April 2010

“Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life.
  Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it. “
Cullen Hightower

Oh I love this quote … I really do…it brings back moments in my past… like this time…. I was just talking with Mark about a time when I was able to laugh at my mistake but when my family and friends laughed at me I got really angry.

Time warp time….doo doo doo doo…. this is a “Confucius” says moment… we are traveling back in yester year… I had a web chaise lounge chair in the back yard, I am the tough age of 13. It was cool at that time in my life to take baby oil and iodine and mix them together, coat our skin and lie in the sun with aluminum foil panels on cardboard reflecting the suns rays more on us.

So here I am, in the high noon heat of the day, and I had just come in the back yard from whacking a tennis ball around on the street. I coat my skin with this awful mixture… and start to bake. The sun was therapeutic warm at first, and I decided to bounce the tennis racket gentle off the tip of my nose. Bong, Bong Bong, as the nylon strings firmly bounced …welllllllllllllllll

I think I hypnotized myself to a sound sleep as I was bonging this racket off my nose, and the racket had laid to rest on my face.

Are ya getting a picture here… well let me just say… it was not pretty!!! When I woke up, I remember how slimy I felt and my nose was a little sore from the weight of the tennis racket…

but the worse part of all… was the little red squares of burnt skin all over my face and part of my neck… Yep I burnt to a crisp during my accidental snooze… bright red checker board squares…it hurt to smile, it hurt to open and close my eyes… and the impression of the handle white as could be, going down my neck and chest…

I started laughing at how stupid I looked… until my brothers and sisters and mother saw me and started to laugh too.

Than .. I got really angry — they were laughing at me in my misfortune… so I  marched up to my room to drown in my anger and self pity and was so mad at them.

Oh this was a too long lasting mistake… at 13 … a zit is a life disaster- so imagine how bad this was…. I looked like a dang fool for weeks… ya can’t get a makeup to cover that…

and when it blistered and started to peel- well I looked kinda like an orange flaking…

So a word to the wise… do not rest in the sun with a badminton or tennis racket on your face. Oh yeah… and do not use baby oil and iodine for suntan lotion- A) there is not sun screen— but B) it is like frying yourself in a frying pan with Crisco…

Love to all… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy 

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Okay.. so I am justawondering…. if you were a bird , flying way up above the ground, this is what you see. Landscape, from a far, people probably look like specks on the ground, yet I find it fascinating how do they know when you put up a bird feeder… and when you refill it? 100_4995

We went to Lowes and bought a feeder pole because do not have trees in our yard.

We put it just outside the back slider , and that way we can watch the birds if we are washing dishes or sitting at the dinette in front of the slider.

Now I find it absolutely amazing that somehow word got out that we bought this feeder pole, that we put feeders on it and that we filled them.

Mark said today there were 20 birds out there chowing down.

What.. do they have a bird code… a special place they gather for morning beverage… and then tweet some message that tells them to come to the backyard on the corner?

it just is amazing to me. We have cardinals, yellow finches, sparrows, red wing black birds,  birds that are kinda brown with black heads… somehow they all got the message.

Last night when I got home I went in back and the little tweaters had already consumed most of the food. So I refilled it…went inside… and within 10 minutes- the troops were back.

Someone has a big mouth… or loves to chirp news flashes… We love watching the birds- so do the dog and cat… and somehow I will figure out how they let each other know when there is a news flash… “full feeder alert”.

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa..

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Has anyone ever surprised you with a response to you…….in a negative way though? Anger that makes you feel like there is a fire roaring through your soul….

Well that happened to me today. I guess I should thank the guy because he made me so angry that I pictured he was on the TV screen Elliptical tonight and I was showing him how totally aggravated  he made me!

So thanks “ you know who you are”  for being so unreasonable today!

The person was totally off base, I tried to share information with him on a particular case he was involved with, and he went ballistic!

Shouting over me talking, screaming actually and than all of the sudden—static… the guy slammed the phone down.

I never in my life would ever treat another person that way… and this guy is a superior…. supposedly a mentor… supposedly a level headed person, supposedly a person respected in the public eye, a “professional”……. He went “Nam” on me…

I tried to remain calm… but after he slammed down the phone… and I tried to reflect on the unbelievable interaction that just happened…. I realized how totally angry I was with him.

