December 2008

Tug of war, winter or spring; cold or warm100_0891 ; windy or mild; expressway or back roads. This is the week that just past. On Sunday it was darn near 60 degrees Fahrenheit and today – 3 days later it is snowing, blowing, wind chill of zero. Mark actually drove me into work this morning, it took us 1 1/2 hrs to go the non expressway paths. The expressways were actually not plowed yet, there were accidents up the ying-yang.

So we crept in, braved the fools on the highways and I landed safely at work.

I think I had 6 voice mail messages from others who work for me, doing the same. I always tell the people, if it takes a little longer , that is okay, just get in safe. Take their time and appreciate the time to reflect.

I have had jobs in the past where there was no option to be a little late, in the hospital and at the doctors office, you had to be there and then not leave till back up arrived for the next shift.

But in the office environment, it is nice to know that we should really try to get in on time, but it is better to be a little late then get in a wreck.

Life is like that, we need to stop rushing, we need to stop. I love this ice on a branch that I captured. It looks to me like a koala bear watching a hummingbird getting nectar from a flower. What do you see in this photo. It was amazing that I found this, it only took up a small part of a branch that I was walking by in my front yard. In a rush, I would not have spotted this.

In a rush I would have walked right by, and that sun that is glowing on it would have reshaped it and shrank it.

Yes, we need to remember our friends, our priorities, and take pleasure in the small pieces of art work that God plants all around us, like this ice form from last year. Love to all, Mrs Justa

  Thought for the day..                                                                                                                                      


……………………………………………” Courage is bringing a child into the world, feeding him and clothing him, caring for him  and clothing him, worrying about him, disciplining him, educating him, preparing him to the best of your ability for the life he is going to have to lead, and then letting him live it. ” D.L. Stewart

How true that is. Nothing more nothing less, just a thought for the day.

Love Mrs Justa

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Music may not mean a lot to some people, and to others it is a part of them. From Spring through Fall I think we have about 8 sets of wind chimes in the trees. Where we used to live, we had 3 large maples in our front yard, and one silver maple in the back. So there was lots of places to hang the wind chimes. Here we have a row of pine trees that line the back of our property, so we hear the chimes when we really stretch our hearing senses with the windows open, or when we are in the back.


Someday we will have a back deck, and I envision some posts on it where we may be able to hang some of them. They are various sizes, and so they have various sounds, some sound light the tinkle of a bell, others sound like a small pipe organ, and then every chime in between. We used to have these really long ones, that were pretty, but rather pipe organish in the wind. We had a neighbor who kept coming over and putting big branches up the middle of it so it would not chime. what a sad angry person that must have been. Whomever it was, they did not succeed in spreading the anger to me, I would free it to gong in the wind again. Eventually, I moved it to the back tree.

I find a comfort in the sound of wind chimes, it is like God sent angels to sing to me. I know I am weird like that, but it is a nice world to live in. I sometimes feel like I should be what I see as the life of a  monk, and quietly hum to the existence of life.

Mark laughs at me when I get off on the peace , love and flower child type outlook. But I find it soothing. When we used to camp, I would bring a wind chime, it would sing to us with the background sounds of the babbling brook, or the wind as it wisped its way through the fingers of the leaves.

Can ya tell I am already longing for spring. Gee and it is only the 8th day of winter. So peaceful dreams, thoughts of spring breezes and peaceful songs form nature to all, as I have to readjust my mind for the snow tomorrow.

Love, Mrs justa… Cindy

Today I am going to do a blog in memory, and in respect of my grandmother.

Mark and I spent a little time with Brandon tonight, and as we were there, I was reminded of my grandmother. 

This is a photo from March 1954. I am about 6 months old and on her lap. My sister Pam is in the foreground, we are in grandma’s bedroom. My grandmother was 100% blind, yet notice in the right of the photo is a sewing machine.Grandma, Pam and me She would sew things on this, it was powered manually, it had a treadle. She would place her feet on the treadle and rock her feet back and forth, the needle would go up and down. She made aprons, napkins, even a quilt out of rags once. Yet she could not see, she did it by touch. And they were perfect !

I can remember sitting in her room and she would listen to the radio, ( it is behind her in this photo). There were stories told on the radio, and we would sit by it, much like people sit at a TV now. Just being by her was all I wanted.

At a very young age I learned that we always had to keep things where they belonged, we could not put a toy out in the path of where she would walk, chairs had to stay in the same place.

Grandma would sit in a chair and hold me on her lap and read to me, just by knowing the title  of a book. I would turn the pages to what she was saying. I did not know she did not have the words correct, it did not matter.

She was a woman of strength, she never gave up, even though she was disabled, she was challenged by it, she proved that it would not get her down. I am awed by this woman, who had adversities for a lot of her life. She became pregnant, in the 1920’s, out of wedlock, and raised a daughter in a world where people scorned her for this. She lost her sight due to an operation that went bad, she never gave up though. I remember vividly being next to her , I was 4 then, and she was sewing. All of the sudden she mumbled that the pin was heavy,she couldn’t pick it up,  and told me to get my mom. I ran and got mom, and the next thing I remember is looking down from our 2nd floor apartment , as an ambulance took her away. I never saw her again, did not understand what happened, mom told me she was sleeping. Only years later did I find out that she had had a stroke. She never gave up, till her body gave up on her.

So tonight, this is for you grandma, you are so special to me.

I hope 55 years from now, when Brandon is triggered by something that brings me to mind, that he will have special memories of me, as I do of her. With love to you, grandma, and to all, Mrs Justa

Moms and dads of the world, we sometimes fall short on the realization that our kids want to be with us. We get too focused on how busy we are.

