May 2012

Okay… I have a pondering thought..why does a 4 day week seem to last longer than a 5 day work week? I mean really—it is only day 2 of 4 and I feel like I put in 5 days already. I can not ever figure that out.. 5-27-12 012

It has been a fairly busy 2 days, tonight was a stay later than normal at work night, than home for a short bit, met our friends for coffee..and now we are back. I am about to balance the check book and get ready for bill paying tomorrow night.

This can be a challenge at times.. For there is real math..and than “Cindy math”. The “Cindy math” is not intentional how it is completed—in fact I am always amazed when I see that “Cindy math” was done.

The last episode of “Cindy Math” happened during a rush to get the bills done.. It was a great event—seemed like the money was lasting forever…

Well a couple days later—as the e-payments started showing, I was rather upset with the bank because their math was not matching mine.

mixed up mathLow and behold was I who made the error… I use a big calculator—like one accountants use—so heck when the answer comes up on the LED screen—that IS THE ANSWER!.. But seemed I left the “2” out of a $225.00 payment when I hit the I subtracted $25.00 instead of $225.00…When I use the calculator-it is like my reasoning goes on a break and I rely on what the screen shows..

FORTUNATELY>>>we check our bank statement regularly..and FORTUNATELTY we had a way to get the 200.00 back in there before there were transactions that would have failed… so I am off to make sure the math for this past week has been real math and not the “Cindy math”….I HATE when I make a mistake… and when I see one—I am totally dumbfounded over how could I have done it… I could try to blame Mark—but it is my hand writing !!.

I hope you are having a great week… the way mine has been going so far… well… let’s hope the numbers are in correctly…All I gotta say is thank goodness I am not dealing with huge numbers in the account—I can only imagine what “Cindy math” would do if we had thousands, or millions, or billions…  in there…

Nope—I can make a mistake with just hundreds–

Love to all…Mrs. Justa alias Cindy


100E0390Whoa… don’t look now..but this full moon is gonna be a doozy! Yeah we are working up to one that will be memorable I am sure.

I NEVER wear skirts to work… skirt 001always dress slacks..but today I wore a skirt. It was hot out and I really felt a skirt would be cool… This skirt was made in India…. and it is shades of different green material. The material is cut in strips that go around and than seamed together. some stuff happened and someone grabbed at my skirt for support…

guess what…. skirt 003I think the thread used in the clothing factory in India was one ply..Because the threads started popping…and I ended up holding my skirt together with paper clips. Oh it was a sight to see..and by lunch time—well I was running low on paperclips… seemed every time a thread had loosened—it kept loosening more… so there I am..trying to help out a person , my skirt slowly unraveling…and me trying to not worry about it.

I was thankful I always listened to my mom and had a slip on. In my “Oh my goodness “ moment—I was envisioning having my slip only.

Lunch time came and I ever so delicately walked to my care, gingerly sat in the seat and went to Wally World and got slacks and a top.  Once I found a top and slacks that would not break the bank—I paid for them and than went into the bathroom to change> I did not want to have my skirt fall apart in Walmart and end up on the web of people you see in Walmart…

So I am in the bathroom , and thinking about how unusual this probably looks to those coming in and have someone in a stall totally changing clothes.. I am imagining getting cornered as I leave the bathroom by security..or having them notice I went in one way and came out in a totally different garb. But alas-no security…no guards..So off I went in the parking lot to get to my car and back to work. I am rummaging thru my purse s I walk up the incline to where I was parked, and I felt something weird shaped , so I squeezed it a little to pull out my keys….

GRRR>.. it was a plastic bag with 4 little French vanilla creamers in it..and one exploded in my purse.. I am now walking through the parking lot with French vanilla creamer dripping off my fingers….thinking that no one could make this stuff up !!

This evening once home, I went to the gym.. walked on the tread mill for about 45 minutes and came home…. It felt good… it always does… So I am now about to end the day… get a shower and get ready for tomorrow…golly gee I hope it is a little less eventful!!

