April 2012

If at first you don’t succeed… try again! I e mailed Pastor Carol apologizing again for being sick and not soloing Sunday… I asked him to let me know if there is a day that people have not signed up..and lo and behold…next Sunday is in need of a singer… So I will give it a try. I feel better than I did Saturday… fingers crossed.

Preston is about to turn 2 years old… kind of hard to believe the time has flown right by.

It seems like each grandchild their years go faster. My goodness…. 2 years old..really!!


The boys over 4-27-2012 012








I still have trouble believing our own kids are 30. Where does time go?

We have some home repair stuff to do around here… nothing major..the furnace guys should be coming back soon with the part for the furnace.Fortunately it is working for us..dang it has been cold out.

Than I was raising the mini blind in the living room this weekend..and well let’s just say it became more mini.. Yep—the top support bar on it totally snapped—so the 44 1/2 inch blind was now maybe 32 inches wide… So we need to put up new holder on-ers to hold onto the new blinds…I can get the little ladder and stand on it,, he can help me hold the pieces in place, and we will be the new pieces up there…….


the infamous squirrel saga… 100_4414well it continues.. So we had Orkon come about a month ago and quote us 2500 buckaroonies to put up flashing under the lip of the house…

so we went and bought the flashing and this weekend..if it warms up ( it is suppose to) ..it will be a gluing of flashing under the lip of the house party.

( Now do we know how to have a good time!!) We will get through it…2 more Mark and Cindy’s wonderful adventures…

Mark get’s pretty dizzy and his leg is messed up..so if we tag team—well I think we will be okay. He does have another test tomorrow…sure would be nice to get some answers… this has gotta be so uncomfortable to live like that every day!

I am off to cut his hair… the test is gonna be putting probes on his head… less hair… easier to not have any sticky stuff on your head… than next week… maybe the tests will lead to an answer..

Peace to all… prayers to those in need, Love always. Mrs Justa alias Cindy


Ok.. so the solo for Sunday… well in addition to tossing the 2 songs , battling which one to do… Saturday I was tossing my cookies (so to speak) at about 4:30 in the afternoon. So the songs took the back seat to some funky viral GI thing I had going on.

Yep.. around 5:30 I called the Pastor—I felt really bad..both physically and commitment wise, but there was not a darn thing I could do about it.

We had gotten up Sat morning rather early… it really was cute..in a way… Brandon came next to my side of the bed… about 2 inches from my sleeping face..and said “Gamma the sun is up..so it is time to get up.” Than hew said  “ Will you sing a song for breakfast?” I was touched…. I was trying to figure a way to settle his ready to go 3 yr old body down..and than he said.. Preston is up too. I asked if Preston woke him up, he said.. No..”I said good morning and Preston got up.”..”Can we have french toast sticks and sausage now?” So we all tried a bed cuddling session and we were up starting our day with the roosters. Lesson learned… 1) Do not tell them what breakfast is after he and his brother wake up.. 2) It is okay to tell him it is too early to get up and have him go back to bed….

By 6:00 AM The boys over 4-27-2012 002they had helped me get laundry started…

they love sitting in front of the washer and watching the clothes slosh back and forth.

Some kids like Sat morning cartoons… these guys liked Sat morning laundry.

Asking about what was happening and telling me when the soap was bubbling.


During the day I was feeling kinda tired..but thought it was just that. We were to have Jeff and Amanda come over , all have  lunch, than the kids were going to go home for nap time. Well I was feeling so tired and kind of blah..that when they kids left with their parents, I got in my PJS 100_0326and took a nap for myself. The nap went on for 24 hrs !! With the exception of getting up to throw up, or go to the bathroom.

Needless to say…. it is a heck of a weight loss plan—but I HATE..and I mean HATE throwing up. Than add to it.. once you are an older person and have a lower partial… as you are waddling to the bathroom to bless the toilet…. you have to yank the partial out of your mouth… uggg… the trials of aging.

I am feeling better than I was at 4:30 last night…looking forward to continuing to feel better. Love to all…Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Shhhhh the house is quiet… A baseball game quietly spoken  on the radio in the background, as I sit and type this.