First of all… he needed the information I was trying to inform him about— but instead he screamed when ever I opened my mouth… He did not hear a word I was saying and made a scenario in his mind that caused him to be so angry- and none of what he was assuming was factual.

AHHHH. my legs and butt are sore because of him… just cuz I went “Nam” on the cardio equipment on my way home tonight. So my anger.. ( My mom used to always say “Don’t go to sleep on an angry sun”…. ) has now turned to appreciation— for because of him I worked harder than I would had I realized how tired I was….

So my anger has turned… I am thankful he was such an unreasonable so-and-so… for I used that anger , that total irritation , to make progress.. Thanks… “you know who you are.. “  Love mrs justa…

100_4966 How much is that minute that just passed by worth to you?

How much is that sunny day worth to you that you may have totally not taken advantage of because of work?

How much does that hug and kiss goodbye mean to you as you go out the door?

How much does each step mean to you?

I am in a pondering way today- being a little melancholy, being a little prophetic ( is that a word?) being a little regretful for minutes of my life that I let pass by with out even acknowledging they were there… and now they are gone….I can not get them back with an apology or a promise to treat them with respect the next time.

Today I saw this person go down the street on a scooter- a scooter that was well worn. This person appeared to be doing the best they could with where they are at with life. Some folks have their bodies malfunctioning due to an accident, some due to total disrespect for their bodies, some because of hereditary faults and they let those things take over their life… this person was facing challenges that would knock another down.. and yet he was out scootering himself to Walgreens for something he needed.

Others might just exist in their dwelling and let  life run right by, but this person, he had a determination stronger than I think I would have.

The other day when I was leaving work there was a woman- possibly in her late 20s, with a stick she was using to “see the way” . I watched here as she navigated over sidewalk torn due to construction, click click click – her stick tapped as she lightly tapped to her left and right… click click click..with cars going every which way, traffic lights- she could only tell what the traffic flow was by listening to it, she was on a mission, going across the very busy street to the convenience store, and than returning down the side street back to the apartments she lives in. I have enough trouble crossing the street with my sight- I can not imagine- she does not let life go by her. She may take a little longer to achieve goals a person with sight takes advantage of… but she makes it.

SO I ask…. have you let days slip by you… they do not return. … Is there something you have been wanting to do? 

Work towards doing it… Life is short… too short.

Love to all… mrs Justa

100_4925 We used every hour of this weekend and then some- today I felt like we had already gone thru 2 days. But alas, one more day was really left. Yesterday did a number on me, but after a nice restful sleep- I was back up at 7:30 this morning. So I started with getting the bills out, and check book in hand and getting the bills ready for when Mark gets up. He had gotten up during the night and returned around 6:30 for further sleep. So I took it as an opportunity to get ready for bill pay. He is the guru of the bill pay on line, I do the calculating and see what needs to get pd.

We do a lot of that.. a ying and yang type thing. He mows the yard using the John Deere, I try to do touch up with the push mower. He vacuums the house, I clean. he can bring in the laundry, I throw it in the washer and dryer. He can move the camper and help with putting it up, and I worked on cleaning it and the patching- but I was relieved what he was able to assist by going in the camper, sitting on the bed and getting the needle I was pushing thru the patch, and than pushing it back out to me.

When the weekend hits, we do try to do stuff together, because once the week days hit, I am off to work than if there are any stops on the way home- my day becomes at least 12 hrs away from here.

Life is funny, it seems to fly by. it seems to change in characteristics and the years pass. At one time my life was consumed by being a mom, now I know I am a mom, but my life is consumed in work, being a grand parent and being home with my husband. Years ago, before he was injured… spending time with my husband was few and far between. So even through he was home for most weekends… it was busy times getting him recouped from the week prior and ready for the week to come. Life can take our lives, shake them up and we are scrambling for the pieces to all fit in.

Soon… very soon… Brandon will have that happen when all of the sudden he is the older brother instead of the baby in the house. Jeff and Amanda- they will have 2 children to care for instead of the one. What an exciting time for them.. and a time for adjustments.

Ya just never can predict what life will do… and I truly believe that we need to take each day as a new adventure. Like opening a new book every time you open your eyes. Wondering what is on  the next page… right now my next page is to go out with Mark and watch the show we DVRed this week… and I will iron the 4 or 5 things I have as the show plays.

