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I am not a politician, never wanted to be one, never really felt the need to do anything but maybe support one I felt strongly about.

As we enter the next 2 months of “How nasty can one get over the other” I am looking to buy earplugs and blinders when the political personal attacks start. If one starts playing dirty and the other stays above the line of trash talk..than does the other get credited for being admirable or criticized that all the trash talk must be true –because they are not coming back and defending the insults.

To me, in my one person mind… we need government that will not support continuous hand outs. I do believe unemployment benefits should be available as people get back on their feet, heck they have paid into that insurance in case they ever need it. I personally had to benefit from unemployment once in my life. But we need not have more ways of extending the unemployment checks for  the 23 million people unemployed and growing… we need to be supporting these 23 million ( and more) people by being a country where employment is available.

I find that the government seems to be focusing on more ways to print money , increase debt, to help those who are not working. And some of the reason there are 23 + million unemployed people – in my humble opinion is because we have given those jobs to people in other countries. I have heard thru various articles and reports that our government ( a couple years back) was going to have more people building roads, fast trains, bridges—and THAT will help us put people back to work. Well that would help all the 24 + yrs olds with college degrees living in the same 10×10 room they grew up in. But what about the 40, 50 and 60 year olds that thought they had a job through retirement..only to find themselves on the curb with an “Out of business” sign on the door of the place they thought was their home away from home.

I look at how far in debt we are,Oswego NY  6-11-12 014 I see media of all sorts stating  we just need to do another 4 yrs with this administration, I look at people who have  almost 30 something kids that are still living in their homes, and I am thinking THIS IS NOT THE AMERCIAN DREAM!! Each person in their 20s with the feeling of there is  no job to take, no where to go… living at home… having meals, insurance, clothing provided for them.. what happens at age 27 ?? 
They are still at home, still have food and life’s essentials provided..and we the government have supplied more a pathway to show them how to accept others providing for your life..than you providing it for yourself. By 27—most investors would be recommending that these people should be well on their way to prepare for their retirement. And yet instead of contributing to the social security funds, instead of having their own 401 K accounts, instead of having their own place… they are the same place they were when they were 13 yrs old.

I wonder what happened to journey of growing up and when you are in your early teens to be looking forward to 15 … cuz you can go and get a job… or 18 because you could vote..and have a job (or 2 or 3) and GET YOUR OWN PLACE!! I dreamt of that., my mind was filled with how neat it would be to move out on my own. Oh and that first night away from the bedroom of my life… cooking on a stove that is new to me, deciding if breakfast was going to be a hamburger… and having desert before dinner…to not have anyone tell me it was time to go to bed…to chose my pathways and know that at the fork in the road it was the consequences of my choice that got me there. TO have my own mailing address, bank account, bills, mail box…. NOT once did I long for living under my moms roof for years on end. A parents home should be one that is there in a bind..but not for a life time. TO move back into a parent’s home— it is to get back on your feet… and within a few weeks… a move to your new destiny.

The 20 something  people are our future. So we have one politician going to college campuses—filled with many people who will be moving back home…. telling the kids to vote for me that party again—because if you do not—well you may lose your health insurance…or you may lose this or that. Yet not letting them know that the job they dream of is now being filled by someone in another country.

How about instead of instilling fear of what you Won’t have..maybe instilling hope for jobs and self sufficiency….and assurance that they too can live the American Dream .

I find it maybe back in  finance 101 that to save money you need to make money. Look at all the countries we are helping financially..and what money are they putting back into our pockets? Than  look at those same countries and see if they have people marching around shouting they hate the USA.
Yes I am frustrated with the way it is now..and I am hoping that we end up with strength in the White House to help take the trillions upon trillions in debt and turn it around..to help businesses stay in America, and put people back to work. I am looking, desiring and praying for a change.

Peace to all, I hope today “LABOR DAY” means something more to you than a day off.

Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

sept 2011 stuff 036To think that some are predicting the bottom could fall out from under us… life as we know it might totally change. I did not live in the Great Depression, but I am old enough to have lived with people in my life who did.

The people I  have known, they were affected by doing without. Things did not get wasted. Heck when my mom would cook spaghetti sauce—every leftover in the fridge ended up in the sauce. She would buy a gallon milk, dilute it with a gallon of water and a gallon of powder milk mixed up…

There was one woman I knew for many years..she kept EVERYTHING!. I think if anyone had chicken wings, she would have been there collecting the bones to save for a broth. If you bought something on a stack cardboard card- the item covered with a firm plastic protection piece..she would save the plastic for a possible terrarium. She washed paper plates, washed and folded foil, she used the wrappers for margarine to oil a baking sheet.

