Ice crystals

WInter 2013 003

Frozen precipitation, all shapes , size, blown here and there , often impossible to see more than a few feet in front of your face…


We are tough in this neck of the woods- people in this area put up with all kinds of weather. Thank God we do not WInter 2013 005have tornados or hurricanes often!! I do not mind snow when it is gently falling. But the zero visibility, the snow blowing and drifting…the ice roadways… ummm not crazy about that.

For the life of me I can not understand how ANYONE could live in this area and not have  4 snow tires on their cars. It is the difference between night and day. Oh sure you can trek through is it with all season radials—if you do not mind that ass end of your car swaying some, or wheels spinning… but really folks… SNOW tires are for SNOW… which we have plenty of !!.

This is a snow tread….

see how it has tread that will grip the snow and give you traction.

This is really really helpful when you are driving on snowy roads.

It is worth the $$$$ believe me/

If you go on all seasons ..well you will find this …


I got this off of google images…

See the difference in your safety ..It is more than stopping. When you are trying to drive – you feel a whole lot more in control with good winter treads.

We were driving the other day in white out conditions. There were times when we could see, and we really could have done 35-40 mph..but instead we get behind people with regular tread..going 25 mph—flashers on..scared to death. They could not speed up because their car started swaying.

I can not believe how great it felt to me when I initially felt the difference between snows and summers or all seasons.

So spend the extra money..and relax a little on those yucky days… you will be GLAD YOU DID…

Hang on too…. tonight thru Tuesday—LAKE EFFECT SNOW Again!!!.

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy


100_6662Yeah, go figure…the furnace is not working, the winds are whipping..THANK GOD it is not in the zero temp range! When I came home I noticed the house was getting a little cool. I went and turned up the thermostat and it sounded like it was gonna kick on.. humming…. than silence… So we did what the furnace sign says… shut off gas, shut of electricity… wait 10 minutes and try again . Try 3 times and call for help if not working….

I looked at the thermostat during our little trials of fixing it…one time the thermostat was flashing the word “LEAVE” …now that is kinda nerve racking !!!. What the heck is that supposed to mean !…. We stayed… I looked thru the manual for the thermostat—nowhere is a section on what the messages mean… uggggg so I gave it some time to get it’s manners back and a little while later it was flashing the words “RETURN” …. so now I am thinking… if the thermostat tells you to leave… How do you know after you left that it has changed it’s ways and is now flashing “return”??? Just wondering… ????

I figure I am smart to be getting my hot shower tonight… that way I can zip out of the electric heated mattress pad bed in the AM, and slither into my work clothes , heat some coffee and get to work. I hate being cold.! We are fortunate this house is sound, wind does not creep in through spaces in windows or doors… it is just the house will not stay at 65 all night…. not when it is 40 outside!.

Now if we had the camper here..we could have that furnace on..but alas it is being kept held hostage at the storage area…

So I think about things January 2009 034to be thankful for…. 1) that it is not a blizzard out and the furnace would be broken…2) That our propane service has a 24 hr /7 day a week emergency line.. and there is a repair guy who can fix it…(he would have come tonight but it really is not such a horrible night that we felt he needed to do an emergency call) .3) That Mark and I seem to thrive on our lives together filled with “Mark and Cindy’s excellent adventures”….. 4) That this did not happen when we had house guests over….5) That we have electricity , electric hot water, and a coffee maker…. at least!

I remember a long time ago, January1993 to be exact….I had just had knee surgery , it was my first night home. Jeff was young… he had gone to bed, and well I was starting to feel pain from the knee surgery. I heard the furnace come on and the flame started..but the 100_3078blower would not come on. I remember after a while…smelling the warm aluminum smell..and had no idea what to do. I am uncomfortable as all get out… Jeff was sleeping… Mark was on the road….and I just wanted to cry. I called the 24 hr propane help line  I remember trying to talk to voice was quivering as he was asking me to check things… finally I said I was just fresh post op, could not walk… and was unable to bend and twist the way he needed me to to check everything….  the guy came out in the winter storm…. . Until he got there he told me to keep turning the fan on manually to circulate the heat each time the furnace recycled. This meant that each time the thermostat noted the temp was low, the burner kicked on..and if we did not click the fan on—the furnace did not force the air to warm up the house……so it kept the burner on. … I was scared, felt so darn helpless… Jeff woke up and helped me keep the fan on… It was too cold out to not have the furnace going… ugg what an awful night!

The guy arrived after what seemed like forever, he was there a good hr, but left and we had a working furnace again. I remained feeling pain, and bumming over feeling helpless… but at least I could wallow in my self pity in the recliner and not suspending on my crutches in the hallway.

SO that is our excitement for tonight.. It is chilly in here… 62ish right now…I looked over at Mark at his computer—he had these heavy ass gloves on…. he was mocking me !!But I just might take those gloves to bed !!. HA HA…So a wonderful adventure is starting tonight. Hope you have a peaceful night…. Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

I just got done making Rice Krispy treats for a retirement party tomorrow. I forgot how sticky they were… but alas – they are cooling in the fridge—than it is the cutting through them.. If I remember correctly they get pretty hard.