4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 004We offered to take the boys for the night, so Amanda and Jeff could have a Friday evening for themselves. They dropped them off around5:45 this evening. So we got to do dinner and bath time, and as the boys ( Grandpa included) were hanging out in the living room, I asked Mark if he was okay if I went and practiced for 6 minutes… so I went into the bedroom the boys sleep in to practice a couple songs – both are options for my Sunday solo. I am debating back and forth between the 2….

I had no idea how the boys would react to me singing—for all I knew they would not notice—than….All of the sudden I have 2 little 4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 028boys in the room, looking up at me, and walking so softly to the bed. I looked over and they were sitting on the bed, eyes kind of glazed , small smiles on their faces, listening. When I finished the first song, I did not know what they would do. Almost together they asked me to do another. So I did the second choice. They had started to talk to me, so Mark had asked them if they wanted to come out of the room, Preston walked out..but only to come right back in.. he wanted to be there… I thought it was cool.  
I got ready to put it all away and Brandon and Preston said ‘nother gamma”.. so I sang a few  more… during the third song it was was so neat.. I had sat on the bed, Preston cuddled up to me as I sang the song, Brandon shut the light off in the room—the only light was from the TV screen with the Karaoke words highlighting…. he put a small fleece blanket around his shoulders and started dancing …twirling and tip toeing….This continued for the next couple.  It was one of those special moments… one that may not ever go out of my memory… totally special.

I am still debating over which song, as Brandon was lying down in bed he said maybe we could call my daddy and mommy and they could bring over my “speaker” for tomorrow…see he has a kids microphone. He told me he has to share it with his brother, but it works and he could sing with me. I told him maybe next time he comes out we could try to sing a song together.

I am going to have to get a kids karaoke CD and let him and his brother sing songs too… Yep.. today was a special evening…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Have you ever come across a person that just should not be doing the job they are doing? I mean maybe they are a good worker..but the job they have… just not meeting their mannerisms.. Ya just wanna say… “HELLO__ANYONE IN THERE??”

Tonight we went to our main  grocery store and there was a new cashier there. She was pretty focused on her work, but see this grocery store is a bag you own grocery store, so the cashiers put the rung up  items in your cart and you bag your groceries at a huge counter area after they are through.

She was scanning stuff and I noticed the more she did, that she was dropping the groceries in the cart. It really did not matter what the item was… can, bananas, lettuce… nope they all got equal treatment… swing arm over cart with about a foot clearance above the cart…. –open hand—and plop… GRRRR… the turn the other cheek part of me was ready to stop turning and say something—but than I thought that might increase her distance from the place she held the grocery items to the place they landed.

Now she might be good as a female boxer…. but a cashier at a grocery store –not so much…

Annoyed : Cartoon sulky teenager with folded arms and a scowlThere is a place just up the road from us that changed owners this past summer. It is a gas station with an eatery and it is a  lottery ticket place, has some aisles with some food items for those in a hurry and not worried about paying 3 x the cost in a grocery store… well the people behind the counter—they almost growl when you come up to the register. No eye contact, their movements and mannerisms are as if the customer is bothering them. They are probably late teens early 20s..and man oh man… I just want to say something… Like  “NEWS FLASH>>> without the customers..you would not be here!!!” and than slap them a couple times Smile  ( Just kidding about slapping them!)

Amazed : A cartoon dog looking upwards with a look of regret on faceYep…than earlier  today one of the nurses was on the phone with an office that needed an authorization for an MRI for a patient. The nurse reviewed the info and was ready to give the person the authorization number..and she said—“Oh wait a minute..I have to put down my MAGAZINE !!!” Are ya kidding me????? Bet the docs would love to know their employee is reading magazines while working… Oh the list goes on and on….

I am just amazed…. so I am off now to cut one of the bruised bananas up…life goes on… (at least she did not drop the eggs !!!. I was worried she was going to..) Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy  Thanks to free clipart/google images for these images tonight…

Do you have places where you spend time in every single day…?

100_0319Well this room gets about 2 hrs of my time some nights. It is a place to relax, reflect, read up on the news events of the day, look at the stupid stuff people put on Facebook , and write a few thoughts down to you.

