June 2013 029Well it has been a very long while since I popped over here to this home of my thoughts. Life seems to be a little chaotic, a lot busy and sometimes full of unpredictable things.

Work is good, it is never ever boring, and very fast pace. Changes within the government on healthcare reform, changes in medical treatments and advances in current treatments and medications, it is always an opportunity to learn more new stuff.

Mark and I will occasionally go to Oswego and watch the sun set. It is so darn peaceful up there, and a place to kind of put life in a temporary hold pattern. Sunsets and the time just before them is a favorite time of day for both of us.

It is a time when the world slowly changes yet I feel I can stop.

It is a time to reflect on the day passing behind us, and planning for the day that is yet to be.

It almost feels like no matter what happened- it is a closing of a chapter and an opportunity to start a new chapter- fresh.

It is a time to relax and June 2013 042know that the bed is not too many hours away.

My days are busy, I really love my job, and the people I work with are good people. So all that together makes an environment where a day is something to look forward to doing. Have you ever been in a situation you hated? Boy the day drags, the clock seems like a minute is an hour.

I am so thankful that I have the days that fly by!.However, as the days fly by, that means the years fly by.

Our grand children are growing fast, our 1005886_10201429826646558_1989262251_n[1]little guy Brandon just had pre-k graduation! We were able to get to it, the school had it in the evening.  It was so cool to see how hard the class worked for this.They sang a variety of songs, choreographed, and one with even sign language too.

Wow next year kindergarten.


And this weekend our niece is graduating from high school. Gee whiz… time flies.

But fortunately as time flies, we learn lessons, we learn that things in life do not always have to matter, we learn that life is short, we learn that there is a reason for everything, sometimes it takes a lifetime to try to figure it out.

This weekend is the “Strawberry Moon” as it was referred to in the news article today. Tomorrow it is supposed to be the best night to see it. I can not wait. For somewhere in the child part of my brain, many many year ago, I found comfort in believing those who had died , those who meant something to me, that they could sit on the moon and watch over me. I refuse to let that comfort go. Tomorrow night- I will be watching the moon, waving to my mom, dad, sister and grandparents…. making loving faces to our dogs and cats…. and trying to capture the moment on film. I hope you too can see it….what ever it will look like. Lots of love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


6-25-2012 Syracuse and Oswego NY 004

We must never ever give up. We must never let the evil in the world suck us into a path of negativism We can never let little people , who want to cause us harm, become big people.

The horrors of this week in Massachusetts reminded me about how insensitive people can be.  How can someone come from a tiny baby to a person who has absolutely no respect for human life, no worry about the consequences of their actions, and be spineless enough to do an act like this and than hide.

In the world we live in,563856_10151599873930351_1135931674_n[1] there are so many cameras and monitoring devices, I really hope someone looks at the photos on ( these are from the site) and calls the authorities. Someone has to know who these guys are. These young people are someone’s neighbors, someone’s friend, someone brother, someone’s son.  Someone has to know who they are. They need to come forward-if they did not do it..say so… if they did they need to fess up to their actions….

So many tragedies, so many senseless loss of life , limb, innocence. There is a saying “what goes around, comes around.” They will get theirs…

Everything else in my life seems trivial as I watch the suffering of those who are affected.

Evil affects us all…if we let it…

Rileys bent crate and having the boys over 11-17-12 007Our 4 yrs old grandson was telling me that teacher in pre-K taught the class  what to do if a mean person comes to the school. He talked about where they had to group, and they had to be VERY quiet….

When he was over here last Saturday night, he told me he brought his secret weapon. I asked him what it was, and he pulled out a life guard whistle, he assured me if anyone came to the house he would blow it so loud that the neighbors would hear it.  I tried to comfort him by telling him the Grandma and Grandpa would be here and he was safe. That night as I went to put him in his bed, he asked for the 2 top covers to be left at the foot of the bed. He wanted us to come back in later and pull them up. He said when his daddy works evenings, he has his mom do the same thing. He said that way , if he wakes up at night and his blankets are all on him, he knows he was checked on, he feels safe.

