July 2009

July 31, 2009

What a terrific way to spend a vacation day from work. I love work, but no great day at work could replace a day like today.

Mark and I picked up Brandon at 7:30 this morning and we got him for the entire day, returning him to his home at 4:00 .

There are no words that describe today. He is filled with so much laughter that you can’t help but smile, he has a fascination for everything and requires constant watching over. But he was fun. And we had a blast.


This was taken at nap time this morning. We had bought a few toys for grandpa and grandma’s house, and he had them all over the living room. When he laid down his sleepy head I put his toys against the wall waiting for him to awaken.

This tunnel on the right was a toy that has 3 setting depending on the age, Jeff and Amanada had asked us to bring it out here when they were moving, so we did, and remembered that once the child crawls you can make it into a tunnel for them to crawl thru. He likes it, but had the crawl thru part a little twisted. 100_3409_edited

So instead of crawling thru it, he just pulled it over to get the toys off it. He had it upside down, twisted, and laying on his stomach.

He did figure out how to make the fish play music, and if he could not push the button he figured if he pressed with his teeth , that made the fish sing.

We do not have photos of his ride in the umbrella stroller we bought for us to have here, but he thought he was all that and more. Pointing at birds, flowers and dogs, chatting away, swinging his legs back and forth and draping his arms on the side like he was royalty. Yes, we had a terrific day, one that is worth remembering. God made vacations for days like today, and God blessed the world with children so we could have these days. 100_3421

Even Indi found a play mate today, a way to feel young, a buddy, a friend.

I hope you had a day that brought you joy too. If you did not, go out and just watch some kids playing. The smiles on their faces, their endless energy, their non worries of adulthood things. For today the clock stopped,and we spent hours in little Brandon’s world. What an awesome place to be.

Thanks Jeff and Amanda for asking us to watch him… and thanks to my boss for giving me the okay to use today as a vacation day. And Thank You God for Brandon-

Love to all,

A refreshed Grandma Justakrusen


Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. 

Do you have it?

Do you believe in things you have no control of?      

  Do you imagine how it will be?

I am thinking of many parts of my life where Faith, Hope, Trust, Imagination, Belief, Love are a necessity. This goes from being an infant to a middle aged woman. You trust your parents before you know that you are trusting.

As we stood here watering a garden, 100_2993_edited that only had plants showing because we bought those as plants, we are truly trusting that the seeds we have planted in the fresh tilled earth,that are just beginning to surface above the dirt,  and that the plants that we purchased already a few inches high- that they will grow, and produce some veggies. We do not know they will, we trust they will. We water and feed them with love. We check them regularly and weed the garden so that the water goes to the plants not the weeds. We imagine what they can be.

We have faith that the effort is not in vane, and hope that the summer will be good to them . And 6 weeks later after  Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love we have


had 3 summer squash, about 30 radishes, maybe 16 zucchini, and a promise of more. Tomatoes are trying, peppers are few, and sunflower plants are hovering around 6 feet tall.

Now look at other parts of life. We have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love each morning as we rise. Each evening as we settle down for the night. Each day we go to work. Each time we drive our cars.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 126

As we care for an infant , and bundle them , watch them , love them, imagine what they will be like as they get older, hope everything is good for them, believe in them, trust those who help care for them, have faith in tomorrows, and find wonder in every breath of life you are blessed to have with them.

Before you know it they are a little older, more active, more able to relate to, and 100_3387_edited you can’t help but wonder what did you do before they came along?

You continue to have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. You have to. For you want the best life for them you want them not to be greedy, you want them to lead a life that leaves footprints in the sand of time.

Yes life is full of times when you have to stop and realize that you must have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. Don’t ever stop believing. Enjoy every darn second you have. 11 months ago it was Brandon in an incubator in a NICU unit- he was born 6 weeks early. And it was Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love that helped him become the smiling little guy he is now.

And now his cousin lays in the NICU, 100_3407she was born into the world 10 weeks early. And you can see if you look her mom reaching into the incubator with the same Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. Mackenzie is blessed with loving parents, a terrific NICU, and family and lots of people who care.

Every part of your life remember always have Faith,  Hope, Trust, Imagination,  Belief, Love. Think about all you believe in, all you trust, all you love. Cherish every moment. Cindy


Welcome to the world oh special granddaughter of ours. Welcome to the world oh precious one. The hand you feel firmly touching your hand,  your back , your head, that is the hand of your mom , or your dad. Touching you and letting you know they are there for you as you grow and stay warm in this heated isolette.

You have come into the world 10 weeks early and because of that you need to grow before you can go home. But all 2 pounds 13 ounces of you are already showing a determination to get moving!.

Oh precious one, your grandparents from Syracuse came and visited you today and you slept, your moved, you squirmed and even let out some squeaky whimpers. you are a miracle. One of God’s gifts, as we watched you breathe , and drool, and squirm, it is just amazing how tiny you are. Rest my darling child, get strong, so you can see all the wonders of the world.

Yes everyone , Mackenzie is here. She will probably be in the hospital for 6 maybe 8 weeks, she has a lot of growing to do. She is getting TPN thru her veins for nutrition and has a feeding tube for 2 oz of breast milk each 3rd hr. She has a nasal cannula that she DOES NOT LIKE, and tries to pull it off. 100_3408The nurse and her mom  and dad say she is a pro at getting it off her face. She will hold onto your finger if you put your hand in the isollette. Here she is holding her grandpa Mark’s finger.

Her arms and legs are small dimension then a finger of an adult right now. how precious and pure, how fragile yet strong, how totally amazing.

Peace to all, have a wonderful evening, and please keep Mackenzie in your prayers. Love, Cindy 

Pres O Blah Blah would probably not be real pleased with us, for we have not yet refinanced our mortgage ( and do not plan to), because we have not gone out and purchased a brand spanken new American made car, and we have not contributed to his never ending campaign speeches. Will someone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell the man he won the election already.

But pres O Blah blah ( this is kindly being used because every  time I pass a TV in the CAFE at work he is on it chatting with one group or another. Someone PLEASE show him where his office is !)… but pres blah blah- we have contributed financially to the service industry in this wonderful country of ours. Yes siree , we have contributed and continue to do so.

Here is Mark’s car- it is a 1997, 100_3085 136,000 miles strong dependable American made car. It was one of the unfortunate ones that had a problem on the paint line and as the past years few years have passed the clear coat decided to flake off, and the car looked like it had a fight with some major acid rain, and the rain won.

The car is really pretty dependable. We had known it needed to get a power steering pump and a compressor but we did not want to do anything because the body really looks terrible. 100_3088

If he offered to take while I am working my car over to get an oil change he says I will park it in the back so no one has to see it. And when I drive his car to work Mark will ask if I am ashamed of it.








SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we ran across ( totally by chance) a small garage in the city of Syracuse, right next to an overhead bridge for the interstate.


It is a one bay shop, very simple, a sweet older man is at a desk and a man who has history of body work and a passion for what he knows. And this guy took our car and promised to make a difference.

He had taken the car under his wing , and worked on it for 2 weeks.

He put new metal on it where metal has left, he put fiber glass on it, and his bonded and sanded, and primed and worked his magic.



Voila….. 100_3345 100_3346







So we did put some money into it, but it was definitely worth it. We could not have bought a new car for the 1900.00 we paid for this incredible work of art.

Thanks Dave ….it is really looking great

Oh update on Adrianne and Josh and their new baby- she has not yet delivered, she is in the hospital and it looks like the docs  want to deliver the baby 10 weeks early… so more to follow as times passes on. Prayers to them would be appreciated !.

Luv to all, Cindy … Alias Mrs Justa


Oh to be 11 months old again, to have good parents, like Brandon does, to have the problems of the world being what toys to pull out, how far can I chase the cat, where did my dog go, and how much splash can I make if I shake the water dish for the pets.

Today was a tiring day, a day of trying to put pieces together, do some investigating on different issues at work and racking my brain with various tasks and ideas. It was an cranium day.

Trying to get through a maze of information, of thoughts, of planning and feeling totally and utterly exhausted by days end.