And tomorrow… who knows… it may be like this weekend and be so filled with so much that Tuesday will feel like it should be Weds. Good luck with your new day tomorrow… your new adventure. Treasure your tomorrows, and accept your yesterdays. Love to all, Mrs justa,… alias Cindy

100_5019 Varmints—I do not like varmints. They have no rhyme or reason to why they do what they do. they are el’distructo critters… Kinda piss me off!

Today we popped our camper- It has been a really good camper- it is a 1995 Coleman Rio Grande.

We those dang varmints created my back ache I am feeling right now. Yep those furry little fast running gnawers…those pesty little things that do not know how to hold their poop… they don’t—as they walk they must poop… everywhere….

Bet they have trouble playing hide and seek… cuz the other critters would just have to follow the poop trail.

Well we cranked the old camper up- only to find this and
















so today was patch the camper day. Oh we hemmed and hawed over this, as the camper has no payments, and these critters thought the moth balls were a gift instead of a deterrent. We went here and there, and the first camping place we went to had a bit of an arrogance about them- so we were determined not to buy from there- but after going to sports stores, another big camping store, a mom and pop hardware store.. well we ended back at the arrogant camping store and got a couple of repair kits. I think I started on this journey around 2… after we got done driving all over looking for replacement stuff… and I just got in here around 8:30. I am feeling muscles I forgot existed, I am feeling exhausted, I am feeling relieved I got at least some patches on as a starting point. The screens we patched with screen repair kits, and the canvas… well I cut small shapes to cover each and than use “ShoeGlue” or canvas glue. And when all was said and done… I said to Mark when he came in to see the end result.. that a camper with patches has character!!!

We heard the weather and it is rain for the next few days.. so we cranked it back down and we will see how those patches did when we raise it again.

This lady is pooped,,, exhausted… and in a moment or two… I will be in a warm shower and than going to bed. God night everyone… Love , Mrs Justa…

Tonight was “get myself abused by the trainer “ night at the gym. I have a trainer to help me find equipment and exercises I can do to help me in all the ways I want help in. I figure in another 10 years I will need less than every part of my body in need of attention…

well… he likes to have me use the big ball- ya sit on it— it kinda reminds me of the bouncy balls that kids used to bong all over the place on. Like this one on the right…

except the kids get a handle!

Are ya getting an image here?? No?? Well let me go on.

So tonight every other thing he wanted me to do involved sitting on the exercise ball than standing up and jogging in place… than back to the ball.I was swinging weights up , down and all around…

… but than he got this idea that I could lie down on the ball- the top of my back resting ??? on the top of the ball-

the rest of me stretched out suspended in mid air- and than he says… Now kick one leg up at a time… this reminds me of the “can-can” dance …

well lets just say… me and the can can dance, laying on my back on top of the ball… well it just was not working for this gal.

I tried.. oh yes I tried… and it was difficult..and I was determined to do it… I am focusing hard, and watching each foot kick out ( kinda pathetically- but all the same kicking those feet out)

I have a memory of a gusto kick- one a dancer would be proud of…..

when all of the sudden as I gusto kicked my left leg up and I musta leaned too much to  the right at the same time. That ball popped out from under me like a Champaign cork- which meant I went flying to the right. I toppled over … kinda funny really…  I was laughing out of sheer embarrassment… and my trainer- he was laughing too… but I think maybe it had more to do with my expression as I was sailing thru the air, or maybe looking at me in the landing phase of my journey. He said quickly… “No one saw you .. it is okay.”” Yeah right!! I am in the middle of the gym… I have a hard time believing I was not the night entertainment for someone!

I felt my face get really hot, sweat pouring off of me, as I scrambled for something to support me, so I could get my not so skinny butt off the floor.He said… well we got your heart going really fast I bet… YEAH it was going about as fast as the rest of me…

Now, had I been an observer- I would have laughed out loud even louder than I was as the victim. The trainer always says “You are so funny!” when I m just being serious.

Needless to say- the can-can kick was stopped and I did crunches on the ball instead. I am still laughing… hmm.. I wonder if he is too… Ohh the things we do … I am off to take a hot shower and try to get ready for tomorrow. Have a good night… Love to all.. Cindy alias mrs Justa.

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