HMMM>.. sometimes the thought is much nicer than the task. But it will be a nice treat for them.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 094The snow is in the weather forecast, slushy roads a possibility tomorrow, and here I sit trying to convince myself I do not care about the snow coming, but I do.

It is very hard to drive in the deep white stuff at times, it is really pretty once home and safe- to watch it out the window, it is really  tiring to clear the snow for 4 months or more. And yet—it is life as I know it. Life is full of challenges, if I lived somewhere where it never snowed, never changed colors , well I think life would be boring , in a way. Living somewhere with high humidity and HOT temps—naw… not so much.. So this is an okay place to be.

There is a saying that I think of…
There’s No Place Like Home”

Someone asked me where is the best place to live… and after I hemmed and hawed… I had to say.. here is wonderful. Other places are nice to visit, and than give us somewhere to look forward to. We are already talking about returning to OBX next year, oh my goodness, that was so awesome. But to live there year round… hmmm I am not a fan of hurricanes..and where we were—the roads were totally washed out…SO hopefully they will be back to normal by next spring… and we can visit again.

How about the south.. nope— not full time….100_2595 maybe a short stent…. the bugs grow bigger there, too hot…. need AC …. sweat…. hurricanes and tornados….

I am tempted to be a snow bird in another 20 years..but by then I will probably not be up for the trip. So I am snowbirding it in my mind… and facing the fact the snow will come, snow will go….and spring will be here in no time !. I guess for me, I feel lucky enough to love where I live, to realize that each season comes and goes, and with it brings challenges and special moments…and that some of the challenges are hard to anticipate—but once here—they are what they are…and than they go….

Enjoy the weather..whatever it may be… I am off to chisel the rice krispie treats out of the pan, and settle down for the night. I hope this finds you in good health, in good spirits. Love to all, Cindy Alias Mrs Justa.

As I sit here, feeling really almost suffocating from the humidity, fans blowing humid air into my face, but nothing really cooling the air…    I have to go to another place in my mind… more 2-8-2011 002 we are talking. My toes are stinging from the bitter shoulders remembering the stiffness from heave hoeing snow…by nasal hair frozen together, cheeks aching from the wind… yeah… it is cooler already.

This evening it was 96 degrees… and the gym- even though it is air conditioned- the ceilings are probably 30 feet high, and it is filled with sweaty bodies… it was worse than standing by a stove at 90 degree humid weather and boiling pasta !.

I worked out, and I got the sweatiest I think I ever had. I tried to not focus on it, but when I could feel the sweat beads trickling down the center of my spine, (heck I think my socks were even absorbing sweat off my calves!.) was really hard to play mind games and think snow, blizzards and cold fingertips.

The mind is a wonderful thing really… if you give yourself permission- you can go to “happy places” while you are doing things that are difficult. Tonight the elliptical was a Lake Effect Storm 1-16-2011 001little tough because of the heat. The music was not doing it for me… cuz the sweat was soaking my ear plugs too.. So I unplugged my music and tried to focus on the 6:00 news, the weather, even the commercials. Judge Judy was verbally walloping people ( HEE HEE I love when she kicks their proverbial butts with her words…)  and every once in a while… my mind went into winter..snow banks, blustery wind, walking through ice, pellets feeling like they are going to drill into my face, hurting toes and fingers from the below zero temps….( Let me tell I hard to go to that cold memory bank in my mind with sweat running through my bra!..) but I did.. I made it …and I got about 55 minutes into that work out…. now…I am going to go take a REALLY HOT shower..and than the rooms will feel cool.

When we were growing up in suburbia..alias no windia…no air-ia…. alias sticky summer nights when no skin can touch another part of skin,,, and mosquitos would get in the house and find our ear drums to buzz in while we were trying to go to sleep…well..I would gather my 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters and we would go into the bathroom..close the door and stand on the floor as I ran totally hot water in the bathtub. we would let the bathroom get super steamy and when we could not stand the steam any longer- we would open the door..ahh now the house felt cool-cuz the bathroom was so hot !!!/////so we would all zoom to our beds and try to fall asleep really quick- before our brains processed that it was NOT COOL in the house.

Hey anything to get some sleep… more 2-8-2011 012now as an adult—I would kick someone’s butt if they ran our  hot water like that…

so I am off.. a hot shower.. a zoom to bed… and than off to work tomorrow.

Peace to all.. Stay cool somehow…

think SNOW!!

Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Tomorrow- what will tomorrow bring?

Will that dang lake effect band drift down to us? I hope not. !-2 feet more is coming in and ..well I am tired of the snow. I am sure everyone in this neck of the woods is. But tonight I decided to think of positives to the snow.

So here is Susie Sunshine….image

You do not have to fertilize it.

You do not need to mow it.

It covers up yard blemishes.

You do not have to worry about bugs.

You do not have to weed it.

It covers up the ditches.

It is pretty.

It is FUN to sled.

It is a great work out to cross country ski.

People do not look at you strange when you have long pants on.