I do love what I do, and try to be good at it. I think managing people is an ever changing challenge. One that I find myself always wanting to be the boss I never had type person. To be understanding yet let it be known the expectations.

I had a boss once that made this guy look like Bart from Mary Poppins. Funny, lighthearted and full of laughter. All of which ol’ Adolf here was not well known for.

She would ,make you want to hear finger nails on the chalkboard instead of having her reign over you.

And reign she did.

She did not like me much, she was a horrible manager, she did not show any confidence in me, and would treat me like an incompetent person.

She would give me a task, partially explain it, and then when I produced the info and thought I did what she wanted, she would totally trash the project and tell me to redo it.

Yes, Adolf would have had a different image in history, if this manager had been around in the time. So I strive to now be remembered like I remember this x ( CAPITAL X) boss of mine.

But by being a more compassionate manager, by trying to work with people, it tends to create times of tiredness too. because I believe it is easier to be a person who orders people and disappears, then one who is always there, there before they come in in the morning and there after they leave at night. One who is willing to dive in and help with any work load there is. willing to put the employees responsibilities in front of her own.

So needless to say, today was a day .. a day of total handling management type responsibilities, and it was a little tiring.

So I am off. To reflect today, and work towards tomorrow. To take a deep breath and enjoy a few minutes of the Yankees game. To be thankful for who I am and what I try to stand for, for God and my family, say a prayer for Adrianne and Josh and our soon to be born little granddaughter, to throw the tennis ball for the dog, maybe enjoy a freeze pop, to stop for a moment. Peace to all, love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa


The candle is lit, and prayers are going in the direction of West from here.

Adrianne is back in the hospital with concerns of high blood pressure and maintaining strict bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy, and we are sending our best wishes her way.

I also have a friend of mine in the same hospital, so the candle glows for both of them and for the little baby girl that Adrianne is carrying.

Life is weird, it really is. I know that life can not be all good times . sunshine, smiles and singing kum-bi-ya around crackling camp fires, I expect lumps and bumps along the way, but it does throw curve balls and surprises, especially when we are not expecting them.

I chose this candle photo because it will stay lit for these 2 people close to my heart, and because the flame almost is moving if you stare at it. To bring us comfort, and peace, to bring us patience to wait as times heals and gives opportunity for growth of the little baby in utero. Time sometimes needs to slow us down, needs to take us away from every day activities so we can stop, rest and reconnect to our inner selves.

To all who are hurting, to all who are feeling poorly, to all who are troubled, to all who just need a kind thought your way… this candle is glowing for you too. Love and peace, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy


Life has a way of turning onto paths we were not heading for. God has a way of telling us to slow down, when we know we should, but we are trying to ignore it.

Adrianne is the apple in Mark’s eye, he loves her to pieces, his “little girly” as he always has referred to her. She  is 30 weeks along in her pregnancy, and her life has just been shaken up and everything is landing in different places. It is time for white out on the calendar and changes of plans, for reflecting and trying to patiently wait for the weeks to pass, as she lays in her bed or on the couch, being an incubator for her baby girl, waiting and stopping the day to day activities. Her husband is a dream for her, he is her best friend, her lover, and is tending to her as best he can. She is truly blessed.

Adrianne is a real trooper, she has had times in her life when she was given lemons but she always came out with lemonade. She has worked hard for her Bachelors in psychology and in nursing and works 12 hour shifts as an RN . She was hoping to work right up till she delivered, but she knew she was getting pretty tired. So poof.. God stepped in and said it is time to rest my dear Adrianne… and rest she is doing. She is spending a majority of her time on her left side, reading, watching movies and tolerating as best she can the symptoms of pregnancy.

We were fortunate to be able to travel out to see her today. We did not stay a super long time, we did not want to tire her out, but we did stay long enough to have a wonderful visit. In all the trials, her smile will melt away the troubles. Today I dedicate my blog to her. And I ask everyone to keep her in your prayers, light a candle and take a moment to wish her good luck in these next 10 weeks.

We are here for ya kiddo !. Love to all, have a great Monday. Mrs justa… alias Cindy

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