo done with this little guy… I mean so very done. I want him to go..leave..find another home to mooch off of….

I still have to great stuff the remainder of the foundation.;.but I am waiting till the cable guy gets here Tues…as we are having trouble with a couple of telephone jacks …People believe me…these little critters might be cute…but they are relentless. ! Do NOT feed them….

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy




I got this off of google images…. I am laughing because this is how it feels –the WAR between us and HIM!

man these guys are merciless….

They flit and flot ( made up word for the movement as they leave our house!)to and fro…like they have the world by the curly cues. was squirrel versus us battle number 4……We bought 1 1/2 inch flashing—pre-bent in right angles..and lots of liquid nails…and went on a mission to seal the space between our concrete block foundation and the lip of the house… We waited till mid these guys go out to play all day…. Let’s hope they are just going to claim defeat and leave…

Our trials with trying to persuade the little son of a gun to go elsewhere in the world…

1)  We have put down squirrel repellent… ( this stuff stinks..and supposedly if you sprinkle it around the area they come in and out of..well they will go elsewhere… ( this did not work) ??Must not have a sense of smell????

2)  We tried “have- a –heart”… I think the little sucker got a buddy to hold the plate down..and snuck in—took out the container of peanut butter and walnuts..ate the stuff and than the turps left the container by the kitchen slider for a refill…

3) We tried “have –a heart”… and they left tracks around they were looking back at the house saying..”Yeah….you got hope!”

4)  We ordered a made in America sonic thing-a ma jig….you just plug it bounces noises that only rodents and insects can hear—supposed to sound like a jack hammer to them… we plugged it in..set it up in the crawl space under our house… the little bugger still coming and going…. must be deaf????

5) Flashing… our newest venture…. I hope the little furry pest climbed up the cinderblock wall—only to find the space is closed… OUT OF BUSINESS>>>> I am a little sore from scooting and crawling around the base of the house… but I hope it was worth it.

we still have some areas to spray great stuff in…..(Have ya used that stuff… Oh my goodness.. it is sticky..drippy… but once it does it’s thing—it does fill in gaps… )

So the areas too narrow for the flashing are gonna get great stuff…

I hope hope hope this seals the house…

it is so hard to believe this little critter is running my life right now!!

Oh I know….

in the Winter of 2010 I thought the little guy was kinda cute… rubbing his belly after he ate a ton of sunflower seeds….

But NOT SO MUCH any more

Fingers crossed this will work….

I want to have life with out Rocky the squirrel… that is not asking too it??

Be careful out there..and take it from us… bird feeders attract pests!!. Ya stop the bird feeder.. the pest never leave!!!

Love mrs justa alias Cindy

Today was day for Mexican Food at work. Every once in a while our department will have a food day. usually on a Friday…it has been a long time since our last one. A couple of the employees had asked if we could do a Cinco De Mayo theme day… I thought about it..and thought WHY NOT! So we passed around a sign up..and there was quite a variety of food and fun as we worked ever so hard towards the weekend.

I had absolutely no idea what exactly Cinco De Mayo was— I had seen it on Hallmark Calendars… and figured what little Spanish I can figure out, that it meant 5th of May… but that was all I knew…

So each evening, as I was unwinding cinco de mayo food day 001at this computer at home..I found tid bits on cinco de Mayo. I printed them up and put them on colored paper, and after most had left last evening—the little history class  went up. This was the “food table” before it was heaped with food.

It was fun, people said they think it was the best food day yet. There was spicy and not so spicy… good for you  and not so good for you food.

The one thing that really has stuck in my mind is that Cinco De Mayo is for the Battle of Puebla where the Mexicans triumphed against France in 1862. Now the thing that I found amusing was that 4000 Mexicans fended off 6500 French Soldiers…. 5-de-mayo-renactment[1]and the war took 2 HOURS!!!  Now think about that. It was 1862…so all these guys had to get together and make a plan…than get on their fighting gear, hop on their horses, and attack. So that morning..these guys tell their loved ones they are going off to war… I’m sure there were tears of fear from the ones left behind… kids trying to make sense of daddy leaving… moms /wives in a turmoil trying to figure out how they were going to survive without their partners there…. I would have been moping..head hung low… a woe is me thing going… and shuffling my feet with each step…. wondering if I would ever see my man again….the hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach from the fractured heart….the worried soul… waiting for nightfall so I could cry myself to sleep…. as I was  be wallowing in the self pity I hear a noise from the doorway…and low and behold—HE IS BACK before dinner…

Saying something like “ Hi honey, what is for dinner..” I just find that amazing..a 2 hr war…. and we have been in Afghanistan since 2001!!!! We have so much $$ spent on this war…. “($1328775236636) taxpayers in the United States have spent to finance cinco de mayo food day 002both the War in Iraq ($803273652431) and the War in Afghanistan ($525501584205).”

and the Battle of Pueblo… can’t be that much!.

When I started my little research – I figured I was finding out stuff everyone else but me knew… but lo and behold… everyone seemed to get something out of the various fun facts.

So Happy Cinco De Mayo to you Should be a good weekend… enjoy.. Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias cindy

Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 013

Where were you when the first tower got hit? What feelings were there? What questions lay heavy on your mind?

I was ironing my scrubs for work, I had to be at the MD office by 11:00 . I had the news on as I ironed the clothes from the week before. Mark was driving his 18 wheeler in Pennsylvania, Jeff I believe was at college.

