April 2011

Okay ..maybe it is me… but the Royal Wedding became a mixed bag of serious and not so serious.images[10] Did you get a load of the hats woman were wearing?

At first I was wondering if it was because The new bride was really nervous- so if people have ridiculous hats on, maybe she would relax a little.

The hats were totally strange. ( photos off google images..)

I would have refused to go if someone had told me I had to wear some of these hats!

And all the hoopla!!. This was built up on all the news stations since Monday!.

I walked into the main café this morning at 7AM to find 4 woman just standing there, staring at the TV as the wedding went on. Each talking about the people like they personally knew them.

Later on one of the woman I work with came in talking about her neighbors all gathered at one woman’s home , in their PJs at 5:30AM , so they could watch the whole thing.

As I peeked every once in a while I was remembering how nervous I was with 30-40 people at our wedding. Can you imagine having to walk down an aisle the length of 2 football fields. There was a quote from William stating that they did not want to turn this into a gathering of the heads of state—no they invited those closest to them, a down to earth wedding.

Well I am glad I do not have that many people to send Christmas cards to, and can you imagine the cost of the reception.

I hope they are happy, I hope they really love each other.. cause today they looked like they were in pain. No goo-goo eyes, lovey dovey stuff… more like they could not wait for it to end. She was beautiful, he handsome… but I just did not see the magic…

It is over.. now maybe we can focus on the poor people in Alabama, and Georgia.. those families who lost everything…… Heck at least we do not have to wait for the President to return from England.. HE was not one of William and Kate’s closest friends. So rest assured..he is here..in the USA ..and he will go see these people who have lost so much… and than we will get blessed with yet another speech.

Ah.. happy weekend…. prayers to the folks suffering form this crazy weather…. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


Flash floods… hmm a term I have heard for zillions of years, but until yesterday it meant nothing to me.

We ( like many other areas of this country) have been having some pretty tough weather. Yesterday in about 10 minutes we went from gray sky to all Hell broke loose. Rain, pouring, hail 2 inches in diameter hitting windows, drenching rain and than in a moments notice the streets were flooded and anyone driving had no warning.

It was so weird and at the same time scary, the force of the water coming down literally blew man-hole covers right out of the road, we had about an 8 foot stream of water coming straight out of a drain in the sidewalk. The folks on the road had no where to go.

Cars on the expressway- driving along and poof- in 4-5 feet of water.

The weather really can become surreal at times. Right now we are getting severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings..and here we sit in a doublewide. We have a shed and a car- hmmm.. which is the better place to be. None of the above.

We do have a 4 foot crawl space the house sits on- but I do not know how safe that would be, it is not like the cinder blocks are cemented together. So I pray we make it through. What else is there to do. I guess we could grab the dog and cat, put the cat in the crate and the dog on a leash and all go lie in the ditch.. but it is not that deep of a ditch.

So I am off to bed soon.. figure if we are going to get blown away- at least I will be comfortable as we drift off the foundation.

Be safe everyone…. my prayers go out for all…( photos from the weather site on the local TV station web-site)  Love Mrs justa… hanging on till the sun comes up.

The days have turned to hours before life is totally back to normal.

Yes, vacation is over, and we will begin to put 25.00 to 50. a wk into a savings accnt for somewhere special next year.

About 1 1/2 yrs ago we did a Maine 4 day trip, and than just now an 8 day Outer Banks Trip, and next yr. we are thinking maybe the Cape for 4 or 5 days.

We have to check the plans and programs we are entitled to through various memberships we have. We could save a ton of money. We need to research some and see where we can go in April , where there is total relaxation.

It was funny, on Weds last week I noticed the girls pacing and my brother too. He said at about 1 in the afternoon that it is hard to be doing nothing.

Funny thing, but he was right. I had brought a book and within the week read the entire book. That is a monumental task for me, as most of the time , between work, life at home, the gym..I am lucky to read a book in 6 mos.

It was a Danielle Steel book. ya ever read one of them .. Whooooo- she writes along for a while- I become involved in the characters..and all of the sudden..she has accelerated the relationships and start sweating as I am reading… I am feeling like I am blushing, I feel my eyes bonging out of my head, I start reading faster… man —she really puts some love scenes close and personal..and as quick as she has you in the midst of the moment of passion—boom—it is over with and I am in the characters every day lives.

