March 2011

Here is a quote that came to mind this week…

It is from Stuart Chase…

December 2010 194“Your liberty to swing your arms ends where my nose begins.”

I was thinking this as a multitude of folks were hustling back and forth on the highways this week. Many times this whole week I have said aloud .. to myself in the car… “REALLY??? “ as people swerve here and there… cut people off, go by me like I am standing still when I am actually doing 65 mph….

A couple of NEWS FLASHESS>>>>

1) We are all supposed to share the road.

2) If we are in a car- guess what… We too have somewhere to go!

Man, some  people are really arrogant at times. We literally had to wait for someone to let us into the entrance ramp at the thruway… everyone zipping this way and that, like they are the only thing that matters.

Than at work today…man I saw more ! on e mails today than I think I ever had in a 9 hr span of time. Seemed like every single one was implying it was an emergency, a stop what I was doing and take care of whatever … and than incoming faxes with “URGENT “ on them… another  STOP and take care of this NOW !!!!

Now I know that each person has a different perception of an emergency.. but on the highways or on the cyber highways… we are all doing things, going places. And misuse of the RED Exclamation mark – or the word URGENT becomes a situation of not knowing for sure when the urgency is real or being abused. Kind of like that story from long ago about “the boy who cried WOLF. “ I am all for helping out on all truly urgent issues… but when it is used to just get to the front of the line..well another issue is unable to get to first.

Tomorrow..ahh it is a new day… 100_6287I am going to try to go an conquer the day before the drivers who believe their journey to work is more important than mine, and before the urgent e mails start flying in.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I am really looking forward to the weekend. It will be a busy weekend, but people seem more laid back once Saturday hits. Me.. I know I am… and for 2 days….. no dodging the arrogant drivers… ( and there are MANY!!!) and I can work on things around here. It will just be an appreciated couple of days.


tomorrow is a “Mommy Special Day”

a “being proud of my baby “ day  …

wanna know why… you will just have to come back tomorrow to see. !

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


“ What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it .”

That is a quote from Hugh Mulligan.As I read this and look at the days as they pass, I wonder if I did all I could.

100_6275It brings to the surface that each day is one more on the time line of life on earth.

There are some folks who love to count, and there is a statistic that there are 14709 births each hour and 6098 deaths each hour. these folks calculate this into 128.9 million births in a yr and 53.4 million deaths. What a very strange concept to know that in a second we can be gone.

I find that totally hard to grasp. 100_6550Time is so very precious. We are born to live for whatever amount of time we have, and than we die. We leave footprints as we go through life, and some of the footprints are in sand, some in concrete.

But none of us know when it is over, unless we make a choice to take control of our lives ending.

Each moment I have breath in my lungs and blood flowing through my veins , it is a blessing for me. I think of days gone by, of footprints left behind me, and I wonder what people who come across the footprints..what they see.

I like to watch people, I imagine what they do, or what footprints have brought them to where they are now, and I wonder if they have love in their lives, or loneliness. I watched people walking around at lunch time today, some with debilitating limps, some looking straight down at the ground, some clean, some seemed disheveled.  Are they frightened by life, or challenged. Do they feel life or lost?

I came across this info too….Here is another staggering statistic.. there are 1.8 BILLION people under age 15….and 4.4 BILLION people from 15 – 64 ….. 516 million over 65.  That is A LOT of people! How does the world sustain all of us living breathing people?

These number people also have come up with this… there are 6,909 living languages. okay… now this knocks my socks off. There are 6,909 ways to say I Love You… or “no way”.. or “ Yes sir..” or “Up yours LOL “ Amazing. this world is amazing. And each of the 6,903,331,398 are sharing this planet, drinking the water, eating what food there is, making each day go by….that is a lot of air being shared, a lot of shoes, clothes, words, space…. how does the world survive us and all our things we do?