In disbelief I was watching a “BREAKING NEWS” line flashing on the screen and the news casters trying to bring bulletins for something no one understood what was happening.  Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 015As the minutes unrolled, and the people where scrambling on the streets, and others knew they were going to die- so they chose to jump from 100 floors up, and another plane hit the second tower, planes hijacked, innocent people turned to ash in the planes that had now taken on a new role of being bombs instead… I remember feeling helpless, I remember feeling lost, I remember worrying about my own family as they were off doing their roles in life. It was such a great feeling of loss, for people I did not know.. but none the less were someone’s loved one.  I remember not wanting to go to work, feeling like I should be doing something, but not sure what that something should be.

Work was horrific that day, TVs in the waiting rooms were on the day long coverage, people not wanting to be called back to a room, blood pressures up, depressions increased, and all of us realizing that terrorism does not stop at our borders…. there is not some invisible shield protecting us from the evils of all evils.

I am about to get ready to go to church. I know it will be a service that will require strength to go to and go through, for it is a tribute to 9-11 , a remembrance and an attempt for answers in situations when it is hard to find answers.

There is a post that I came across .It has to do with 9-11. In a world of questions and events that surface today, bringing us back to 9-11… as if they just happened this instance, I wanted to shared his blog, it is written by  Rick Warren

That day took away an innocence… that day made me wonder….. we are exposed to news where rulings have come… Keep God out of Schools, Keep God out of government, Keep God out of our Pledge of Allegiance, Do not talk religion,Take down the monument of the Ten Commandments ….and these same people cry out…”How could God let this happen?” ………..I find that a little hypocritical.. and yet as we try to keep God out… he finds a way to hold us up as tragedy hits, to weep with us… to carry us when we can not walk on our we make our way from our Temporary Home to our eternal one.

Peace to all, Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

I am totally in shock over the amount of hate in the world. It is unbelievable, inconceivable to me that people can not just get along !

Now I am not saying  it is everyone by far, there are many of the people who are compassionate, giving, caring people. But alas- they do not make the headlines- no for us peaceful folks- we are faced with seeing  angry mobs of people around the world.

It is not something I can even imagine being. I have the news on ( and the news is bringing the frightening scenes of life of angry..really angry people. I am perplexed…Do they go home, where do they sleep? How can they sleep? My mother always said to me and I always told my son … “Don’t go to sleep on an angry sun.” I have never seen a quote of who said it, and when I do a google search- it comes up with a post I did a while back… but this type of hatred, this type of what appears to be total disrespect of human life.

How can angry people have nice dreams? Or are the angry people in the world, so angry,that they do not dream?

This week it is countless people being killed in Libya. And a quote from the Libyan leader stating that the press has exaggerated the number of innocent people killed by the government- they have not killed as many as the press is quoting. HELLO!!!!! One innocent person is Too many.

The people who want to be angry about something- well there are plenty of platforms to join right now. I do not understand. Satan is consuming the minds of many. I can not imagine how uncomfortable it is to live in ones skin, when everywhere they look they are seemingly detesting whoever or whatever  it is.

Oh sure, there was a moment a few times in my life , when someone really pissed me off… but it was a moment- and hr, a day— not a lifetime. I wonder what the blood pressure of  each  angry worldlian ( a new word… kinda cute isn’t it)  is? I wonder how  a constantly angry person  handles a small crisis? Do none of these people who are demonstrating have jobs? Have families? Have responsibilities? Do some come to relieve others? Do they yell bed time stories to their children? How do they buy things? ( I would not want to be their cashier.)
it is sad… I can not do much to make it better- I am only me. So I will pray for world peace… I have to Let Go and Let God, I truly believe this anger, this violence, this ugliness is hurting God too. Let’s see.. what happened long ago when the world became uncontrollable… oh That is right… a flood………

I hope you can have a pleasant sleep…wherever you are… do not get caught up in others anger. Live your day so you can sleep in peace. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

When was the last time you saw kids playing outside, days on end?

100_6749When was the last time everyone sat down together at the dinner table to have a meal together?

When was the last time your cell phone or blackberry was off for 48 hours?

When was the last time you fell asleep sore from being active all day long?

When was the last time you read a book? How about read a book to a child sitting on your lap?? hair freshly shampooed, smelling like baby shampoo and baby wash, their head resting against your shoulder… That is what life is about !

How about when was the last time youimage played hop scotch , skipped rocks on a lake, played a game of jacks, played go fish or checkers with a child?

These are fast paced times. This past weekend I was watching people in cars, in the stores… kids texting people, people on cell phones, kids watching movies in a car, kids with ear buds in their ears listening to anything but the people in the car with them.

We are becoming a society of sedentary people. I fear the people will become less able to interact with one another, because more and more people “talk” electronically.

I called a place of business the other day, and it was me and this voice activated computer… it would ask me a question, I would answer it, and it would say “ I don’t understand” and it asked me the same damn question again. It took me forever before it finally got frustrated with me and said it was sending me to an operator. Than the dang thing disconnected me. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRI was so annoyed.

Look around you… really observe how uninvolved the world is becoming with one another. And the anger, hate and total disrespect for human life….. whoa how I long for the times to slow down some, we need to rekindle the flames of family, of reading stories to kids, of taking time to be with loved ones. I hope you find ways to slow down this fast paced electronic world… and enjoy people in person.

thanks google images for my last 2 clip arts…

Love to All, Cindy alias Mrs Justa.

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