Okay, now let me get this straight. Imagine you are a Haitian, you are waiting for more than a bottle of water a day and what food supplies are being distributed, you are living in a tent made out of a sheet, and there is no running water, dead bodies all over the place, deep mass graves, you are missing loved ones, you have no place to live, do not know for sure how you will make it for another day, watching your infant starve… and oh.. what is that you see… why it is a cruise ship docked, so your country can get tourist dollars. People wining and dining, dancing, swimming on the upper deck, maybe playing golf, watching shows… as you suffer.

I am having a problem with this. I can not imagine how those people suffering must feel ? I would be looking for anyway possible to try to get to that cruise ship and see if I could find at least their trash bags.. there is probably more morsels of food then these folks have in the quake area.

So the resort that the cruise ship owns, well that did not get hit hard by the earthquake, and it does employ 250 Haitians… but I think it is too soon, too contrasting to what the people are going through. I heard someone say that the tourists were complaining because of the smell from the dead bodies… well excuse……me…. I am sure the people would have preferred to live than to lay on streets, inside crumbled buildings, displayed in their death with very little dignity.

Yeah I am having a problem with this… I just am.. Have a good night… and do not tell me if you are on a trip to Haiti on a cruise this week. … Love to all, Cindy  alias Mrs justa.