Amazing…. simply amazing…. Yes I feel blessed for each day and I hope you do too.. Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Today was a traffic pylon day. Have you ever had a traffic pylon day? Maybe you are scratching your head and saying what the heck is she talking about…?? Well let me share it with you.

No it does not mean I drove in tons of road construction.

What it means is there were all these urgent issues.

Bing, bam, boom- every time I thought I could regroup and work on what was in my mind of what needed to get done… bam… another issue took priority.

So I feel, on days like these, like I am traveling down a highway , construction pylons lined up, and my head hanging out the window getting bopped by each one.

All the issues were not bad issues, but all the same—the individual  issues pushed what I was working on and took the forefront.

I started laughing.. because usually there may be one issue or two that bounce in front … issues that when I get faced with them- it is  a “Stop what you are doing and take care of this”moment.. And  I usually take care of the issue and have a moment to take a deep cleansing breath and move on to what I was working on.

Well today- I took a deep breath , only to suck in the next urgent issue. I did not have time for a cleansing breath all day, and I bet I climbed up and down the stairs at least 12 times today. And there are a lot of steps from the first to the second floor. Dang , when I went to the gym my legs were actually aching before I did the elliptical machine… I still did it … but I am hurting in the upper legs and  buttinski now !

Do I regret today… not at all… Do I feel good about today… Yes I do..because together … me and the team I work with… we got through the issues and we are still standing!

There is such great satisfaction in helping others, and every time there is an urgent issue—we are helping someone who needs attention right than. I am tired… mentally and will probably not make it till 11 tonight..but it is a good tired. I hope there was something that gave you a smile today.

Peace to all, and God Bless you.. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

green house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 001A dream a box of a dream.

This is a green house- of sorts.

green house, brandon and preston, linda and brian blair 3-2011 002







And now almost 3 weeks into this adventure- this optimistic feeling that we can plant our own hardy plants in another 8 weeks…green house 2.5  weeks 001well it is filling up my mind…

Here are some tomato plants. Now the really neat thing about the ones on the left and center — I harvested the seeds from our tomatoes last year. I scooped them, let them dry out and put them in an envelope for 7 months.

The ones on the right are from a package of seeds- I just planted them about a week and a half ago.

IF they continue to grow and become strong enough to handle the outdoors- than I promised some plants to Jeff and Amanda. It is early still.. a lot can happen in the next 8 weeks.

Unfortunately the pepper seeds I had harvested and the cantaloupe and eggplant seeds I had sitting in paper towels for 7 months,green house 2.5  weeks 002 waiting for planting season…well they did not grow at all, so I just planted peppers and eggplants from packaged seeds…hence the tray of dirt in the middle shelf…

the lower shelf is zinnias and pansies. I am feeling good about the zinnias..but not the pansies.

I am very aware this whole green thumb thing can turn for the worse in a moments notice… but at least I have something to smile at right now !

I will hopefully have more photos in a few weeks showing growth, dreams coming true… We will have to wait and see. Speaking of growth and changes……

We did get to spend time with the grandboys this weekend. Here are a couple shots…of them , we had a really fun time with them.

MArch 2011- kids 003

MArch 2011- kids 002







We miss seeing Mackenzie frequently… but we do have a great time with the little boys. They are so different from one another, yet they show they care for each other is fun to watch them in their age related behaviors. It is fun to be brought back to times when we were dealing with the different age characteristics of our own kids. They are growing and so are the plants…. So this is a post on growth , I guess. LOL… Have a good evening.. Love, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

100_6432_editedDid you ever get stuck pondering so much that the simplest things seem impossible to figure out? Like being stuck in a bubble with no way out….


Things so simple as what to wear, or what to do first. It is amazing at times anyone gets anything done.

We have to try to decide what room we want the base station for the cordless phone to go in. Seems simple enough..but we can not decide. It is like trying to write the Declaration of Independence, or trying to solve the worlds problems .

I think the kitchen is the winning room. It is one of those phones that has an answering machine on the main base station and than additional phones that have like holding charges just plug in the wall but you do not need phone jacks for them. The base station is the answering machine one.