Another person I knew would save every ribbon and gift wrap from packages, trim off ends and use it again. She literally irons gift wrap to use again.

I think both of these people could make rock soup taste edible.

I was thinking about them as an ad flashed up on my screen about 2012 being the end of life as we know it. That is scary… because if it was true..than why save money if it is going to all be worth nothing….BUT it takes so damn long to save money..that I would hate to spend it all to find out—we got our crap together and things were getting better…

I look at our kitchen..100_0313it is nothing special to most people..to us ..we like it. If the money in the world becomes worth nothing..than we would have to down size..but to down size would be to get rid of practically everything we own.

Than I think ..would we want to get rid of things we own..for if money is worth nothing..the things we have would be something at least. They are pd for…

So our goals should be to pay off all debt..and if things go south..at least we would have something to use..so survive with. I heard someone say at a store they save NOTHING> no pictures, no nothing…. I think about me.and I find such joy knowing I can pick up an album and see my mom, my dad, my sister all who have  passed on to their eternal life, I can smile at a picture of my child when he was a baby… smile at Marks and my kids when they met that first time at the Roch Zoo…. photos bring me back to times in the cubby holes of my mind… they bring to the surface times that made me who I am…

Oh I really hope the doom predictors are over stating the future..and that people become more aware of the waste…. and that life continues to be ok for us, and our kids and our kids kids. I do not think I wish to save every piece of foil that was used already… but I do hope we can all think before we just toss. Peace to all. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy 

I am not sure who did this survey, but I heard it on the news this past week.

Over 50% of grads surveyed stated they would refuse employment if the potential future employer banned facebook at work!

I almost drove off the road when I heard this. It started my mind reeling in multiple directions, I was blown away.

So here I am . a manager of quite a few people, and we all have PLEANTY of work to do, and not ONCE have we been bored at work. We do not allow Facebook chatting at work ! Nor do we allow surfing the internet for personal use at work.

Sorry—but believe it or not, when our employer hired us each, it was not contingent that we could talk with our friends while the employer is paying us to work. This would be like in the pre-facebook days, coming to work with a car load of your friends, bringing them to your work area and talking to them for a portion of the day..while you are collecting a pay from your employer for work  they need done!

When employers try to figure out the number of employees needed to complete the tasks at hand, NEWSFLASH>>>they  are anticipating that they are going to receive 100% work time from employees, people who will be devoted to the business. I know this might be a shocker to those +50% of people..but the employers of America are not hiring you to do personal stuff on their time !

I was totally floored by this. I wonder if it is not created somewhat by various middle age adults who have their kids still living at home. The kids seem to expect it, that they are entitled to the roof over their heads, the cell phones, the internet…. and the parents always say that it is too costly for them to live on their own. But what are we teaching our kids than. That they have the luxury of living home for free ? What we have are young adults , like those in that survey, who  refuse to work unless they can spend paid time chatting with friends. I hate to sound like the old foggie that I am..but what happens to these kids when the parents are no longer able to support them, or have died?  Learning the hard knocks of life in one swoop is a lot harder than in smaller increments.

When I was a late teenager and a 20 something, I was expected to provide for myself. I was expected to get one or more jobs to do that. Once graduated from high school- if mom’s was the place of residence-we paid for our room and board. It was a way to teach independence. We did our own laundry, we shared with household expenses, and ya know what…we figured that if we were gonna be paying rent- than why not have the independence of moving out of moms home.

Cell phones should not go hand and hand with working ….mine is in my car –if it is an EMERGENCY__people can call my work. I DO NOT personally surf the internet while I am expected to be working, and every single day I come to and leave work, I am thankful that someone hired me to help out their business. When looking for a job, I always tell the prospective employer that I will give 100% of me,to them, while I am working there. It feels great to go home each day and know that my promise was upheld for another day .

We need to help the young adults of today ( those 50% in the survey) to see what work ethic is, what motivation is , what expectations are… and toughen up them so they get out of the “entitlement” syndrome which many are in. Oh I know that not all young adults fall into this category- we have MANY very dependable young adults at my work.

