I found this on Google images and it is a hoot! My nose is stuffy, running and I feel like I wish I had this contraption today !.

SO I was cleared up for a week outta the last 6!. And now I am sniffling and went thru a ton of tissues.

I wonder where I could get one of these things. Think of the convenience. Heck put a double roll of soft as a babies bottom Charmin up on the top of my head and I would be all set for the world of sinus drainage!@

So I am off to suck down some Nitequil and take a really warm shower and turn on my electric mattress pad and call it a night early .

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to okay again. I have work to do this weekend, both for work and around the house, plus we need to go out and get groceries… so I am praying I will recoop as quickly as I just uncooped ( A new word)

I try not to whine, and try not to complain, but this SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow on my Wally world adventure, I will have to check out the made in China cold devices and see if they have any of these on the shelves. It would come in handy camping too, don’t cha think? Or on those drives when all of the sudden you need to find a tree to hide behind.  You could add a little squirt bottle on the side with waterless soap and be all set .

What I wanna know is how do sinuses produce so much water?

There was one girl at work who literally filled a garbage can with tissues in a 6 hr span of time.

Where does the faucet sit?

And where is the damn shut off.

No folks today is an off day for the ol’ Mrs Justa… too many folks coming to work sick and thinking they are not contagious.

And here I am again. uggg. heavy head, sore nose from the tissues and looking forward to the gross tasting, burn my tongue nitequil.

Peace to all, keep your waterless soap handy and stay warm.. it is going to be a COLD one this weekend.

Love to all, Mrs Justa sniffing and blah