What a day… I am glad it is over… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_0408The stay-ca-tion has dwindled down to just a few hours left. We decided  to end it with where we started—kind of…

Off to Oswego we went tonight. The sun set was masked by the clouds….but it was nice all the same.

The water was still, the clouds were asking as a cover for the sun, and amazingly no one was in Oswego… ( well there were some people but not a lot)

We went to the opposite side of the river and caught a shot of the restaurant where it all began… 100_0404

Did not even look like many people were up there…

See a “stay-ca-tion” means you avoid the trying to get all the stuff put away, laundry done and grocery shopping before the next next of work stops… (yeah baby that is VERY nice) and…

you never really get super tired….cuz you are not out there fighting the vacationers for the spot on the highway…

5-27-12 003I do not feel we were cheated a 3 day weekend… not at all. Yesterday we went to Skanealeles NY- sat by the lake there …

We were entertained by a variety of Duck families.

It really was funny to watch the different families float by.


An as we sat there, we had brought some pepperoni, cheese and crackers, some apples and Ice Tea… and we left any worries, cares of challenges at home. would think..what kind of challenges could there be..well anyone who has followed us for a while must have a hint that there are challenges at times.

Our latest…. and this one is GROSS>>>

something has died in our floor….have no idea what it was..but I can assure you what ever it was—it is not with us any longer… Nope only it’s stench lives now…

What we do the passing took place under our bathroom sink area…. and after CAREFULLY emptying the bathroom vanity………. I went in there—with the grubbiest clothes I could find…( these are the sweats I have worn to paint, to caulk, to garden, to weed, to great stuff, to apply adhesives..I wash them and save them for grubby times…) see I was half expecting to find the remains of a chipmunk, or mouse, or something….I had a bucket with chlorine and water, a garbage bag, paper towels and rags…and a bunch of prayers that if I did find something that I would be able to handle it and not be so skeeved out that I would take off in the opposite direction. As I slowly lowered my body to the floor..I was thinking about my post the other night about the “Road kill Collector” and thinking that God has a sense of humor—I make a comment about a profession—and the next day our house smells like road kill.

Well… the odor is under the sink..yes siree—that is where it is coming from… but fortunately in an unfortunate way—I found nothing that is responsible for the odor…

I looked in the crawl space under the house…. nothing… so whatever it was—- it was between the crawl space and out floor….

We really can not have our whole house ripped apart to find some dead whatever…. so I went on line and ask my new best intelligent friend ( Google) –what to do if your have dead animal smell in your house…. Do you know there are thousands of articles on this subject !!!. Basically— give it 7-10 weeks…I am hoping this whatever is under our floor- but above our crawl space… was small—like a mole, or a field mouse, the articles  I read said the smaller—the less time of stench.. It is not too bad to night.. the rags seemed to help keep the air out of the house…

100_0403So that is our stay-ca-tion…We had a nice time together—I enjoyed church Sunday, we had fun with our friends Sat Am…. we got to visit with Jeff and Amanda and the kids, we got to spend peaceful time in areas around us…and I do not think we ever felt rushed.. and to wrap it all up…




We broke all rules, we got a really rich ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery…

Now it is times to focus on work, focus on life and come back to the reality world…

No sleeping in… nope time to start being responsible again.

I hope you had a nice weekend, and I hope you are home—safe and sound…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

The new term for the past year or so… a “stay-ca-tion” Now there are a lot of positive things from choosing this . You are not stuck in traffic…you are not sleeping in a strange bed at night…you can do your own thing without worrying about making noise to disturb others at a hotel/motel.

We are doing a “Stay-ca-tion” this memorial Day. It is going pretty well. Friday 100_0370night we went to Oswego NY—just 25 miles north of here. We had dinner on this raised restaurant deck…
It overlooks Oswego River. We ordered chicken wraps, not bad pricing and food was delicious.