At work, at home, with friends… we need to give all of us to the people with us, and save time for others at another time. TURN OFF your cell phones and TURN ON Eye contact with the people around you, Turn on devotion to the job, or the situation you are in.,

There is A LOT of work to do to make this country, this time , this century heading back to a  nation of proud hard working Americans, who feel honored to be employed and blessed to be tired from a hard days work.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Did you ever feel like you are not sure what the right answer is about.ANYTHING!!!

Like—do we live like we are broke every day, save like crazy, and than in the future find our money is worth nothing..and we missed opportunities to go places, see the world, have HBO on the cable, have an IPOD, I phone and “I” anything else?

Do we pay off our mortgage as fast as possible..only to find out we can not afford to live in the boonies…and no one else would want to either?

Do we pay off any loan quickly..only to find we did not save enough by doing so?

Do we tell people WHAT WE REALLY THINK??? Or do we take the passive role and keep the REAL thoughts way deep inside?

Do we live on eggs, pasta, tomato sauce, sandwiches and cheap frozen veggies ,so that we can put money away to pay everything off?

Do we take out “food insurance” and buy months of food that has a 25 year shelf life—for lots of $$$$..and than God forbid we need it—if the world was ending..why would we want to be sitting there chomping on dry old food..and watching as others suffer? We would share..and than all the preparations for months would end in days or weeks..and in the end..it would still be the end. Just a bunch of us got to eat and watch the world go through what terrible thing was happening, only to have it happen to us too.. None of us are better than the other..however how many of us are treated like they are less than another? 

What do we do with the little bit that is in a 401 K?

The list goes on and on..and ya know what..I do not think any of us knows the real answers. Some will choose a pathway that will not work for another.

Me… and Mark—we are trying to pay off things as soon as possible, but we are not rolling in the dough… … we are trying to save where we can, we have few vises, but are we doing right by what we are doing?

October 2011 012I just do not know. So as I ponder these thoughts of life, I am off to pay bills, make a grocery list and continue on with a weekend of sunshine and temps in the 50-60 range, being THANKFUL for no snow yet, and for the clean water from the faucet and the life that we have.

To all those out there, I send my love, my wishes for you to have answers that I can not seem to find…and enjoy what ever the weekend is bringing to you. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

As I was thinking about things in life, which I tend to do often, I was thinking about how much many of us think a lot about what to do and how to do it.

sunset and finished shed 017An example this evening was we were talking at Jeff’s about many angles of life.So in my trails of thinking came potty training… yes potty training….  This evening this was brought about by taking Brandon in for hopefully a successful journey down the road to being potty trained. Thinking about my mom as we were in the bathroom…. My mom was a believer that the kids needed to take their mind off what they were there to do. So she would bring in books to read with us. She patiently would read a part of the book and than remind us in her ever soothing voice why we were sitting on the potty chair. It is funny, I remember for years following, that to go into the bathroom to perform the needed task, I read the inside of shampoo labels, a label off soap, a magazine that may have been read over and over again, I have to do something to relax my mind, and poof… the task is completed almost effortlessly…

Than I was going over the discussion on how we each think the direction the  country is going in , the financial pitfall that is being projected, how main stream media tells us what they want to tell us, and how we do not get a real picture. I do not for the life of me, understand how some of the people in the legislature, the senate and even the president..can accept money for arguing with one another, for trying to gain political standing.. and forget they are in their rather well paying positions because the majority of people who voted.. voted for them . I think when they are arguing their pay should be held…. no pay unless you are thinking… planning….  I can not believe any of them run their personal finances as they are running the government. And the government needs to get their fingers out of our wallets, and look at the whole picture. IF there are close to 50 % of the people not paying taxes….maybe there should be ways to change that… If there are big corporations who have so many loop holes, that they do not pay taxes… maybe we need to look at that. Heck, if someone would just give the president a tour of the White House and tell him this is where he lives… I think the country would save a lot in travel costs and security.

In one article it stated “Air Force One cost $214,768 and the cargo plane cost $32,140. For a grand total of $246,908 for Mr. Obama’s two round trips to Chicago.”It has got to be that this guy does not know yet that his office is in Washington DC… so the way I figure it.. if on their morning100_6820 break the legislatures and senators could work together… maybe put paper feet prints on the floor guiding him through the place… he might like it and stay put. He could actually speak to the public from the White House… Thinking thinking thinking….. that is what many of us do….

We were talking about all the thinking about what car to buy , what amount do we need to invest now so we can maybe survive for a few years in the future retirement days of our lives, what will become of the government if this spending does not stop, thinking about those who have been totally 100_6264devastated by the loss of jobs in the US, about how we as a country have let our pride in “ American made”  things be bought out by greed. We choose to import cheaply made products, sell them with an incredible mark up and watch our own neighbor look for work… or totally give up.

