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People have asked me what it feels like to be Bi-polar. It’s a lot of things. Most of all for me anyway, is it’s like a roller coaster ride at the amusement park. That rush down the hill into a hairpin curve. Your heart is in your throat. Just when you get your self under control as you climb up the hill on the next curve. Woooshhhh. Back down at breakneck speed. Sometimes the ride down the hill last too long. Or so it seems to me and those around me also. I don’t know when to get off the ride so to speak. My perception of how long I’ve been on the downhill is distorted. My speech becomes elevated and I talk fast and long. I’m sure some people that have run into me lately are saying amen to that.

I hope anyone facing this disorder isn’t trying to do it alone. It’s really hard. In fact I don’t really think you can do it alone. Bi-Polar disorder drags you around it takes on a life of it’s own. At least for me anyway. I don’t know if I’m explaining it clear enough. If any of you out there feel something different let us know.I by nature am a rather talkative lad without any help.Toss in the Manic stage and watch out. Fortunately I don’t think I’m talking to myself. Watch out though it’s early yet.



I went to my Physical Capacity test yesterday. It was easier than I expected. I thought I would be sweating when I was done. But it wasn’t that kind of test. I truly discovered what limitations I have. It’s kind of frustrating but whinnying about it isn’t going to change anything. The tester was very friendly and very professional. (Even after I told him I was the one that wrote the letter):)

Buying gas is still a shell game. Cindy and I have come to the realization that BJ’s is the best place for us to buy it. It was $3.21.9 a gallon on Saturday when we went. Those stations in Elbridge were playing their pricing games again, they were the lowest prices in the Greater Syracuse area. So if you live in Elbridge, Ny check them out on the sale days.I think Sam’s club is on par with BJ’s on price. If anyone knows any different let me know and I’ll post it here so we all can know.

Mannnnn. Wait all Winter and Spring for opening day, and it is rained out. That’s right it is the end of the World! the Yankee game was rained out. What’s so funny is that the game started at 1:00 pm. I was so busy doing other things that I had forgotten about it anyway. So I just figured I would catch the highlights on the 11:00 oclock news. So I’m sitting in the recliner 10 minutes into the News and the sports comes on. The first report was on the Mets. They won. The next thing I remember I was waking up and the sports reporter was just finishing up talking about the Yankee game. That’s right between the Met’s report and the Yankee report, What was that all of 10 seconds? I dosed off in the recliner. I popped back awake. I laughed and asked Cindy what the score was. She had to tell me that the game was rained out. I know for some of you this fine day that this warning will be to late, like it is for me, but I have to give it anyway: “Don’t get old”. I tell this to everyone younger than me when I’m talking with them.

Occasionally I’ve said that to a person that has already made it past their 50’s like Momma and Myself. You know what the response to that comment I’ve made is? Yep. “To Late I’ve already made it.” I’m justa saying!


image Image courtesy of Google images 

As many of you can tell if your reading both of the blogs Justakrusen and this one here on WordPress,I have taken a frugal bent on my post lately. In researching gas prices in the Syracuse area the last few days I’ve come across a few stark and revealing facts.I’ll try to as clearly as I can explain what I’ve found.

To start with go to Syracuse gas prices today. Right off the bat this is a lie(mistake). If you go to the site and look at the dates for the various stations they have listed you’ll see that the prices aren’t for today. Instead they are for yesterday or the day before. So what happens, if the low station that you see seems to be quite a bit lower than everyone around them, you can assume that the “designated” sale day for the station is that day.

For example yesterday the prices at The Mobil station at County line Rte 5 in Elbridge, Ny was $3.16. The next lowest one in line is the Mini Mart at the 4 corners Rte 5 Elbridge, Ny. So this must be their “sale day” the day they lower the prices to get people in to also come in a purchase the “in between” stuff they may need. Like Milk, bread, cigarettes, and what ever little thing we need to pick up. At quite a markup of course. I’m not suggesting they take a loss on the fuel. If anything that maybe the day that they are willing to break even on the gas for the day. While raking in the extra money on the things that “We just have to have”.After all, it’s Thursday. If we went shopping at(insert your store here) Friday or Sat. Chances are that by Thursday we are going to need things like mentioned above aren’t we?

Just think about this a minute. It’s just the old bait and switch being run on a grand scale all over the country in anywhere USA. You can see how it increase everyone’s profits, from the Gas companies on down to every little Mom and Pop store pumping gas. All they need to do is take turns and EVERYONE will make money. 

Now lets go down the list just a couple more. The next one in line is Fastrac 5858 State Rte 31 &Rte 81 Jct, Cicero, Ny. The price there was $3.26 on Thurs the 20th and the next one listed is right next door to them the Kwik Fill listed as $3.27 but the date on that is Wed’s the 20th. If you haven’t clicked on this site then gone to the Syracuse Gas prices site on the same day, then of course the numbers maybe different. The prices do tend to stay pretty steady in this area as they have about 4 or 5 stations within a half mile of each other. Well within site of each other to be able to change numbers if your competitor gets a little froggy and lowers the price, if you not what I mean.

So just so I don’t belabor the point, here are some of the things I’ve found. The Nice & Easy in downtown Metropolis Phoenix, Ny’s sale day appears to be Sunday. The price is usually lower from anywhere to $.07 cents to $.09 a gal from stores even only 2 miles down the road from them. Those two stations that keep their prices pretty steady are over on Rte 31 & Lamson Rd. Jct. One’s a Sunoco and the other one is A Venezuela dictator who hates the United States supported station. VELARO. These fine folks at this corner don’t change the prices much up or down as they get all the North South Traffic on Rte 48. So they don’t need to,do they? 

Real quick now to keep this as short as I can. The Prices yesterday at the Byrne Dairy on rte 370 & 690 Jct was $3.30 per gal at about 2:00 pm. When Momma and I stopped by (Just to check the prices) they had risen $.03 cents . The time we drove by was about 7:30 pm. Hmmmm. just past time every one drove by to get to their houses as they drove west on 370 to get home. I guess all the Byrne Dairy’s that sell gas must have a sale day on thursdays. Hmmmm. I’m Justa saying!

Please check out the post on the for some more interesting information on gas pricing.