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The Haitians.. those poor poor people. We think we have it tough when we break a nail, get a cold, have trouble because the citrus crop is frozen and the prices will rise or run low on fuel .

Or it is a catastrophe when our electric mattress cover is not as good as it used to be, or when the water pressure might be a little low.

Well we are wussies, we have no idea what suffering is.

I heard some staggering, eye opening statistics today on Haiti… up until yesterday.. to my ignorant self… Haiti was there.. no feelings for it.. it was just there.

But when it came to the surface, when this devastating earthquake came and totally destroyed their not so great life, I listened, I felt… I wanted to cry for these people. One report said that a large percentage of the Haitians earn $1.00 a day. Okay… so let us think about that.. where would you be a 7.00 a week wages? I got this picture from google images- in a time much better then now, and in this time- even though the people seem to show joy, they are living in deplorable conditions- and yet look at the brightness of their clothes, the life in their faces…… $7.00 a week.

Haiti Earthquake

And now look… everything they had… toppled. 1,000 upon 1,000 of dead, dying, hungry, thirsty… it rips my heart strings. I fell so terrible for them. It brings to the surface what is easy to hide in the background.

I read that the streets are lined with dead bodies, covered with blankets. There is not water, peoples homes destroyed, people injured with no where to go…

I can not imagine this.

We wonder how we will get to the gym, or if we will go grab a cup of coffee. And these people, with nothing… and now with less… they rally around to assist one another.

They find a strength that I do not know I have myself. I admire their courage, and I believe that many will still lose their lives, but those who survive- I think they have much stronger characters than many of us. Wow, I am just kinda torn over the whole thing. say a prayer for them, pray for the missionaries that are there , and the various world organizations going to assist… for in the end… we are all brothers and sisters. Rest in Peace.. Love Mrs Justa…