So at 11:30 I tip toed in his room, I raised his covers up, and out of the corner of my eye, on the head of the bed , lay his whistle. JUST IN CASE>>>>>

It saddened me…100_0027.I was thinking that with all the media, all the evil that makes and sells stories… we are taking the innocence and wonder of being a child and tarnished it. I hope that we as a society can find more joy in the goodness of people and not the bad. I think if we were stricter with punishment on people.. a do unto others type punishment..maybe we would see less evil in the end. Someone wants to literally rip apart bodies with a home made explosive device—well when they are caught… attach a similar device to them—so they can not escape… —some one want to shots people—then they should be shot the same way…  someone rapes someone…then they too get raped viciously…

Because locking people up…giving them 3 meals a day…and trying to rehabilitate them…. it is not lessening crime or the level of intensity to it. Lets looks for the good in life.. we have to… Love to all Mrs Justa alias Cindy

WInter 2013 003

Frozen precipitation, all shapes , size, blown here and there , often impossible to see more than a few feet in front of your face…


We are tough in this neck of the woods- people in this area put up with all kinds of weather. Thank God we do not WInter 2013 005have tornados or hurricanes often!! I do not mind snow when it is gently falling. But the zero visibility, the snow blowing and drifting…the ice roadways… ummm not crazy about that.

For the life of me I can not understand how ANYONE could live in this area and not have  4 snow tires on their cars. It is the difference between night and day. Oh sure you can trek through is it with all season radials—if you do not mind that ass end of your car swaying some, or wheels spinning… but really folks… SNOW tires are for SNOW… which we have plenty of !!.

This is a snow tread….

see how it has tread that will grip the snow and give you traction.

This is really really helpful when you are driving on snowy roads.

It is worth the $$$$ believe me/

If you go on all seasons ..well you will find this …


I got this off of google images…

See the difference in your safety ..It is more than stopping. When you are trying to drive – you feel a whole lot more in control with good winter treads.

We were driving the other day in white out conditions. There were times when we could see, and we really could have done 35-40 mph..but instead we get behind people with regular tread..going 25 mph—flashers on..scared to death. They could not speed up because their car started swaying.

I can not believe how great it felt to me when I initially felt the difference between snows and summers or all seasons.

So spend the extra money..and relax a little on those yucky days… you will be GLAD YOU DID…

Hang on too…. tonight thru Tuesday—LAKE EFFECT SNOW Again!!!.

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

On our way to the family reunion last week we had to stop and fuel the pick up. As I sat 001in the truck with Riley, a van pulled up. It was heart warming and brought things in perspective as I thought about these people who got out of the van. A woman, a teenage daughter and a couple of young kids.  “Daddy” was driving…

How surreal it must be for a military person when they are taken out of the regimen of being deployed to who knows where, seeing who knows what, for a very long time… and than all of the sudden..poof—you are all of the sudden  into a life you had put on hold…a role that was natural..but must feel kind of awkward initially. 

Heck I remember when Mark would be gone for a week.. and than come back on the weekend—the kids waiting for his arrival so we could all do stuff together..and for me..I was just over living a week solo with one child..and now to adjust to 2 parents and 2 kids. These guys and gals are gone for months on end..

It was neat to see..yet sad in a way..for the emotions, the memories, the longing to be together are all components that need to be balanced and dealt with.  I hope they are adjusting and okay…

Riley is getting stronger every day. Her vet appnt on Tues. evening was a meet and greet—and because her appetite and drinking water were less than good. She had bouts 018of diarrhea and we wanted her checked out. The vet checked her over pretty thoroughly and feels that Riley is having some psychological issues that are causing her the lack of eating and drinking. The vet went and got a 101 Dalmatians kids plate with some morsels of food and a couple of apple/cinnamon dog biscuits… the dog literally inhaled the food. ( This was like taking your car to the shop and it won’t do what it was doing for you…) The vet actually says that she believes the dog is associating the dog dish with the kennel and all the trauma she has gone through with being abandoned/lost.. and living in the kennel, …. so on the way home we got her her very own Corelle plate and she is eating like crazy. She had lost 2 pounds the first 8 days we had her..but I believe she is on the road to being healthy now.  We did find out she in not a puggle ( beagle pug mix) instead she looks to be a Beagle Boxer mix.  She is the most friendly, gentle dog I think I have ever run across. Riley in the crib 002 We are blessed to have her.. She and the cat get along… that is until tonight…. If the cat sees that Riley has decided to sleep in the cats bed… there may be some tension from the black cat !!.

