There are people in our lives that can make us laugh. People who have been there when you are low and when you are upbeat.

I feel like I want to take a moment and recognize one of those people. Every once in a while I will write about someone…..Today….is one of those days….

My sister Melanie is 8 years younger than me… (OMG I can not believe she is THAT old though ) Anyhow, we have been through a lot in our lives and she has been there at times of extreme low, and times of adventurous journeys, and helped me pick up pieces when I felt broken.

Way back in July 1985, she greeted me at my moms doorway- as I brought in my than 2 1/2 year old son, and was a lost soul in the place called LIFE. My marriage had split—and I had no job, and a son I wanted to do the very best for. She was there to talk, we sat in front of my moms console stereo and listened to Pure Prairie League and Styx- one night I remember after I had Jeff in bed- we sat drinking a couple generic Wegman’s beers ( I am not kidding—the beer was like 1.99 a 6 pack and white label….)and trying to figure out how to get from there to anywhere …. she can make me laugh when there is darkness all around.

Through the years we’ve  had many many  journeys—some we even got in a car to go on …. to Maine—HA that was a fun one—hee hee—on the way back we wanted to take the ferry across Lake Champlain –we had planned to do that ferry ride before we even started out on our venture…. well we took it in the TOTAL THICK FOG—an hr and 1/2 ferry ride in total whiteness— we were psyched when we saw a tree on a little island… HA… what were we thinking????

—  we went off to  Cincinnati area twice to help out our older sister who desperately needed sisters to support her through some pretty tough things… the times of laughter and adventures are in the rear view mirror of life— and hopefully when life settles down a little bit more—we can share some more special times.

I think it is so important to not get so wrapped up in life- that we lose sight of people and times that have meant a lot to us.

Melanie—if you are out there—this posts for you !!.

Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy