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Another day is dawning,  memories to be made, impressions to leave, moments unchangeable.IMG_0756

As the day begins, as the next step is about to happen, the next minute here among us, I am thinking about life and the effects we have on it.


RESPONSIBILITY:  We all are responsible for our actions. This goes for every single thing we do. We can not choose which things we do we are and are not responsible for. Nope, we own each thing we do.

That is a huge responsibility. Why, because sometimes the things we do, we don’t even realize or think about the end result, we get wrapped up in a moment or jump on the proverbial “bandwagon”. However, as we travel down the twists and turns of life’s journey,  and at the end of our road in life, it is us and us alone who individually made choices.

I say this because of many reasons, many reasons I myself have chosen to do things, and once they were done, well there was no rewind, no “gee I didn’t mean to be that way, or “I didn’t mean to do that” or “I didn’t mean to _______”.  The “I wish I had” thoughts do not count.

There have been things I have said, I can not take back. Actions I did, I can not undo. As a nurse, I have cared for patients who would say, “I knew better” or “If I only had never smoked” or “I took the chance ____”   Notice the similarity– “If I only had not or didn’t”

My parents would say to me when I did something I totally should not have, “You know better than that” or ” Bet you won’t do that again” or “what did you learn from that?”. And as I was growing up, she would wipe the wound ( physical or not) and guide me through the why’s and maybe even have suggestions on how to deal with that scenario in the future. They were preparing me for my future.

As we grow up we are still responsible for our actions. There are consequences to what is done, said, or ignored. If any of us are asked to do something and we say we will, if we then do it halfway, or not appropriately – if we take a risk, a dare—- we cannot go back and get those minutes to undo it.

In our roles in life, ( being a friend, an adult, a mentor, a stranger, a human being ) whether at work or in any environment around us, writing anything in social media, in an article,  we can not take it back. It paints a picture of us that can not be painted over, the “delete” does not remove words or photos or actions done.

Our reactions to something said or done, we can not undo that either. In life I have found to tread softly at times, to think before doing or saying, and to appreciate and take responsibility to every minute I am on this earth.

What image are we giving? What actions are we doing? What consequences because of those actions, or lack of actions are there? What image have I left?

Those are my thoughts this morning, something I will remember as I get ready for another day to be the best I can be.

Until later, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


Oh my goodness… As if I did not have time before add WORDS WITH FRIENDS to the mix!!!

This is addictive… I mean worse than smoking , drinking and eating all together.

It takes me twice as long to clean on Saturdays..cuz every time my phone does the chime that someone just played a word—well I gotta go and see what they played.

I like to play with people my speed.. ( Mentally challenged !!LOL)

No but really… see when there are games on line—than some creep will design sites to go to where you can enter your letters and it gives you words you NEVER heard of. There are some whiz folks who entwine the words so one work will fit next to another—and the person gets 80-100 points with words I never knew existed… Those people are not real fun to play against. I refuse to go to those sites…and well I am just not as smart as they are in this game.

I am more on the level of “the”…”it” .. “qi” maybe throw in a 5 letter word every once in a while… Oh my goodness… lunches at work—I run out to my car and play a few words on my smart phone..than turn it off and go back to work.

Making dinner—phone is on and charging and every “bling” sound… I scoot over and play a word.

I am PATHETIC!!!. I was wondering if I could get a waterproof cover and play a word in the shower LOL

So needless to say… I have not posted—cuz I have been wording it with friends.

It is fun… it is kinda nerve wracking—because people will start a game and not play a words for DAYS!!!. There have been nights when Mark and I are sitting on the couch playing a game against each other… when we went camping—9:00 PM hit—and out came our smart phones— and off for word with friends. Now mind you we have a scrabble board—but heck this seems more adventurous.

I guess it is better than other addictions… but dang.. it is a time filler too.

We are okay… Mark has his emotional issues that tend to bring him on highs or lows… and the highs keep him from sleep… the lows keep him in bed more.