Thinking thinking thinking… we need to act… we need to write our elected officials, we need to be a voice. Thinking may work in the bathroom… but actions work in every other room in the house…. Let’s rally around, work together…to make this the country we are proud to live in. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

This week has been kinda trying, we had training for all the clinical staff and have been keeping work flowing basically half staffed. A bunch of us are putting in extra time, I am so glad I work with the people I do.

I do not know what I did at the gym on Saturday and Sunday, but I had a back ache for the past few days. I did go tonight and am feeling a little worn out this evening.  I avoided the gym for a couple of days and tonight I just did a 45 minute work out.

This weekend the team I work with is coming in on Saturday, just to catch up from the week of half staff and vacations. I love my weekends, I think everyone does, but we all gather together and bust butt for 4-6 hrs, and it makes a HUGE difference.

Tomorrow we get to spend the evening with the 2 grand-boys- they are so much fun. They cuddle, they relate with one another, love to be read to and then they have little spats. It really is fun to watch them. I love bath time… they would stay in the tub for an hour if we let them, but usually after 1/2 hr we get them out.

I am sitting here listening to an investment guy from Maryland  talking about the doom and gloom of the country and the financial situations globally  we are about to end up in. He is stating things about how this country needs to stop spending and try to attempt to handle the debt. What he says is happening really— there are no answers for a pion as me. I dunno what we could do… plant a garden, try to become more self sufficient, it seems like this world is consuming everything. The I wants, the new toys, the faster world, digital, techy…. it is kind of scary- when you think about the stories of the Great Depression ( why the heck did they call it GREAT??) , it may end up like that again. So now this guy has totally bummed me out…. I am going to take a hot shower- while we have hot water.

Brrrr,,, can you imagine if in the winter our bath water was from melted snow? Some dudes tell you to buy gold— but try to buy bread with a hunk of gold. And what if you had gold- if no one has money, what do you do?? Throw it at people?

I hate to be apathetic, but I do not know for sure if his answers are the answers. What to do? Who to listen to? The Internet can be great…. but the Internet is also not so great.

This guy states he knows everything, but he will not run for office, he will not take money from you….he is just showing a power point and in a story book tone, he is telling a non comforting prediction for the future. Supposedly at the end of his 45 minute power point he is going to share secrets to get through this doom..

Hot shower,,, heated mattress pad,  electric alarm clock—that is my path right now. Let go and Let God….. goodnight

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa.

image2-14-2009……….It seems like just yesterday that this was taken, and it was 2 yrs ago.

We were watching Brandon for the day while his parents were moving into their new home.

He was here from basically morning till dinner time. It was a fun day, but man I look at this picture and am reminded how time is flying.


Things change all the time.image It is weird how time never stands still, not for one second. In 2 short years we have gone from one grandchild to three.Two years ago Preston was a seed of the future. And now he is here, full of smiles and joy.

We do have the same home, I have the same job, the pets are the same-yet different- poor Indi now on phenobarbital for seizures and  bland food for chronic pancreatitis.

What have I learned in the last 2 years… aren’t there supposed to be life lessons?

Isn’t that funny.. that is a tough question. To live more , to waste less. To pray every day. To be thankful . To be patient. To be strong.

I have learned to be more tolerant of life. To appreciate those who give of themselves. I think I have become more aware of how precious time is. I think I have become more aware of those who judge others blatantly. I have learned that being a grandparent does not mean needing to bear gifts… it means to stop and take time to just be yourself with the children.

I probably care more , dislike less. And I think that I am more aware of stuff in life, I feel more for what others seem to be going through. More so people who are making life work, with far less than what I have. I have this inner feeling of wanting to help everyone, but I know I can not. Like the woman tonight at the grocery store, loading some groceries into a taxi, a sleeping child in a car seat in the shopping cart. Man , I just wanted to give her a ride, help her carry the groceries and child into their home…But I could not do that.

008I went to the SPCA a couple weeks ago, and saw bunches of cats.. their life is a 2 foot square cage, expressions of wanting to be loved… … than I  come home and see our cat sleeping in a crib, chasing a dog around a 64 foot long house… just kind of puts a different twist on things.

What changes have you had in the past 2 years?  What changes do you want to have in the next 2 years… Time is ticking away… do not lose it… Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy

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