And in the end… the story is over..and I am missing the adventure. Last week I was in their lives, in their spats and their making ups, and now the book is closed…story over…and I dread opening another book-because I have to get to know new people—only for Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 096them to disappear at the books end.

It was funny though… we sat in the living room and on the deck off the living room… all 4 of us reading different books… we were all sitting in the same place- but thru the books Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 211were in way different cities…way different characters…. as we soaked in the sun, let the waves slap us through each page, living others lives.

I am off now…. need to get a grip on reality, and get ready for tomorrow.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Post vacation funk… this really sucks .

This is the life I have lived for as long as I can remember… being busy, hustling and bustling . Love the weekends, love work..

And here I am… 9 days ago never having any idea what the OuterBanks really was… and nine days later- it would not take me too long to head back there and stay !

I left a part of me there..or maybe a part of me from back in my toddler days of living and loving the ocean—maybe that dormant part of me awakened. But I feel kinda out of sorts.

My brother said he would probably visit us more if we lived there!. It would be a great place for the grandkids to come and see..Maybe someday..if we win the lottery… but for now…we are here.

Sure we would miss seeing the grandkids as much, but think of the fun they would have when we did see them. And Jeff and Adrianne and their families would have a place to come to totally escape, unwind and recharge…

I guess that is the sign of a great vacation. When you really do not want it to end. #14520 Depressed Middle Aged Caucasian Woman In Her Cubicle At Work Clipart by DJArt

But somehow… life in the cubicle world is going to be a far cry from…..




 Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 443life on a deck with the ocean welcoming you in the morning andOuter Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 247 than as you drift off to sleep- the ocean sings you a lullaby.

I love my job, love the folks I work with… but I really loved the last 8 days.

Laundry is all put away, groceries bought, I have a few appnts tomorrow and than Tues is it back to work. Mark..he was in a serious funk today too. Just kinda tired, feeling down, it is weird.

I think next year we might look for ocean closer than 13 hrs away. Take another week… oh it was nice.

But for now… off to bed… life will be good…I just gotta get my heart back in me-I think I left it on the shore. Peace to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa

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What a weekOuter Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 030. We were couple two..( I guess one would say by default, but I will say by luck ) to escort 5 senior high school girls to the Outer Banks for their personally arranged Senior Trip. One of the girls is my niece, and her mom and husband (my brother)  were couple number one.

It was amazing. The girls were really very neat people. They each have their own significant qualities- yet together they have a  friendship among them, that most search a lifetime for. They understood “me time” and if one of the 5 needed some moments of solitude- there were no hard feelings… they accepted it. Majority of the time.. they stuck together like glue.

They spent time at the beach, a lot of timeOuter Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 153 in the home they rented for the week, and some time seeing the sights. We needed to be available for transportation as needed.

In the morning we would get up early, watch the sunrise over the ocean and take off for an hr or so.




The grown up days were spent in various ways,Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 018 a lot on the beach, or the deck overlooking the beach reading a good book and sipping on a cup of freshly made coffee.  Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 025And it was surreal. It was a probably 700,000 dollar home ( or more).. built to rent on the ocean front… a hot tub, a pool, and memories and beauty that will last long after the last grain of sand is vacuumed out of my stuff.

There are so many blessings from a vacation  such as this.

I did not go on line, I did not call work, we took a week of doing nothing, having to be no where, and a responsibility each day of sharing the wonder. Life is so full of drama, chaos, places to go and be…. We need to STOP>>

We cooked mostly there, did our laundry as it needed it, soaked in the rays, the peace, the “doing nothing”My brother said on Weds…
“This doing nothing is hard to do.” And it was in a way.

But as the week came to close…. when it was done, when all is locked up for the next group of people to take in this same experience…. it was nice… it was amazing…. I am so thankful we were able to help out ..and in essence spend a week in a way I think we never would have done on our own.

Lessons learned…lessons cherished….

we need to give ourselves permission to leave our day to day… and take a few days off.

We need to appreciate each moment of each day.

My husband is also my best friend, I knew that… but it was good to have it surface..,( we tend to take people for granted at times) .

The ocean is calming.

We are but a grain of sand in the whole scope of things.

it feels great to be home.

There is nothing more rewarding than my own bed.

There is no bathroom… like your own bathroom.