Riley is a good dog.. we are lucky to have her—I think. She is very affectionate… loves to be with us… and is chomping on this beef bone I bought today and baked for her…… She is a little obsessive compulsive—I think she has been scraping it for 5 hrs now !!.

Our kids and grandkids seem to be all doing well…and the rest of the family is too…

Life is FLYING by… but at least I am alive to watch it fly by—so I guess that is a good thing.

I am off to cook dinner.. and do some more stuff for work…

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Okay… so Words With Friends is something I hear and see often. I have not officially gotten sucked into the craze yet. See watching others do it.. well it is frustrating to me.

I like scrabble… and sharing a game of scrabble….well that is fun. But having to wait 14 hrs  before the next person takes a turn—well that is a little long for me…

Now with Words With friends… I watch some of these people play..and I am no whiz kid by far..and  I have played a fair number of games of scrabble with all levels of people. Heck there are a couple guys that were geniuses..and not one of these people could EVERY SINGLE word..come up with words I never heard of—words that entwine with a bunch of letters from other come up with 40-100 point words EVERY TURN!!.that is telling me these people are not playing without assistance!! And I am not talking about another human being either.

There is no way… no way possible that there is not computer help in coming up with the repetitive high number words. SOOO than I start thinking… searching…. on line there are actually sites for “cheating on words with friends”.. I kid you not. One I went on said that you needed to make sure you felt okay about cheating in the game.

My thoughts are— if you want to play scrabble… than play scrabble….you and your opponent….END OF STORY….. not the cheater sites. Some of the words some of these people have come up with who “are not cheating” are words that I bet they can not define. If you have the computer figure out your next move—NEWSFLASH- you are no longer PLAYING the game!!!!… Nope !!! You have just become the middle man ( or woman)  — you have become a scribe for the are recording the computers next turn. WHAT FUN IS THAT?????

And than what floors me—- is the person cheating thinks the other person is totally unaware they are not that smart…..…. Well.. for me… one good word … maybe I could go with that… but 7 in a row !!!! Having a score 200 points over the other ones routinely….. nope ..not sounding like fun to me…

I guess if you HAVE to win all the time…. then this false sense of superiority might be a warm and fuzzy for you….. but to me…… no dictionary… my simple mind..and my small vocabulary are the only ingredients that make scrabble ( cyberly called Words with Friends) worth while.

So have fun all you CHEATERS!!!! I am not wasting my time on being a secretary to a computer.. Love to all,. Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( P.S. a real live game of scrabble—with the board, … with your opponent sitting at the same table….. …and touchable wooden tiles… a pencil and a paper score sheet….that is a great way to play Words With Friends)

Half the weekend behind us, and it has been a very nice one so far! Last night we went over the Jeff and Amanda’s, the kids were already in bed, but we offered to hang out and listen for them, so Jeff , Amanda and their friend could spend a few hours out.

This morning our breakfast out with our friends. That is always a fun time… listening to Mark and Shawn and their comments back and forth , it is entertaining…We came home for about an hour… and than headed West…

Today was a super special day. We went and spent a few hours with Emily. It was a really nice visit. It is the first time we have all gotten together to share time with one another. She has been to family functions in Rochester, but we never really had one on one time to spend with her…not until today ! SmileIt is tough at large family functions to connect with everyone….

Emily is 15 in a time so different than when we were growing up .Caleb, Mackenzie, Rochester, Sept 30 2011 036

We went to a place Mark and I used to bring our kids when they were small. It is a peaceful place, a very long pier to walk out on, the temp was perfect, the sky clear. There was a nice breeze. We got lunch at a restaurant at the pier, and just spent time reflecting on various events and outlooks of life. Mark had a canvas chair – so he sat at the entrance of the pier and Emily and I walked all the way to the 100E0356end. We stood there for a while, talking about a lot of stuff… Her visions for her future, her goals for college, her plans to work , she has a sense of humor that is priceless, her insight to things she has been through.

Emily’s  parents are very special , and we were blessed to also spend an hour or so talking to them before we headed home.