This evening we are in the office after going up to the lake at sunset..and Riley was laying on the floor… she had to pee—so I let her out..when she came back in the office she leaped into the crib… Imus is unaware at this point..but I have a feeling there will be some groans once this new situation  is discovered!.

As Mark says.. “She’s got the life of Riley!!”

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

One day when I did my great escape at lunch time.. I went over to a parking lot at a plaza near by. I turn on the radio, listen to Rush Limbaugh get all fired up about stuff, open the windows and watch the world go by.

Well one day I looked up, camper and a dog in window 005and in a 3rd floor apartment window was this …

This dog, standing on maybe a couch , just faithfully watching out the window. I began to think about dogs and owners and people and friends.

And well it hit me hard that there are probably not too many friends as faithful as a dog. A dog will greet you at your door every single day with a tail wagging so much that you are not sure if the tail is wagging the body..or the body wagging the tail.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 120A dog will come next to you and stay by you no matter how sick you are. Back a few years ago, Badger did not feel well and he needed someone to be with him during the day, he had to be let out a lot. Mark, who also was not feeling well, went over daily to stay with Badger, and regardless of how bad either felt..they stayed side by side.

When Mark had his leg trying to heal, he had to use a CPM machine, he would go into the spare bedroom and get hooked up, and lie there as this machine worked to bend his knee…

He never was alone doing 100_0638that though…

Carmel may not have ever understood what the machine was… but he sensed he needed to go in there.

I remember when I had a surgery and was unable to lie down in bed for weeks, I would doze off in the recliner..only to wake up to have our dog Chip on the foot of the recliner watching me sleep.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 102Mark and I have computers next to one another, and if we were both on, Indi would just come in and sit next to us… what person would do that?

I have seen on line photos of different dogs, loyal to their owner till the end. It is true that “Dogs are man’s best friend” They forgive you when brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 001you are grumpy, they greet you and say good bye to you as you come and go, they will go anywhere you want to take them, and if you are lucky they will patiently wait.. to see you again.

Since Jeff was 10—we have had 3 dogs. Chip, Carmel and Indi. each were special in their own way..and each had to be put to sleep for various reasons. We understood why each time, and it hurt to do it..but as I look back..they each filled our lives with so much love, so much commitment and so much loyalty..I would not trade any of the days with them for anything else.

Who knows if we will get another dog.. we teeter on the fence all the time… but tonight.. I just want to say—dogs are cool…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

chase corp challenge 6-19-2012 001

My dear friend Stephany..I would have made you proud.

I did it again this year. Each year as I have said many times before—you come to mind as I start to take each step.

Life is full of mediocre, life is full of opportunities to either take the bull by the horns, or run like Hell from the bull and get the horns up your buttinsky…. . Tonight was a bull by the horns night. It was a rather busy day at work and I needed to meet Mark at lunchtime to give him something, so we said we could meet and go to lunch. Well don’t cha know it… as I am walking into the booth, my right great toe kicks the base of the booth..and the toe nail pops up… well rips up… dang that hurt.. So as we are eating lunch I am thinking about the Corporate Challenge this evening –the 3.5 mile walk… in 90 % heat with 70 % humidity at least..on asphalt they figure is going to be 120 degrees… and I am now with a toe nail that is throbbing and not all attached.. When I got back to work, I washed it off, had a bandaid in my drawer, taped the nail down and thought – I will take the bull by the horns and go for it.

