Pride.. there is good pride.. but there is  not so good pride.

Today was church and Pastor Carl touched on pride. And about how some of us in the world could be prideful in an “all about me” way.

There is good pride, pride in others, pride in your children and accomplishments they have done, or pride in their giving to others. Pride that is a positive inspiration.. that is good pride.

But it is the wrong kind of pride that is not good. It is the kind when a person feels they are better than others or better than a certain person. When they feel they are above others. As if people are in your way…

it is much better to work on staying humble.

You might have a talent and training in some area that others might not have, or they are not as good as your are in that area, like singing,math, engineering , driving…  we all have special areas or talents. but we need to ALWAYS remember that  every other person has some area they are good in and often you might find they are areas you are not so good in. 

He ended the sermon with 7 symptoms of the wrong kind of pride…I was thinking maybe I had a couple…but ya know what.. I had them all.

So how do you know if maybe your pride is a little disjointed? 

Here they are: ( Signs that pride is taking over your life)

Symptoms of the wrong kind of pride:

1) Is your prayer life inconsistent, spotty,only in times of need and crisis?

2) Are you weary in helping others,in your ministry?

3)Do you have bursts of anger?

4) Are you defensive when some tries to give you constructive criticism? ( How dare someone find fault with you, or might see a way to do something better )

5) Are you critical and judgmental of others? 

6) Do you get impatient with others? ( as my time is more important that your time)

7) Do you have an unwillingness to associate with others? ( My and that is a capital MY time is too precious to do what ever the task is… or maybe look at people as they are not your cup of tea)

Some of these pride statements I can make an excuse for, but is it just that.. justifying a reason why I am not being true to myself and others.

This made me think back and see different situations I am in. It was just a wake up call to really look at everything I do and make sure my life is not ALL ABOUT ME. How about you?

There was a guy who we were acquainted with years ago.. he was really in love with himself, and the impression he gave to many was as if he was saying to us “ Enough about me.. let’s talk about you.. What do you think about me ?”

We are the created.. not the Creator. And when we lose focus on that, when we live our life like we need no one, no God , nobody… than we will find life harder, for it is not all about us individually.

We can not do it alone. We can try… but in the end we will find we took the much rougher road, good luck on your journey…and remember IT IS NTO ALL ABOUT YOU !. Love Mrs. Justa…