I was trying to think back to being 15 and in school and how cruel kids were to me. I can not imagine how it would have been if there were cell phones, all the materialism of todays world, ..we had enough to survive in the world back than—but we did not have an over abundance of things. My mom always showed she loved us…. and fortunately for Emily..her parents are the same way….some parents now a days try to buy their kids love… Emily’s parents give her their love…She is truly blessed. She seems to have a some good friends in her life, she is very intelligent and seemed to understand a lot about life in general…

So Emily… Mark and I thank you for spending some time with us today… it was great… and a beginning to a new chapter in all our lives….

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

I know I have mentioned before Africam. Well for those of you who did not remember, or those of you who never heard of it, this is my relief after a long day. I get in my jammies, sit back with a cool drink of water or a hot tea, and for a while I go to the jungles of Africa.

Most of the time it is noisy, crickets in the background, birds cackling, maybe an occasional elephant, rhino, or creature I am unsure of. But the other night it was TOTALLY cool. I am here, africam 1-24-2012 010on my office chair, watching giraffes in the wild.

I mean this was totally making my day ,taking me away from the  jungles of ugliness ( my day that had just been!!) and let me  drift away. Mark thinks it is funny how I get mesmerized in the safari from my office chair!

How cool are these photos!

I took videos, man you would think I was there. I was laughing and loving it…I was like a tourist in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.

There were mama and papa giraffes and baby ones.

Slurping water, and eating trees. They have to bend their nimble appearing legs in half almost to get a drink.

africam 1-24-2012 018



And here…

I felt like they were watching me watch them…and I got the bonus of Zebras coming in for a viewing.

Now tell me this is not totally cool

africam 1-24-2012 008

Okay… so some may think I am simple minded… but I am thinking I am being frugal.I went on one site and a safari can run $500 to $10,000+ (excluding airfare). Now for  me ( and Mark when he dares to join in the fun) —it costs nothing more than an extra cup of coffee or tea.

HA—I am thinking if I was going to go on a safari—I would not want to go with the cheaper one. That is quite a difference between the low and the high price! I can assure you I would not be going for the 500.00 one.
This is a photo of the sleeping arrangements on the LOW budget one…(They supply the tent but YOU supply your own sleeping bag..)

500.00 safari

Are You Kidding ME!!!!

Man can you imagine having some big ass elephant come and check you out… or a lion..



Nope… this does not sound appealing! In the one ad it said the lower cost was for the daring… adventure goers. It describes the sleeping as your tent “in the bush”… and you have “bucket showers and long drop latrines”…drop latrine HA HA… it is more than daring! You gotta be nuts… that does not even sound like something I would go on for free!! and the transportation for “game viewing”  is in 6 passenger mini vans.

I went on line to see what the heck a “drop latrine” is… here ya go… >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>             HA  HA… could you imagine thinking you found a great deal on a Safari,picturing at least a moderate accommodating tour and get off the plane to find you have a 2 man tent, a mini van..and a “drop latrine” .

I wonder how they named that,. and who the heck hangs onto you as you try to hang your butt over the edge…

Damaraland_003Now the mid expensive ones have a little more… land rovers transportation, and you stay in a “lodge”

Now this looks a little more appealing…I do not think I would be as nervous of becoming a bedtime snack in this.

I got these last 3 photos from a web wite for reserving a African Safari…

SOOO.. back to this warm home, ice storm outside, jammies on… electric mattress pad warming up my side of the bed… and with a click of the button..I will get my jungle fix from New York… If it gets boring..or some of the beasts decide to go after other beasts… I can click off the screen—instead of try to run thru the bush with my tent and sleeping bag in hand—looking for the drop latrine… HEE HEE… I could see me now….

I hope you have a peaceful night.. Love to all Mrs  Justa alias Cindy

Okay, I owe a bunch of people a HUGE apology. Yep… I am feeling a little technically challenged.. alias stupid.

I went on my “dashboard” of this blog and saw there were comments sitting there..not posted… not anywhere..just there.