The closer it got to being the time to start the walk, the stronger my prayers got… ( I hate to admit it..but maybe I was running from the bull!) Oh I was praying for that slight chance of a thunder storm..( lightening might cancel the race..) but NO… so I prayed harder..thinking God tried to get me out of the race by moving that booth in my path… so in my mind I am whirling all sorts of thoughts… than out of sky— a voice came…. it was the announcer stating that since the heat and humidity were so oppresive—they are changing it from a 3.5 mile challenge—a competition a 2 mile “fun run”( ..I am so stupid at times..) I am sitting there and asking –gee so do the runners compete for 1.5 miles and than have a fun run for the next 2??Or do the runners have a fun run for 2 and than compete for the last 1.5??? and  what do we do after the 2 mile fun run..?? People are looking at me like I am having a major “blonde moment”  as I was totally not realizing what they were saying was they were cutting the 3.5 miles down to 2 miles..and there would not corporations competing for the best time.  Once I figured out the 3.5 mile was not an issue in this heat… I  did a foot ball or base ball player move when they make a great play..I looked to the heavens and said

Thank you God… AMEN!. This is still a lot..and there were 8000 people there.. it would still be kinda uncomfortable..but we save 1.5 miles. I did not want to be that person on a golf cart turned mini ambulance somewhere along the way…. none of us did.. a bunch were thinking the same thing… So the announcer tells all to line up in the street…This is looking forwardchase corp challenge 6-19-2012 005 from where I was standing while we waited for the group to start… behind me was a group the same size or bigger.

People –a sea of people… all bunched together on a 4 lane highway.. waiting for the go… no air moving..lots of sweat pouring off many…

My boss said she wanted to walk with me..I warned her that my step would be a little slower because of this new look to my r toe..but she said she wanted to walk with me..So I said Okay……

Our good friend gave me a couple of these bandanna looking things that when you soak them for 1/2 hr before using them, they stay cool for up to 2 days… you wrap it around your neck..and it keeps you cooler than without.. Well at first I was self conscious… but than I was pretty hot—so being one of the only people there with this thing around my neck was a bonus and not a obstacle. I brought the second one and that way I would not be alone..if I could find someone as hot as me… ( which did not take too long) she thanked me over and over for the bandana after the stroll. 

It was a kind of miserable night to take a stroll at 6 30 pm..but the neat thing is knowing I am doing it… and  seeing the half way point..and than seeing the finish line… and knowing I had the bull’s horns in my hands and not up my butt!. Yep..I did it… and I feel great that I did…

Love to all and thanks to Stephany for your inspiration…

Mrs Justa… alias Cindy

Nov 2011 and thanksgiving on old camera 013Teaching children to be responsible…we need to do that. We need to teach children respect. We need to let children know they are loved, but not let them think they are special to the whole world. I remember as Jeff was growing up, I would tell him he was special to me. I taught him how to pick things up, how to take care of his belongings, and how to behave. He grew up knowing he was sometimes acting in a not so favorable behavior- but I never ever told him he was a bad boy. If we do not teach our kids of the world at young ages that YES does not happen every time… and that they can handle NO. That time out happens…. and that you do not always get things the way you want them to be.

We need to take time to get down on the floor and play with the kids, instead of giving them electronic devices, or TVs to dec 201 006consume their days with. Time with our kids, time with our pre teens, time with our youth is not guaranteed. I heard a teen talking to their parent the other day, and the parent said- “I did not know that, why didn’t you tell me”….. the answer was..”because you are always too busy. I did not want to bother you” AS I heard this exchange in the store… I realized this is probably more the norm than any of us want to admit.

As I am exposed to people in different 100_0161settings, I run across people who lack respect for others, people who think the world owes them a living, who have absolutely no compassion for others..we-as parents, as grandparents, as mentors—we need to help one child or youth  at a time to understand the world revolves-but not because they are on it.

It is a fine line between letting a child know they are loved, and having a child expect everyone to love them. For those kids that grow up expecting everyone to love them..they are headed towards ridicule and heart ache. It just does not happen that way. Kids need to know about the free things in life… about time spent with others is worth more than the video game…

I look at the country, I listen to NO_BAMA talking… and I hear and see a major entitlement syndrome. 100_6263There is an expectation that we should get out of the way for the privileged believing ones to go by. Let’s all work together to help to make the world we live in , one of gratitude..and not expectations….. : one of pride..and not of greed: one of prosperity..and not one of poverty.

Together we can move the mountain..

singly—we can be filled with regret and disappointment as the mountain stays put.

Do your part…. let’s all do something every day. love Mrs Justa..alias Cindy

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