The Christmas surprise is over with , so I finally can write about this adventure Courtney and I did. Courtney has a very special person in her life, and she looks at her as a mom. So for Christmas she wanted to do something memorable. So we looked thru pictures she had and I had and we made a comforter with photos and a few sayings. 100_4581_edited
It was fun to do it, and I can not believe Courtney was able to keep it quiet, but she did.


We worked together and I think it came out pretty nice.

She predicted her “mom” would cry.. and after Christmas I spoke with Courtney and Marty and Yes she did cry. 

This to me is a true gift, a gift from the heart.

One year Courtney did  woven looped pot holders. She would weave like crazy when no one was around. It was another special gift. She did color schemes that she knew stood for something the person liked. Such as blue and orange for her dad who is an SU fan, and blue and white for Mark cuz he likes the Yankees.

Jeff used to make things for Christmas too, stained glass , candles, cinnamon air fresheners. I have pot holders that Adrianne made for me years back.  See those are also the things remembered. I have made gifts from photos, written people special poems and framed them, made totes and tee shirts with dot paint designs on them. Heck one really poor Christmas when I was a child my 6 brothers and sisters

all made each other gifts from aluminum foil. Another really low money year I baked people their favorite cookie.

Next time when it is time to give a gift… try making something from the heart. It feels so good to do that.

Have a good one.. Until later… Mrs Justa.. Cindy