Thank God for what we just shared with these 7 other people.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Suspense, wonder… need not worry… I am not going to be posting for probably a week- have A LOT going on this next week.

But I will return after the hustling ends. I was thinking today as I was watching people at Delta Sonic. We are so filled with conveniences that I think the folks in the US would be lost without them.

Seemed everyone was using their personal phones as computers. playing with them..not talking on them. That is kinda odd in a way- these tiny flat phones, thinner than a wallet- are more powerful than this white stallion type computer I use to communicate over the cyber waves.

I wonder if in the future we will have generations that no longer talk. Through evolution our fingers will change to accommodate tiny key boards,

our faces will shrink and change form- as we will not be using our mouths…but our eyes will be bonging out of our heads.  We will not need tables- for no one talks… just single chairs everywhere.

And when we want to go somewhere, we will type into our hand computers where we want to go, and poof- we are somehow zoomed over there.

There was a couple who came in, they sat at the same table, did not speak, bnoth had eyes on their tiny hand held “phones” and than they got up when her car was done… he walked to another area. gone. No speaking.

Here Mark and I are chit chatting about whatever- and watching the techies all around us- necks bent… focusing on this tiny screen – oblivious to the world in which they were sitting. I bet not one of them could describe the other people in this lounge area. NOT even the people they were supposedly with.

Than we are driving home, kids are walking down the sidewalk “together”… both with necks wrenched down—looking at their tiny screens…

Maybe I am old fashioned… maybe my time is over…. but :

a cup of coffee, a friendly conversation with actual people in the same room…

a walk down a beach with someone you care about WALKING with you ( not in some tiny screen in your hand)

laying down and watching the clouds change shapes

a quiet moment with o100_6729thers watching the sun rise and set

anticipation of the full moon and sharing it with another person…

Holding a child on your lap and reading them a story

teaching a child to play with toys not run by batteries

Preload 12standing in the ocean as the waves try to knock you over

watching a storm come in.. feeling it leave.

sitting on a mountaintop and seeing the actual beauty of God’s gifts to us

Having a child give you a hug and say “I wuv you too”

A kiss goodnight, a hug goodbye….

that is what life is about. And ya know what.. I like it that way !.

Love to all… Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

Friends are those rare people who ask you how you are
and than wait to hear the answer.” 
Ed Cunningham

When I heard this quote I thought for sure it was a chick quote. But alas, it was from a guy. HA… have you ever been somewhere where a person asks how you are, and before your brain processes the fact that someone was talking to you..they are gone. Don’t cha want to say… “What do you care?” Or sometimes I do…. Oh, there are folks who will call themselves your friend, but which one will be there on the phone at 4AM if you need to talk to them?

As I let this play through the waves of my mind, I thought about other things friends are.


jANUARY 22,2011 065Do you have a friend that would come over in a moments notice? NO questions asked.

How about a friend who will just sit and listen to you?

Do you have someone that does not judge you, but will give you advice when asked?

A friend that you can just sit quietly with, and the world becomes a better place? Like in that song from James Taylor “You’ve Got A Friend”( love that song !!)

A real test for a true friend is unfortunately in the worse situations.

There are “work friends” or “school friends” but when the work or school are over..are they still there? It is a hard lesson to learn.

I remember going around with my year book and asking people to sign it. As I look back on that time in my life, I was pretty pathetic. I asked people for their senior picture so I would have pretend friends in my wallet. And I begged people to sign my year book, so I could give the impression that people liked me. I am sure they felt sorry for me, or snickered as I walked away, in my imaginary world of feeling like many cared about me.

As I grew older,100_6387 I can truly say, I am blessed with a few very very good friends. None of them signed my year book, one did go to high school with me, and the rest….they have all come into my life through work at either the hospital or in the life of working on the administrative side of health care….one 2 friends I have because they are Mark’s friends.

It is comforting to know there are those special people out there. That no matter if I am fat or thin, wealthy or poor, sick or healthy…they are there. They do not judge me, they do not slander me, they laugh with me not at me.

As I replayed this quote in my mind, I analyzed my own being a friend, and I have friends that I truly believe I am available for 24hr a day…. no matter what.

How about you? Are you a friend? Do you have a friend? Friends make life worth living.

Peace to all, prayers going out for three special people at work who are facing medical challenges and unknowns. Love Mrs Justa alais Cindy

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