We have looked at this place from across the river a number of times. In fact we took this picture of it last year.


It was one of those places we always wondered what it was like, but never went there to find out.

Well Day one of our stay-ca-tion brought us to the other side of the river.

Day 2 of the “stay-ca-tion was breakfast with our friends , but at 9 not at 8… Than we went to Sears to get a few things for the camper…than were going to try to swing by Jeff and Amandas—but they were not home… that is a risk we take when we just are not sure a time we would be arriving … so home, groceries, some house work…and I went out and did the to our second adventure.

Fulton Speedway 5-26-2012 002FULTON SPEEDWAY! This place is a local business, it is really fun , it is a 3/4 mile dirt track and heck they start the qualifying races at 7 and we got out of there at 10:15. They have 4 different types of race cars … it was fun fun fun… These races have been around for a long time..and we used to go frequently but have not gone for over 4 years—just because…it was a nice evening… not too hot or cold…

Tomorrow is day 3…. church in the AM, than pop over to Jeff and Amanda’s house for a little to the car wash… and who knows what the stay-ca-tion will lead us to tomorrow…

I hope you are having a good weekend… take a moment to remember those who died and those who have or are serving in the Military-so we can be free…. we are truly blessed.

Love to all.. And THANKS TO ALL THE VETERANS and their families…

Mrs Justa alias Cindy.


Ya looking for a job? Well check out this site!

Yep, I spent a little while looking at all the different jobs they advertise, that I never thought about people being hired for…but after reading some of the job descriptions, I am amazed at my taking certain things for granted.

My favorite one—is the “Roadkill Collector Jobs”. Now I never knew people applied for that. I figured it was who got the shortest straw 100_4399at the DPW that day.

Dang—someone actually trains and applies for it.. Now the very disheartening part is when they talk about what they do with the road kill once they get it..

I was okay with bringing it to a landfill.. composting facilities… but A SOUP KITCHEN!!!!

there is only one word for that.. Y U C K >

I love how it says this job is not for animal lovers… So does that mean that “RoadKill Collectors” are mean heartless people? Bet that is a fun class to be a part of!.

There are other jobs there that sound kinda neat though.. An elephant trainer… how 100_3707about training to be Santa Claus… or an Elvis Impersonator… I do not know if I could survive the becoming an embalmer… although I always have done IV and blood draws well… and there are many things I just know would not be a profession I would ever have tried for. (like taxidermist, bounty hunter, bomb squad job, airplane repossession job…) I am not knocking these jobs…just I am not made for them…

Nursing has been my passion since I was 10.. my older sister was in nursing school than, and I LOVED my older sister.. She was a hero type figure in my mind.

So I am glad as I was learning different trades and talents in life..that finally I went to nursing school and fulfilled that dream…

BUT looking at this list of stuff…if I was 18 and wondering what to do with my life… there are some pretty neat things ….

I am about to call it an evening..and drift off to wherever my dreams take me…. heck last night I was with some pretty interesting people—we were working on some project..that when I woke up I felt like I had deserted my job !. Than reality hit..and I went to my I love, I am so thankful for, and one that makes Mon thru Fridays fly right by…

Good night or good day to all,

Love, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

jToday… one of those first days100_2775 for the rest of my life days..These last 3 weeks have not been conducive for the gym and me meeting. Oh there are a number of reasons… one was that I had not been feeling really great 3 weeks ago.. terrible flank pain and urinary infection…So 7 days of antibiotics and lots of fluids…and that led me into weeding the garden and trying to seal the house from the squirrel….for a zillion hours that next weekend. It was a full time job for 2 days….

During the next week , I was just not feeling 100%, than we went to Roch the next weekend to meet up with Emily( would not trade that for anything in the world Smile ) last week I was spending weeknights getting stuff in order to go camping—push mowed the edges of the yard one evening, did the lists for camping, laundry, packing….than last weekend camping. During the week days at work- I do try to get out and stroll for 20-30 minutes— but that is not the gym.