What we do as our kids are little will last for a life time.

Jeff peaking at his dad in the basementThis is a picture of Jeff, it was taken just before Christmas in 1983. He was a year and 9 months old. We lived with his dad( Walt)  then and we had a 3 level home. The lowest level was the basement, and his dad had about 2/3rds of the basement as a work area. He had saws of all kinda, a lathe, a grinder, some tools the planed, it was a fully stocked wood shop fix it area. When we got married, I remember he said the shop was his, the rest was mine, and he really meant that.

He tended to spend a good portion of our lives together in the basement.

Before Jeff was born and after Jeff was a part of our family. Most of the time it was me and Jeff  mainly in the middle area. Jeff in turn would spend countless hours watching his dad from an opening in the floor, which is what this photo was of.

Jeff had a variety of stuffed animals and toys,

even had some plastic ice cube trays in his stash of items he would play with, and he would play for a bit, and then take whatever treasure he had, and go to the space in the floor to watch his dad. I would watch Jeff, and my heart would smile at his patience, and weep for what his dad was missing.

Ya know, I do not think his dad ever took the time

to realize how much his son idolized him. I still do not think he realizes how much his grown son is like him, but there is one huge difference. Jeff takes time with his son, he has his hands in parenting , bath time is Brandon and dad time. Jeff helps Amanda with meal time, helps her with house work. So through the watching dad from afar, I think Jeff learned he wanted his son to feel his arms, not see them through a space in the floor. And he wants his wife to know he loves her and their child. They are both great parents, and Brandon will know their love. 

We need to all take time to hug

our kids, our grand kids,our spouses or significant others. Talk to your loved ones, spend time with them . For life is short, and one moment they are here, the next they may not be. I truly believe that our kids, our loved ones, our life are gifts from God. We are entrusted with and we are asked to cherish these gifts, and not guaranteed for how long we will have with the gifts. Kids grow up too quickly. Some may move away. Life is sometimes shortened by sickness or tragedy. Do not loose a chance to make a memory, to make an impression.

Love to all, Mrs Justa/ Cindy

Every Christmas time I am reminded of times gone by. There is one Christmas that stands out in my mind stronger and more vivid than the others. I was 10 years old. Is was 1963. My dad had died on November 3rd that year, and left my mom with 6 children, the youngest had been born the same time he had died. Our home had a newborn sister, a 2 yr old sister, 2 brothers 5 & 6  and a sister 11 , me and my mom.

She had been a stay at home mom until he passed, and so we were faced with no money to speak of, with the loss of our dad,  imageand with the loss of our mom as her role changed . She tried to put our lives in order and she worked and was getting ready to start college. We had just moved into Bayberry, a suburb in Liverpool NY, and mom had to try to figure out how the bills and mortgage would get paid, plus keep clothes and food in the house for all of us.

There was no money for gifts or even a Christmas tree, so we all got some aluminum foil and glue and glitter, and made each other a gift, wrapped them up for Christmas morning. Mom told us the importance of Christmas was we had each other.

I remember there was a Christmas tree vendor in the front of Bayberry, and we drove by but knew we could not get a tree. On Christmas Eve, my mom went down and talked to vendor, to see what he had left, he had a crooked ol’ tree ( kinda looked like a poodle) that he was just going to throw away, so he gave it to her. She brought it home, and found some twine and a hook for the ceiling, as we had to tie the top up so it would not fall over. Under the tree we put of wrapped treasures of aluminum for the next morning.

After all the kids had gone to bed, a car came up to our house. It turned out that the man who owned the local grocery store, ( Mr Crosby) had his employees gather all the toys they had had on display above the freezer, produce and dairy area, and they loaded each toy in his car. The church had also loaded up all the clothes left from a rummage sale, and they delivered them to our home at 10:00 on Christmas eve.

We had only lived in Bayberry since June, and these people, who barely knew us, gave to us more then material gifts, they gave us love, compassion, and belief in the magic of Christmas. It has been 45 years since this Christmas past, but it still gives me chills, a tear in my eyes, and the reminder that Christmas is a special time.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Love Mrs Justa.

100_2027_edited Did you ever have the ability to have a vision on how you can improve something in life.  Not to get wrapped up in the now , but see the tomorrow.

I use this photo as an example of a vision that is coming to be. But this does not have to be a room, it can be anything.

This is the spare room in the house that Jeff and Amanda bought that they are redoing the inside. They had a vision, they saw beyond the disrepair that others may have felt they saw. 100_2047

After smoothing and treating the wall and painting them it looks totally different. It makes it look like a room one would want to live in.

Life is like that. We see things sometimes for what they appear to be on the surface. We do not take the time , nor put in the energy to have a vision of what could be.

There are people we go by who we may feel unsure about, who may be not dressed as we think they should, and we have no vision of who the person can be.

Some of the nicest people I have met in my life, were also those that had to deal with a disadvantage, a disability, or a very difficult time.

Things are not appreciated unless we work for them, I truly believe that. 100_2031 The things in life that are handed to us, seem to be the things that we feel less devotion to.100_2038 We need to not so quickly make rash decisions, and be able to take the time to see in the future, to get to know that person that you can easily walk right by, to share your beliefs, to listen to others, to respect that each of us are made up differently, and like this room, something that seems unable to find a positive side to, may have more positive then you could ever imagine.

Patience, vision, belief, nonjudgmental , optimistic life paths are the ones that lead to content. May you have a wonderful future, Love, Cindy

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