It brings families together..( it is too darn cold to be romping around in the yard.)

It only lasts for 4 – 5 months.

You can build snow forts and snowmen.

You can lay in it and make snow angels.

Snowball fights are a riot.

Snow sculptures are neat.

As long as it is not yellow snow—you can put some in a glass and add peppermint schnapps  ( not me—I do not drink, but I have know people who swear by it) or snow cone mix.


It means Spring is the next season !.

Stay safe, Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy


Here we go again. Hang onto your snow shovels, hats, and nerves. We are in for the next umpteen feet of snow. Got over 4 feet last week from Sun night thru Thursday morning….

Ugg… I hope this is not a precursor  of the next 3 months. Today in the city of Syracuse it was on and off flurries- no real big deal. Cold though, man the wind blows in your face and it makes your eyes tear and than the tears freeze to your face and your eyelashes stick together.. .

There was A LOT of snow up here. There was one point this afternoon around 2:30 Mark called me to tell me it was REALLY bad- I popped in the weather link at work and I laughed out loud. Literally the only “yellow” area on the radar was directly over our house. Oh there was snow around the area. But the heavy cloud- smack dab over our area. And it was this tiny yellow dot. Mark drove me in because he had a feeling it was going to be bad- he was right !

Needless to say- tonight was a no gym night- which was okay by me- I had baking to do for the cookie exchange, and we might head out and see if we can open up the dog area and the sidewalk before we go to bed- or early in the morning. When it is like this – it becomes a game of challenge- if I move the snow… I come back in and Mother Nature fills up where I just cleared. Than I go back out, I figure the more I move – the less I have to move later……—eventually I win. HA!!

At least the snow is fluffy- so you throw it without feeling like it is going to take you with the shovel as you try to empty it. I love to shovel snow- most of the time. The only time I do not is when I get weary  ( snow shoveling is a science you know- a craft of sorts ) and when I get tired  I tend to loose focus on the whole art of shoveling and I mess up. See I get a snow shovel really full of snow, and I do my Heave Ho action- only to have Mother Nature blow on the snow as it is flying through the air right back at me and it ends up right back in my face. Now if there is someone shoveling right next to me—they definitely can relate to this – cause they get caught in the blast with me.

I do not know if that has happened to you, but let me try to describe the feelings. The dig and the heave ho- they are a feeling of “AHHH one less shovel full to go” That is a VERY SHORT lived feeling- because in a second later the brain has not yet totally processed the feeling of frozen precipitation on your face…I think the first brain message is “ AHHHH white stuff” and that is followed by “ crap that is cold” . Now when one is bundled for winter snow clearing- ones gloves, scarves and coats are usually already snow covered- so there is NOTHING to wipe off ones face. What happens is the snow dissipates all over your face, on your eyelashes, up your nose and down your neck, so much cold snow that if you inhale through your nose—your nostrils actually stick together… I gotta admit that times like that are one of the least favorite parts of shoveling I endure. When it happens I kinda wish I was 50 years younger- than I could just run in the house crying and my mom would give me hot chocolate… but alas— No MOM… No hot chocolate- and I must go on… so I find some inner strength and trudge on as I remind myself that  it is ONE DAY CLOSER TO SPRING!!!

Love to all, stay warm… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_4705 Mark is feeling chills today, stuffy , achy and just kinda blah. He has the symptoms of the flu. I am in another room. I played that flu game for oh many weeks. That is why I chose this photo, gives me the chills just looking at it.

This was thick frost on our storm window on the storm door that we open a bunch of times a day to hook up Indi and let him out.

I feel great today. No aches, no pains…. it is a New Year, Many new hopes for the future.I am about to empty the files of all of the 2009 receipts and get ready to pay bills for the first time in 2010.

Gonna do the last few entries in Quicken for the old year, print up some reports and await the dreaded tax time at the end of this month.

Life ….we do stuff, because we have to. We have to pay taxes… ( unless of course you want to be on some special panel for Pres Oh-BlahBlah. Than you are free of taxes. LOL So I always like to get things ready.

Today we have sunshine, and we had quite a bit of snow. 100_4682 I went out early this morning and shoveled the mail box, the dog area so he doesn’t freeze his little paws, ( it was really sad a couple weeks ago it was bitterly cold out. I had let the little guy out to do his business and he chose to go to the very end of his chains length. He was out there and all of the sudden realized his feet were freezing. So he whimpered, doing the belly crawl to the house… So since then I try to  at least get the snow down some for him. Heck he has green grass out there today in spots where I shoveled. HE would freeze to death if he ever got loose.)

and I have gotten groceries and done the Wally world run…, have taco salad topping in the crock pot, groceries away, have my roof rake ready incase we get hammered this weekend with snow… Wish Mark gets to feeling better quicker than I did !

Call me crazy but I love shoveling snow… I love cleaning the house and mowing the yard. I love doing laundry… Yep, I am a weird one… but I am who I am…

I hope you find fun stuff this weekend to do.

I will drop in tomorrow. Until than have a great first day of the NEW YEAR! Love to all, Mrs Justa

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