We have 3 phone jacks- so we have 3 rooms to choose from. We  have hemmed and hawed for the past hr on which room with the phone jack should win. Because we only have 3 phone jacks, and not in convenient rooms… that is why we got the phone with others that work without the phone jack. The phone has an intercom too.. so If I am in the laundry room and Mark is in the office—we can intercom each other instead of yell and hope the other hears them. He can intercom for me to get him a drink of something… and I can intercom back to get it himself !! LOL

It is weird- the house is one floor- but you can not hear people talking from one end to the other. It might as well have 3 floors. So the next dilemma will be which rooms get the phones… Oh brother—that might just short circuit my mind today !

I guess I am glad we are not dealing with the worlds problems- cuz I can assure you they would still be there tomorrow. Can you imagine if  someone came up to you and said— you have 48 hrs to straighten up the world… HA.

I guess the Spring tease and now snow flakes fluttering and it is really cold out.. it has put our minds in a whirl today. IN a while it will be better- we get to spend some time with Jeff and Amandas boys… our two grandsons.. oh that will be fun.

I have to remember the camera and yes..that will make this topsey turvey day come together. I hope you are having a great weekend. Sun is out… but at least in the Northeast—enjoy it in a house or a car !!!. Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy


Life is churning fast, don’t you agree? I look at people that I think I just saw not too long ago and they have aged 15 years. I look in  the mirror and I see wrinkles. My hands are “old ladies” hands.

In the gym I seem to notice how young a lot of people are.

I look at the odometer on my 2010 car and am amazed to see 50,000 miles.

Every where I look I can not believe how fast the time is going by.

My gosh, I have had cataract surgery…that is for older folks. I am going to see a doctor tomorrow for varicose veins. I take stool softeners , vitamins , calcium and Motrin as a daily regimen. I am a gramma x 3…. golly gee… where did the time go?

Last night a person from LONG ago took a step- a huge step and sent me a message on facebook. She wanted to see if I was the person she worked with in the early 70s. I sang at her first wedding. She and I had a lot of fun working at the photo finishing lab we worked at.

best photo 001And in a moment- I was 20 again. I was reliving things long past and locked in the corners of my mind. Remembering things that I did not know were stored safely in my brain , just waiting for someone to open the door to the storage area they were in, and dust them off.

So I pulled out some black and whites and found this one. We were stuffing the mailing envelopes, the ones filled with peoples mail order photos and negatives, and so carefully packaging  them to bring smiles to those who open them.

And it is weird… because I never know if anyone would remember me from long ago- I always felt like I did not make a difference. So very many people in my life have meant so much to me… but I never felt people thought the same of me.

It is cool to reconnect.  I find comfort in knowing that I am not the only one with the memories… That is what Facebook is intended for… bringing our lives together…not ripping each other apart.

Night to all… Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

We are actually going to take a vacation. Now we are not vacation people so this is something sort of special.

It is a ways off, but the anticipation is starting already. Time away from every day life. Time to just watch the sun rise , the sun set.

It is kinda scary that we are going to be on a strip of land surrounded by ocean… that is kinda creepy. But peace of mind is it is not on the line of earthquakes and not in tsunami territory.. so I am sure it will be wonderful

No plans, no tours, just relax as the waves slap against the sand and the heat of the sand feels therapeutic as you walk through it barefoot.

I am going to make sure my camera is ready— I want pics for thousands of blogs. We will pack light, and use the laundry in the home we will be in, we are going to be there with another special couple and 5 senior girls. It should be fun,

And ya know what— we need it. We need to go where our minds can clear, where sipping ice tea is not on a schedule and where a soak in a hot tub at the end of the day is a routine by weeks end.

Like I said- it is a ways off… but this photo I got off google images… it is the bait..the temptation.. the dream that will one day be a reality. Love to all. Cindy alias Mrs Justa…

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