There is a peaceful time

in my 24 hr day- a time of comfort , a time of ahhh,that time is sleep time. Yeah I really give my all at work, whether it be work at home or work at work.  And 99.5% of the time, I sleep thru the night, maybe my old bladder will awaken me about 3:30 , but I shuffle in the bathroom, try to keep my eyes open only enough so I don’t fall into the toilet, and than I jump back into bed and return to wherever the dreams take me.

But this morning, this very early hr in the morning, I am here, thinking about the SOUNDS  of snoring.

There is a peaceful almost comforting snore. A snore where you can almost see the floating “zzz”s flying in the room, a snore that says all is okay and the person is comfortable, almost being cuddled by tranquility.


I do not know if you have ever experienced this, and I do not know if you can sleep through it… but on the January 29th 2010 there is a INCREDIBLE earth shaking noise in our bed. It looks like Mark.. it moves like Mark… but it is not the peaceful sleeping husband of mine.


why I am sitting here posting. AS I was thinking about this incredibly loud noise in the bed I tried a few things. First I asked him to roll on his side… as that seems to lessen the noise a bit… nope not working..

so than I was amusing my warped mind picturing a huge vacuum cleaner- and any cob web or spider in the whole house hanging onto the walls  and corners for their dear life as they are getting about to get sucked in. I found that humorous in my sleepy mind… and at the decibels of the inhale- I am not joking- I think that may be why we do not have cob webs!I am going to see if he needs a drink as soon as he wakes up.

I remember one time many many years ago- Jeff and I made a cassette tape of  him in a serenade of DEEP snoring- he did not believe it was him… another time I tried to pinch his nose—that was funny- he woke up and wanted to know why I was trying to suffocate him.. I told him he could still breath through his mouth… but he was annoyed.

I was listening to see if maybe he stops breathing at times- ( that happens with obstructive sleep apnea) but no I do not hear any lapse in breathing- nope it is pretty steady- inhale deep and long- sounding like it almost hurts – and than a peaceful forceful exhale.I think it is like the old cartoon of Popeye snoring… remember that load snore he did in the cartoons???? –

So here I am , I will surf the web… check out my e mail… and give him about 30 minutes to get out of his sleep pattern he is in now… he does quiet down eventually… this morning though- this full moon, first day of my vacation, bitterly cold wind beating against the world morning… I will be up for a bit. Glad I am not working in a few hrs, and in a little while I will be nestling back into bed once the lion turns into a kitten. Maybe I will go an take a nice warm shower, pretend it is the Jamaican sun beating on me…

Have a great day… Love, Cindy.. alias Mrs justa