Monday and Tuesday were not working for me this week—last night I was weeding the mulch on the sidewalk and the front of the house-plus weeded the flower garden by the sign..and Monday night—well I planted the vegetable garden…and between the 2 evenings—I was a buffet dinner for a bunch of bugs…. dang!!!! sooo tonight was the back to the gym night.

100_2225It is that time of the year that I think even more about a friend from the cyber world Stephany..she is an awesome person who has inspired me more than once to be more than I think I can be. She has dealt with life challenges and does not let them get her down…the time is coming for the Chase Corporate Challenge. Now to many this may seem like nothing… but to me—it is rewarding to finish it. I am not a jock, not slim and trim, I am not a runner…I am not out to prove to anyone anything. All the money donated for participating in this event goes to a charity—. The company shares in the cost for it, and it is good to show support for the company we work at. So tonight I started the getting ready for the challenge…
I am no athlete— never claimed to be. So I walk the 3.5 mile –last year with my Mp3 player pushing me down the hot humid pavement path…. I made it to the end….

They close the lake parkway and thousands make the journey down and back….I hope it is in the 60s to 70s… ( not in the 90s like it has been..) and I hope it does not rain—as this is mosquito heaven….last year it was delayed because of rain—and when we started going… well the mosquito corporation decided to join in…

But with each step I take, I think of Stephany… and as songs play and steps add up….I count the songs….think about anything but the firm hot pavement…and smile when I finish…

Off to rest… tomorrow will be here before ya know it….I hope you can find something in your life that inspires you …..Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Okay, I am all for safe driving… ( Mark would say I am over cautious) and I appreciate a few reminders like this one……..but this goes two ways folks.

I was driving in this morning on an interstate. Speed limit is 65mph… wiggle room means many were pushing the 70 mph end..out of nowhere this laser speed spot went literally flying up the northbound side.. I kid you not..this person was on one of the         ” Crotch rockets..” he must have been clipping at least 100 mph. It made the others look ,like they were driving on a 30 mph village street. Now I do not know about you,, but I could have looked twice for this creep in my rear view mirror and not seen him, changed a lane..and probably would not have realized what hit me!

I would have reported it via 911.but by the time I would have talked to the operator- at 100 mph..this guy would have been miles down the road.

Sure motorcycles save tons of fuel, some feel they are fun, and motorcycles take up less space… but just because they go super fast does not mean you should stretch it out to the limit. My God… in a car you would not survive a crash at that speed… these dudes have NOTHING protecting them. There were cars in both lanes, he was sharing lanes- zipping around the people before they were able to react.

As I am shaking my head about this total idiot… the news came on …3 !!!!! people were in motorcycle crashes overnight and last evening….all related to speed and at least one to drinking too.

Way back when I was a pup…. back when all cameras had film, and it had to be developed.. I was 18 at the time….I worked in a photo lab.. We processed the photos for the sheriffs department. These were rush the investigators needed them for their reports… well  my job was processing, printing and cutting all the fatal accident photos. Gruesome… yes… did I see images that have stayed in my mind… ( well it has been 40 years and they are still there..) but the most bothersome was the motorcycle fatalities. The people did not have a prayer…. some were their fault..some were others.

So YES.. we need to be aware there are very narrow vehicles sharing the road… BUT darn it folks… give us a chance to see you !!. These creeps who do not believe anything will happen as they are zooming at 100 + mpr— even at 75 mpr—- they need to park it… go back to the tricycle….

you should all look like this guy—photo from google images….

( yeah the one with motors). The smart…safe drivers… I am watching for you…. the jerks… it is hard when I can not see you..only a dot flying by…

OK… this is me climbing off the pulpit for the night…. going to take my shower…. As always… love … Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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