Mark asked me why I do this, and I thought—gee… this was his blog a while back..he had done 2. After doing 2 blogs for a while he asked me to be a ghost writer…which I did..but he left the ghost here and stopped coming to this blog to write anything. So why I do it, because a he asked me to help him out a zillion months ago..and he seemed to forget the way back.

He has not done the other blog for quite a while either..so now it is me solo… But the more I did this, the more I realized I was opening up parts of my mind and memories—that without this avenue  those words might be locked up for only me to experience. For our grandkids,our own kids,  for our friends, for you… there might be a thought or an experience that brings value or meaning to someone else.

I have had memories I have shared that were painful, and many that were pleasant memories..all of them got me to here, and I know here is not the end of the challenges and accomplishments.

Life is full of adversities…and I guess my outlook is much like this quote…

“We have no right to ask when sorrow comes,

"Why did this happen to me?"

unless we ask the same question

for every moment of happiness that comes our way.

~Author Unknown”

When we were married 100E0311there was a rose part of the ceremony. And in that we said that a rose would be a silent way for one of us to let the other know—we messed up..we are sorry… we are thinking of them…..it would be an ice breaker in the times of life’s adversities. A symbol of our love. So if we felt the need to show a silent gesture of love… a rose would appear… we knew it came from the other person.

The first spring after Mark and I were married.. He and Jeff went out and bought 3 huge rose bushes… I laughed when Mark said he was paying in advance…

As I look back.. at  the not  so great times that have come into our lives at times… I focus on all the good times we have had.. Those rose bushes died a long time ago.. but the memory of them goes on… In their life—there were more roses than there have been some not okay times… As I look back—each time of struggle—maybe related to  emotional issues , financial issues , caused by stress, or just by the trials of living… we have come to the other side stronger. The adversity just opened a doorway to a stairway of strength.

100E0310I guess in a way I hope at sometime maybe something I say ,or a memory from long ago,  or something I  think and write it out  , or something I share about something I have  done…that it might be like  a rose in your day… And hopefully someday, people who have known me might find comfort in the words after I am not around to write them anymore…

I hope you can find comfort in the memories you have, and thanks for coming and sharing a moment with me.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Work ethic, work pride… we have to get better!.

Last night..guess what… the furnace stopped working again. I do not know how it knows to go out on wind gust warning nights, when it is below 40 degrees out…but it did.

Fortunately the heated mattress pad continues to work ( my side somewhat Marks side real well) ..(that is because he is my side more than his !) During the night the house got cool. It is pretty well built—so I think even being off all night –it only got down to 62 this morning. Now that is not a bad temp—I guess… but when you are butt naked coming out of a hot shower…well it is kinda cold.

Mark tried to see if it would work this morning and we witnessed a miracle… as the shower was warming me up..the furnace came on for one cycle and heated the house up a little. For the rest of the day… nothing….

0060-0504-0816-0342[1]The lady at the office assured Mark that someone would be here towards 5. She said someone would call before they got here…. well no calls….so Mark called this afternoon to make sure we were all set… She said yes and she would call back with more info.. NO CALL… Mark had driven me in this morning and he came to get me at 4:30. I left promptly so we could get home for the propane guy…. NO calls..no man…. I called the office—it goes to their after hours message center. I left a message…. about 15 minutes later a guy calls back and says he did not know anything about us needing a service call.. GRRRRRR.. SO I went through our last 24 hrs… and he determined it is most likely the vacuum switch.( which he has none with him) . He asked if we would be okay till morning… well we have lots of blankets, and what are our choices??? Pay him to come out to say we need the switch and still not have heat…. so tomorrow is the day perhaps it will get fixed.

It is just frustrating… this was not working a few weeks ago—they arrive—it works.. $64.80 for it to work for them.. SO for the past couple weeks..working fine…. now again not working. it is blinking an error code “ Combustion switch stuck open” so at least now it is telling us what is wrong.. last time the error code was “would not ignite”

I am thankful we do not have any pet birds (ya gotta keep them warmer than this)…. I am thankful that it is in the 30s and not in the zeros…., I am thankful we do not have a pilot light to play with..( this is a self contained furnace with a hot plate that lights the propane..)  ..and I am really thankful tomorrow morning they will be here….

It is annoying , it is only 3 + years old… But what can ya do..reaccept try to stay warm…

We will try to see if we can get it to cycle a couple times to warm up the house… but than it will be off for the night. The repair guy told Mark to tap ere and there and try it… We tapped here and there tonight—it came on once…. uggg… we will get through it..BUT people on the phone should not promise things that can not be true. There should be a mutual respect for each others time… AND do not say you are going to call..and than not call…..

Until tomorrow.. see ya. Love to all,, Chattering Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_2447On my way home tonight I was listening to a talk radio guy..and well he kinda irks me at times. He was talking about this reinvestigation on the 6 yr old who turned up missing 30 years ago, and they are now thinking he might have been killed very close to his home , by an adult who was nice to him, and possible buried under a new basement floor that was supposedly put down right after he turned up missing.

The radio guy..he is not afraid to say anything..so he was rambling on about child stalkers-murderers and such..and that you never should trust person older that the kids they are around, who has a liking to smaller kids. Well this brought me back to being about 13 years old… I lived in a neighborhood that was referred to as suburbia. Where there are streets that loop off of a main street through the development, and kids found the street a fairly safe place to play.

For a car to come down the street-they had to go super slow—there were signs up all over saying kids playing. It was okay to do. So I would play with my younger brothers and sisters… they were step down in ages from me—my brother was 4 years younger, followed by a brother 5 years younger, a sister 8 years younger and a sister 10 years younger. The sun would come up and we would go out..we played tag, hide and seek, jump rope, badminton, we bounced tennis balls, went together to the community  pool, went to the school playground, played jacks, and the  most fun was kick ball.

The street we lived on had to have about 14 kids on it at least. Many the ages of my younger brothers and sisters . I often was incharge of watching them—so the play time was also babysitting time in action.I remember a guy about my age who would sometimes come down and play kick ball with all of us. The little kids would choose the 100_2383teams..and well to them I was the prize person on the team. My legs were longer, I was taller, and I could kick the ball to the end of the street. I LOVED playing with all the younger kids. WHY?? Because they were real, they were innocent, they were not judgmental…  we had a mutual respect for each other..and I had people to play with while watching my siblings.

I remember this one day…. summer was probably 2/3rds of the way through..and only a few kids came out to play 100_2860_editedwhen I was out there. It was strange—like a ghost town feeling. I did not know why..but I felt all of the sudden super uncomfortable. Every once in a while I would see a curtain drop down, like people were spying out their windows at me…One of the kids snuck out of their house and apologized to me..saying the kids wanted to come out but their parents said they couldn’t. Seems some of the parents were talking to other parents and they all think it was strange I liked playing with the younger kids…. the assumption seemed like I must have had ulterior motives…

I was crushed… I felt discriminated against… I felt so hurt and lost. I had done nothing wrong… Sometimes when we were playing a kids might come up and give me a hug and say they loved me… but it was all innocent…For the rest of the summer my brothers and sisters played out with me… and when I was not out there—they played with their friends.

That was the last summer I played neighborhood kickball…and I think it was a ground breaker in realizing how unfair people could be…. and as I listened to this guy tonight generalizing about people older than your kids being really friendly with kids … it brought back that horrible time..when I felt guilty until proven innocent… but there was never a time to prove myself..the parents told their kids they could not play when I was out there…. 

Now these same parents had me babysit their kids after their accusations settled down… and I did it without ill feeling towards the parents… for I figured they were weak and evil at the time they banned their kids from me…. see I NEVER stopped being cordial to the people who made these assumptions… I would go out early in the morning and 100_2814shoveled their driveways for free that next winter—I smiled and waved at them….it was their problem—just my hurt… It was a great learning experience in turning the other cheek….

I think as parents –we have to look at the whole picture. Make sure our kids are safe—but do not label people without knowing what you are talking about. Yes I know that sometimes a close friend or relative is a person who might commit crimes against children— but we can not assume everyone is like that. The pain you cause the innocent—the abandonment they feel..the loss….it may lay inside ones souls and heart dormant… BUT  it never goes away…Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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