See I did not really work on the intricacies of setting up the blog, so I really do not know the technical stuff about it. When I had tried to change my photo so it was mine, it got lost somewhere.  Every time I try to do setting up of computer stuff, well I feel almost like I am unqualified to go to the areas I am trying to go to. Than when what I am trying to do does not work..I use the good ol back arrow and proceed down the road I have been on.

So sorry folks… I have not been snubbing you off , I just did not know how to get your comments on there. Maybe now will be better. HA… I LMAO when I read this one from quite a while ago that said basically it was pretty bad ( or pathetic) I had to comment on my own post. !! That is funny, cuz that is how it appears. We are still working on that one. See Mark ( my hubby) started this a LONG time ago… he had 2 blogs.  To keep this one going when he was feeling really overwhelmed with the 2 of them, he asked me to be a guest or ghost writer. Well I am one of the guests that never leaves… Heck I have been doing this for 2 + years now. Someday I will figure out how to make it clear that it is  me posting a comment or him. Until than.. If you see a comment like “Nice post Dear” …it is not me writing that to myself.

Life is advancing so quickly that it is tough 100_6548to stay caught up  on the technical challenges . I had to laugh today..I was warming up my lunch and there is a fireplace surrounded by a love seat and 2 comfy chairs for people to relax in on their lunch. Well the love seat had 2 people on it and each chair had folks nestled into them.. 3 of the 4 were reading e books..and the one was reading a real book. How totally weird it was the the person reading the real book looked like the one out of place.

Our3 yr old  grandson yesterday held up his dads I Phone and showed us a video clip of himself demonstrating a stuffed snoopy coming down the chimney—like Santa..and bopping his head. I do not even know how to turn on an IPhone and here is a 3 yr old navigating to the video clips.

Yes we ( me) have to stay alert… try to stay abreast of the continuous changes… or in a blink  of an eye.. we will have no idea how t get through a day..

Now off I am to see if I can clear up this double identity my husband and I share…

wish me luck..and have a great night…

Love the technically challenged at times…Mrs Justa alias Cindy here I go again… sorry. BUT

A mail carrier spreads cheer at the holidays and it makes a co-worker UNCOMFORTABLE! Stating that the person felt the Santa Claus was not in the government approved USPS uniform.

Give me a break.

Who the heck is this co-worker—wonder if their first name is “Ebenezer?”This has got to be someone who is just a miserable son of a gun..someone who can not stand for others to be happy.

And than what really frosts my buttinski..the USPS told “Santa” he had to stop because of this one miserable, whaa whaa coworker.

Santa Claus has been around for YEARS, Santa Claus is a sign of the season, Santa Claus delivering mail is cool. This guy has been doing this for over a decade! And one lousy stinking little voice stops the whole tradition of this jolly carrier.

Man that totally screams UNBELIEVABLE!!! And ya know what stuff like this give POWER to the small little pip-squeak—and the little pip-squeak will be complaining about something else before you know it.

GRRRR>.. makes me want to scream!! I am not a rebel… but I  am someone who will share a thought, especially when it stinks like  Bull-poo…

I do not know who I am more irritated with… the wimpy complainer… or the USPS for being a wet noodle…

What about the rights of the other people involved? What about the disappointment to all those who looked forward to this display of cheer…

Yep, sorry folks..but this thing really has me all kinds of upset tonight. I will be better in the morning… and this jolly guy..I send a salute to him in a cyber-space sort of way.

I hope that the sun will rise and things will be more fair for this postal carrier, but you know what… even if they force him to take off the Santa suit.. no one… NOT the wimpy miserable person who complained.. NO ONE  ..can take away this mans peace, his smile, his love for others, his spirit.

And ya know what??? That miserable little creep… is  still going to be that same angry person…

How can they sleep at night? ( Maybe they can’t, cuz they are too darn unhappy)

Sad to say… but in a way I kinda feel sorry for the creep…To be that scroogey…. people get what is coming to them… I just gotta keep reminding myself that.

Please do not be afraid to wish other good tidings, to spread cheer….

Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy

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